Fons & Porter sponsors another project for Veterans and their families

Fons & Porter has long been and still is a major supporter of the Quilts of Valor program.
We are also teaming up with other sponsors to participate in Island Batik’s Quilted in Honor program, a fund raising initiative, which helps to support Operation Homefront.
We attended a reception at the Portland Quilt Market unveiling the program, including presentations from personnel that work directly with Operation Homefront to bring support to returning veterans and their families, especially those with hardships.
Eleanor Burns presented a quilt that she designed especially for the program to a returning wounded soldier and his family.
Rob Appell, also designed a quilt especially for the introduction

to the program. Rob is especially known for his applique and art quilt skills with ocean life.
If you would like to learn more about how you can participate in Quilted in Honor and Quilts of Valor, please visit or
Happy Quilting!

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4 Responses to Fons & Porter sponsors another project for Veterans and their families

  1. Ellen Chavis says:

    Good idea. The military families, those actually serving and the folks on the home front, need AND DESERVE all the help we can give.

  2. Ann says:

    Reds & golds

  3. Marguerite Cruz says:

    My husband was given a Quilt of Valor by the ladies from Long Beach California.

    colors for fall: turkey red, orange

  4. Shirl Kay says:

    QOV, great site. Sis made ‘Flight of the Eagle’ quilt for our Navy daughter who has 20yrs, coming home next month. Love the beautiful design; the beige/white fabric has white eagles in flight.

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