Fons & Porter Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 6



Thank you to all who are entering our Holiday Trivia Contest. We hope you are having as much fun as we are!

Week 5 Answer: Marianne’s favorite Christmas gift was seeing her mom’s happiness as she hugged the Corn and Beans scrap quilt Marianne gave to her as a gift.

Congratulations to Dorothy Cole, who is the lucky winner of the 6″x12″ Omnigrid Ruler and the Fons & Porter Crystal Glass Head Pins.

Week 6 Trivia Question:

What are the two special Christmas projects that Liz and Marianne make using their spools of thread and quilting notions? (Hint, you can find your answer in a 1998 issue of Sew Many Quilts, hope that helps!)

This week you are playing for a 12″x12″ Omnigrid ruler and a Fons & Porter Magnetic Heart.


Each Thursday between November 3rd and December 29th, we will ask you a trivia question. If you answer correctly, you will be entered into a random drawing for a quilting notion. Enter your answer in the comment section below. We will accept all new answers until Wednesday at midnight the night before the new question is asked.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!


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68 Responses to Fons & Porter Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 6

  1. Ronda Halvorsen says:

    I love to buy fat quarters I haven’t sewn in 20 years, used to sew costumes and clothes for my kids, now am fighting an autoimmune disease but when I go through all my collection of fabric it lets me dream of a happy creative place that gets me through the day! I got a new machine and am excited about the day I actually can muster enough to put something together and hang it on the wall or even better something to wear. What a blessing quilting websites are for people to dream!

  2. M Merritt says:

    Tree ornaments … and decorations.

  3. VickiT says:

    This is my #1 item on my wish list for Christmas but I cannot locate anything even close to being the answer to this question. It is extremely hard to find something like this when we are given no clue at all where to look. It could be in any number of the magazines or any of the more recent issues of them all or on the blog, or on a number of websites that are tied to Fons and Porter I’m guessing. I’ve searched now for two days and cannot find a thing and I don’t want to cheat and just copy the answer posted by the only other person who has answered. I guess this will remain on my list.

    • FP Editor says:

      Hi Vicki T
      I think I have stumped quite a few people. I usually don’t give hints, but it is the Christmas season. You can find your answer in a 1998 issue. Hope that helps!

      • VickiT says:

        Thank you for the hint. I guess it’s assumed that we all have access to past issues in this case. I only started sewing again in 2003 and quilting I just started a little more than a year ago so I’ve been knocked out of this one already. Thanks for the hint in any case.

  4. Carol Brahn says:

    decorations for home and tree

  5. Joy Koch says:

    Tree ornaments and decorations

  6. Kathy Heaverlo says:

    home and tree decorations!

  7. Jackie Doeden says:

    Home and tree decorations

  8. Jenny Fifer says:

    Tree decorations

  9. Ruth Frnwick says:

    I think it is decorations

  10. Leslie Fitzgerald says:

    Decorations for both the home and the tree

  11. Mary Vezzetti says:

    Wall hangings and table runners. That’s what I like to make for Christmas gifts…for me, family and friends. My best friend comes down to Florida for a week in November and we turn out some lovely gifts.

  12. Tracy Hudson says:

    Decorations for both home and tree.

  13. Connie J says:

    Decorations for her home and Christmas tree.

  14. Robin Scott says:

    Decorations for both the home and the tree.

  15. Dolores Murray says:

    Beautiful tree and home decorations

  16. Home and tree decorations

  17. Susan M:) says:

    Tree decorations….home decorations

  18. Viv Lemoine says:

    Home and tree decorations

  19. Kim Alston says:

    decorations for both their home and tree.

  20. Debbie says:

    Decorations for her home and Christmas tree.

  21. Ruth Tisdale says:

    Home and Tree Decorations

  22. Jean says:

    Tree Decorations

  23. Sher Henry says:

    Decorations for the home and tree

  24. Marika Andersson says:

    christmas stars and poinsetta wreath

  25. Elaine Rieck says:

    decorations – for the home and for the tree!

  26. karen brasington says:

    Beautiful home and tree Christmas decorations!

  27. Home and tree decorations

  28. Tim D says:

    I am going to go out on a limb here, and take a wild guess:

    Decorations for both home and tree

  29. Kathy Dulzo says:

    Home and Tree decorations

  30. Claire McCann says:

    Making lots of holiday ornaments and gifts!

  31. Faye Marcacci says:

    Home and tree decorations

  32. Jan Sheets says:

    Holiday decorations for the home and the Christmas tree.

  33. Diane A says:

    Home and Tree decorations

  34. I’d say beautiful decorations for the tree and for the home.

  35. Helen Dempsey says:

    Crafty Christmas decorations and ornaments were made using spools of thread and sewing notions!

  36. Polly Beckley says:

    Home and Tree decorations

  37. Loretta says:

    Of course, beautiful decorations for the tree and home!

  38. Charlotte Henley says:

    Christmas decorations for their trees and their homes.

  39. Rita Goshorn says:

    tree ornaments and holiday decor.

  40. Cindy M says:

    Decorations for tree and home.

  41. Diane Kennedy says:

    Decorations for their homes and trees. Thanks for the fun. This was a harder one!

  42. DeAnn Oliekan says:

    fun decorations for the tree and home

  43. Debbie Rogowski says:

    must be decorations for home and trees. In my search I found this adorable ornament that can be made over and over with so many variations, thought I’d share:

  44. Marika Andersson says:

    after seeing that link I´d like to change my guess….
    But for me decorations for home and tree are one answare out of two and I´d like to call that christmas ornamenst ,…. so I´ll have to take a wild guess that you can make a poinsetta wreath with spools and paper ……. I hope :) ….. or maby a star ……
    Its hard to guess when the only thing on internet you can find is the front page of the magazine ….

  45. Kristine Howles says:

    home and tree decorations

  46. Leslie says:

    Embroider christmas decor on a quilt.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  47. Jennifer P. says:

    Christmas decorations and ornaments

  48. Kris Boswinkel says:

    Following the crowd with decorations for the home and tree.

  49. Sheryl Anderson says:

    Tree decorations

  50. carolyn russell says:

    home and tree decorations

  51. Bertha Goggin says:

    Christmas ornaments and other unique decorations for the home during the Holiday season.

  52. Katie Skoog says:

    make decorations for their home and christmas trees.

  53. Cristni says:

    Home and tree decor and ornaments

  54. Patricia Lee Smith says:

    cardinals and trees wall quilt and Noahs stocking?

  55. Tree ornaments made out of wooden spools decorations with fabric glued on and beads like on top and bottom .Ribbon like you would glass bulb hanger.

  56. Joelene Didora says:


  57. Patricia Schemel says:

    The same as the rest of us quilters, decorations and toys.

  58. Debbie A says:

    Home and tree decorations

  59. Patty Swatzell says:


  60. Patty Swatzell says:

    Donate them

  61. Maxine Racer says:

    Home & tree decorations

  62. Marge says:

    decorations……………and to think that I threw away a huge bag of spools since I couldn’t sell them at the garage sale!

  63. Stephanie Pasch says:

    tree and home decorations… love them!!!

  64. Donna Harry says:

    Maybe decorations?

  65. Elaine Arneson says:

    Home and tree decorations.

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