Quilting the Quilt: Find Your Feather Style

Feathers can be quilted in many different ways, and no one style is better than another. Use the feather style that suits your quilt project and your skill level. With a little practice, you’ll soon be feathering every quilt in sight! 
Find Your Feather Style 3

I reached into the Love of Quilting vault and came across this informative article on finding your feather style. Dawn Cavanaugh has a fount of wisdom about quilting matters of all kinds and she knows what she’s talking about. This article from Love of Quilting January/February 2013 was just too good to keep to myself.

Practicing quilting is like reading your favorite novel again. It’s still the same story and you know what’s going to happen, but you’ll find yourself picking up new details and nuances you never noticed before. You think, “how could I have missed that before, it’s so obvious.” But you’re a more experienced reader (or quilter) now and you’re open to those subtleties. You’re not overwhelmed by the larger story anymore.

When you read this article, you’ll be thinking how much you love feathers, how much you don’t love them or how you’ve never committed to them because yours never turn out how you like. Let Dawn inspire you to get back on the longarm and feather every quilt in sight with this article called Quilting the Quilt: Find Your Feather Style!

Happy Quilting!


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