Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns & Techniques!

Courthouse Stars - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Courthouse Stars by Diane Tomlinson

What quilter doesn’t love a fat quarter quilt? There are more quilt patterns using fat quarters than we can count and there are just as many quilting techniques to go along with them.

We’ve put together 15 of our top FQ patterns in a special publication called Fat Quarter Quilts. We’ve included 11 Sew Easy quilting lessons that show you how to use quick and easy techniques for more efficient quiltmaking.

A Girl's Best Friend - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
A Girl’s Best Friend by Tony Jacobson

What better place to start than the quilt that graces the cover of this magazine? Courthouse Stars uses two traditional quilt blocks – the Star quilt block and Courthouse Steps quilt block. See the hourglass units in the Star blocks? We have a free quilting video tutorial, Sew Easy: Quick Hourglass Units, just for that! Learn how to make hourglass units without cutting triangles. It will save you a ton of time!

Here’s a quilt that would make a great gift for a special little girl. A Girl’s Best Friend is a bed-size quilt that would be perfect for any little girl’s bedroom. Alternating solids and prints, featuring bright and happy colors, gives the pieced diamonds dimension. Thinking about how you’d cut these diamonds? The Sew Easy lesson accompanying this quilt pattern is called Cutting 60 Degree Diamonds. Wonder no more!

North Carolina Lily - Fat Quarter Quilts
North Carolina Lily by Liz Porter

Another favorite quilt is the North Carolina Lily by Liz Porter. This quilt uses color coordinated fat quarters throughout the quilt top. You may want to consider hosting or participating in a quilt block exchange for this quilt, which is a lot of fun and strengthens your quilting relationships. For another version of this quilt, Liz Porter did this very thing. Liz and her friends had a Carolina Lily quilt block exchange for a finished quilt with an even scrappier look.

Utilize two great Sew Easy quilting lessons to save you time on this project! The first Sew Easy lesson is a technique for making Fusible Bias Strips. The second technique is for making Quick-Pieced Flying Geese Units (make 4 perfect Flying Geese at the same time). These techniques create a more efficient quiltmaking experience for novice and seasoned quilters alike. Very helpful!

There are 12 more gorgeous quilts to show you along with 7 more Sew Easy quilting lessons – just keep scrolling down! Find out more about these fat quarter quilts and their accompanying Sew Easy lessons by clicking on the quilt images or quilt names. And, if you’re wondering about that Quarter Inch Seam Marker that is referred to time and again in the Sew Easy quilting lessons, it’s an amazing little notion that saves a lot of time with those half-square triangles and your other quilting adventures; it’s a favorite of mine!

Remember, you can get all of these quilt patterns and Sew Easy lessons in one place with the Fons & Porter Fat Quarter Quilts 2016 Digital Issue or in a physical copy of the issue. Have fun!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter

Happy Quilting!
Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor



Emeralds - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Emeralds by Mary Fons
Checkboxes - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Checkboxes by Marianne Fons
Twisted Triangles - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Twisted Triangles by Jean Nolte
Liz's Irish Chain - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Liz’s Irish Chain by Liz Porter
On the Square - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
On the Square by Marianne Fons
Chain Reaction - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Chain Reaction by Diane Tomlinson
Scrappy Hunter's Star - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Scrappy Hunter’s Star by Liz Porter
Cross & Crown - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Cross & Crown by Tony Jacobson
Ralli Pop - Fat Quarter Quilts
Ralli Pop by Marianne Fons
Endless Chain - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Endless Chain by Jean Nolte
Emily's Wedding Quilt - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Emily’s Wedding Quilt by Liz Porter
Prairie Sunrise - Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns
Prairie Sunrise by Marianne Fons

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