Fall is Here Along with the Quilts – Time to get Organized

The fall season is officially among us and the quilting opportunities are plentiful! Fall quilting projects mean autumn leaves motifs and appliqué, Halloween quilt patterns and Thanksgiving quilted wall hangings. Quilts add that special touch to our homes, especially during the changing seasons and holidays, and it goes without saying that it’s just plain fun! There are tons of adorable patterns out there just begging to be quilted. This is the perfect opportunity to prioritize our projects.

When getting our quilting projects in order, it helps to get organized. Whether it’s keeping a tidy sewing studio, sorting fabrics by color and value, or finding new ways to store those pesky bobbins, an efficient workspace can’t be beat. Kathy Patterson, with McCall’s Quilting, found 16 of the Best Bobbin Storage Options EVER while researching best organizing practices for quilters. These quick and easy storage tips are the greatest!

At Fons & Porter, we have our own tips for keeping quilt studios and workspaces organized. Organizing your thread for easy access while working on a project is a lifesaver when it comes to sewing. There’s nothing like having what you need at arm’s length when you go to piece or quilt your project. The same can be said for utilizing a pattern, or chart, holder for reference while you quilt. This makes the entire process SO MUCH EASIER. You know exactly where to find your instructions when you need them and your hands can continue to work on the important stuff. Finally, once those quilts are made, whether they’re keepsakes, gifts, or just waiting for the right moment to make an appearance, storing in an acid free box is a must.

Thread Storage BoxChart or Pattern HolderAcid Free Storage Box

Getting organized is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’m going to start a project. I like to see exactly what’s available to me so that I can take advantage of the items I already have. Instead of a limiting our seasonal cleaning to spring, let’s give the fall season some attention!

For even more organizing tips, check out this free video on organizing your fabric: 5 Tips for Storing Your Fabric Stash.

Do you have any organizing strategies that you suggest? I’m an organizing fool, so please pass them on!



Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor


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