Exclusive Disney’s® Frozen Quilt Kits

Sunday, August 3rd is national Sisters Day!  How are you celebrating? Sisters Day is the time to show your appreciation for that special family relationship. All siblings have the occasional argument, and after all, everyone is a bit of a Fixer Upper, but regardless of what you’ve been through with your sister, Sisters Day is the day to Let It Go.

Celebrate your sister by surprising her with one of these incredible new quilt kits inspired by the Academy Award winning movie, Disney’s Frozen

This quilt, Sisterly Love, will be featured in Love of Quilting Sept/Oct ’14. These quilt kits are in high demand, so we’re giving you the first chance to pre-order your quilt kit today, which will be available to ship Aug 25th.

We asked Frozen characters what they’re doing to celebrate Sisters Day:


Elsa and Anna are building a snowman (obviously).


Olaf’s doing whatever it is snow does in the summer (probably getting gorgeously tanned).



And when Elsa and Anna come in from the snow, they’re making a no-sew fleece blanket together. There’s no better way to bond with your sister, daughter or best friend than to create something together.

Whatever you’re planning on doing, always keep in mind some people are just worth melting for.

Happy Sisters Day,
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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14 Responses to Exclusive Disney’s® Frozen Quilt Kits

  1. Line McDonald says:

    Would love to know how much it will be for a quilk kit . Thank you for your time

  2. Kim Pope says:

    My granddaughter LOVES Frozen, she sings ‘Let it Go’ all the time and she’s only 2.5 years old!
    Great quilt idea!

  3. angela braun says:

    Reservation for two frozen quilt kits, please!

  4. Sharon Bickham says:

    Can I please pre order 3 kits?

  5. Very interested in all the frozen stuff. Please keep me informed. Thank you and God bless.

  6. Mónica Ferri says:

    Me encantaría ganar para poder regalarsela a mi hermana tan querida!

  7. Debra Boring says:

    How much are the kits and when will they be available?

  8. Sally Clark says:

    I would like to order one of the darling ” Frozen” fleece throws for my granddaughter.
    Would you put my email on a list fir ordering.
    Thank you

  9. Cindy Coventry says:

    I just saw this quilt kit and was wondering if I could still order this quilt kit of Frozen.

    Thank you very much
    Cindy Coventry

  10. Betty Adams says:

    I ordered two kits for the no sew kits (picture of Elsa and Anna) they were to be backordered, but I have not heard if you still have not sent them to customers. I would
    like to know if you still have not sent them?

  11. Betty Lee says:

    I order your frozen fleece back in Aug of 2014 and I still have not rec my order. Please let know what is the hold-up for the order. This is was for my grand-kid as a X-mas present.

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