Easy Quilts Summer Fat Quarter Giveaway!

The pages of Easy Quilts Summer are filled with terrific patchwork projects that you can make in a weekend or less. Easy Quilts Summer is on sale now, so pick up your issue at your favorite quilt shop, online as a paper or digital magazine, or have it delivered right to your door as a Quilters Club of America Premium Member.

Boxed In available as a quilt kit
School Girls in Red available as a quilt kit
Fabrique Foursome available as a quilt kit
Fresh & Fruity
Summer Duet available as a quilt kit
Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts available as quilt kits
Punch & Judy
Adam’s Rib
Enchantment available as a quilt kit
Elephant in the Room
London Tube
Curious Cats available as a quilt kit
Petals available as a quilt kit
Lavender Fields
Hello, Hello available as a quilt kit

Sew Easy Lesson: Quick Triangle-Squares and Hourglass Units
Sew Easy Lesson: Windowing Fusible Appliqué

Enter the Easy Quilts Summer Contest for a chance to win $425 in Prizes.

Take a look at the projects featured in Easy Quilts Summer. Then, enter to win a fat quarter bundle by telling us, in the comment section below, which project is first on your quilting to-do list.  We will choose 2 lucky winners. The contest will close at midnight on 3/27/13.

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Congratulations to our Winners:

Joey: Boxed in. I love the colors!

Carol Rose: I like Windmills and Lavender Fields. I like all the colors involved with them. Besides, my lavender granddaughter would be so happy with her new quilt.

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525 thoughts on “Easy Quilts Summer Fat Quarter Giveaway!

    1. I want to make a quilt using the WINDMILL pattern. This would be my second quilt. Thanks for the giveaway. This would be great for me as a beginner!

  1. The first of these that will be added to my to do list would be Adam’s Rib. It’s simply beautiful just like the lady who inspired it. Katherine Hepburn is my favorite actress of all time. Bold and strong comes to mind when I think of her and this quilt actually fits that description very well.

  2. I would love to make a bunch of the “easy as 1, 2, 3 baby quilts.
    I love making baby items, most of which I donate to Project Linus or Bags of Love
    for children and babies in need of something of their own, that stays with them trough their trying time ! <3
    I see this pattern suitable for many ages, and there are just so many great Panel prints to choose from. Can not wait to make one now 😉

  3. I like “Windmills” as this looks so festive and summer-like and looks fun to make. I appreciate the opportunity to win (and I sure hope I do!) – thank you! 🙂

  4. A lot of lovely patterns to choose from, but I was counting up the ways to do boxed in, with scraps, have lots of those, with my collection of Oriental fabrics, have lots of those too!

  5. The 1 2 3 Baby quilts is my favorite…I do a lot of baby quilts for family and friends and these looks great and …easy! I made many quilts using the designs in your magazines. Thank you.

  6. The first project from “Easy Quilts” would be the Windmills. It would make a great quilt in spring colors. Thanks for the opportunity. Love the magazine.

  7. lavender fields, as thats my favorite color, since my bedroom is in that color, would make this a quilt for myself, as I usually give my quilts away to someone else.

  8. I would love to make the Adam’s Rib quilt in oranges and white…I have wanted an easy pattern to show off the orange and I think this is it!!! Thanks…cant wait to buy the issue.

  9. I would like to make School Girls in Red. I told my daughter I was going to make a red quilt next so here it is!!! Can’t wait to get the magazine…Thanks for the chance to win the give away..

  10. I would love to try some new purses or some wall hangings for each month. I have not had much experience machine quilting and I want to try some small projects to practice on.

  11. I like “Boxed In” and “Fabrique Foresome”. I’m in the process of making as many quilts as possible to be ready for gifts for various events throughout the year…using lots of “modern” designs and both of these fit the bill of this endeavor!

  12. I really like School Girls in Red. So striking–a color combination I haven’t used in a quilt before. Looks like a lovely issue with many promising projects!

  13. Today has been a very special day, My daughter and son-in-law just found out that their fourth and last child and my tenth and last grandchild is a girl arriving in late July. When I saw the wall hanging quilt “Petals” I knew that had to be on the top of my list. The hues of the four different colors are perfect – blues for big brother, greens, pinks and tans for each of his younger sisters. What a wonderful keepsake as we all watch our “petals” grow.

  14. I love contemporary quilts — so the one I’m adding to my project list is LONDON TUBE. Thanks for so many easy, but appealing quilts to make over spring and summer!

  15. I think that Lavender Fields would be first and Adam’s Rib would be second. I am drawn to both of the designs. I would make the Lavendar Fields for myself because I love purple and the Adam’s Rib for my new Grandson. Thank you for sharing these wonderful patterns and quilts.

  16. Windmills – because it is breezy out and trying to be springy so this would be the perfect quilt to make now.
    Thank you for sponsoring such fun contests and the opportunity to enjoy new products.

  17. First on my list is a quick quilt to make before April 23 so I can take it east with me. This is for my best friend from high school who has just had a mastectomy and is still awaiting results of the pathology.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy quilting….Carol

  18. The black and reds of “School Girls in Red” really caught my eye. Have some fabric in my stash that would work for it, but would love to win the fat quarter qroup!

  19. I like Windmills and Lavender Fields. I like all the colors involved with them. Besides, my lavender granddaughter would be so happy with her new quilt! 🙂

  20. I love both the School Girls in Red and Lavender Fields quilts. I am new to quilting and I would love to make most of the quilts in this issue. I see a busy summer in front of me learning to quilt with these beautiful designs. Thank you.

  21. Petals is first on my list as a wall hanging for my mom’s nursing home wall. Then Adam’s Rib because I have a wonderful collection of B & W’s that I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to do. This is it! Love this issue, all the quilts are appealing.

  22. I’m really torn. My ‘next’ quilt is supposed to be for me! If I get the two on the go done. It’s a toss up between Lavender Fields and School girls in red. I want to expand some of my techniques & these look really interesting: involved but not too complicated.

  23. I just love Hello, Hello and Summer Duet is a close second. My mine is buzzing with the color possibilities for Hello, Hello. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Fabrique Foursome looks like the pattern I’ve been searching for, for a family member. I really like the variety you can get with that pattern. After that, I have several sampler quilt tops ready for quilting.

  25. What a wonderful selection of quilts in this issue! First on my list would be Petals, except that I would make it twice as wide and add a nice border to make it suitable for a baby quilt. Second on my list would be the cover quilt, Boxed In. I love the bright colors, the contrast of light and dark, and the pattern looks fairly easy and quick to put together.

  26. School Girls in Red! I’m practically getting whiplash whenever I spy the color combination of red, black and white, so this one really caught my eye.

  27. I just love Summer Duet. It has lots of white to make it bright but restful, and still has plenty of color to make it cheerful. There are some blues, yellows, and reds in my stash that will look wonderful in this pattern.

  28. I think Punch & Judy would be my first from this issue. The colors just pop and would be perfect for my neice. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  29. Wonderfull projects…would like to start several…BUT most of all ´Hello, Hello´ because our son and daughter-i-l expect their little babyboy in August after being told it would´nt be possible to have a child of their own….a Gift from God and we say ´Hello!´

  30. I love making any quilt.The only ones I’ve made are Block of the month and baby quilts.I am ready to tackle more difficult ones.Never heard of Adams Rib.I will look it up on Fons and Porter.

  31. I am going to make lavender fields first for my granddaughter, (it will be my second pieced quilt) and then boxed in, in masculine colors for my grandson.. thanks

  32. I have some fabric on order for Fabrique Foursome, I also want to do Boxed in . There is just no end to the variety of quilts I want to do. I see new patterns every day I want to make. I’m glad I just finished one so I can get started on another.

  33. Love the blue and yellow selection of fabrics! Love fat quarter bundles!!! Really like the Windmills pattern. Right now I am finishing up a pinwheels baby quilt for my youngest granddaughter’s 1st birthday and cutting a double Irish chain.

  34. I plan to work on baby quilts, I recently made 2 quilts one with 99 blocks and one with 121 blocks all 8×8 from the quilt as you go pattern that was found in Summer Easy quilt 2011 magazine.One was for me and one was for my daughters wedding present. So I am ready to work on a smaller scale like baby quilts for awhile I love quilting.

  35. I am soooo ready for spring and summer and have so little time right now that Fresh and Fruity would be my choice – the colors and pattern just make me smile. Second choice would be Adam’s Rib – would make a great guys quilt.

  36. I love Enchantment – it is beautiful and I’d love to make it. My present project is a Dresden Plate in various col time prints with a mottled yellow center, appliqued on white and then sashed with the same mottled yellow. I have 14 plates done – 6 to go.

  37. I love Adam’s Rib. I have a 3 year old grandson in Michigan who hasn’t been allowed to know his grandparents. I’ve just been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer (from my breast cancer 11 years ago) and now our daughter contacted us and has sent pictures of our grandson. I’m eager to make him a quilt for his new ‘grown up’ bed….he even calls me ‘Grandma’ and it fills my heart with joy. My husband says when I have it finished we will drive up to give it to him in person and I can get a long awaited hug. God is sew good!

  38. I’m a beginner and had no idea what to do with the two panels I have, so thanks for ‘Easy as 1-2-3’. That will be my first. Then when I can afford some fabric, I have no stash lol, I would love to make Summer Duet & Enchantment. Thank you for all the beautiful patterns.

  39. I am a librarian at the public library and decorate the walls with quilted hangings. New fat quarters would be just the thing to make a new spring/summer wall hanging.

  40. I could do no other than Punch and Judy. When I was a child my dad brought home a team of work mules. After they were no longer used for field work they became my (play toys) I rode them all over southern Decatur and part of Wayne counties in Iowa. We had a lot of great times together.

  41. I would love to do Enchantment and then Adam’s Rib. Start with the fun and funky and then proceed to the classic and subdued glamour. Love that both give you a way to showcase both sides of a quilter. The fun and fresh, flirty side with Enchantment and the old Hollywood glamour and classic formal side.

  42. I’m so ready to finish our income tax returns so I can devote my spare time guilt-free to sewing and quilting! I love the Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts not only for my own grandchildren, but for baby gifts. It is hard to choose from all the adorable quilts, but Billy Bear and Hello Kitty would be tops on the list for my favorite little ones.

  43. I have been making a lot of baby quilts lately for people in my family. So I will have to say I would love to make the Mickey Mouse quilt. However, it is really hard to choose because I like all of them.

  44. I would make the London Tube quilt. Looks easy. I’m just starting to follow the Modern Quilt movement & this is a beautiful pattern to start!

  45. I really liked the pattern called Adam’s Rib – I like the clean lines and simplicity, plus I have the perfect bundle of black and white fat quarters to make it.

  46. I’m torn between Summer Duet and Lavender Fields. They are all so pretty, and making that final choice is going to be hard. If only all life’s problems were this difficult to solve!

  47. LAVENDER FIELDS is singing my song!! For the last few months I have been “gathering” beautiful prints and designs in purples, lavenders, grays and black for some reason….now, I know why….it’s Lavender Fields for me! Nice pattern to display my beautiful fabrics!!

  48. I’ve been collecting black and white print fat quarters for a couple of years, waiting for inspiration. When I saw “Adam’s Rib,” I let out a whoop! Not only a great pattern, but one of my favorite movies. So, I’ll be making this–no doubt. (P.S. I love Boxed In as well! It will be on my list.)

  49. As a new quilter I have a list of at least 10! I showed my father-in-law whose is preparing fo a rest home and he picked “Fabrique Foursome”. Hopefully it is easy enough for me with continuing my classes. I am so addicted!

  50. The project that would be first on my quilting to-do list would be School Girls in Red. I really like the block design. A close second would be Punch and Judy. I have never made a quilt without a border before. I would like to see how it turns out. Thanks for this contest. It’s fun to see the comments of other entries.

  51. ok I have looked at all of them and I totally picked that I would to the “Elephant in the room” quilt first because my daughter in law works with elephants and i would love making this for her … she would love receiving it …

  52. I will do Adam’s rib first and School Girls in red next. There are several here I would like to do. I am just getting started so most everything will be new to me. I am so excited to find these different patterns to try out.

  53. Although I have been very drawn lately to the box within a box style, I would definitely have to go with Adam’s Rib. It would be absolutely stunning, especially with blues/yellows.

  54. My first project would either be the “1 2 3 Baby Quilt”s or “Adams Rib”. Or maybe both at the same time since I can’t seem to work on just one thing at a time 😉

    Have a fantastic weeek.

  55. My first quilt from Easy Quilts summer projects will be boxed in, for my grown son. Followed by Pocket Full of Poppies for my oldest granddaughter. I cann’t wait to see their eyes when I give the quilts 🙂

  56. I am working on my first quilts. Yes that’s two at the same time! They are a BOM and I am doing two, one for each daughter. I wouldn’t want either of them to feel bad as they didn’t get the first so I thought this was the best solution… 🙂

  57. Usually I only find one pattern that sparks my interest in a magazine but this issue is loaded with “2 do list” patterns. I love the cover , boxed in. I think I will do the baby quilt , there’s an elephant in the room, first. It gives the look of detailed but is quick to make and adorable. Fabrique Foursome is really neat. That is second on my list. Love the fresh and fruity fabrics and pattern. This list goes on and on… Adams Rib, enchantment, and London Tube are all winners. Thank you for putting patterns that are modern and fun. I am not a vintage kind of person. I look forward to the hours of fun I will have with this issue of Easy Quilts!

  58. I like Lavender fields. What lovely colors. I also find Boxed In quite interesting. I am just getting started on quilting and would love to win this prize to help “jump start” into newsewing adventures.

  59. Summer Duet would definetly be it. This quilt patteren is already bright and breezy so using this fat quarter bundel colours would push it over the top as a summer pattern.

  60. You ladies are not making this easy , since this issue has had me drooling since I opened it, but I have to say, I can’t wait to start Punch and Judy. The colors, the blocks, simply beautiful!

  61. I’d love to start with Adam’s Rib, however my cat sat on my mouse while I was looking at Curious Cat and didn’t want me to close the page, so maybe he’d like that one first.

  62. Ohh… I would love to make summer duet and/or school girls in red. I am changing decor in our family room to blue and yellow and this would be an wonderful prize!

  63. “Boxed In” is my favorite I think, It looks like it would be a good one for a fairly new quilter like me to handle. I would probably do it in bright colors! Thanks for having the giveaway! 🙂

  64. I would make Adam’s Rib first, my daughter would love it. Then I would plan on making Summer Duet. All are b eautiful quilts – hard to just choose one.

  65. I want to make “In Bloom”!!! It’s the Happiest, Summeriest, loveliest Quilt! Just radiates Fun, Sunshine & Joy!!! ( can ya’ tell…I LOVE this one!!! lol)

  66. oh no!!! had wrong issue!!! Arrrrgh!!!

    In the Summer issue…I want to make Lavender Fields!! My daughter will love getting this one! (shhhh…secret…)

  67. I would love to win this awesome package,because I will definetly make The Enchantment,it is so full of vibrant color and calm at the same time. Thank-You,May God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Cindy Garlotte

  68. I looked at all of them. So many are very nice and look like they’d be fun to make. I like “School Girls in Red” a lot! I liked the colors used in it, and the patterns in the fabric. It’s the one I’d make first.

  69. Boxed In!!! For some reason that quilt just draws me in, and I normally don’t do contemporary quilting!!! Any fabric added to my stash is a great thing!! Thank you.

  70. Boxed in or one of the 1-2-3 easy baby quilts, I have a baby quilt due asap, she arrived 6 weeks early!!(she is doing great!)
    I Love love love the Summer Breeze blue and yellows! I have started collecting the fabrics, just building that stash!!

  71. The School Girls in Red is tied with Adam’s Rib for making first, but because I have enough black prints I can start Adam’s Rib without going shopping. I still need a few reds to do the School Girls in Red. Shoppng online takes a week or more to get my fabrics and my selection locally is slim pickin’s. So lets get going on Adam’s Rib.

  72. I love love love the Enchantment quilt! Going to get started on one right away. I can see myself making serveral of these quilts. Thank you for the opportunity to win a fat quarter bundle.

  73. I’ll start from the Fabrique Foursome! A great pattern and a great selection of fabrics! And then uszyłabym Lavender Fields!
    I write, but I do not know whether the giveaway is open to international!
    I cordially greet

  74. Love the blues and yellows. In my small quilting group I am teased because I seem to gravitate to these colors and all the ladies wait to see if I will again show up with them for the next project. The project I am working on now is an appliqued baby quilt for a great nephew due in June.

  75. Curious cats caught my eye because we’ve just gotten 2 kittens. I won’t be waiting for summer because winter doesn’t seem to want to leave us in Wisconsin lately.

  76. Boxed in is the one I would choose to make, but my grand-daughter has already asked that I make Adam’s Rib for her to give to her mother for her birthday. Guess I better get working.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  77. Enchantment! I love traditional quilts and have not been tempted by the new modern patterns; however, I am tempted by the Enchantment quilt! I may like the modern quilts after all.

  78. I am excited to say definitely the ‘Adams Rib’. I have been searching for a quilt for my 18 year old son and though you have such a enormous & awesome variety of quilt patterns to choose from, (thank you that they are free), he said to him, most are geared toward girls/women tastes. However, we really liked the ‘Adam’s Rib’. So I am SO excited that I soon I will begin that quilt for him. But really who needs an excuse to quilt, LOL. 🙂 I am so excited and buying this pattern !! thank you!!

  79. Wow, every one of the patterns is a winner – I think I’d start with Punch & Judy, I have some bright batiks that would be perfect for a summer quilt ! Thanks for the chance to win !

  80. I have to make Adam’s Rib. I love that bold look; Katharine Hepburn is my favorite actress; and Adam’s Rib is one of my favorite movies! I guess that kinda hints at how old I am.

  81. What a great way to pass the time while I recover from a foot injury! My quilt guild, The Joy Quilters has been by my side the entire time, Making very sure that I quilt and that my meals are taken care of- A great way to leave the Army of One mind set I have been burdened with all these years! I would love to make Lavender Fields as I am a dye Heart lover of the blue fabrics! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! I am a very big fan!

  82. I will putting the “Boxed In” pattern on my “To Do” list! Love the look of it, may have to do more than 1. Would look great in batiks or some Stonehenge fabrics as well. Thanks for the patterns & the opportunity to win some gorgeous fabric!

  83. I love both Windmills and Summer Duet. They are both light a breezy and yet more traditional, reminding me of an old fashioned, lazy summer day.

  84. Summer Duet! I love the colors! Blue is my favorite color so this quilt will be perfect for me! Thank you so much for the chance to win. I look forward to making this quilt!

  85. I Love Fabric Foursome & the fussy cut stars & rainbow colors so that is the one I would have to try first! But there are several that caught my ey!

  86. I am having a hard time to decide between Boxed In which uses fat quarters and lots of color which I love and the quilt Lavender Fields which uses purple. Purple is my favorite color and my birth color.

  87. For me it’s a tie between the baby quilt “Elephant in the Room” (which I would do first for my new grandbaby due in May) and the “Curious Cat” because of it’s colorful and whimsical nature. It’s hard to choose a favorite – they are all great. Thanks for all the beautiful colors and fun projects giving me so many more ideas for all my gifts I want to make.

  88. I love “The Elephant in the Room” pattern. It looks easy enough to do without being overwhelmed. I love the fresh, bright colors and I am working up to do applique. It scares me 🙂 but I think this would be the perfect pattern to get my feet wet. We are expecting another grandchild in fall, so this would be perfect for him or her.

  89. I love the colors and would love to make the table runner. The colors are to die for and just so uplifting. Just love it. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win.:)

  90. The colors are so bright and vibrant. I love the windmills pattern, and I think it would be fun to make. I made one somewhat similar to that long ago.