Easy Quilts Summer Fat Quarter Giveaway!

The pages of Easy Quilts Summer are filled with terrific patchwork projects that you can make in a weekend or less. Easy Quilts Summer is on sale now, so pick up your issue at your favorite quilt shop, online as a paper or digital magazine, or have it delivered right to your door as a Quilters Club of America Premium Member.

Boxed In available as a quilt kit
School Girls in Red available as a quilt kit
Fabrique Foursome available as a quilt kit
Fresh & Fruity
Summer Duet available as a quilt kit
Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts available as quilt kits
Punch & Judy
Adam’s Rib
Enchantment available as a quilt kit
Elephant in the Room
London Tube
Curious Cats available as a quilt kit
Petals available as a quilt kit
Lavender Fields
Hello, Hello available as a quilt kit

Sew Easy Lesson: Quick Triangle-Squares and Hourglass Units
Sew Easy Lesson: Windowing Fusible Appliqué

Enter the Easy Quilts Summer Contest for a chance to win $425 in Prizes.

Take a look at the projects featured in Easy Quilts Summer. Then, enter to win a fat quarter bundle by telling us, in the comment section below, which project is first on your quilting to-do list.  We will choose 2 lucky winners. The contest will close at midnight on 3/27/13.

Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the moderator. Thank you for participating!

Congratulations to our Winners:

Joey: Boxed in. I love the colors!

Carol Rose: I like Windmills and Lavender Fields. I like all the colors involved with them. Besides, my lavender granddaughter would be so happy with her new quilt.

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525 Responses to Easy Quilts Summer Fat Quarter Giveaway!

  1. It has to be a lightweight quilt! I love to make these for our beds!! Thanks for the nice giveaway!!

    • Claire Halliburton says:

      I want to make a quilt using the WINDMILL pattern. This would be my second quilt. Thanks for the giveaway. This would be great for me as a beginner!

  2. Christy Rutherford says:

    I’m wanting to do Adam’s Rib.

  3. Christine Sherman says:

    Fresh and Fruity is fantastic, definitely making this one!!

  4. Catherine Bilnoski says:

    I can’t decide if I’d do enchantment or boxed in first, but I’d definitely make both and summer duet.

  5. Adele says:

    It’s a hard choice but it would be either Adam’s Rib or Punch and Judy, both are awesome.

  6. debbie pete says:

    there’s and elephant in the room is adorable

  7. Nancy Hersch says:

    I like the Adam’s Rib because I tend to like two color quilts. I think I’ll make it for my daughter Eve. :)

  8. Jenia Ciomek says:

    The first of these that will be added to my to do list would be Adam’s Rib. It’s simply beautiful just like the lady who inspired it. Katherine Hepburn is my favorite actress of all time. Bold and strong comes to mind when I think of her and this quilt actually fits that description very well.

  9. DebrafromMD says:

    I really like the graphic look of Adam’s Rib so it would be my first choice.

  10. PamMcPherson says:

    I am really drawn to the Lavender Fields. I love purple and the pattern looks simple and like something I could handle as a newbie quilter.

  11. Paige Gonzalez says:

    I am working on a BOM and also plan to start a Zig-a-Zag quilt! :-)

  12. barbara says:

    I’m working on a lighthouse quilt and always have a Quilt for Kids quilt in the works.

  13. Cathy B says:

    I think I would do Adam’s Rib or else a light weight quilt for spring. Love this, thanks!!

  14. Amelia Godissart says:

    Boxed in will probably be the first quilt I will make from this issue, school girls in red the second…

  15. Mary Jean Fasig says:

    I like the Hello, Hello……it would be fun to make.

  16. Barb Spurr says:

    I would maked the boxed in quilt first!!! Love it.

  17. anna taylor says:

    I like the Boxed In quilt. And the fabrics it is made of.
    A close second would be Adams Rib. Striking in black and white.

  18. Rowena Kerr says:

    Like the Windmills very much.

  19. Dorothy says:

    Lavender Fields or Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts . I have twin grand daughters going to be born soon. I want to start working on something for them.

  20. Debbie Barnes says:

    Fresh and Fruity or Summer Duet: they are both calling to me.

  21. robyn jones says:

    Summer Duet would be first on my list.

  22. Brenda Chauvin says:

    I would love to make a bunch of the “easy as 1, 2, 3 baby quilts.
    I love making baby items, most of which I donate to Project Linus or Bags of Love
    for children and babies in need of something of their own, that stays with them trough their trying time ! <3
    I see this pattern suitable for many ages, and there are just so many great Panel prints to choose from. Can not wait to make one now ;-)

  23. Jan Lichy says:

    I, too, am a Hepburn fan and agree that Adam’s Rib would be a fitting tribute. Something in bold colors with a soft edge.

  24. missouriquilter says:

    I like Lavender Fields. It is very simple but elegant.

  25. Pam Cobo says:

    Punch & Judy is how I roll!

  26. Leigh says:

    Punch and Judy is bright and lively – my choice

  27. LeAnne L says:

    I want to do Curious Cat.

  28. Signa Ferguson says:

    My favorite one is Adam’s Rib. I’m ready to start cutting fabric!

  29. Clare says:

    I will make the Boxed In quilt.

  30. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    I would love to win this bundle of fabric and make the Lavender Fields quilt. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. S. Petracca says:

    Without a doubt Fabrique Foursome for my husband who has helped me through several months of recovery from and injury.

  32. Joy Hoelscher says:

    Think I would like to try the Adam’s Rib also, seems to be everyone’s idea and I am new to this.

  33. Karen Schultz says:

    I like “Windmills” as this looks so festive and summer-like and looks fun to make. I appreciate the opportunity to win (and I sure hope I do!) – thank you! :)

  34. Nancy Roberts says:

    A lot of lovely patterns to choose from, but I was counting up the ways to do boxed in, with scraps, have lots of those, with my collection of Oriental fabrics, have lots of those too!

  35. Lori Roberts says:

    The boxed in quilt all the way!!!!!

  36. Rhonda Spaich says:

    Boxed in and punch and Judy. They look like fun fabulous quilts!

  37. Sharon Banicki says:

    Adams Rib – I can see it in so many different color combinations and yet have them all look different

  38. Carol Spisak says:

    Can’t wait to make Adam’s Rib!!!

  39. Enid Figueroa says:

    The 1 2 3 Baby quilts is my favorite…I do a lot of baby quilts for family and friends and these looks great and …easy! I made many quilts using the designs in your magazines. Thank you.

  40. Janet Rice says:

    Gotta do “punch and judy” :)

  41. Terry McLemore says:

    I love the summery Windmills.

  42. Susan Salo says:

    boxed in! It looks so fresh and summery.

  43. Holly Sloat says:

    Curious Cat is first on my list…easy to sew in a weekend…love that!

  44. Allison Redding says:

    I would do Curious Cats!

  45. BJMarley says:

    The Lavender Fields looks easy enough for me.

  46. LaNell Dobyns says:

    I really like Lavender Fields. Purple is my favorite color.

  47. Nancy Lacey says:

    I absolutely love Boxed In!

  48. Coral Rodriquez says:

    Love Fabrique Foursome and would likely start with that one. Very striking pattern and love the material choice.

  49. Coral Rodriquez says:

    Love Fabrique Foursome and would love to make that quilt. Love the fabric choices.

  50. DeAnn R says:

    All fabulous, although Curious Cat was just added to my to do list!

  51. Anne Johnson says:

    The first project from “Easy Quilts” would be the Windmills. It would make a great quilt in spring colors. Thanks for the opportunity. Love the magazine.


    lavender fields, as thats my favorite color, since my bedroom is in that color, would make this a quilt for myself, as I usually give my quilts away to someone else.

  53. sher says:

    Definitely Fabrique Foursome

  54. Geri Barnes says:

    Fresh and Fruity, followed by London Tube

  55. Diana F says:

    I really like School Girls in Red and Lavender Fields. I am really into a black and white with a bit of another color for pop right now. So I guess these really grabbed me for that reason.

  56. Bev Koons says:

    I love the boxed in one.!!

  57. Kathy C says:

    I need to make a baby quilt for my new granddaughter. Maybe Punch & Judy.

  58. Debbie Collins says:

    I would love to make the Adam’s Rib quilt in oranges and white…I have wanted an easy pattern to show off the orange and I think this is it!!! Thanks…cant wait to buy the issue.

  59. Maryellen says:

    I have the perfect fabric for Punch & Judy! Great fun colors.

  60. Joyce Adams says:

    I love the colors in boxed in quilt

  61. Penny wilkens says:

    It would be hard to choose between Fresh and Fruity and Petals. They both look like a great summer quilt!! For Petals I would put two together.

  62. Bnnie Pfrimmer says:

    I would like to make School Girls in Red. I told my daughter I was going to make a red quilt next so here it is!!! Can’t wait to get the magazine…Thanks for the chance to win the give away..

  63. Pat Hanevich says:

    The next quilt I will be doing is Doubke Wedding Ring

  64. Faye says:

    I am going to start an American barn quilt by Elenor Burns and then a carpenters star.

  65. Elaine Morgan says:

    Boxed In would be my choice!

  66. Donna says:

    I would love to try some new purses or some wall hangings for each month. I have not had much experience machine quilting and I want to try some small projects to practice on.

  67. Cynthia Harper says:

    Definitely , Boxed In !!! The white background has a fresh clean appeal, and the colors a fresh summers rain comes to mind and flowers blooming.

  68. Jennifer Allen says:

    I like “Boxed In” and “Fabrique Foresome”. I’m in the process of making as many quilts as possible to be ready for gifts for various events throughout the year…using lots of “modern” designs and both of these fit the bill of this endeavor!

  69. Judy Offen says:

    I really like School Girls in Red. So striking–a color combination I haven’t used in a quilt before. Looks like a lovely issue with many promising projects!

  70. Kelly Galambus says:

    probably Adam’s rib – they are all so cute though

  71. Tina Short says:

    It would be Adams Rib.

  72. Darla Zimmer says:

    I’m tempted by both Adams Rib and Windmills. Always have trouble making decisions.

  73. Sandy says:

    I like the school girls in red. That would be my first project.

  74. Beth B says:

    I like Boxed In.

  75. Jezibels says:

    I really like the mod-ness of London Tube!

  76. Jana Pratt says:

    I’m intrigued with London Tube. I love the lines, the black and the scrappiness. I’ve got the black, got the scraps need the time.

  77. Vicki says:

    Has to be fresh & fruity! I love the bright colors and simple pattern.

  78. Heather says:

    Punch and Judy would be first on my list…quickly followed by a beautiful Petals table runner!

  79. sharon s says:

    I would make adams rib. It would be great with just yellow and blues. I’ve always wanted to make a yellow and blue quilt.

  80. Susan Roy says:

    I think the summer duet would be nice to make with fat quarter bundle

  81. Sarah says:

    The colors of Petals are just gorgeous. My first make would have to Fresh & Fruity – LOVE IT! :)

  82. cindy vinzant says:

    I think the easy as 1 2 3 baby Quilts Thanks for the giveaway

  83. Janet Taylor says:

    I want to do Boxed In, then Fabrique Foursome. Can’t wait.

  84. Donna S Lucas says:

    Today has been a very special day, My daughter and son-in-law just found out that their fourth and last child and my tenth and last grandchild is a girl arriving in late July. When I saw the wall hanging quilt “Petals” I knew that had to be on the top of my list. The hues of the four different colors are perfect – blues for big brother, greens, pinks and tans for each of his younger sisters. What a wonderful keepsake as we all watch our “petals” grow.

  85. Carla G says:

    My favorite is Boxed In! What a cool quilt! Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  86. Sue O says:

    Summer Duet is calling my name. Beautiful fat quarters.

  87. Nancy Myers says:

    I like Windmills, that is first on my list.

  88. Kathy Medlin says:

    This was an easy choice: Punch & Judy!! Thanks for the opportunity to win a fat quarter bundle!!

  89. Karen Vail says:

    I love the London Tubes kit. I already pinned it!

  90. Tonya says:

    I just love Punch and Judy! The colors are perfect-bright, cheery and summer!

  91. Bethleen says:

    I love Punch & Judy. Fun colors are great to work on any time of year!

  92. Sue Boyd says:

    I love Punch & Judy! It’s beautiful!

  93. Glenda Marsh says:

    London Tube. Sleek looking & one I could start & finish in a timely manner

  94. Glenda Marsh says:

    London Tube. Sleek looking & one I could start & finish in a timely manner!!

  95. Karen says:

    School Girls in Red! YES!!!!!

  96. Judy Righetti says:

    I’m thinking of using Boxed In! for a QOV project. Thanks for the design.

  97. Joyce Kirkpatrick says:

    The first on my to-do list is Hello Hello. Love the pennants and all the fun prints. Thanks for the chance to win.

  98. Anda says:

    I love so many of the projects, I guess Punch and Judy ranks as number one to make! awolk at rogers dot com

  99. tammy lynn says:

    I like the adam’s rib. that would probably be the 1st on i’d try

  100. Jessica Salleng says:

    Elephant in the room is adorable! Love the colors. I definitly would like to make it first.

  101. Rita McCart says:

    I would like to do “Adam’s Rib” if it is in the lovely blues and yellows you have displayed above. :)

  102. charla mcpherson says:

    Windmill love the Colorado.

  103. Pat Pretty says:

    Iv’e already promised several family members a lite weight quilt for this summer. The first will be mine and I love the Wind Mill Quilt..

  104. Christine Atwell says:

    Elephant in the Room, I love Elephants! I also like Summer Duet and Enchantmen.t

  105. Jackie I. says:

    I love contemporary quilts — so the one I’m adding to my project list is LONDON TUBE. Thanks for so many easy, but appealing quilts to make over spring and summer!

  106. Debbie Blomme says:

    I think that Lavender Fields would be first and Adam’s Rib would be second. I am drawn to both of the designs. I would make the Lavendar Fields for myself because I love purple and the Adam’s Rib for my new Grandson. Thank you for sharing these wonderful patterns and quilts.

  107. Evelyn Clark says:

    Lavender Fields for sure!

  108. Tammy Holzhausen says:

    It would be windmills

  109. Julie B says:

    I would make a crib sized Adam’s Rib in pink and gray for a coworker who is expecting her first baby. Thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Roxanne S. says:

    Windmills – because it is breezy out and trying to be springy so this would be the perfect quilt to make now.
    Thank you for sponsoring such fun contests and the opportunity to enjoy new products.

  111. Carol McNab says:

    First on my list is a quick quilt to make before April 23 so I can take it east with me. This is for my best friend from high school who has just had a mastectomy and is still awaiting results of the pathology.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Happy quilting….Carol

  112. Sherrie Long says:

    Enchantment is the quilt I am putting on my to do list! Just looking at the colors make me happy!

  113. Janice says:

    I am going with Adam’s Rib. I just have to make that quilt.

  114. Coni says:

    I would do Punch & Judy for my granddaughter. She loves bright colors and I think she would really love this one.

  115. Karen Carpenter says:

    Windmills or Boxed In

  116. Lauralee Hensley says:

    The Windmills.

  117. Kristy Boule says:

    I’d love to do the Fabrique Foursome right away, followed by Boxed In. Lately I’m attracted to these modern, colorful fabrics!!

  118. Helen says:

    I like the boxed in quilt!

  119. Annie K says:

    Boxed In caught my eye immediately, and I can think of several collections it would look terrific being made with, so that’s my pick!

  120. I think the Schoolgirls in Red would be a fun quilt to make. I think it would even look good in blue and yellow.

  121. Cy Swendsen says:

    The black and reds of “School Girls in Red” really caught my eye. Have some fabric in my stash that would work for it, but would love to win the fat quarter qroup!

  122. Judy Breedlove says:

    I think it would be Windmills for me.

  123. Joey says:

    Boxed In. I love the colors!

  124. Tina Howell says:

    It will be petals and Adams Ribs that I would make. I like simple patterns and just a few colors combined I believe that really makes it elegant.

  125. Love Boxed In and Fresh and Fruity in cool summer colors!

  126. SusanH4700 says:

    Boxed In is first on my quilting to do list.

  127. Carol Rose says:

    I like Windmills and Lavender Fields. I like all the colors involved with them. Besides, my lavender granddaughter would be so happy with her new quilt! :)

  128. LindaRose Payne says:

    I would luv, luv, luv to do Boxed In. It’s awesome.

  129. Florence K says:

    It would be Windmills for sure. It looks so airy and fresh for summer. Love the colors used . Adam’s Rib is very appealing too.

  130. Vicky Dickens says:

    I love both the School Girls in Red and Lavender Fields quilts. I am new to quilting and I would love to make most of the quilts in this issue. I see a busy summer in front of me learning to quilt with these beautiful designs. Thank you.

  131. Allison Evrard says:

    I love the look of Fabrique Foursome! It looks harder than it would be to make. Thanks for the chance to win some fabric.

  132. Melissa Bailes says:

    Petals is first on my list as a wall hanging for my mom’s nursing home wall. Then Adam’s Rib because I have a wonderful collection of B & W’s that I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to do. This is it! Love this issue, all the quilts are appealing.

  133. Chyree Rohde-Lincoln says:

    I love it when there are so many pattern options in one place. GREAT MAGAZINE; I look forward to each issue.

  134. I’m really torn. My ‘next’ quilt is supposed to be for me! If I get the two on the go done. It’s a toss up between Lavender Fields and School girls in red. I want to expand some of my techniques & these look really interesting: involved but not too complicated.

  135. Conni B. says:

    Would make the windmill in the very colors shown. They look bright and crisp.

  136. SHIRLEY says:

    Both Punch&Judy and Fresh&Fruity appeal to me for bright colors for spring and summer throws plus the easiness of the patterns

  137. Tasha says:

    Aloha! Summer Duet is my choice.

  138. Mary Cunningham says:

    It’s got to be Petals, for me. It’s a perfect for a spring table runner.

  139. Amy M says:

    I just love Hello, Hello and Summer Duet is a close second. My mine is buzzing with the color possibilities for Hello, Hello. Thanks for the chance to win.

  140. Leora says:

    Im going to try the Windmills.. looks so fun and colorful ..

  141. Deborah Peacock says:

    I think I’ll make Adam’s Rib for my son. He wants one done in blacks but nothing girly. This one is perfect!

  142. Sharon A says:

    Fabrique Foursome looks like the pattern I’ve been searching for, for a family member. I really like the variety you can get with that pattern. After that, I have several sampler quilt tops ready for quilting.

  143. I really like Adam’s Rib, and could start it tomorrow.

  144. Peggy B. says:

    My granddaughter would love to get a Hello Kitty quilt from the Easy as 1-2-3 Baby Quilt pattern. She loves everything that’s Hello Kitty.

  145. Terri C says:

    Really like Hello Hello, Adams Rib and Boxed In. Probably will do them all!

  146. Donna H says:

    Adam’s Rib! A simple but bold quilt!

  147. Linda says:

    What a wonderful selection of quilts in this issue! First on my list would be Petals, except that I would make it twice as wide and add a nice border to make it suitable for a baby quilt. Second on my list would be the cover quilt, Boxed In. I love the bright colors, the contrast of light and dark, and the pattern looks fairly easy and quick to put together.

  148. Kathy Callahan says:

    It’s between Boxed In and Adam’s Rib. A hard choice. Adam’s Rib could be done in colors as well. Both are strong geometrics.

  149. Jean Dunning says:

    I’d do Adam’s Rib – I love 2 color quilts.

  150. Donna Tyson says:

    Curious Cat is my kind of a quilt.

  151. Donna S Lucas says:

    Petals is first on my list!

  152. This is nice! I like the “Easy as 1-2-3 Baby Quilts”. I’ll try this immediately.

  153. Carrie Shepperson says:

    I adore Adam’s Rib! I have just the right fabric in my stash for the design. Can’t wait.

  154. Robin Mundell says:

    I would love to make Lavender Fields for my dear friend India. Lavender is her favorite color and she loves quilts.

  155. Janiece Jones says:

    The “School Girls in Red” will be my first project.

  156. Sharon Ray says:

    I really like the looks of Adam’s Rib and would like to try making that. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  157. Eileen Kelly-Meyer says:

    School Girls in Red! I’m practically getting whiplash whenever I spy the color combination of red, black and white, so this one really caught my eye.

  158. Vicki Beattie says:

    Am eager to try Windmills.

  159. Grace Jones says:

    I would do Lavender Fields bevcause I love design that is made up of half-square triangles. I like the easy blocks!

  160. TracyK says:

    First on my list is School Girls in Red.

  161. Heather Scott says:

    My first quilt would be Summer Duet. It’s beautiful! :)

  162. Kim Lambertz says:

    I already have the fabric and pattern for London Tube, so my next one would be Enchantment–I LOVE the colors and poppies, just beautiful!!

  163. Teresa Holloway says:

    I love “Petals!” So crisp and clean and simply!

  164. patty clayton says:

    I think Adams rib would be fun to try.

  165. Sherry Starr says:

    Adam’s Rib and then maybe Boxed In

  166. Carol Vickers says:

    So many wonderful ones to choose from but Boxed In would give me a chance to use some of my many scraps and I love the look of it.

  167. Amy K says:

    Adam’s Rib will be my first!

  168. Lisa Dennison says:

    Boxed In looks like the one I’ll make to help shrink my scrap stash!

  169. Mary Hanson says:

    I’d love to do boxed in. I love the clean modern look and should be easy for a beginner like me!

  170. Ellen Ridsdale says:

    Summer Duet would be my choice. So nice and summery looking.

  171. Tracy Bland says:

    LOVE Fresh and Fruity!

  172. denise fells says:

    adam’s rib for sure

  173. Kathie Maxwell says:

    I love “School Girls in Red”..but I think it would look great in blue and yellow!!

  174. MJ Bultman says:

    London Tube, for sure! Love the modern look :-)

  175. Jean Billington says:

    I would make a baby quilt using the 1-2-3 Baby quilts.
    thanks for letting us enter.

  176. Cheryl L says:

    I have some baby-themed panels I’ve been wondering what to do with–the Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts would be perfect for them!

  177. Gail Butts says:

    I am going to make Boxed In. I have lots of scraps to use up!!

  178. Michelle says:

    I love Summer Duet. Beautiful!

  179. Lauren Lawson says:

    I just love Summer Duet. It has lots of white to make it bright but restful, and still has plenty of color to make it cheerful. There are some blues, yellows, and reds in my stash that will look wonderful in this pattern.

  180. Becky says:

    Lavender Fields is quite lovely. I would love to give that a try!

  181. Judi says:

    Love, love, love “Adam’s Rib” !!!

  182. Cathy B says:

    I like the boxed in quilt – would like to make one for my family!

  183. Jeanne Walsh says:

    Boxed in would make the perfect bedspread for my bedroom!

  184. Sher7753 says:

    Boxed In

  185. Juanita says:

    I like Lavender Fields. It is beautiful and elegant.

  186. Sherri G says:

    Fabrique foursome!!

  187. Barb Johnson says:

    Fabrique Foursome would be my first project. I really like the modern feel to it.

  188. Carol Yemola says:

    I am fairly new to quilting so Lavender Fields looks like something that I am able to tackle.

  189. Linda Braun says:

    Lavender Fields – I’ve been looking for a purple pattern for a while now, in honour of my grandma who loved both purple and pansies.

  190. Nicole S says:

    Love the boxed in….

  191. Pauline Gudas says:

    I would love to make the Scholl Girls in Red.

  192. Nancy Rooney says:

    Summer Duet caught my eye immediately. I liked Curious Cat too but I think between the two, I would do the Summer Duet.

  193. tonya johnson says:

    If I have to pick one to start, it would be Adam’s Rib!

  194. Michele T says:

    I want to make the boxed in quilt first.

  195. Vicki Stalnaker says:

    Punch & Judy. Love it!!!!

  196. Nancy McFall says:

    Petals is exactly what I need for my table.

  197. Yessant Habetz says:

    I think Punch & Judy would be my first from this issue. The colors just pop and would be perfect for my neice. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  198. Lorrie Hall says:

    I Ike Boxed In. It will use use lots of miscilleneous fabrics and go together quickly.

  199. Marsha Brown says:

    This is a hard one to decide but I would love to do Lavender Fields then Punch and Judy….

  200. Kim Turner says:

    Punch & Judy really caught my eye so I think that’s the one I would start with first. Thank you for the contest.

  201. Katherine McGarry says:

    boxed in. I think it loooks like a quilt I could make.
    I also love the elephant in the room.

  202. Jean says:

    I think Adam’s rib would make a great scrap quilt.

  203. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    I would make the Windmills quilt first. It is beautiful and would also be fun to make.

  204. Jeannie Z says:

    I love the Fabrique Foursome the best… but love several of them. I’d love to win the fabric.

  205. grapenutquilterM says:

    Easy as 1-2-3 baby quilts! Lots of babies in my area and I almost can’t keep up. The M&M one for sure.

  206. Roxanne Hartwig says:

    Blue and yellow are my VERY FAVORITE fabric colors! I would LOVE to win these!

  207. Wonderfull projects…would like to start several…BUT most of all ´Hello, Hello´ because our son and daughter-i-l expect their little babyboy in August after being told it would´nt be possible to have a child of their own….a Gift from God and we say ´Hello!´

  208. Ann Davis says:

    I can’t wait to do Adam’s Rib…checking my black and white stash to see if I need a Quilt Store run!!!

  209. Rosemary Steinmetz says:

    I love making any quilt.The only ones I’ve made are Block of the month and baby quilts.I am ready to tackle more difficult ones.Never heard of Adams Rib.I will look it up on Fons and Porter.

  210. Letitia Kilgrow says:

    I am going to make lavender fields first for my granddaughter, (it will be my second pieced quilt) and then boxed in, in masculine colors for my grandson.. thanks

  211. I have some fabric on order for Fabrique Foursome, I also want to do Boxed in . There is just no end to the variety of quilts I want to do. I see new patterns every day I want to make. I’m glad I just finished one so I can get started on another.

  212. Eve says:

    Love the blue and yellow selection of fabrics! Love fat quarter bundles!!! Really like the Windmills pattern. Right now I am finishing up a pinwheels baby quilt for my youngest granddaughter’s 1st birthday and cutting a double Irish chain.

  213. Kathy Ingram says:

    I plan to work on baby quilts, I recently made 2 quilts one with 99 blocks and one with 121 blocks all 8×8 from the quilt as you go pattern that was found in Summer Easy quilt 2011 magazine.One was for me and one was for my daughters wedding present. So I am ready to work on a smaller scale like baby quilts for awhile I love quilting.

  214. Sheryl B says:

    I would (and will) do boxed in. I have scraps that are begging to be used!! They keep piling up. Time to make a move!

  215. Susan Slovinsky says:

    I am soooo ready for spring and summer and have so little time right now that Fresh and Fruity would be my choice – the colors and pattern just make me smile. Second choice would be Adam’s Rib – would make a great guys quilt.

  216. Marlene Larson says:

    I love Enchantment – it is beautiful and I’d love to make it. My present project is a Dresden Plate in various col time prints with a mottled yellow center, appliqued on white and then sashed with the same mottled yellow. I have 14 plates done – 6 to go.

  217. Linda LaDrew says:

    My first project is to make a quilt sandwich and try out some quilting patterns. Then I would like to make a braid quilt.

  218. Karen Schultz says:

    I love windmills ~ thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  219. Darrell Hardenburg says:

    Quilt of Valor … Just need to choose the design I want from all the inspiration I have collected.

  220. Dottie Alexander says:

    I like School Girls in Red–I am trying to get out of my box by using black, white, and red fabrics. This pattern would be a great start.

  221. JENNY L PUTNAM says:

    summer duet like the open spaces for quilting motifs

  222. Sandy Sanders says:

    I love Adam’s Rib. I have a 3 year old grandson in Michigan who hasn’t been allowed to know his grandparents. I’ve just been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer (from my breast cancer 11 years ago) and now our daughter contacted us and has sent pictures of our grandson. I’m eager to make him a quilt for his new ‘grown up’ bed….he even calls me ‘Grandma’ and it fills my heart with joy. My husband says when I have it finished we will drive up to give it to him in person and I can get a long awaited hug. God is sew good!

  223. Connie Borth says:

    Boxed In will be first on my list to make. Love the bright colors!

  224. Judy Nell says:

    I’m a beginner and had no idea what to do with the two panels I have, so thanks for ‘Easy as 1-2-3′. That will be my first. Then when I can afford some fabric, I have no stash lol, I would love to make Summer Duet & Enchantment. Thank you for all the beautiful patterns.

  225. Jan Gossman says:

    I am a librarian at the public library and decorate the walls with quilted hangings. New fat quarters would be just the thing to make a new spring/summer wall hanging.

  226. Kathy Rice says:

    its gotta be a baby quilt for my daughter to give to her sister-in-law who is expecting!
    She asked me if I would make one for her to give to her upon the blessed arrival :)

  227. Constance Coe says:

    Lavender Fields!!!!

  228. Grace N Glassinger says:

    I could do no other than Punch and Judy. When I was a child my dad brought home a team of work mules. After they were no longer used for field work they became my (play toys) I rode them all over southern Decatur and part of Wayne counties in Iowa. We had a lot of great times together.

  229. Carol Ness says:

    I love the use of color and design in the Fabrique Foursome quilt. That will be my 1st project. It will make a great gift for a birthday.

  230. Sue Steward says:

    So many great choices, I think I might like to do Fabric Foursome, but I’ll have to think about that a little bit.

  231. Chriss says:

    It would have to be Elephant in the Room for me. It tickles my whimsical side and looks like it would be pleasurable to work on.

  232. Mary Swift says:

    I like all quilts, would find one to make if I win

  233. Sue K says:

    Boxed In is on my list…love it!

  234. Maxine says:

    I like lavender fields.

  235. Darlene says:

    Adam’s rib looks the coolest….and it’s even a tesselating pattern…way!!!!

  236. Helen H. says:

    Just picked up the magazine this afternoon. So many to pick from, but the one on my list is Summer Duet.

  237. Ginger says:

    Adam’s rib would be my choice.

  238. milka says:

    I like the Boxed In!

  239. Edwina Smith says:

    Elephant in the Room!

  240. Dawn Kincaid says:

    School Girls in Red and Adam’s Rib in any color combinations would be great for Quilts for Kids. I make quilts for them continually.

  241. BamaStitcher says:

    The one I want to make first is Adam’s Rib, it is very appealing.

  242. Sherry says:

    Definitely Adam’s Rib or London tube! It’s a toss up right now.

  243. Rebecca Shumaker says:

    I hope to finish Boxed In and Punch and Judy before Christmas.

  244. Cassandra B. says:

    I would love to do Enchantment and then Adam’s Rib. Start with the fun and funky and then proceed to the classic and subdued glamour. Love that both give you a way to showcase both sides of a quilter. The fun and fresh, flirty side with Enchantment and the old Hollywood glamour and classic formal side.

  245. Margaret Lawrence says:

    I’m having a hard time deciding – School Girls in Red, Punch and Judy, Windmills??? So many quilts, so little time!

  246. Kathy says:

    I’m just learning to quilt, will be trying to make a wall hanging or table runner for my next project!

  247. Becky says:

    OH……………….Schoolgirls in Red…………….Absolutely gorgeous!!! My style!!!

  248. Sally Dixon says:

    I love Boxed In and Lavender Fields. Since I love purple, my first choice would be Lavender Fields!

  249. Denise S. says:

    I think the Boxed In pattern would be a good quick one to get me back into quilting. I could use so many colors and get done fast.

  250. Leslie Aselis says:

    I would love to make the Boxed In first.

  251. Diantha Howard says:

    I would do a lap quilt size of Adam’s rib first – because I had bought a bunch of black and white prints, on a whim!

  252. Anita Ezzell says:

    Boxed in is my favorite, second is School Girls in Red.

  253. Marlene Vossen says:

    The 1-2-3 baby quilts were my top pick with Punch & Judy coming in next.

  254. Alice Trussell says:

    I’m so ready to finish our income tax returns so I can devote my spare time guilt-free to sewing and quilting! I love the Easy as 1-2-3- Baby Quilts not only for my own grandchildren, but for baby gifts. It is hard to choose from all the adorable quilts, but Billy Bear and Hello Kitty would be tops on the list for my favorite little ones.

  255. I love School Girls in Red! I think I would put that at the top of my quilting list!

  256. Deborah DeBerry says:

    School Girls in Red, then Punch and Judy!!!

  257. Priscilla says:

    I would love to make the Adam’s Rib and also the Summer Duet.

  258. Lori H. says:

    Adams Rib!!

  259. Susan Du says:

    I love the Punch & Judy pattern!

  260. Sharon Parson says:

    I have been making a lot of baby quilts lately for people in my family. So I will have to say I would love to make the Mickey Mouse quilt. However, it is really hard to choose because I like all of them.

  261. Elizabeth Storck says:

    I would make the London Tube quilt. Looks easy. I’m just starting to follow the Modern Quilt movement & this is a beautiful pattern to start!

  262. Barb DeMack says:

    hard to choose between Boxed In or Fabrique Foursome with a good measure of Adam’s Rib!

  263. Cynthia Rathunde says:

    I love Lavender Fields.

  264. Karrie Smith says:

    I love Petals

  265. Tanya Stevens says:

    Adams rib, I have great friends that are expecting their first child…they will love this

  266. School girls in red and then Easy as 123 baby quilts for my grandkids!

  267. Marvel Simmons says:

    The magazine came in the mail today … I know what I’m reading in bed tonight – move over “50 Shades of Grey”!!

  268. ritainalaska says:

    elephant in the room is the perfect quilt for my greatgranson now that he’s older and just about up and about on his own two feet! love to make it for him!

  269. Jerry says:

    Who could resist the cute Elephant in the room? My Mom is an elephant collector and I’d love to make it for her Birthday.

  270. Debra Revay says:

    I really like Summer Duet. It would be a great scrape quilt. I like the big white squares to do beautiful quilting in.

  271. Connie Rodriguez says:

    definitely lavender fields, since purple is my new favorite color

  272. Linny says:

    I really liked the pattern called Adam’s Rib – I like the clean lines and simplicity, plus I have the perfect bundle of black and white fat quarters to make it.

  273. Joyce Robbins says:

    I’m torn between Summer Duet and Lavender Fields. They are all so pretty, and making that final choice is going to be hard. If only all life’s problems were this difficult to solve!

  274. Karyl McClellan says:

    Summer Duet looks lovely to me. And has some nice negative spaces for quilting fun designs! I’m now itching to make it!

  275. Nancy Cable says:

    Definitely Boxed In and London Tubes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  276. Gale W. says:

    Oh, I love the Windmills quilt. Looks like it is in motion. Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful fabric!!!!

  277. Cherie W says:

    Boxed In. I love the simple lines and the stash busting potential.

  278. Rose Ann Bybee says:

    I love Adam’s Rib and Boxed In. Don’t know which one first!!

  279. Cynthia andrews says:

    For me summer duet! What a wonderful way to start summer

  280. Raylene Kruger says:

    If you don’t quilt you are missing out on the best hobby in the world and the best people on the planet.

  281. Susan Stanton says:

    I’d make Boxed In! Love the bold fabrics and the white contrast. It looks like such a cheerful quilt to snuggle in.

  282. Gail Mandli says:

    Summer Duet for sure. Beautiful but simple.

  283. Barbara Garris says:

    LAVENDER FIELDS is singing my song!! For the last few months I have been “gathering” beautiful prints and designs in purples, lavenders, grays and black for some reason….now, I know why….it’s Lavender Fields for me! Nice pattern to display my beautiful fabrics!!

  284. Molly B. says:

    i would love to make punch and judy

  285. Stephanie Matz says:

    I’ve been collecting black and white print fat quarters for a couple of years, waiting for inspiration. When I saw “Adam’s Rib,” I let out a whoop! Not only a great pattern, but one of my favorite movies. So, I’ll be making this–no doubt. (P.S. I love Boxed In as well! It will be on my list.)

  286. Karen says:

    I am in love with Punch, and Judy.. the vibrant colors pop in my mind, and the fun , flirtatious pattern just screams at me to ” make me, make me!”

  287. Jaye Gause says:

    One of the baby quilts for sure and Adams Rib.

  288. Linda Quigley says:

    Want to do the Boxed In as my next project.

  289. Kathy Kaplan says:

    As a new quilter I have a list of at least 10! I showed my father-in-law whose is preparing fo a rest home and he picked “Fabrique Foursome”. Hopefully it is easy enough for me with continuing my classes. I am so addicted!

  290. Patti Mishler says:

    I love the “Boxed In” I’d give that a whirl!

  291. Barb Trevathan says:

    I really like Adam’s rib. I can’t wait to start it.

  292. Judy Hervey says:

    The project that would be first on my quilting to-do list would be School Girls in Red. I really like the block design. A close second would be Punch and Judy. I have never made a quilt without a border before. I would like to see how it turns out. Thanks for this contest. It’s fun to see the comments of other entries.

  293. Trish says:

    Lavender fields is beautiful. I would love to give it a try.

  294. Julie A. Stenkamp says:

    Fabrique Foursome and Boxed In to start with, but would like to make several others as well!! Beautiful quilts!

  295. Deb Coffey says:

    Fabrique Foursome is great! So colorful and contemporary! Love it!

  296. Blue and yellow were two of my best quilting buddies favorite colors. Would love this to make a quilt in her honor.

  297. Angie Pierce says:

    I’m not sure exactly what my next project will be, except that it will be something new for me. (I just started quilting about a year ago.)

  298. LINDA says:


  299. Ellen Fontaine says:

    Adam’s Rib caught my eye ’cause I’ve been wanting to do a B&W for a while now.

  300. Patricia Holt says:

    School Girls in Red first, then Adam’s Rib. Punch & Judy looks promising too.

  301. Barbara Stewart says:

    Fabrique Foursome….or Adams Rib….love them both….

  302. sandy gallivan says:

    ok I have looked at all of them and I totally picked that I would to the “Elephant in the room” quilt first because my daughter in law works with elephants and i would love making this for her … she would love receiving it …

  303. BevM says:

    I like them all but School Girls in Red will be at the top of my list.

  304. cathy jones says:

    Choices, choices, choices- Enchantment, maybe Lavender Fields, or School girls in red? I would enjoy making any of them.

  305. Joanne Gaylord says:

    Hard to pick just one but I would say lavender fields. Love the fabric and the big pieces.

  306. pat augustus says:

    I love Lavender Fields,it looks very classy and easy to make.

  307. I will do Adam’s rib first and School Girls in red next. There are several here I would like to do. I am just getting started so most everything will be new to me. I am so excited to find these different patterns to try out.

  308. Karen says:

    I liked a lot of them but I am thinking of doing Boxed In as a baby quilt.

  309. Patty Swatzell says:

    I love them all but would have to pick Windmills to do first. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  310. Monica says:

    I’m planning my 1st quilt, and would love to do it right with quality fabrics.

  311. Cecilia says:

    I think that I would make Adam’s Rib first. It’s very pretty. Thanks!

  312. Diane Cloyd says:

    It would have to be Punch and Judy or Elephant in the room.

  313. Amy W Caldwell says:

    I have a passion for anything PURPLE, So LAVENDER FIELDS is definitely goin’ on my to-do list. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  314. Celeste Rockwell says:

    I love the beautiful colors and Kaffee Fasset fabrics for the Boxed in Quilt!!!

  315. Trudi cadenbach says:

    Fabrique foursome. It is simply elegant, fresh looking and gorgeous. Plus looks like great way to use some smaller yard ages.

  316. Maxine says:

    They are all fabulous.

  317. Valery says:

    Although I have been very drawn lately to the box within a box style, I would definitely have to go with Adam’s Rib. It would be absolutely stunning, especially with blues/yellows.

  318. Nicole Burchfield says:

    I would love to make the boxed in quilt!! Gorgeous!!

  319. Gloria says:

    London Tube–I love the simple design.

  320. Janet Frank says:

    I ‘d do Lavender Fields first.

  321. Jenny Fifer says:

    I would love the Lavender Fields. It reminds me of being on the farm when I was younger.

  322. Kim says:

    I like the Lavender fields and Boxed in thank you for the giveaway. :)

  323. Cleo Miller says:

    My first project would either be the “1 2 3 Baby Quilt”s or “Adams Rib”. Or maybe both at the same time since I can’t seem to work on just one thing at a time ;-)

    Have a fantastic weeek.

  324. Eileen Caspers says:

    I really like the baby quilts with all the different borders. I have several to make for this fall.

  325. Diana D says:

    I love the fruity colors in Punch & Judy. I would want to make it first, then quickly follow it with the black & white beauty Adam’s Rib! Thanks.

  326. Traci Hoglen says:

    I am going to do this Lavender Fields. I love the bright purples and pattern.
    I am so excited! I can’t wait to do this one.

  327. Peg Heibler says:

    I just love the Boxed In Quilt I can’t wait to start it! And winning the FQ would be the icing on the cake

  328. Tena HOugh says:

    My first quilt from Easy Quilts summer projects will be boxed in, for my grown son. Followed by Pocket Full of Poppies for my oldest granddaughter. I cann’t wait to see their eyes when I give the quilts :)

  329. Diane McCandless says:

    Boxed In is on the top of my list.

  330. Rachell R says:

    It has to be Punch and Judy. I enjoy the combo of Sister’s choice blocks and simple patch blocks. The colors are bright and refreshing!

  331. sue t says:

    It’s a tie between Boxed In and Fabrique Foursome.

  332. laurie says:

    I love Adam’s Rib, both the quilt pattern and the movie.

  333. Lori W says:

    I love Boxed In. I have the perfect fabric for it.

  334. Mary Wayne says:

    Finishing a Double Irish Chain for my grandaughter’s graduation! Then maybe the Lavender Fields.

  335. Janice says:

    The colorful Punch & Judy would be my first to-do quilt.

  336. valerie csmith says:

    Windmills–my sister-in-law wants a quilt just like it

  337. Paige Gonzalez says:

    I am working on my first quilts. Yes that’s two at the same time! They are a BOM and I am doing two, one for each daughter. I wouldn’t want either of them to feel bad as they didn’t get the first so I thought this was the best solution… :-)

  338. Sarah Eheart says:

    I love enchantment…such a refreshing summer quilt.

  339. Tonya Krout says:

    Fresh and Fruity makes a lovely spring or summer quilt.

  340. Monique Belmer says:

    I just can’t decide between Lavender Fields or School Girls in Red. I love both!

  341. Linda Tunnell` says:

    Probably the Boxed In Quilt…

  342. Linda Tunnell` says:

    Probably the Boxed In Quilt

  343. Patricia Hersl says:

    New baby coming! Elephant in the Room is on my list.

  344. Terri Robinson says:

    Usually I only find one pattern that sparks my interest in a magazine but this issue is loaded with “2 do list” patterns. I love the cover , boxed in. I think I will do the baby quilt , there’s an elephant in the room, first. It gives the look of detailed but is quick to make and adorable. Fabrique Foursome is really neat. That is second on my list. Love the fresh and fruity fabrics and pattern. This list goes on and on… Adams Rib, enchantment, and London Tube are all winners. Thank you for putting patterns that are modern and fun. I am not a vintage kind of person. I look forward to the hours of fun I will have with this issue of Easy Quilts!

  345. Mary Maxwell says:

    Fresh and Fruity for me, yummo!!

  346. Debbie Hicks says:

    To make a baby quilt for my soon to be born granddaughter Kaitlyn Elaine. Boxed in quilt will be wonderful to make for her.

  347. Gloria Schilling says:

    These fat quarter colors are so summery. First I’d finish my started mix of old and new fabrics quilt.!!

  348. Patricia Wheeler says:

    It’s a toss up between Adams Rib and Curious Cat – it will probably be Adam’s Rib first.

  349. Sandra James says:

    I would have to pick the Windmill quilt to do. I love it.

  350. Sandra James says:

    I love the windmill quilt so I would have to pick it.

  351. Patsy Dunn says:

    I like Lavender fields. What lovely colors. I also find Boxed In quite interesting. I am just getting started on quilting and would love to win this prize to help “jump start” into newsewing adventures.

  352. Wilma Searcy says:

    Easy as 1 2 3 Baby Quilts would be my first choice. I have a good friend who is expecting in May, so I need to get busy making a quilt for her baby.

  353. MaryBeth says:

    I love Curious Cats. I’m drawn to “catty” quilts even though I don’t really like real cats, ha ha.

  354. Gwen U says:

    Punch & Judy! The colors draw me to that quilt!

  355. diana stephens says:

    red girls.. love it

  356. katyp says:

    Summer Duet really caught my attention. Lovely quilts!

  357. Jacqui Bridges-Sheppherd says:

    I say it’s a close tie between School Girl in Red and Adam’s Rib. Although Adam’s Rib is barely in the lead.

  358. Tami says:

    I really love Lavender Fields, thank you for the chance to win some pretty fabric!

  359. Jane says:

    Summer Duet Quilt….I would like to make a quilt for on my swing on my porch. This would be perfect!

  360. teri jacobs says:

    i’m going to make enchantment! i love the fresh look. i love the strip quilts since i’m still a beginner.

  361. Nancy B from Many LA says:

    Elephant in the Room – it is so cute!

  362. Sharon says:

    The choice is difficult but I think I’d like to start with Hello, Hello

  363. Susan S says:

    When I was young Punch and Judy always scared me. But not this quilt. I would love to make it. Thank you for the giveaway.


    Summer Duet would definetly be it. This quilt patteren is already bright and breezy so using this fat quarter bundel colours would push it over the top as a summer pattern.

  365. karen caswell says:

    I love the hello hello quilt and it is at the top of my list with several others. Now if I could just grow a couple more arms.

  366. Jean H. says:

    Summer Duet would be first on the list – love the design and all the white space for quilting.

  367. Cheryl Greenleaf says:

    Summer Duet

  368. Susan says:

    I love the look of Boxed In. It will be next on my to-do list!

  369. Gretl Dixon says:

    I need to finish some of the quilts I have started before starting another. The blue fat quartes would go very well with my red and blued bird quilt.

  370. DeDe Baker says:

    So many to choose from, but London Tube looks like just what I was looking for.

  371. Susan Novak says:

    I think I’d first make the “Petals” wall hanging and then move right on to the delightful Baby Quilts.

  372. Joyce Kattine says:

    Elephant in the Room….Adorable! My grandson loves elephants so this is a must do! …and easy peasy is very appealing for a busy schedule!

  373. Diane Hargis says:

    I think I would like to make the London tube quilt. I love the colors and the modern feel.

  374. Karen says:

    You ladies are not making this easy , since this issue has had me drooling since I opened it, but I have to say, I can’t wait to start Punch and Judy. The colors, the blocks, simply beautiful!

  375. Patricia Crawford says:

    The Mickey mouse quilt kit would be perfect for my grandson.

  376. kris says:

    fresh and fruity!

  377. Judy Forkner says:

    I’m torn between Fabrique Foursome & Hello, Hello.

  378. Sonya Davis says:

    I would like to do Punch and Judy and also windmill.

  379. Pat V. says:

    I love the look of Punch & Judy. It would look great in my guest room!

  380. Diane says:

    Windmills. Then Adams rib

  381. Marilyn Halvorsen says:

    Summer Duet because I love the idea of chain-piecing to make the blocks quickly plus I can this as a scrap quilt to help me use up my fabric.

  382. Patricia Klein says:

    I want to make them all, so excited to be quilting.

  383. Jennifer Fontes says:

    It’s Fresh & Fruity, love the bright colors and patterns.

  384. Soon to start on Christine Porter’s Medalion quilt from her book Viva Venezia! I just selected orange, blue and gold/yellow colors the other day. Afterward I will take the scraps and make a checkbook!

  385. Ireta Larson says:

    Punch and Judy looks like fun

  386. Gloria Bourgo says:

    I’d love to start with Adam’s Rib, however my cat sat on my mouse while I was looking at Curious Cat and didn’t want me to close the page, so maybe he’d like that one first.

  387. Marcy says:

    want to do a set of placemats and a table runner and the colors shown are perfect.

  388. Tania Untalan says:

    Summer Duet, the colors are beautiful!

  389. Michelle Hudak says:

    I adore “Hello, Hello”..what a fun pattern and perfect for any age.

  390. Ruth Ann says:

    My choice for the first one would be Boxed In.

  391. Sandra Krueger says:

    It’s a tie between Punch and Judy and Adam’s rib….my third choice would be Fresh and Fruity….I really wouldn’t mind doing all three…

  392. Diane Dysart says:

    Adams Rib looks inviting.

  393. ROBIN R says:

    Adams Rib

  394. Karen Consales says:

    Ohh… I would love to make summer duet and/or school girls in red. I am changing decor in our family room to blue and yellow and this would be an wonderful prize!

  395. Donna says:

    Love School Girls in Red! And Summer Duet!

  396. Laura says:

    I really like the “Summer Duet”. This is such a simple looking design to fit in well w/our nautical theme in our bedroom. Love it!! Very summery.

  397. Bonnie H. says:

    I love School Girls in Red for my next project.

  398. Kathy says:

    It certainly is a difficult decision. First I was thinking There’s an Elephant in the Room but then I saw Lavender Fields and I fell in love.

  399. Betty Bopper says:

    I love the school girl in red, although Adam’s rib is tempting

  400. Vicki H says:

    Boxed in Quilt. Thanks for the chance to win a great bundle.

  401. Phyllis B says:

    I really like Windmills! Think it could be adapted into a cute table runner.

  402. Marti Zieg says:

    It would have to be ‘Boxed In’. It’s contemporary and I would make it with bright batiks.

  403. Nancy Nehez says:

    Tough decision, but I’m kind of partial to Punch and Judy. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  404. Margarette Woodard says:

    The first quilt that I would make is the Fabrique Foursome! Stunning Fabric!

  405. Vivian Johnson says:

    Adam’s Rib is what I’d like to do.

  406. Jeanie Singler says:

    I think Adam’s Rib would look great in red and white fabrics!

  407. Eileen H says:

    I love the colors in Enchantment, so that would be tops…..then Adam’s Rib.

  408. Barb in MI says:

    I love the London Tube pattern – it’s first on my list. Thanks so much!

  409. Carol Frederickson says:

    I like them all but would start with Lavendar Fields

  410. Kathy Gates says:

    “Boxed In” is my favorite I think, It looks like it would be a good one for a fairly new quilter like me to handle. I would probably do it in bright colors! Thanks for having the giveaway! :)

  411. Rene' Allison says:

    Punch and Judy would be an awesome quilt to make

  412. Shirley says:

    First would be School Girls in Red, next on my list would be Windmills. Beautiful selection.

  413. Lorie says:

    I am starting with the School Girls in Red but then will be moving on to others…..it was really hard to choose which to do first!!

  414. Carolyn D'Annolfo says:

    I love Lavender Fields – it would work well with my STASH of PURPLE fabrics!!!

  415. M Short says:

    Since I am exploring more modern quilts with modern fabrics, I will probably try the Boxed In quilt.

  416. Pam Auman says:

    School Girls in Red in FABULOUS! I can’t wait to make it!!!

  417. Pam Auman says:

    AND I love Elephant in the Room, too! I need to make it for my friend’s baby boy who will be here in July!!!

  418. Jane says:

    I love the colors in Punch and Judy. That would be my first pick!

  419. Kathy says:

    Can you picture the “Boxed-In” pattern using the Blue/Yellow fat quarter fabrics in this Contest?? I can!! Wish me luck!!

  420. Pam Auman says:

    OMG!!! And Boxed In is awesome…..love Kaffe Fassett!!! How can I possibly choose????

  421. beth frackowiak says:

    My favorite this month is Summer Duet followed by Punch & Judy.

  422. Tammi says:

    I would make the Windmills. It would make a great summer quilt. IT is hard to choose – such great projects, I want to make more than one!

  423. Grace Stiegemeyer says:

    Fresh and Fruity is first on my list. Love the colors and the non traditional pattern.

  424. Rosemary Steinmetz says:

    I would do the Windmill.I like the way they look.Thanks for your shows and website.

  425. Karen Batterton says:

    I would make Adam’s Rib first, my daughter would love it. Then I would plan on making Summer Duet. All are b eautiful quilts – hard to just choose one.

  426. Lori Morton says:

    I want to make “In Bloom”!!! It’s the Happiest, Summeriest, loveliest Quilt! Just radiates Fun, Sunshine & Joy!!! ( can ya’ tell…I LOVE this one!!! lol)

  427. Lori Morton says:

    oh no!!! had wrong issue!!! Arrrrgh!!!

    In the Summer issue…I want to make Lavender Fields!! My daughter will love getting this one! (shhhh…secret…)

  428. Sharon Price says:

    I think I’ll try the Adam’s Rib first, then maybe Lavendar Fields. Both are just gorgeous.

  429. Wanda Pagel says:

    I just love Boxed In. It is so simple yet beautiful.

  430. Lourdes Fay says:

    I like the black and white Adam’s Rib

  431. Cindy Garlotte says:

    I would love to win this awesome package,because I will definetly make The Enchantment,it is so full of vibrant color and calm at the same time. Thank-You,May God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Cindy Garlotte

  432. Cathy George says:

    Big and bold colored flowers, purples, reds, yellows etc.

  433. Renee Runyon says:

    Schoolgirls in Red is a delightful playground of my favorite color. Brilliant!

  434. Debbie Clardy says:

    Love the Windmills quilt. It’s on my list to make. So fresh and pretty.

  435. Barbara Wiggins says:

    Boxed in, for sure! Love scrappy, love Kaffe Fasset fabric, love the pattern. I’d love to win and make this quilt.

  436. Nancy Yechout says:

    I looked at all of them. So many are very nice and look like they’d be fun to make. I like “School Girls in Red” a lot! I liked the colors used in it, and the patterns in the fabric. It’s the one I’d make first.

  437. Deborah Donahue says:

    Boxed In!!! For some reason that quilt just draws me in, and I normally don’t do contemporary quilting!!! Any fabric added to my stash is a great thing!! Thank you.

  438. Jackie Warren says:

    I would make Lavender Fields. After making it in beautiful lavender and purple wouldn’t it be great with Christmas fabric??

  439. Jo Anne B. says:

    Boxed in or one of the 1-2-3 easy baby quilts, I have a baby quilt due asap, she arrived 6 weeks early!!(she is doing great!)
    I Love love love the Summer Breeze blue and yellows! I have started collecting the fabrics, just building that stash!!

  440. Diana Barry says:

    Adams Rib would be fun to do!

  441. I’ll be making the Elephant in the Room quilt as soon as I finish my BOM quilt and my grandson’s quilt wallhanging which he designed.

  442. Sherry says:

    It is a tie for me between the Summer duet and Boxed In, think would do Summer duet first though.

  443. Cheri Williams says:

    The School Girls in Red is tied with Adam’s Rib for making first, but because I have enough black prints I can start Adam’s Rib without going shopping. I still need a few reds to do the School Girls in Red. Shoppng online takes a week or more to get my fabrics and my selection locally is slim pickin’s. So lets get going on Adam’s Rib.

  444. Donna Shaw says:

    I love love love the Enchantment quilt! Going to get started on one right away. I can see myself making serveral of these quilts. Thank you for the opportunity to win a fat quarter bundle.

  445. Maria Mikulewicz says:

    I love the bright colors of Punch and Judy! Thank you for this contest!

  446. Mary Colgin says:

    Summer Duet!!! I have tons of scraps to clear out!!! this looks just right for that.

  447. Joan Henry says:

    Adams rib is the quilt I would make.
    Having a son by that name really made my decision easy.

  448. Michelle Byler says:

    Elephant in the Room is top of my list, although Adams’s Rib is a close second.

  449. Mania says:

    I’ll start from the Fabrique Foursome! A great pattern and a great selection of fabrics! And then uszyłabym Lavender Fields!
    I write, but I do not know whether the giveaway is open to international!
    I cordially greet

  450. Esther Sherrill says:

    I think I like Boxed In, and would start with that one.

  451. Teresa Baker says:

    I love the School Girls In Red. This will definitely be first on my list to make. Thanks for your magazine. I always look forward to seeing it.

  452. Ann Thomas says:

    Love the blues and yellows. In my small quilting group I am teased because I seem to gravitate to these colors and all the ladies wait to see if I will again show up with them for the next project. The project I am working on now is an appliqued baby quilt for a great nephew due in June.

  453. Kris Walter says:

    Curious cats caught my eye because we’ve just gotten 2 kittens. I won’t be waiting for summer because winter doesn’t seem to want to leave us in Wisconsin lately.

  454. Jackie Brown says:

    Boxed in is the one I would choose to make, but my grand-daughter has already asked that I make Adam’s Rib for her to give to her mother for her birthday. Guess I better get working.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  455. Karen A says:

    I really like the Summer Duet quilt.

  456. Tammi Williams says:

    Adam’s Rib, I’m in a 2 color phase. Enchatment is also beautiful!!

  457. Akita Woodford says:

    I love the masculine look of Adam’s Rib…..so I would choose to make this one for my son….Adam!

  458. Susan says:

    I like them all, but the colors on the Boxed In quilt call to me to do this one.

  459. janet cunningham says:

    Enchantment! I love traditional quilts and have not been tempted by the new modern patterns; however, I am tempted by the Enchantment quilt! I may like the modern quilts after all.

  460. Cathy Beal says:

    Love the Summer Duet! I also love the magazine.

  461. Joan says:

    Love the Adams rib and lavender fields. Will start planning now!

  462. Kimberly Robertson says:

    I am excited to say definitely the ‘Adams Rib’. I have been searching for a quilt for my 18 year old son and though you have such a enormous & awesome variety of quilt patterns to choose from, (thank you that they are free), he said to him, most are geared toward girls/women tastes. However, we really liked the ‘Adam’s Rib’. So I am SO excited that I soon I will begin that quilt for him. But really who needs an excuse to quilt, LOL. :-) I am so excited and buying this pattern !! thank you!!

  463. Joan says:

    Love Adams Rib and Lavender Fields!

  464. Debra says:

    With 3 new grandchildren, Elephant in the room would be really fun!

  465. Barbara K says:

    Either School Girls in Red or Punch and Judy as I love them both.

  466. Louise peeler says:

    Adam’s rib or London tube look like interesting patterns to put my scraps to use in

  467. Robbin Brodner says:

    I love the play of colors that were used in the Fabrique Foursome.

  468. Marge Johnson says:

    I would do Windmills first then I would like to try Punch and Judy. I am currently working on a pinwheel quilt for my oldest sister.

  469. Lori says:

    Love them all but my first will be Scrappy Hunter’s Star. Followed by Oho as I have not seen a quilt like this pattern before.

  470. Elaine G. says:

    I loved the bright colors of Boxed In.

  471. Jeri W. says:

    Summer Duet!! I am a beginner but I would love to try that one. Punch and Judy also looks fun, love the colors!!

  472. Suzanne Ozolins says:

    I have just ordered the School Girls in Red quilt kit. I will complete this when it arrives. I love the color choices. Thank you.

  473. Kris in TX says:

    Wow, every one of the patterns is a winner – I think I’d start with Punch & Judy, I have some bright batiks that would be perfect for a summer quilt ! Thanks for the chance to win !

  474. Judy M says:

    School Girl In Red, So far I have done things in pink for my granddaughter, but I figure she will want to change her room in a couple of years.

  475. jo says:

    It would have to be Lavender Fields. It reminds me of when I was a young girl and had a lavender bedroom, but this is a much more sophisticated.

  476. claudia krause says:

    SCOOL GIRLS IN RED… i just finished a tossed 9 patch in reds, creams, and charcole. it turned out really cute! if i say so myself.

  477. Caryn Goulden says:

    I would do the Petals wall hanging first for a quick bit of Summer color, then Punch & Judy (and/or Enchantment).

  478. Jane Langdell says:

    My next quilt will be something with lots of blues and bright colors!!

  479. Caroline Rohrer says:

    I like”Fresh & Fruity” it just looks light ^ summery. Second choice is all boxed in.

  480. Cindy Weeks says:

    Love the easy 1-2-3- baby quilts! Quick for that special baby shower!

  481. Georgia Schropfer says:

    I like all the projects, but I can picture Adam’s Rib in my collection of blue fabrics. I already have it tagged.

  482. Tina Ennis says:

    I LOVE School Girls in Red. It looks like a great pattern. I would love to make this quilt.

  483. Linda K. says:

    Definitely “Hello, hello” – it will be a nice spring/summer project to do with my niece who goes off to college this year.

  484. I have the zig zag and all boxed in on my to do list.

  485. Elizabeth Perryman says:

    I have to make Adam’s Rib. I love that bold look; Katharine Hepburn is my favorite actress; and Adam’s Rib is one of my favorite movies! I guess that kinda hints at how old I am.

  486. Janie Hammon says:

    What a great way to pass the time while I recover from a foot injury! My quilt guild, The Joy Quilters has been by my side the entire time, Making very sure that I quilt and that my meals are taken care of- A great way to leave the Army of One mind set I have been burdened with all these years! I would love to make Lavender Fields as I am a dye Heart lover of the blue fabrics! Thanks so much for all the encouragement! I am a very big fan!

  487. Joy Heimark says:

    Boxed In – My favorites are always log cabin style, and this is so neat and precise looking. Good way to use up scraps.

  488. Dianna Whitehead says:

    I love the color red, so my obvious choice is School Girls in Red! I just love it!! It is the one that would be first on my list.

  489. Linda Boerner says:

    I will putting the “Boxed In” pattern on my “To Do” list! Love the look of it, may have to do more than 1. Would look great in batiks or some Stonehenge fabrics as well. Thanks for the patterns & the opportunity to win some gorgeous fabric!

  490. Fran Wiest says:

    It would definitely be Fabrique Foursome for me!

  491. Barbara Pricola says:

    I love both Windmills and Summer Duet. They are both light a breezy and yet more traditional, reminding me of an old fashioned, lazy summer day.

  492. Sue Scott says:

    Definately Lavender fields. Anything purple has my vote.

  493. Mary Ann says:

    I think School Girls in Red would look wonderful in blues and yellows!

  494. Margo says:

    I love the Punch & Judy. The colors are so vibrant. Thanks for the opportunity to win the beautiful fabrics!

  495. Barbara Corbitt says:

    I love the boxed in babscorbitt@gmail.com

  496. Petals would be fun to do. Everytime I see this type of pattern I think how beautiful it would look in my granddaughter’s room!

  497. pam shafer says:

    Summer Duet! I love the colors! Blue is my favorite color so this quilt will be perfect for me! Thank you so much for the chance to win. I look forward to making this quilt!

  498. Deborah Herold says:

    I Love Fabric Foursome & the fussy cut stars & rainbow colors so that is the one I would have to try first! But there are several that caught my ey!

  499. Janice A. Lambert says:

    I am having a hard time to decide between Boxed In which uses fat quarters and lots of color which I love and the quilt Lavender Fields which uses purple. Purple is my favorite color and my birth color.

  500. Gloria Nicholson says:

    It would have to be “Curious Cats”.

  501. Deb Chubbuck says:

    “Boxed In” has such a clean crisp look for summer. A great way to use up scrap fabric.

  502. Sylvia Drury says:

    For me it’s a tie between the baby quilt “Elephant in the Room” (which I would do first for my new grandbaby due in May) and the “Curious Cat” because of it’s colorful and whimsical nature. It’s hard to choose a favorite – they are all great. Thanks for all the beautiful colors and fun projects giving me so many more ideas for all my gifts I want to make.

  503. Shannon Hobbs says:

    I love Adams Rib! How cute that would be in pinks!

  504. Judy says:

    I love the “Boxed in” quilt pattern. Looks like it would be quick and fun!
    These fabrics would be perfect! Thank you for the chance to win them!

  505. Cathy Larson says:

    I’d love to make many of the quilts in this issue but I’d start with Windmills, then make London Tube-very cool quilt!

  506. Joyce Mosby says:

    Adams Rib is very striking. what a lot of small squares though! maybe I’d better stick with Fresh and Fruity as mor my skill level. LOL

  507. Nancy Christensen says:

    I think Punch & Judy is such a pretty summer quilt

  508. Emily U says:

    I have a couple of projects to finish up but School Girls in Red will be next on my ‘to do’ list.

  509. I would have to choose Boxed In. I’m a beginner quilter who recently lost her husband. This quilt just shouts JOY to me. You can do this…

  510. Deb says:

    I’d like to do Lavender Fields because PURPLE is my favorite color!

  511. Kim Pierce says:

    I love “The Elephant in the Room” pattern. It looks easy enough to do without being overwhelmed. I love the fresh, bright colors and I am working up to do applique. It scares me :) but I think this would be the perfect pattern to get my feet wet. We are expecting another grandchild in fall, so this would be perfect for him or her.

  512. Phyllis Manson says:

    School girls in red….so pretty. Been wanting to do a red and black for a long time….Thanks for the fun!

  513. Diana Taylor says:

    The fresh and fruity quilt – how definitely fresh and whimsical – perfect for a neat pattern I have been looking for – for my niece !!

  514. Jean says:

    Oh my I love so many of them. I would make the Boxed In quilt for sure in some fun fabrics. I just love the fabrics!!

  515. Linda Barnes says:

    I love Love the lavender fields This is my first choice to do Could use the fat quarters

  516. Darlene says:

    Adams rib quilt block is still my choice to try…

  517. Karen D says:

    Hello, Hello. This is just charming. I love pennant to begin with, and this quilt just makes me smile.
    Thanks for the give-away.

  518. Sara Schakel says:

    Love Schoolgirls in red. Then Adam’s rib. Then…I could go on! Love this issue.

  519. Susan Herke says:

    Got to be Adam’s Rib! I have the fabrics in mind already!

  520. Liz Finch says:

    I think windmills for my very first quilt!

  521. Nancy neuharth says:

    Adams rib my favorite

  522. Shirley Weaverling says:

    Hello, hello is so summer breezy, easy peasy.

  523. Bev Muzeroll says:

    I love the colors and would love to make the table runner. The colors are to die for and just so uplifting. Just love it. Thanks for the opportunity to try to win.:)

  524. Ramona Stevenson says:

    The colors are so bright and vibrant. I love the windmills pattern, and I think it would be fun to make. I made one somewhat similar to that long ago.

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