Easy Quilts Fall 2013 Preview and Giveaway!

We hope you’re as excited as we are for you to see the Fall 2013 issue of Easy Quilts, which will be available in print and digitally on July 23!

The variety of projects in the new issue are sure to get you through the lingering heat of summer and dreaming of all that fall brings: changing leaves, bonfires, spiced-pumpkin-flavored everything, and of course… fall fabrics! Take a look at the photos below and leave a comment telling us which project you’re most excited about. You’ll be entered to win a bundle of fall fat quarters from Hoffman Fabrics!


Two lucky winners will be chosen at random on July 24.

ETA: Congratulations to our winners, Deb P. and Kathy G.! Thanks to all for participating!





In Alignment




Cooler by the Lake




Boo to You table runner








Modge Podge








Chocolate Bar




Timely Tote








Mail Slots




All Stars




Shadow Boxes








Pennsylvania Puzzle








Mat & Ruler Tote




Jelly Belly


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1,057 thoughts on “Easy Quilts Fall 2013 Preview and Giveaway!

  1. Cooler by the lake: I raised 6 children on a lake in northern Wisconsin. I want to make a blue/green quilt for my “baby” girl who will be a junior at UWMadison this fall.

    1. chocolate bar for my granddaughters wedding. she loves chocolate and the colors related to it. I would make her a fantastic quilt with “chocolate bars”.

  2. Love the bright colors in “Cooler by the Lake.” It looks like a fun quilt to make. You could also easily change it to your favorite colors.

  3. There are two quilts that really grab my attention: Cooler By The Lake is done in my favorite colors and I love how the fabric choices blend together. The other quilt I really like is Chocolate Bar. I think I have done so many triangles these bar and block designes are appealing to me right now.

  4. Can’t wait to see this, but how does one pick just one. In Alignment caught my eye first but then I love Cooler By the Lake, Chocolate Bar, and Shadow Boxes. Good job on this issue for sure

  5. Oh so partial to Chocolate Bar – and then I saw Timely Tote. This one is a have to make in my book!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!!!

  6. I just received my Easy Quilts magazine and fell in love with most of the patterns, but the one that made me say, “I gotta try that” was Mail Slots by Tony Jacobson. I can’t wait to try it!

  7. So hard to choose a favorite… I love batiks, especially fall colors. However, I’m in the mood to make an awesome tote so I’ll have to pick the tote patterns as my favorites above the rest. I think what I treasure the most though are the tips one can pick up along the way.

    1. Actually let me be more specific… The Mat & Ruler pattern is my favorite. I would love to customize it to my own taste. The only ones I have found to purchase were made with the most tacky fabric possibly.

  8. I would have to say In Alignment. I have some fabric I have been saving… and this is a perfect showcase for it! And I also like Pennsylvania Puzzle. So cute!

  9. It’s hot today, so Cooler by the Lake appeals to me. I like the baseball stars one – seems like it would be a good way to showcase a lot of different fabrics.

  10. Facade looks interesting, Pennsylvania puzzle is great for scraps, and of course the Chocolate Bar. That looks similar to the one I’m working on now for my daughter.

  11. I love quick and easy quilts since so many of mine are made for charities. That way I can get more done and help more people while still having fun with my sewing.

  12. I like In Alignment best because it looks quick to make. And because I never make the same quilt twice I could then easily change the large solid squares to a falling leaf block. Voilà instant different quilt. It would look great in the fall colors also!

  13. Willow and the Boo table runner both caught my eye….I would make a wallhanging combining the two pieces…..I love doing that with my magazines….I’ll go through a magazine and pick all the patterns that I really like….then combine them into one quilt and mark down the mag I made them from….I end up with some really cool sampler quilts….have a great quilting day.

  14. I’d really like to make the mail slots. My father was a letter carrier and retired from the post office. He passed away April 2013, at the young age of 96, he would have loved this pattern! Have a quilty day 😀

  15. I like Willow,and it looks like one I would like to try. But,Pennsylvania Puzzle is mesmerizing!!! WOW! Definitely one I dream of conquering!! Can’t wait!

  16. Semaphore! Definitely! Love the colors, love the style! Chocolate bar looks yummy and cozy to curl up with quilt and a book! but Semaphore is one I want to make!!

  17. I love everyone of them.. Great scrap quilts. I like In Alignment and Corner By The Lake. I also have lots of browns so I will do Chocolate Bar. I am also perfecting my miniatures so Pennsylvannia Puzzle is good. Something for everybody. Thanks.

  18. It took me a bit to decide which one I liked the best…it was up in the air between Chocolate bar, Chiaroscuro, and In Alignment. I finally decided that I liked Chiaroscuro the best because of the design and colors. They are so me!!!!

  19. The tote looks very cute, it will give you a change to use up some scraps too.
    Who can’t use an extra tote? A quick project, inexpensive and maybe a gift?


  20. Love! the colors in chocolate bar, plus I love chocolate anyway. A very close runner up would be willow. I like the peaceful calm colors in both of these quilts.

  21. I love the mat and ruler tote. I’ve been wanting to make one of those for a long time. Just got my issue in the mail today and hated to put it down. Need to get ready for work.:( I’ll look at it more in the morning when I get home from work at 6am. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I love them all-LOL, but In Alignment looks like it would perfect for me to use up some cat fabric that really needs large blocks to showcase the beautiful fabric! Also really like Cooler By the Lake.

  23. I really like the table runner Modge Podge. Really bright cheery colors. Table runners are my favorite quilt to make. Without a lot of money for fabric it lets me quilt within my tight budget. I would love to see more of them in future issues!

  24. Got my copy in the mail yesterday. I found several to add to my to do list, but since I need a miniature for an up coming guild challenge, Pennsylvania Puzzle has to be at the top of my list.

  25. Chocolate Bar and Cooler by the Lake are two of my favorites. Also they show some of my favorite colors. Love fall colors in my quilts. Makes me feel all “cozy” ! 🙂

  26. I like the “Boo to You” table runner. I’m seeing a lot of zigzag pattern around, and I like that look. Good use of solids or tone on tone colors.

  27. Timely Tote.. as a second Chocolate Bar would be my favorite for a quilt. I love the browns. BTW I am one of the few people that does not like to eat chocolate! Good name for the quilt though.
    Timely tote had good colors and the straps with the buttons sold it for me!

  28. I would love to win these as I am starting a new King size quilt for a Christmas present and I have never won a contest it would be great. I love to quilt and wish I could sew every day!!!!

  29. Just love the fall colors and thinking of falling colorful leaves. Love Semaphore, Willow and All Stars. Can see these fall fabrics in those quilts with matching pillows!

  30. Wow…what beautiful and fun projects. I would like to make the mat and ruler carrier. I also love Interlock…would make up great for a guy quilt!


  31. I love the Pennsylvania Puzzle! That would be adorable as a crib quilt. With a few friends that have recently had little ones, I could be busy!

  32. Love the colours of “by the Lake” however my “must do” pattern is “boo to you” which I would extend as a bed runner. Exactly what I’ve been looking for, and as a beginner quilter I know if its in “Easy Quilts” I can do it!

  33. All of those quilts look wonderful, but out of this selection I would make the Mat & Ruler Tote first! It looks like exactly what I need for toting my equipment!

  34. I like the “Chocolate Bar” pattern. It would be fun to make. Fall fabrics are my favorite, as are batiks. I would be in heaven winning the fabrics! Thank you! 🙂

  35. Working on a Tree Quilt that measures 24×84..2foot by 7 foot. for QuiltNE next week..I wish I could take more time and shop for the exact fabric and tweet the design. No matter I will have an amazing time at QuiltNE.

  36. I have to pick only one?!? LOL Ok, if I must, either Timely tote or Pennsylvania puzzle. Oh wait, that’s two, oh well that is the best I could narrow it down to.

  37. Im most excted about interlock and mail slots. I love the pattern and the possibilites for all the different, vibrante colors that can be used. I JUST learned how to quilt and doing these would be WONDERFUL!!

  38. I love the “Cooler by the Lake” — its kind of like a modified Split Rail — sooo easy for beginners! I also like the Chocolate Bar — browns can be really difficult to work with for an entire quilt. These are a great use of same family colors.

  39. Desisions, desisions… all are awesome! I would love to try the cooler by the lake and with the Hoffman Fabrics, it would be deliciously blue, my favourite colour.

  40. I just received this notice about the giveaway on my FB page, so I don’t know if it’s closed or not, but commenting anyway. I am a new quilter, and got into it because I love to sew and have a huge bag of fabric pieces that I need to put to use. What better way than to quilt it up. I think everything above is just beautiful, but The Pennsylvania Puzzle really caught my eye. So vibrant, and colorful, and the pattern looks manageable for me. Am already digging through the fabric to see what I have, and what I will need to buy. Thanks for all the great inspiration! Peace!

  41. I really like In Alignment but I’m totally intrigued by Pennsylvania Puzzle so it is hard to choose. The miniature will be a challenge and the colors are happy. I’d like to make both!

  42. Being a retired Postmaster who started as a Rural Carrier sub and then progressed up the ladder (or should I say down the street), I can so relate to the mailbox design but would need to have the tote as well to, let me see…..Oh that is right – carry my mail in to be delivered!!! Love your magazine and this issue has so much variety in it I cannot wait for it’s arrival. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!! 🙂

  43. With my relatively new interest in more modern looking quilts, I love Jelly Bellies and Mail Slots. I could see both of them made in gorgeous fall colors.

  44. Cooler by the Lake is gorgeous~~but will definitely be making All Stars! I cannot pass up any pattern with Stars as our family is extremely patriotic and has many, many years of military service!

  45. They’re all so pretty! I think I’d start with Boo to You, then Modge Podge, then perhaps the tote (sew useful!), then on to Mail Slots, In Aligment…… Love your magazine!

  46. It’s 90 degrees outside so “Cooler by the Lake” just sounds soooo good. But “Semaphore” & Shadow Boxes” look like fun, too! Do I have to choose just one? 🙂

  47. I would make the In Alignment quilt with the fabric shown. It would give a fall, woodsy tone, but the light background would really showcase the beautiful fabric.

  48. I love them all! The two that caught my eye the most are Pennsylvania Puzzle and Timely Tote. If I am lucky enough to win the fabrics, I could make the most beautiful tote in autumn colors!

  49. I like Cooler by the Lake. These are the colors I need for my bedroom-but will put in more purple in place of the green. And will have to expand to king size. Hope this is truly an Easy Quilt 😉

  50. I need a more exciting mat and ruler carrier. Could use my winning fabrics for a awesome new tote. My plain navy blue tote is so old and boring!!!

  51. Watching my mailbox. Digital copy satisfies the instant gratification of seeing what’s in every issues, but it’s the hands on hard copy that fulfills the inner need. The minute the mailman pulls up (yes, I get my mail delivered by actual mailman in an actual mailbox out front of house) I’m out the door to get the mail until the magazine arrives.

  52. OMG…. I like them all!!! If I have to pick one, guess it’s Pennsylvannia Puzzle, my eye keeps going back to that one – love the bright colors. Thank YOU!!

  53. I most excited about the Willow pattern in the new Easy Quilts Fall 2013 issue.
    I have my calendar marked to purchase it. Thank you for this opportunity to win the bundle of fall fat quarters from Hoffman Fabrics! Have a Sew Blessed Day!!

  54. Cooler by the Lake and Jelly Belly are 2 of my favorites. I am into modern quilts and these surely fit the bill. Would love to win the group of fabrics so I could work them in.

  55. Chocolate Bar the name says it all. I like the simplicity of this quilt. Hope to make in the near future. Keep up the good work with the unique patterns in Easy Quilts.

  56. I’m most excited about the “Chocolate Bar” project. The warm brown and neutral tones are soo cozy and warm for a Fall quilt. It would look fabulous made with some of the fabrics from your Hoffman Giveaway. Wishing everyone good luck.

  57. In alignment, chocolate bar, and the tote are my favorites -couldn’t pick just one, they are all great. I can’t wait to pick up the new magazine!! The fabrics are all so wonderful.

  58. Such choices. I am looking forward to making more than one. The tote looks interesting as does the mat carrier, chocolate bar and in alignment – spoiled for choice!

  59. Semaphore is my favorite because of the colors and the geometric shapes interwoven. It has great motion! But In Alignment is a close second.

  60. Great issue with many great designs. Love the Mail Slots, Pennsylvania Puzzle and Shadow Boxes. Great possibilities with many color combinations in these 3. The fabric from Hoffman is Yummy!!!! Makes me dream of fall and the wonderful colors that accompany this season!

  61. In Alignment! I love the way the colors work together. I like that it would go together quickly with the large squares, but the smaller ones make it look like a labor of love, not a “throw together” quilt.

  62. Cooler by the Lake!! Love it!! I feel the water moving from warm to cool as the Batiks flow across my machine… The best time of summer is Lake Time!

  63. There are so many beautiful patterns that feature some incredible fabrics. I am always excited with the colors of fall. I love the rusts, golds, burgundys, and so many more.

  64. WOW!!!!!! I think this is a must have magazine this month! I found 9 quilts that I would love to make! And winning the the Beautiful Fabric pack would be a good start for them! I love the fall colors! I have been collecting fall colored fabrics for a Leaf Tessellating quilt I want to make. Thank you for sharing the preview of the magazine, I am surely going to go out and get it when it becomes available at my favorite store!

  65. I’ve been making totes lately and the Timely Tote is really pretty. However all the projects are really pretty so I might have to make all of them.

  66. I love the fall colors in this fabric line. Fall is my favorite time of year, the colors are so rich and there is so much variety to the colors. There were several patterns that caught my eye, but I think the Pennsylvania Puzzle is so cute… as I am endeavoring to begin a postage stamp quilt, the small size of the pieces was very appealing.

  67. I love the Pennsylvania Puzzle as I made a paper piece 30″ square last summer and this would look great as a complementary piece to it in the same fabrics.

  68. Cooler by the Lake reminds of Lake Superior. Mail Slots is a modern looking quilt. I would be happy with any bundle of fabric. I love bright colors. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  69. I just got my copy of the magazine today, and I love Cooler by the Lake. For me, I would like to do it in the blues and greens. I am also thinking about doing it in pinks and greens for my granddaughter!

  70. Luv the new colors for the cool season,have already started to collect some Halloween colors and these new packs would go well with them.Have a few things in mine,table runner and a treat bag for the new grand baby! a keeper!

  71. Seeing the Mat and Ruler Tote pattern has my wheels turning! Love to make this for gifts for my travelling quilting friends for our retreats, and of course, one for me! They would be easy to customize and just an all-around handy, useable project. Also, this project would be just right for art or drafting students. Oh, the possibilities!!

  72. I am excited about “Chocolate Bar”. I’ve been wanting to try something using browns and what better place to start but with a quilt named after my favorite treat.

  73. Well my choice would be All Stars! Needed an incentive for a new baby coming and his dad was on the Atlanta Braves farm team—Perfect choice Thanks

  74. The chocolate bar is my choice. I envision wrapping up in it on a cool fall evening, with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Or, with a cuppa coffee and a stash of fabrics . Or, laying on the couch watching old episodes of Sewing with Nancy, or It’s Sew Easy, etc. Oh my gosh, endless possibilities!

  75. My favorite piece is ‘chocolate bar’. Since I eat so many chocolates, it would be a treat to sew a lil’ chocolate too! ‘Twould make a GREAT quilt for a man too. Masculine in my view. Thank you for a chance to win!!

  76. LOVE fall colors!! So relaxing and peaceful! And I see several projects in this issue that I’ll definitely try….Boo to You tablerunner, and the tote….to begin with! 🙂

  77. I love “in Alignment”. The colors, dimensions and the name. It reminds me to keep myself in alignment emotionally and spiritually throughout the day. What a gift that would be! 🙂

  78. I think that Shadow Boxes would be beautiful using these fat quarters from Hoffman Fabrics! And I don’t yet have fall colors in my stash… so I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. I would probably be most interested in All Stars.. I am all about easy and whatever I have to do to do the LEAST cutting. Hah!! And I am thinking I have some large florals that would be stunning in that pattern…

  80. I love the look of Willow. It is definitely a pattern I would do. I love the rich look of the colors that were used. It’s scrappy, but yet one of those quilts that looks great with sashings between blocks.

  81. I absolutely love the pattern Pennsylvania Puzzle. I have always wanted to try to make a miniature quilt and this is a must make for me. Thanks for all the wonderful patterns.

  82. Once again, it’s a lovely group of projects to choose from! I think my top favourite is Semaphore, but I do also love the colours in Pennsylvania Puzzle and would like to do Chocolate Bar and Chiaroscuro as well. Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Cooler by the lake has awesome color choice..some of my favorite, but Willow would be really cool when used with Stonehenge fabrics. Love them all!

  84. I have to say Interlock. I love the design! I have been looking for a pattern to make my baby brother (he’s actually 30 now but hey, he will always be the baby! 🙂 ).
    Thx! 🙂

  85. I really like ‘In Alignment’ you can do so much with this and different colors. I would really like to win the fabric and try this pattern!

  86. I like Cooler by the Lake, (I live on a large lake in Florida….even though I am trying to sell my lovely home and move back up north), I think the first quilt will be Semaphore. Then, the tote. Maybe a few others. They are all interesting and all have merit.

  87. I like the Chiarusco – I have a bunch of black & white prints in my stash – that might be a good project for them. I also like the “Timely Tote”.

  88. I like the timely tote. I am not an experienced quilter but am trying to add that to my repertoire of crafts. I love making bags so this will be a good project for me

  89. I loved just about everything in the issue but modge podge is the one that inspired me to immediately go to my sewing studio and pick out fabrics. I can’t wait to start cutting.

  90. I love the colors/pattern of Cooler by the Lake. But congratulations on another fantastic issue with a lot of fun and interesting projects. There are so many patterns I can’t wait to add to my “to-do” list besides Cooler by the Lake, from Modge Podge to Boo to You -oh heck I might as well just say “all of them!!!” And that mat and ruler tote = well I have been hunting for/lusting for one like it.

  91. I love them all, but I narrowed it down to 3 because I just adore the dark colors:
    Chocolate Bar is positively yummy!
    Chiaroscuro looks like a lot of fun to do.
    Willow has a very homey feeling.
    What is better than a handmade quilt in lovely fall colors!

  92. All Stars is the one I will start with, it has a look os the past and I make quilts of valor, so the stars are wonderful. I would then justgo down the list and make them all!

  93. It’s so difficult to choose! I have to say that two really caught my eye: Cooler by the Lake and Pennsylvania Puzzle. I love the colors in each and, having not made a small quilt before, the Pennsylvania Puzzle would be a fun challenge! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  94. As a retired postal worker, I am first drawn to the name, Mailslots. They really do resemble the mail slot in a door. The colors are fresh and crisp on the white background. Perfect for my great grand daughter.

  95. I LOVE the Alignment Pattern. It would be a perfect fall quilt to make with the winning batiks! It would show off the beautiful autumn coloured fabrics perfectly. The large squares and the small squares look stunning and would be so fun to make.

  96. Semaphore… my daughter in law likes contemporary looks, and I think this quilt will look great in her favorite color – turquoise. I love all the negative space, which gives plenty of room to practice my quilting! Thankfully, she will be forgiving if it is not perfect!

  97. WOW!!!! Now this is the sort of issue I like…not just one project I’m likely to make, but several…..I really like the cover quilt, In Alignment, but would probably also make All Stars, Chiaroscuro and Willow…..and the tote pattern as well as the mat/ruler tote are just “icing on the cake”…..I’m headed out to the store this morning to pick up a copy. Keep issues like this coming! Thanks so much for years of quilty pleasures!

  98. “Chocolate Bar” and “Jelly Belly” would be projects I would certainly try. The fall colors of the first and the brightness of the second would delight any of my sons.

  99. I love Chiaroscuro! Although it is listed as “easy” it has detail and interest in the lines and would be beautiful in a number of color combinations!

  100. I do not subscribe to this magazine but I may have to! There are 9 projects that appeal to me! I love,love,love In Alignment and Cooler by the Lake. I am definitely buying this issue!

  101. Timely Tote gets my vote! I am into making my own totes and purses. This one is perfect in the fall colors shown. It can be made with fabrics for each season!

  102. I am in love with a few of the projects 🙂 I think I’ll start with the Mat & Ruler tote as I also need another tote! LOL!!! Loving the fab fabrics, they will work nicely with the Pennsylvania quilt.

  103. Boo to you table runner would be my first project, but I think I would add some dark greens, rusts, gold, and browns to it to make it look more like fall

  104. I love, love, love, the colors and design of Cooler By The Lake! It’s my fav! Also, the Timeless Tote, would be great to make for friends and family.

  105. What a great selection of projects to choose from. I would like to try In Alignment and Interlock. Those two stood out to me. Thanks for the chance to get a peak at the magazine, I think I shall have to pick this one up.

  106. Chiaroscuro – it looks so warm and comfy. The colors match my living room and it would be so nice to snuggle under while reading or watching tv. It also reminds me of chocolate. I am a chocoholic.

  107. They are all beautiful, but since I’m a newbie “Modge Podge” looks like fun. I also love the look of “PA Puzzle”…………They’re all great!

  108. I love the Willow quilt for myself, but the the All Stars quilt would be super for my new nephew coming in October! I’d be over the moon with any of them though 🙂

  109. the throw quilt Chiaroscuro is great! Love the colors would like to make 2 one for each of my kids! Maybe also make them in their school colors. Thanks

  110. Semaphore partly because of the name, but also I thinking of trying some hand piecing when I can’t be at my machine. This one might be an interesting one to try.

  111. I’m torn between In Alignment and Pennsylvania Puzzle. I like the simplicity and the potential for fun color play with In Alignment. But I’m quite partial to miniatures so I’d probably want to make the little one too.

  112. I like the Interlock pattern. Choose colors of your favorite season, it will look stunning. I will have a gold background with autumn colors, oranges, browns, purples, reds, maybe greens. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  113. I really like the Interlock pattern. I’ll have a gold background with autumn colors, oranges, browns, purples, reds — it should look stunning!

  114. I really liked the Timely Tote pattern as well as the Willow quilt. The Mat and Ruler Tote was also a good idea. I think that the magazine will have lots of ideas for the beginning quilter as well as an easy and quick project for the more experienced quilter.

  115. Chocolate bar is beautiful! These warm colours just make me want to drink a cup of coffee with my favourite chocolate biscuits, enjoying this lovely quilt.

  116. IF I had to pick my favorites . . .
    Modge Podge, Facade, and Jelly Belly. I am loving the modern looking strip piecing in these quilts. Thinking now what color combos to choose!

  117. Oh my, these are all fun, fun, fun-looking projects! I’m a little particular to small, seasonal projects, so the “Boo To You” runner is appealing! Plus it’s chevrons, which is a big hit with my daughter and daughter-in-law! Looking forward to the new edition! 🙂

  118. I like the Chocolate Bar the best. I think it would make a beautiful quilt in the fabrics you are giving away. Will have to buy more fabric to go with this if I win but will be well worth it to have a quilt with the colors of fall. awesome!

  119. I love the modern look of In Alignment, but Cooler by the Lake is my colors! On the other hand, Boo to You is awesome as chevrons are IT right now. But then again, Chocolate Bar is chocolate!!!! So many choices, so little time!

  120. LOVE “Cooler By The Lake”, as I live next to Lake Michigan and that’s all we hear in the weather forecast. The colors remind me of how the lake colors shift and change with the weather.

  121. I love the shadow box and cooler by the lake. Fall colors are my favorite and both of these quilts would showcase the fall colors in a way that gives your senses the crisp smell of falling leaves and fall flowers.

  122. I just picked up this issue and if the RNG deems me worthy, would love to win the fabric!

    I already plan on making the tote and Chocolate Bar. They look perfect for using up stash fabric.

  123. Facade spoke to me! Love the fabric and it would make a wonderful facade, which is (to me) a cover-up that changes each time it is seen! It may look like one thing at one time and something else at another! Thank you for the chance!

  124. So hard to pick just one from all the FANTASTIC projects offered…but since I have ALL the fabrics for “Interlock” I would put that one at the top of my list….followed by “Semaphore” and then “In Alignment”…”Mail Slots” and I always can use a new bag – “Timely Tote” is wonderful…and for my ‘mini’ moments I LOVE the Pennsylvania Puzzle…(I told you I couldn’t pick just one – lol)

  125. Cooler by the Lake- I love the water and these batiks look really great in this pattern and I will be making it and Mat and Ruler Tote also what to make the semaphore quilt, making it a baby size quilt. I love too quilt!!!!

  126. Oh goodness! What great color fabrics for fall!! I love the “in alignment” and “modge podge” patterns the most, but I think I’d make a few others too! So excited!

  127. Wow! Lots of great choices! The Timely Tote caught my eye first! It is always time for a new tote!!! Then the Cooler by the Lake will get me using some batiks to combine the greens and blues to remind me of many times in the kayak this summer. The fabrics in the pic seem to be made for In Alignment. I am ready!!

  128. I love the mat and ruler tote and I need one! If I must be honest, and now I won’t win, but, mist of the projects are too contemporary for my tastes. It seems that the editors feel that they have to jump on every trend and shove it down our throats. First everything was batiks, then hexes now modern. Why not mix it up.
    I realize the next issue will most likely be everything Christmas.

    How about realizing that every quilter does not leap on every tend; we all aren’t cookie cutter shaped (the large women ads) we aren’t all in love with farm life and we all aren’t Christians celebrating Christmas months a year b

  129. All of them are beautiful :-)…being a new premium member of QCA, I can’t wait till the magazine gets over here to Italy!
    I like the “Chiaroscuro” quilt…it has a lot of potential …not only in black and white …but I can imagine it in lots of different colors! And then… chiaroscuro is in Italiano … so how could I not choose this one??!!!
    Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!

  130. I found quite a few projects that I would love to do.. I leaning more to the Mat & Ruler tote, since Ive been wanting to make one. Facade – the strip quilt would look awsome with the fabric you are giving away also.. thanks for th chance.

  131. I love the colors in the mail slots quilt-My step daughter is looking for a bright quilt for her dorm room. It looks easy and quick-my kind of quilt!!!!