Don’t you just want to go sew something?

A friend brought her quilt in the shop to show us her 4th  of July quilt top.  It’s made from some of the patriotic and Quilts of Valor fabric we have in the shop.

As we were admiring her quilt,  we were talking about how the weather just makes us want to smile and sew!

Do you have places that just make you smile and inspire you?  Here are a few shots of some places here in Winterset.

Happy Summer all!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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7 thoughts on “Don’t you just want to go sew something?

  1. Yes, I want to be sewing. I just started a quilt for my sister. As I work from home my sewing machine keeps beckoning me. Hope I can resist until the end of my work day! LOL

    1. Boy, do I hear you! I am doing the same thing–sitting here looking at all the quilt things I can easily find, while my machine is 10 feet away with projects piled up! lol! But it is so much fun to see what quilters, crafters and diy-ers are doing!

  2. The F & P online newsletter has a photo of Cherrie Scharf, the Serial Quilter, with a sewing machine that can be plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter. What brand is the machine? I’ve searched online but couldn’t find one that looks like it.

    1. Re: car sewing machine . . .to use your electric sewing machine (110/120 volt) in a car, (12 volt) you need a inverter extension cord, there will be a regular electric plug on one end that you plug your sewing machine into then the other end is a cigarette (12 volt) plug that you insert into the car; its the same one they use on electronics for the car.
      Note: Looks like she using a small machine, so dble check before plugging into computerized sewing machines. . . . places like Radio Shack, PC stores, might want to take your sewing machine too. . . RV’s, some trucks have generator’s & larger inverter. good luck

  3. I love my hometown quilt shop! Kate’s Quilting Block, located in Pleasant Grove, UT. They always have inspiring things on display that vary in skill levels and quality fabrics arranged so that I can see what is available and easily create my own color combinations. Just walking in the door is therapeutic.