Donate Quilts to Quilts for Kids to Help Children in Oklahoma

When disasters occur and we all wish to hide under a cover from the worry, fear and heartache, that’s when Quilts For Kids, Inc. comes to help.

We have all seen the news reels on the recent tornado activity that has devastated Moore Oklahoma and its neighboring counties.  When an elementary school collapses the first thing we do is cry for the children.  We often feel helpless and wish we could do something.

Quilts For Kids does just that.

They rally their forces of volunteers and donate their works of beauty – in this case to children who have lost everything.

There is no favorite stuffed animal – no grandma’s handmade quilt to sleep under – in fact no bed to sleep on!

What they will have is a patchwork quilt that will enable them to have companionship and cuddling.

Linda Arye, Founder and President is working directly with the DHS (department of Human Services) in Oklahoma.

Through a partnership with P&G and the Downy Touch of Comfort Program 1,300 quilts are getting into the hands of the childrenwho have been injured and are in the hospitals there.  The charity has many connections and is using them to make certain your quilts get to where they belong.

A child is waiting for a hug from you – Please send a quilt –it’s the next best thing!

Please consider making quilts (lap or crib size is fine) and donating them to:
Quilts For Kids, Inc.
494 Lincoln Hwy
Fairless Hills, PA 19030

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20 thoughts on “Donate Quilts to Quilts for Kids to Help Children in Oklahoma

    1. Thank you so much.
      So many new tornados mean more children than ever need quilts to hold onto when they have nothing left.
      I am touched by the generosity of those creating beautiful quilts for us to get into the arms of these children!
      The address is
      Quilts for Kids, Inc.
      494 Lincoln Hwy
      Fairless Hills Pa. 19030
      215-295-5484 (if you have any questions).

  1. My daughter and I are making quilts for Kids locally here to send to Oklahoma as well as making pillow cases. We are concerned about the cost of postage. We have several ladies that are willing to help us make quilts.

  2. I have some unfinished quilts (that I will finish). I will donate them when they are done. Where do I send them. Thank you and God Bless.

    1. Thanks so much for sending the quilts and your willingness to donate them to us at Quilts For Kids, inc.
      Here’s the address
      Quilts For Kids, Inc.
      494 Lincoln Hwy.
      Fairless Hills Pa. 19030
      You can also email us at
      Thanks against for your willingness to help! Can’t wait to see them!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that 4 small quilts are on their way to you from Sweet Dreams at First Presbyterian Church in West Chester, PA. Thank you so much for consolidating this effort! It is a great idea!

  4. I made one patchwork crib size this weekend after seeing this posted on FB. I had another fleece crib one already finished. So I will send that one too. I wanted to help in some way and this was the perfect way for me to feel like I did!