Do you have a christmas project you would like to share?

Christmas stockings have always been a tradition at our house.  My son and daughter would be up before dawn Christmas morning to see what was in their stockings!

To this day,my son, who is 32 by the way, still has a reputation for being one of the first up and down to see what is waiting for him!

I’ve been thinking about making new stockings for several years. The previous stockings were made of decorative upholstery fabric with fun trims, but are getting kind of dated. Both kids and their families will be home this year, so seeing my Christmas stocking fabric stash I’ve been collecting the last couple of years, I’ve decided this is the year to get them done.  I’ve got one completed, as you can see in the picture–yea!!

Let me see, in addition to me and my husband, there are the 2 kids, their spouses, and 2 grandsons…. that’s 8 stockings!  Oh, but what fun it will be to see a 2 year old and his 18 month old cousin dig into their stockings!

Oh dear! I better get to work if Santa is going to visit, he needs a place to put the goodies!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!  How about sharing what you are working on?

Happy Holiday Quilting!  Diane, Assistant Editor

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