Cuddle Kit Giveaway

Fons & Porter is giving one lucky winner a Cuddle kit: Crazy 8 Black, White & Radiant quilt kit! (59x68in)

This Shannon Fabrics Cuddle kit includes 8 pre-cut 10″ strips, binding, and free pattern. Choose from a variety of finished looks and options using the 10″ strips and use the sew and flip method after cutting all your strips. This easy quilt project makes a great gift!


How do you enter this giveaway? It’s so easy! All you have to do is follow Fons & Porter on Instagram. One winner will be chosen at random Monday, July 28 at 4pm CT.

Why should you follow Fons & Porter on Instagram?


This Cuddle kit could be delivered to your doorstep next week!

Good luck and Happy Quilting!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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59 Responses to Cuddle Kit Giveaway

  1. Cathy Estabrook says:

    I don’t “do” Instagram. Hope I can be entered anyway.

  2. Marian Wheeler says:

    I love the cuddly fabric!

  3. Amy Caldwell says:

    My phone doesn’t allow apps :( But would love to be entered

  4. ivy gabbard says:

    I follow on facebook. i would love to win quilt kit

  5. Debbie Gibbs says:

    Me neither…don’t do Instagram…should be entered anyway!

  6. ivy gabbard says:

    Hope i can enter on fb

  7. Catherine Alto says:

    Wish we could enter if we have a facebook account. I do not do Instagram.

  8. Mary Ramsey says:

    Following – Would love to win this package! !

  9. Linda Ingo says:

    I don’t “do” Instagram either. I would love to win but I don’t have any desire to do instagram. Face book is plenty for me.

  10. Kathryn Spargo says:

    I don’t do Instagram, but would like to entered in the drawing too!

  11. nancy cole says:

    Pick me

  12. Genee Davis says:

    Added to my instragram account…..your site would not allow me to add you, so I did a search.

  13. mary anthony says:

    I don’t know how to do instragram , but would like to win the kit.

  14. I don’t do instragram either. If I did all the internet things I would never have time to quilt!

  15. Mary Hayes says:

    I’m with everyone else, I don’t do Instagram; so I hope that’s not the only option for entering.

  16. n mohr says:

    many people can’t enter, which isn’t very fair.

  17. Anna says:

    No instagram for me either. Guess I’ll wait for next give away if if doesn’t do it. Thanks.

  18. Corbin P. says:

    I’m another one of those that doesn’t do Instagram. Oh, well, maybe next time.

  19. Joy Meetis says:

    No Instagram for me either. Very beautiful quilt. Good luck to who can enter!

  20. Rowena Kerr says:

    I do not do Instagram. either.

  21. Denise says:

    I don’t do instagram either!

  22. Lin Deutscher says:

    Don’t do Instagram. Don’t rule out loyal fans who aren’t hi-tech.

  23. Lynn says:

    I don’t do Instagram either :(

  24. Candace Noelck says:

    Just have a dumb phone, so no Instagram for me, either! Hope I can still be eligible to win as this is a beautiful assortment of fabric! Q

  25. Sandra Moore says:

    The fabrics are beautiful !!!

  26. Deb says:

    I don’t do instagram either. I’d still like to be eligible to win this beautiful fabric!

  27. Cheryl Callan says:

    I don’t do instagram but would like to be entered…

  28. Karen Boehm says:

    No Instagram here either. Would still like to be considered to win. Too much computer time interferes with sewing time.

  29. Lisa says:

    Why is it that all giveaways lately are hooked up to instagram? I don’t do that either. would love to win this kit.

  30. Julie House says:

    Love the red, black and white. Please enter me in the drawing!

  31. Joyce J says:

    I’d love to enter but can’t do Instagram. : (

  32. Jennifer A says:

    I followed you on instagram, hope to win this beautiful fabric. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  33. Enola Plaisance says:

    I really love these fabrics I hope I win .

  34. Melissa Yarnell says:

    I don’t do instagram either but would still love to be eligible to win the fabulous bundle of fabrics. I love the colors!

  35. Linda Weidert says:

    Not on Instagram. Hope I can be entered anyway.

  36. Marie says:

    I’m following you on instagram.

  37. Linda says:

    No Indy Instagram here either. Beautiful fabrics.

  38. Denise Shroth says:

    This would be an amazing gift to make for a sick friend. To bad I can’t do instagram because of the type of phone I have. Shouldn’t all of your loyal readers be eligible to enter this giveaway. We still contribute our opinion.

  39. Lezly Waterhouse says:

    no instagram here either, please enter me in your draw for the awesome cuddle quilt. love the colours

  40. Julie Barnett says:

    I don’t do instagram, but would love this package. Those are my bedroom colors. :) It would look great on the end of my bed since I always have to have one more cover than my husband. :)
    Thanks, Julie

  41. Sue says:

    Only have a land line and don’t instagram. Don’t know what that is or how to do it. Would love to be entered to win, even tho I never win.

  42. kris says:

    No instagram for me either. :(
    Super cute quilt kit though.

  43. Donna says:

    Love the red white and black but I do not do instagram.

  44. Joy H. says:

    Hi, I as well do not know or have a Instagram account but I would like to enter the giveaway. If I am not eligable then I would like to send my congrats to the individual that is the lucky winner. Happy quilting everyone.

  45. CE Denlinger says:

    No Instagram for me either. Very beautiful quilt. Good luck to who can enter!
    I am too old fashioned to have those fancy phones. :( :'(

  46. Linda Brewer says:

    Don’t have Instagram please enter me , beautiful quilt.

  47. Stephanie says:

    No instagram here either.

  48. Elsie Rowe says:

    I don’t do Instagram either, but I do love the quilt.

  49. Diana Scott says:

    I don’t do instagram either :-(

  50. Carolyn says:

    I don’t have Instagram. How can I enter?

  51. AS says:

    I don’t do Instagram either, but I would like to be entered in your drawing. I also love to quilt.

  52. James Wagner says:

    I know what e-mail is, and what Facebook is, but what is Instagram? I would love to be entered in the contest for the Shannon Fabrics Cuddle kit, though. Jim Wagner

  53. Stacy Peart says:

    Awe I don’t have Instagram :(

  54. Marjorie says:

    No Instagram here…..please enter me in this contest…..

  55. auschick says:

    Following them on instagram! @auschick1

  56. Gail says:

    No instagram but I am hoping I can be included for the drawing. Love the colors!

  57. FP Editor says:

    Thanks for your feedback. We’re aware that not everyone uses Instagram but for those who do, we like to connect with them. We’re also on Pinterest for those who enjoy pinning, and on Facebook for those who want to keep up-to-date with quilts in new or upcoming issues.

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