Crafters’ Blog Hop: Snowbirds Quilt & Great Prizes!

This month we’re celebrating all things crafting – it’s National Craft Month! Of course, those of us at Fons & Porter have a special place in our hearts for National Quilting Day this coming Saturday – always fun to celebrate what you love! Quilting is our #1 passion, but it’s exciting to branch out a bit and revisit or begin new crafting adventures. We’re giving away a little of everything in this blog – a lot of everything, actually! All it takes is a comment to enter to win (GRAND PRIZE & 1st PLACE WINNERS!) – keep reading to see what I mean…

Before we get to that, I’d like to show you my current quilt project in hopes of inspiring you. This is one of my favorite quilts ever, Snowbirds – one of our best quilts (in my opinion) which happens to be one of our quilt patterns that you can quilt in a day! Easy to make, but hard to forget. Check out this awesome Fons & Porter Flying Geese quilt I started making a couple of weeks ago.

Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt
Snowbirds by Wendy Sheppard

What drew me to this beautiful quilt in the first place is the awesome fabric line used in this quilt (Katherine Ann collection by Patrick Lose for RJR Fabrics) and the way the Flying Geese units play off one another with contrasting lights and darks. There is a Snowbirds quilt kit available, which I would love to get my hands on, but I was in a hurry to get this going for this blog!

I have a 13-month-old baby at home, so quilt-in-a-day patterns tend to turn into quilt-in-a-month-or-two patterns for me. I hadn’t made anything for her yet (can you believe it?), so I thought, “This is the one!” I used some fat quarters and scraps from my stash and pictured a “children’s quilt pattern.” Here’s how it went:

1) Cutting! You have a few options: cut your own pieces, order the Snowbirds quilt kit, or use pre-cut 10″ squares. I cut my own pieces and spent my time wishing for a spinning cutting mat, but it worked out!
Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt
I use little sticky notes to keep track of my scrappy pieces after they’re cut – makes it so much easier to keep track of everything instead of counting, counting again and then counting some more. I also made sure to wear my Klutz Glove – I recently had a run-in with a kitchen knife and I finally learned my lesson about protecting myself against sharp things like my Fons & Porter rotary cutter. I highly recommend it!
Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt
2) Once I had all of my pieces cut, I laid them out to create Flying Geese units with the light/dark fabric contrast that makes the Snowbirds quilt so inviting (if you’re taking advantage of the pre-cut quilt kit, you can just lay your fabric out as seen in the Snowbirds quilt pattern). The rows are meant to alternate direction once the Flying Geese units are assembled, so don’t let this picture confuse you.
Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt
3) Once I had my Flying Geese units set up and ready to sew, I took them to the sewing machine. My handy-dandy Quarter Inch Seam Marker did me a huge favor with this project. I lined up the center line with opposite corners of my square, drew lines on either side with my Air Erase Marker (which I love), and then sewed right up the middle to join with the larger piece. The drawn lines are at a ¼”, so cutting along one of the lines to get rid of the excess fabric leaves a perfect seam allowance.
Snowbirds - Flying Geese Quilt

This is still a work in progress – I’ll share with you once it’s complete. I think it’s looking great! Quilt-in-a-day patterns are the best type of project to tackle during my daughter’s naps, and I’ve been eyeing Snowbirds for some time now.

I’m a crafter at heart, really. I’ve made jewelry, I crochet and love to learn all manner of crafts. Take a look at the wonderful projects that are discussed in the blogs below. Plus, enter to win some great prizes! Speaking of prizes… (see below!)

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Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting
Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

The below contest has concluded and prize winners notified. Thank you for participating!
Leave a comment with your favorite Fons & Porter quilt pattern or quilting notion and tell us why you like it so much. At the end of National Craft Month (March), a grand prize and first place winner will be randomly chosen to win! The prizes include:


501 Quilting Motifs - Quilting Images
Sew Decorative Book
Learn to Crochet - Love to Crochet
Sock-Yarn Accessories
Carve Stamp Play
Modern Quilts - Fons & Porter
Crafter's Market 2016 Book
Fleecie Pets

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55 thoughts on “Crafters’ Blog Hop: Snowbirds Quilt & Great Prizes!

  1. I love the Fons & Porter mechanical pencil with white lead. This pencil is amazing. It shows up so beautifully on dark fabrics, gives a thin pencil line, and can be refilled.

  2. I love your current project. My favorite quilt pattern through Fons and Porter is Dazzled, the fabrics that were used to make the quilt are simply stunning, the colorway is definitely my choice it is so Autumn. Thank you for all of the inspiration.

  3. My favorite F&P pattern was published on the website many years ago — maple leaves + courthouse steps blocks. I can’t remember the name. I made a wallhanging that I donated to a fundraiser. The winner still tells me how much she likes it.

  4. I love the special rulers/cutting guides. They make quilt cutting so much simpler and faster. Now if only I could get something comparable for the housework so it were simpler and faster…!! thanks for the goodies offered.

  5. I love the Fons and Porter HST quarter inch rulers. They make projects so much easier to complete. These rulers are kept right beside my small cutting mat for easy access. Thank you, for coming up with this time saver!

  6. I have to agree with the mechanical pencil with white led. It is never but a few inches from my right hand to use! P.S. Love the colors/fabrics chosen for Snowbirds quilt!

  7. Love these two lady’s. My favorite was a log cabin pattern many yrs ago in their magazine. Made many quilts that I gave away to family and coworkers. I’ve since moved and in the move have lost the magazine. Always felt a huge loss loosing that magazine. I was new at quilting and that pattern came along and inspired me. Thank you Fons and Porter for all the inspiration over the yrs and the joy of reading magazines and watching your show.

  8. I absolutely love the quarter inch seam marker tool, I ise it all the time. My favorite pattern is the Ribbon Syars Quikt posted in Janurary. I am using this pattern for a bed Quikt for my son with some novelty train fabric mixed in!

  9. I am a beginning quilter and must say the thing I love
    Best about Fons and Porter are the wonderful and very helpful videos. I have
    learned so much that has helped me with my first quilts I am working on now. (Yes I said quilts – pural) my creative juices are flowing and I AM HOOKED. The mechanical pencil has been a wonder tool in all aspects of my sewing ventures.

  10. I am a baby in the quilting world, but have had a love for quilting for many years. I love my F&P cutting guides/rulers. I have been trying to find where to submit “tips” too. My tip pertains to these so I figured I’d mention it here. I use a dry-erase marker to mark my measurements and such, so they are easier to find as I am working. Like the diamond the girls used on the show today… I would have traced over the diamond I would be using.

  11. Of all the different types of quilt blocks I prefer pieced blocks rather than applique or another type. I particularly like a Triple Irish Chain, and almost any kind of star block.

  12. I love many Fons & Porter notions and magazines but if I have to pick one thing it would be their Applique Needles. These are the only ones I use for needle-turn applique and hand-piecing. They are long and super slim and give me great results. It’s getting hard to find them though. 🙁

  13. Between the Magazines, blogs, tutorials, TV shows, the quilting tools and nothions. Quilting is a much better world with such knowledge and skill being shared. My first machine quilting book Quilter’s Complete Guide Revised Edition taught me so much more than I thought it could…even how to like to quilt by machine instead of just my hands.

  14. My go-to resource for a last minute project is typically F&P back issues. At the top of my list of favorite tools is the corner trimmer. So much easier to line up triangles without the mystery of “is that a 1/4 inch at each end?” Thanks for always innovating.

  15. I love the 8″X14″ ruler and use it continually. Also love all the F&P Magazines. They are the greatest, and I have grown rather fond of Mary Fons. You have come a long way baby! She is such a joy!

  16. I love the “Ribbon Stars Quilt” from January 29, 2016 blog.
    I would have to work out the measurements to make it for a queen-size bed though.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this contest!

  17. I am just learning Longarm quilting and great pencils that allow me to draw very fine lines are very very helpful for complex patterns. BTW I love your shows and everything on your site!

  18. As far as patterns are concerned I really can’t pick just 1. I learned to quilt 3 years ago and guild members helped by giving me some older magazines. I just loved “Love of Quilting “. Last year my husband got me the DVD filled with their magazines from 2000 to 2015. With my yearly subscription I can keep my digital access up to date. I watch Qnntv to see the episodes I missed. As for tools. I use their triangle trimmer, binding $
    ruler, and my most recent purchase that I love is the quarter inch marker.

  19. I really love the quilt you made. I’ve only made lap quilts so far, but I would like to make this one!! I absolutely love my quarter inch rulers. Sew cool! Good luck everyone in the giveaway!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom