As quilters and sewists, we have the accolade of bragging about our exceptional color pairing skills, and we have lots of projects to prove it. We know mossy browns, taupes and cremes are reminiscent of a springtime forest retreat. We know that sprinkle of red in a black and white quilt gives it just the right splash of personality. We know you can change the entire feel of a quilt by choosing variegated quilting threads instead of coordinating. And we even know how to consider color value and contrast to make the right impact.

What we do is an art form, and we enjoy it. We have a passion for what we do and that’s what leads us to learn as much as we can. Mary Fons knows that so she put together a series of web seminars on using colors in your quilts. As one student says, she learned “a lot more information than I thought.  I didn’t even know there was that much to know about the color yellow.”

You’ll come away feeling the same. So far, Mary has presented on six colors. These webinars are available On Demand, so you can download and watch them immediately:

Color Me BLUE
This quilt is Hey, Blue

Hey Blue DP

“It was great to have both Mary and Marianne on the webinar.  Each offered their perspective which was very interesting.  Blue is a favorite color of mine as well.  I particularly enjoyed the history of blue.  Indigo is amazing!”

This quilt is Phoebe’s Flower Box

Phoebe's Flower Box DP

Color Me RED
This quilt is Cherry Pop

Cherry Pop DP

“The historical information about popular color combinations of the past was very interesting. The slides were well-chosen.”

Color Me PINK
This quilt is Pink Waves

Pink Waves DP

This quilt is Two-Toned Illusions

Two Toned Illusions DP

Color Me BLACK
This quilt is Black Arrow

Black Arrow Quilt

Changed how I look at the colour black – I usually think of it as a “non-color” to use when I can’t find anything else. Now I will look at Black as a key component of any color grouping

This quilt is Math Facts

Math Facts DP

Whether you’ve been wondering how to use a certain color in your quilts, have always stayed away from a color or want to know more about your favorite color, Mary’s webinars are there to help. Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what some past students have said:

  • I am fairly new to quilting; quilting courses are not easily available in my location so it is extremely beneficial to have an update on some of the basics – bindings, quilting techniques, appliqué etc.
  • Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the next program I participate in.
  • I downloaded the seminar so that I can go over it again. Usually, a second reading like going back through my magazines, I find something I missed. Reminds me of reading stories to my young children the 20th time.  Find those small details!
  • Mary’s an AWESOME presenter … very entertaining and motivating – a great teacher on quilting.

Of course it’s great that Mary’s webinars are available On Demand, but what if you have a question in the middle of your class? When you watch these webinars live, you get answers to your questions right away. Here are the webinars Mary has planned:

Color Me WHITE

Color Me WHITE

Color Me AQUA

Color Me AQUA

Enjoy and Happy Quilting!

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One thought on “Color Me IMPRESSED

  1. How appropriate this post. Our GUILD started a 6 month challenge today using black and white with a crayola color we drew from a sack. So we can use any pattern of our choice with black,white and one color and this post helps along those lines.