Color Influencing Quilt Design

Do colors decide the way you design?Sea Glass Image

Have you ever seen something and the color palette sticks in your mind and pretty soon, you’re buying fabric in those colors?

For me, it was the sea colors of turquoise blues and clear sea greens.  When on a family vacation in California, we picked up sea glass and took pictures of the ocean in these colors.

It became my excuse for checking out the batik fabric in my favorite quilt stores, buying a little hFlatSeaGlassere and there.

I pinned my fabric choices on my Design Wall, admiring my choices. Mmm- add a dark, a light- yea- I like the shades developing.

I was also wanting to put some of our Fons and Porter rulers to work.  Thus, my quilt Sea Glass was born!

I played with diamonds and triangles, separating the colors I liked in shades, assembled in triangles and then in rows.  My design wall got a real workout, but really let me see what was coming together.

Color decided this quilt…. but maybe the quilting rulers will decide the way I design my next one so I can play more!

Mmmm- what designs can I make? And what for color?SeaGlass


Stay tuned and happy quilting!

Diane Tomlinson

Associate Editor

Fons & Porter magazines

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9 thoughts on “Color Influencing Quilt Design

  1. Yes, colors do help me decide what is going to develop. My husband picks out most of my colors. I also like to change patterns that I find to my own color preference. I love the “jewel tones” of Batiks and the pure clarity of the southwest colors. Purple being my favorite.

  2. You have not only hit the colors right on, but I think it has the movement of the sea moving back and forth like it does. Did you intend to do that. It is beautiful.

  3. Me too. After my trip to Cayman and Cozumel everything i buy is the color of the sea ..from the browns and the silvers to the blues and greens. I can’t get enough of them

  4. Oh I wish I’d seen your quilt sooner! I am almost finished with a quilt with similar colors! And yes, I make quilts by color pallets I see and that are striking. And your quilt is gorgeous! My quilt – using the same colors, is a gift for my godson’s wedding. I am making a version of a Lone Star quilt, using pretty much the same colors. Mine is called, “Northern Lights and Southern Seas” – the Northern Lights colors come into play at the ends of the 8 points of the star, also made with batiks. But oh, I agonized for 2 months over fabric and design! But I sure wish I’d seen yours earlier, in March!

  5. Oh yes! I store away natural color combinations- the periwinkle purple of chicory with the orange of my day lilies and the greens of their leaves… etc etc

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