BLOCK Friday: Twisted Triangle Quilt Block

You may not have heard of the Twisted Triangle block just yet – it’s a newer block that packs a ton of interest. You’ll find, those who love this block really love it! This week’s BLOCK Friday blog was inspired by a quilt that goes by the same name, Twisted Triangles. I think it’s time for the big reveal. Here’s what all the hoopla is about:

Twisted Triangle Quilt Pattern

Pretty cool, right? This quilt is fat quarter friendly and is great practice for piecing curves. Each quilt block features six curved triangles arranged in a hexagon shape, showing off the Twisted Triangle design. As you can see in the pictures above, you can further personalize your quilt, with added contrast and added definition, by using fabrics that feature dots and prints. It’s always fun to add a little pizzazz to your projects.


Twisted Triangle TemplateSew Easy Video - Twisted Triangle TemplateSew Easy Video - Cutting 60-degree PyramidsIf you like the look of the quilt, but you’re worried about the piecing, the Twisted Triangle Template makes piecing easy. Accuracy and simplicity are important to quilters, so a little help goes a long way.

On that note, using the Twisted Triangle Template is simple, but some guidance from the Fons & Porter staff might put your mind at ease.

Our free Sew Easy video tutorial for using the Twisted Triangle Template makes this beautiful quilt a breeze. The Fons & Porter staff show you, step-by-step, how to use the template to cut pieces and piece the Twisted Triangle Hexagon quilt block.

You’ll notice that there are 60° pyramids in this quilt, as well. Use your own method for cutting these 60° pyramids or use our 60° Pyramid Ruler. If you go the ruler route, you can catch a free Sew Easy tutorial called Cutting 60-degree Pyramids to help you along. In this video, you’ll get tips on how to cut two pyramids at a time. Quick, but accurate!

The Twisted Triangle quilt was featured in the Love of Quilting 2500 TV Series, episode 2509. If you’d like to see other great projects discussed in this season of Love of Quilting, along with this episode, the DVD is available here.

Do you like the Twisted Triangle block? What’s your favorite block? Tell me about it and it might just be the star of an upcoming BLOCK Friday blog!



Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor

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4 thoughts on “BLOCK Friday: Twisted Triangle Quilt Block

  1. I bought the pattern, templates and proceeded to start my quilt squares. There are some things not mentioned in the pattern that need to be addressed.
    1) The Twisted Triangle Template must always be used face up. If you accidentally flip it over your pieces will not fit together.
    2) There are no instructions on how to properly sew the 60 degree triangles between the twisted triangles. I have watched different videos on YouTube and neither video addresses sewing in the triangle.
    The 60 degree triangle has to be sewed on alternate blocks and then sewed in a diagonal. This is not listed in the pattern at all. I had to take apart and fix lots of seams because this was a problem I had to figure out by myself!
    I have learned a lot of quilting techniques from Fons and Porter but this one you get an F. Thank You.