BLOCK Friday: Triangle Quilts

Bali Batik Quilt
Bali Batik by Melanie Greseth and Joanie Holton

Triangle quilts are often simple to make, but can produce a powerful reaction once finished. There are a large variety of triangles to choose from when arranging your quilts and triangle quilts make great projects for quilters. Geometric quilts create symmetry, and are pleasing to the eye, so quilts featuring the same unit repeatedly have a way of making sense to our brains. Different types of triangles create visual interest, as well, and using a single shape in your quilts opens the door for other aspects of quiltmaking to shine through, such as color play, arrangement and quilting designs. One can never have too many triangle quilts!

Bali Batik by Melanie Greseth and Joanie Holton, for example, is a simple triangle quilt that uses color, and the arrangement of color, to make a statement. Using the same triangle unit throughout the quilt creates countless overlapping geometric designs. You can spend hours looking at this quilt and continue to find different patterns and combinations of triangles in all manner of direction. Are the triangles pointed up or to the side? Do they create larger triangles or diamonds? Maybe they’re pointing at each other? Although this is a throw quilt pattern, I would be tempted to hang it on the wall so I could continue my investigation!

Strippy Pyramids is another quilt that has plenty of options. Treat this as a throw quilt pattern or a bed-size quilt pattern; it’s just right for a twin-size bed. These pyramids are made of strips, giving the continuous arrangement of triangles the appearance that each one is different. And, they are! Each strippy pyramid is broken up by a white pyramid of the same size. This quilt, like Bali Batik, holds a ton of interest and can captivate an onlooker for quite a while! To make the cutting process more efficient and accurate, the Fons & Porter Pyramid Ruler really comes in handy.

Strippy Pyramids Quilt
Throw Quilt Patterns

In the Middle is a one-block quilt with a colorful scrappy center and gray background. Triangle quilts are especially fun when you get to use up some of your stash! Color choice and arrangement are big contributors to how In the Middle looks when finished. Imagine if every triangle was red, orange, or gray – it would look completely different, without a focal design to speak of! As far as cutting and sewing goes, it’s a fairly quick process with large triangles dominating the quilt top.

In the Middle Quilt
Bed-Size Quilt Pattern

Triangle quilts have a lot to offer! If you’re interested in learning about half-square triangles and using them to create projects, like quilts and pillows, head on over to Craft University to learn more about this great course, Quilting Basics: Half-Square Triangle Blocks, Pillows & Quilts.

Have you made a triangle quilt that you’re particularly proud of? What do you find most appealing about using triangle units in your quilts? Share your thoughts with me and the Fons & Porter quilting community in the comments below.

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

Originally published May 27, 2016

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5 thoughts on “BLOCK Friday: Triangle Quilts

  1. One of my favorite quilts is one that I made of triangles of off-white and various college/university logo fabrics from all the schools my kids, my husband and I have attended.

    1. I know it can be painful, but on the triangle quilts I’ve made, I find it helpful to press the seams open. Not sure why that helps. Also, starching the fabric helps to control the bias stretch.

  2. One of my favorite quilts that frequently rotates onto one of my beds is from a pattern by Jean Nolte that has large and small triangles where the smaller triangles form hexagons. I made it with small print polka dots, and I love it.