Block Friday: Rock The Old Sawmill Block

In the quilt world, it’s not about Black Friday. It’s about Block Friday. We’re putting the spotlight on our favorite blocks. My favorite is found in Old Sawmill, a quilt by Tony Jacobson from Quilting Quickly.

DP140214   LQ140053

The only problem? The block doesn’t have a name! Tony self-titled the block “Buzz Saw,” but I think our readers can get more creative than that. I proclaim the best idea for this quilt block name will be added to the library of quilt blocks! (I don’t think I actually have that power, or if there is a real library of quilt blocks.)

The thing about this nameless block is that it’s so versatile in this quilt. Pick seasonal fabric to make a holiday quilt, use flannel for a warm winter quilt, or use bright colors or pastels for a kid-friendly quilt pattern. Perhaps it should be called the “Anything Goes” quilt block?

Let’s get the specs on Old Sawmill:

  • It’s SO beginner friendly. Wide strips of fabric make for easy piecing. There’s also a free YouTube tutorial from our staff in case you need a visual guide.
  • It has the potential to be a masculine quilt. My dad is always the last person on my Christmas list I buy for. His wish list only includes a fishing boat. I’m making him this quilt with deep brown and blue fabric. Perfect for his man cave!
  • Since it’s from Quilting Quickly, it’s a time saver. I’m also a last-minute shopper. Last minute quilts are my thing!
  • Tony Jacobson is the designer. I’m a bit biased because I work with him, but the quilts he turns out always catch my eye. Insider fact about Tony: Batiks are his favorite fabric!

All my best,

Fons & Porter Rachel

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7 thoughts on “Block Friday: Rock The Old Sawmill Block

  1. i would like to suggest a name for the quilt. I would call it Huri- Shuriken. The Huri-shuriken is an ancient Japanese throwing weapon that had very sharp points in a star like shape. I think I will make mine from oriental fabrics.