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Receiving a box each month with new materials for a single quilting project is pretty exhilarating. There’s something about block of the month quilts that’s just so appealing. Is it the anticipation of the next package arriving with quilting goodies? Fresh fabric certainly is addicting. It could also be the shorter stints at the sewing machine, keeping us engaged and less likely to add these projects to our growing UFO piles. It’s for these reasons that BOMs are a popular way to build a quilt. Here are some of our current BOMs you might want to check out:

Aviary Block of the Month

The Aviary block of the month is a full-size batik quilt featuring beautiful bird and nature appliqués of various sizes and shapes. All appliqué pieces come pre-cut and fused, so all you will have to do is cut the backgrounds and assemble the quilt. Easy peasy! Plus, it’s a really elegant looking quilt. I picture it adorning a guest bed in someone’s home and making quite an impression on visitors.

With this quilt block of the month, you’ll learn how to use an appliqué pressing sheet for quick appliqué assembling. The quilt also features a unique filigree border, which frames in the lovely fabrics. There’s also quilt backing available for this quilt if want to coordinate.

Like many of our BOMs, there’s a free quilting video tutorial for each month’s mailing, explaining how to apply the techniques used for each portion of the quilt. These videos are so helpful and include great tips and tricks for construction.

For those of you thinking about signing up for Aviary, here’s some useful information:

  • Mailing starts this month (May) and continues for 9 months
  • Each month, you’ll receive a pattern and fabric from Hoffman Fabrics to make a section of this full-size quilt
  • Kits include a variety of Hoffman batiks for quilt top and binding
  • The finished size is 72½” x 87½”
  • Aviary was designed by Keith Phillips of Quilt Fusion
  • This block of the month program is $39.99/month plus $3.99 shipping for US orders

Urban Basix Block of the Month

The Urban Basix block of the month has a more modern feel to it and is a great project for all skill levels. Quilty readers should enjoy this one! This a queen-size quilt featuring a variety of Star quilt blocks in two sizes and bright, refreshing colors.

A few quilting techniques that you’ll use when making this quilt are: four-at-a-time Flying Geese units, quick triangle-squares, and the diagonal seams method for patchwork. Like Aviary, there are free quilting video tutorials for each step in the quiltmaking process meant to guide you through the quilt assembly. And, of course, we include some tips and trick to make your piecing go smoothly.

If this block of the month quilt floats your quilting boat, here are some details that you might appreciate:

  • Mailing starts in June and continues for 6 months
  • Each month, you’ll receive a pattern and fabric to make a section of this queen-size quilt
  • Kits include a variety of fabrics from the Urban Elementz Basix collection by Northcott Fabrics for quilt top and binding
  • The finished size is 81″ x 96″
  • This block of the month program is $29.99/month plus $3.99 shipping for US orders

And, if neither of these block of the month quilts appeal to you, take a peek at a few others that might be more your style.

Block of the Month Quilts
Even More Block of the Month Quilts

If you haven’t enrolled in a block of the month program before, it’s definitely worth your time. Try it once and see what you think! I’m guessing you’ll be hooked. Leave a comment below telling us about your experience.


Happy Quilting!

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