BLOCK Friday: Big Block Quilts

Maximum impact in a minimum amount of time – this is what you get with big quilt blocks, patterns and arrangements. Big block quilts mean quick quilts, which can be just what the quilter ordered, especially in between those difficult projects or while waiting for your next quilt block of the month to arrive.

Take a look at Sangria and you’ll see what I mean. The big blocks in this quilt make a bold statement. What’s interesting about how this quilt comes together is the secondary design that appears once the piecing is complete – this big quilt blocks pattern shows off its versatility in its design and arrangement.

Sangria Quilt - Big Block Quilts
Sangria Quilt by Diane Tomlinson

Big Windows is a fine example of how a big blocks can make an impact. The fabric choices in this particular quilt create a beautiful rainbow of Cathedral Windows. This quilt comes together in an extra speedy fashion since the quilt is complete when you assemble the blocks in a few easy steps — no additional quilting is necessary! The quilt top, quilt back, and quilting are all finished at the same time.

Big Windows Quilt - Big Block Quilts

Are you a fan of free quilt patterns? Of course! From the Atrium, features big blocks and is offered as one of Fons & Porter’s free quilt patterns. Using awesome large prints, with a two-color background to settle them down, this is a bright, yet calm quilt pattern. If you enjoy the look of this quilt, get the Free Spirit Fabrics Atrium collection for the quilt top and binding in the From the Atrium quilt kit.

From the Atrium Quilt - Free Quilt Patterns
From the Atrium by Tony Jacobson

Random piecing and easy assembly make Scrap Flair, by Lynette Jensen, a great scrap quilt pattern. This king-size quilt sails through your sewing machine when it comes time to join the big quilt blocks. It’s not often that a king-size quilt is a quick quilt, but when big block quilt patterns and scrap quilt patterns meet, beautiful things can happen.

Scrap Flair - Big Block Quilts
Scrap Flair by Lynette Jensen

The jewel-tone prints used in this quilt’s big quilt blocks are highlighted by the neutral background fabrics and make this quilt a focal point of the room. A full-size quilt, Faceted will impress your guests when they see this bold beauty adorning their guest bed. Watch the YouTube quilting video shown below to see how to make this fun quilt!

Faceted Quilt - Big Block Quilts
Faceted by Tony Jacobson

Finally, an ode to Log Cabin quilt layouts, this simpler version called Modern Barn Raising, uses pre-cuts to quickly assemble the big blocks in this quilt. The fabrics and colors used by Lisa Swenson Ruble really complement this big block quilt, so we thought we had to make a quilt kit available! There’s nothing like big blocks and a variation on the Log Cabin quilt to make a quilter yearn for their sewing machine.

Modern Barn Raising Quilt - Big Block Quilt
Modern Barn Raising by Lisa Swenson Ruble

Big block quilts are the perfect way to feel accomplished and renewed. These quilts won’t be added to your UFO (unfinished objects) pile – check these quilts off as complete!

BLOCK Friday blogs are always a ton of fun to write and I often learn something myself. Here’s something that you may not have known – Fons & Porter has an eBook download for 100 free quilt blocks! Quilt blocks galore are yours in a single digital download and you can mix and match different quilt blocks or pick your favorite for a stunning quilt design.

Tell me about your favorite big block quilts! Always a pleasure to hear from you.

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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