Before You Buy Holiday Quilt Kits Online, Read This!

You’ve found a quilt you LOVE — the arrangement and fabrics combine to make the perfect project. It was destined to be yours! It really doesn’t get any better than this; a situation like this is truly a quilters’ paradise. But then, you learn the fabrics aren’t available as a quilt kit online and it’s crushing. How could this be? It was my perfect quilt! That’s how it works for me, anyway.

To avoid this disappointment, sometimes I like to search for quilt kits online right off the bat, before looking through individual quilt patterns, when visiting Shop Fons and Porter. In my most recent search, I came across three quilt kits that just had to go on my holiday quilts list. I was thrilled to come across these, not just because they’re great designs, but because they use fabric panels for quilting these gorgeous quilts! I like to make it easy on myself when getting into the busy quilting season and these quilt kits do the trick.

Woodland Holidays - Quilt Kits Online
Woodland Holidays - Quilt Kits Online

When it comes to traditional Christmas quilts, the Woodland Holidays quilt kit is the way to go. I appreciate a variety of decorating themes during the holiday season, but I decorate my home with traditional Christmas items, so finding this quilt kit online was quite exciting. This wall hanging quilt pattern includes a border with a small repeating stripe, pulling it all together. It gets even better, with a special bonus pattern for placemats included in this kit. You’ll get fabric for the quilt top, quilt backing and quilt binding. I can’t say enough about this one!

Christmas Elegance Lattice Quilt Kit - Quilt Kits Online

Are you on the search for Christmas quilts that easily blend into your holiday color scheme? A bit different from the collection of Christmas colors you see in the Woodland Holidays quilt above, the Christmas Elegance Lattice quilt kit is loyal to shades of green. A large Christmas tree with ornaments and presents adorn the fabric panel, making them a focal point and just the thing to display in your home. A touch of sparkle and a lattice border, the fabrics used in this quilt are part of Northcott’s White Christmas collection. If you decide to go with this one, you’ll receive fabric for your quilt top and quilt binding. Very pretty!

Winter Walk Kit - Quilt Kits Online
Winter Walk Backing - Quilt Kits Online

Here’s a quilt that takes a different approach to the holiday season focusing more on the winter season, which means it’s a great option for everyone! The Winter Walk quilt kit features a large scenic panel and cool shades of blue. Pinwheel quilt blocks help to create the serene beauty of this throw-size quilt. With this kit, confident beginners can make a quilt to be proud of and seasoned quilters don’t have to worry about something too challenging during the busy quilting season. This kit contains the Winter Walk quilt pattern, as well as fabrics for the top and binding. If you’d like to use a matching backing fabric, the Winter Walk quilt backing is also available.

I can’t wait to ring in the holiday/winter season with these panel quilts. I’m kind of addicted to searching for quilt kits online during this time of year. Beautiful fabrics abound and they’re hard to resist! I’m also looking forward to an online quilting course by Margie Ullery called Creative Quilting & Sewing with Fabric Panels. The Love of Quilting Facebook page will be hosting a live event with Margie on Thursday, 9/1/16 at 11am PT. Make sure to tune in where Margie will be walking us through a project using fabric panels and answering questions in real time as they pop up in the comments section of the Facebook video post! Hope to see you there!

Carrie Sisk, Online Editor, Fons & Porter


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter, Online Editor

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