Baked Potato Bag Class

Sometimes the Fons & Porter employees and their family members get together to make small projects. It is great to get together with the people we work with and learn all about their creative talents. We had so much fun making our baked potato bags.


Cindy H. taught us how to make these great bags. 

Many of is decided these would make great stocking stuffers.



It was awesome to see the 4 teenagers get excited about sewing. I overheard 2 of the boys say to each other, “I didn’t think that class would be any fun, but I really had a good time.” How great is that!




We hope you have an opportunity to sew with friends.

Until next time…

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant


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2 Responses to Baked Potato Bag Class

  1. Susan Knueven says:

    How about directions for these on your website–never heard of them until I saw your post today, but would like to try!

  2. Hannah says:

    I agree, can you put instructions for the bags on your website?

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