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Who doesn’t love a quilt? I suppose they exist, but they don’t know what they’re missing! Quiltmaking is an art that brings people together and is often more than a fulfilling hobby, but a passion that forms communities and follows families through the generations. Quiltmakers are enthusiastic about quilts and quiltmaking, but they have other affections, as well. Quiltmaking isn’t always a dog and pony show – sometimes quilts share the stage. Animal lovers who quilt have been known to combine their interests. I have three cats that keep me company on a regular basis and join in my crafting adventures (whether I’ve asked for their assistance or not). Jim Shore’s Seasonal Cats blocks, pictured below, are the cat’s meow for any cat-loving quilter like myself. But, it’s not just cats that get their quilting day in the sun.

Jim Shore Seasonal Cats

Now that the dog days of summer are behind us, we might be spending less time outside as the weather begins to change. That means that we’ll be spending even more time with our quilts and our pets. Why not pay tribute to these constant companions by putting their likeness in your quilts or quilt projects, like this dog quilt and cat quilt?

Puppy PatchesCurious Cat Quilt

How about quilts for the holiday season featuring some of our friends from the animal kingdom? With fall underway, it’s the perfect time to get going on those seasonal quilts with a twist. Halloween calls for black cats, but Thanksgiving might suggest a different type of animal altogether. Perhaps, something a little less furry and a little more… feathery. Whichever animal you choose, these projects are the cat’s pajamas. A Thanksgiving wall hanging, frightened cat mini quilt, Halloween-themed quilt and smiling cat mini quilt offer plenty of animal options for the fall holidays.

Give Thanks Quilted Wall HangingA Cat Fright Sight QuiltBats, Cats, Candy Corn QuiltCool Cats Mini Quilt

Sometimes, however, you may not be in the mood for a quilt. Luckily, we can portray our love of animals in a variety of ways, including cat- and dog-themed quilted projects, like the bag below, and items that we sew for our pets, like this great Lucky Dog Bed Cover.

It's Quilting Cats & DogsLucky Dog Bed Cover

If those don’t do if for you, then it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Not everyone is a dog or cat lover. For those quilters, we offer zoo animals and the Tula Pink Coloring Book. Coloring books for adults have become quite popular; they relieve stress and foster creativity. Not only do they offer relaxation, they may help you to imagine your next great quilt! Plus, they’re pretty fun on those days that it’s raining cats and dogs.

Which Way to the Zoo QuiltTula Pink Coloring Book

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a lover of all animals! Do you have any pets? Leave me a comment telling me about your pets and/or animal quilts.

Cat got your tongue? 😉


Happy Quilting!

Carrie Sisk, Fons & Porter Online Editor

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