Learn to Make a New York Beauty Quilt with Pattern


Quilters don’t always sit at home piecing patchwork; a lot of us, including Marianne Fons and Mary Fons, love to get out and see the world. This quilt was inspired by a fabulous trip to New York City.

On this Daily Craft TV webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Paper piece sections for a New York beauty quilt
  • Join curved piece sections
  • Piece a double square in a square block

Let Marianne and Mary ignite your imagination as you visit the world through quilting!

A link to download the pattern “Times Square” ($6.99 value) will be available for free after your class purchase.

You can see a picture of the completed New York Beauty quilt called the Times Square below. 

A New York Beauty quilt made with paper piecing.

 Watch a preview of this DCTV video tutorial below!

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Make a Maxi Dress in One Afternoon!

DCtv_logo5Learn how to make a maxi dress by following the measuring instructions to match your figure perfectly without a pattern. This dress is easy to make by simply sewing in a straight line. Also, expert Brett Bara will teach you all about shirring to make construction even easier.

In this Daily Craft TV webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Sew a French seam and discover why it’s the best choice for this project
  • Use the shirring technique to create a fitted bodice
  • Accurately measure and cut your fabric to fit your body type

Create an entire dress in an afternoon! You can transform a plain rectangle of fabric into a fitted, flattering garment.

An example of this dress is shown below.

Tutorial on how to make a maxi dress easily.

Watch the preview for this class!

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Win an APQS longarm quilting machine with all the options worth $21,695

Our friends at APQS brought back the much-anticipated APQS Longarm Giveaway earlier this month and this time they’re giving away a Freedom longarm machine equipped with all the bells and whistles.

To sign up for the contest, visit the APQS site – and remember, you can enter once per day until June 30 to increase your chances to win.

The grand prize winner, who will be selected in a random drawing the week of June 30, will receive:

Freedom-sweepFreedom longarm machine valued at $17,300. The APQS Freedom longarm machine offers simple touchpad controls, a low bobbin indicator, a top thread break sensor and more.

Quilt-Glide-sweepThe Quilt Glide stitch mode valued at $1,250. This option combines manual sewing mode and stitch regulation mode to give you accuracy and consistency without that “jerky” feeling that is common when trying to do detail quilting in regulator mode alone.

Bliss-Track-SweepThe Bliss track system valued at $1,000. The Bliss option eliminates resistance that can be found with traditional track systems. It provides smooth, effortless and easy movement enabling hours of quilting.

Quilt-Advance-sweepThe Automatic Quilt Advance system valued at $1,350. The advance system comes with foot pedal control and lets you advance or back up your quilt with the push of a button or a toe tap on the foot pedal. The motorized advance turns the pick-up roller to move your quilt ahead, saving time.

Overhead-sweepThe overhead lighting bar valued at $795.Our overhead lighting system attaches to your APQS table and provides a dependable light source that illuminates your workspace. Being able to see your quilting area well is the first step in getting great quilting results!

For more information on this fantastic giveaway, visit the APQS site: http://apqs.com/longarm-giveaway/.

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Learn How to Make Curtains with Endless Panel Variations


In this tutorial, learn to make curtains with a basic panel and see the endless variations as Pam Damour shows you how to create different styles in a snap.

In this Daily Craft TV webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the differences between sewing garments and sewing draperies
  • Cut, press, and insert the lining into a curtain panel
  • Pair the correct lining with any given curtain panel

Every home can use a lovely set of curtain panels. Learn how to make your own today!

You can see one of the many curtain design options in the photo below.

Make your own curtain panels.

 Watch a preview for this informative DCTV tutorial here! 

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Make a Baby Blanket with a Serger Machine


Experiment with an embroidery machine and a serger to create a keepsake baby blanket. In this DCTV webinar, you will learn how to make a baby blanket with one of the best instructors, Rebecca Kemp Brent!

In this tutorial, you will learn how:

  • Style and function come together during the sewing process
  • To cut and create ruffles as edging using your serger
  • To add embroidery that suits your tastes

Create a quick and easy baby blanket for gifting or giving! An example of a completed baby blanket is shown below.

A home made keepsake baby blanket by Daily Craft TV.

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Needles and Thread: What Your Mother Never Told You


The right tools help your sewing and quilting projects progress smoothly and to look their absolute best. Grab a hold of these tools with Lynn Marie Buckley of Sew Déjà vu! Lynn will enlighten you with some great information that your mother never told you. Follow along to ensure a fabulous finish for every sewing and quilting project!

In this Daily Craft TV webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Identify needle types and sizes
  • Identify thread types and sizes
  • Take advantage of tips for working with specialty threads
  • Select the right needles and threads for specific projects
  • Identify stitch quality according to thread tension

The knowledge you will gain from this episode about various needles and threads will benefit you for your entire crafting career!

Watch the video preview here! 

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Make a Bucket Hat for Baby


We all have baby showers to attend and baby gifts to give, so make gift-giving easy by creating a one-of-a-kind, charming bucket hat for baby!

In this DCTV class, you will learn:

  • How to assemble the hat
  • How to make and attach the brim
  • How to finish the hat by bringing it all together

Personalize your hat by making it reversible or adding a pocket on the outside. The sky’s the limit! Any way you sew it, it’s a fun and versatile project.


 Watch the preview for this DCTV class here!

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How To Use Precut Chenille Strips to Make a Shawl


Learn how to use precut chenille strips to make a unique openwork shawl that only looks complicated. Daily Craft TV‘s Eric Drexler will walk you through the process that is sure to be a hit.

In this DCTV class, you will learn:

• What type of stabilizer is right for the job
• How to prepare and sew stabilizer and chenille strips together
• How to prepare your finished shawl for wear

Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 4.52.00 PM

Shawls are so versatile – wear for warmth or add pizazz to an outfit. They can be functional and stylish! Watch this how-to class to learn more.

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Make a Pillowcase Tote with Daily Craft TV Staff!

DCtv_logo5Learn how to sew a simple and stylish grocery tote from a pillowcase as Daily Craft TV‘s Jodi Kahn walks you through the process.

In this DCTV class, you will learn:

• How to upcycle a pillowcase into a fashionable and modern accessory
• How to accurately measure fabric for a load-bearing bag
• How to add colorful edging for a fabulous finished tote


Save yourself some money by making your own grocery tote from an old pillowcase and having fun while you do it!

Screen shot 2013-12-30 at 1.13.07 PM

 How to Make a Tote Bag for Groceries

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Essentials for Your Sewing Studio


Your sewing studio should reflect your personal style and individual needs. Learn about items that are essential to any studio. Marty Moon will suggest purchased, repurposed/recycled and unique items that constitute “must haves” in a working studio, offering a budget-balanced approached for the tools in an ideal sewing space.

Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 3.31.03 PM

In this DCTV class, you will learn:

  • To outfit your studio according to your needs
  • Which items are best new or repurposed/recycled
  • About which scissors, rotary mats, cutters and rulers to use

If you want to improve the look and functionality of your sewing studio, this show is a must-see!

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