Win Tickets to Quilting LIVE! (Part 2 of 2)

Quilting Live P

Win one of five pairs of General Admission tickets Value: $30/pair

Here’s how to do it: all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog. That’s right, just one comment, and it can be about anything. Tell me what you want to see most at Quilting LIVE! What would it mean to you to have tickets? Have you been to a quilt show before? Are you an avid quilt show visitor? Tell me about it and in doing so, enter to win one of five pairs of tickets.

ShoppingWorkshopsCelebritiesQuilt Displays
Special EventsTrunk ShowsMake-It Take-Its

Winners will be chosen and random and posted no later than September 9, 2014 at 4p.m. CST.

Already have general admission tickets? Kick it up a notch and enter to win a pair of tickets to a luncheon with Marianne Fons & Liz Porter or a ticket to Disney’s Frozen Quilt workshop.

Good luck and Happy Quilting!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

Rules and Regulations for this contest

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Win Tickets to Quilting LIVE! (Part 1 of 2)


Experience quilting like never before — LIVE! The quilting event of the year will take place September 11-13th in Atlanta, GA. This event will transport you into a world of quilt supply shopping, quilting experts and celebrities, special events and quilting workshops, among other live events. And best yet, you have a chance to WIN tickets to the event!

Win a pair of tickets to a luncheon with Marianne Fons & Liz Porter

Friday, September 12th, at 11 a.m. This is an intimate luncheon event, hosted by Mary Fons with both Liz and Marianne taking questions and telling stories. They have not appeared together for some years, so this is a rare treat. For 90 minutes, you’ll hear the stories and adventures of these two mavens of quilting as they recount their years together growing their quilting empire. (Value:  $100) Learn how to enter this contest.

Win a ticket to Disney’s Frozen Quilt workshop

Thursday, September 11th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m or Saturday, September 13th, 2014 at 12:30 p.m. You’ll be among the very first to see, touch and make this unique, memorable and delight-inducing quilt, working with pre-fused snowflakes and the guidance of the quilt’s designer, Love of Quilting editor Jean Nolte. Practice machine applique techniques and discuss quilting options before you leave class, with plenty of time to complete your quilt in time for the holidays. (Value: $200) Learn how to enter this contest.

Come back to Fons & Porter’s Editors’ Blog soon for a chance to win one of five pairs of General Admission tickets to Quilting LIVE!

Happy Quilting!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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Love of Quilting Sept/Oct ’14 is On Newsstands!

LOQSO_COVER_500pxNew issue alert! Love of Quilting September/October ’14 just hit newsstands and we want you to have the first look at the exclusive quilt projects included.

Every quilt project is available at Fons & Porter online, where you can find the digital pattern and quilt kit that go along with every project.

It’s hard to believe summer will soon be coming to a close. As fall approaches, we find ourselves thinking about getting back to stitching and planning our next projects. For us, it’s time to start spending more time our sewing studios!
We’re very excited to share an exclusive quilt featuring the characters from Disney’s FrozenThe images of the Anna and Elsa and their friends are sure to be a hit with fans of this oh-so-popular movie.

LQK1564Sisterly  LQK1564Sisterly-flatimage

Not sure you have enough time to put together a whole quilt in time? No worries! Our no-sew fleece blankets come together in no time at all– just tie the front and backing together. Olaf, Elsa and Anna or the whole Frozen crew. No need to choose just one.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 3.40.02 PM

Happy Quilting!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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Exclusive Disney’s® Frozen Quilt Kits

Sunday, August 3rd is national Sisters Day!  How are you celebrating? Sisters Day is the time to show your appreciation for that special family relationship. All siblings have the occasional argument, and after all, everyone is a bit of a Fixer Upper, but regardless of what you’ve been through with your sister, Sisters Day is the day to Let It Go.

Celebrate your sister by surprising her with one of these incredible new quilt kits inspired by the Academy Award winning movie, Disney’s Frozen

This quilt, Sisterly Love, will be featured in Love of Quilting Sept/Oct ’14. These quilt kits are in high demand, so we’re giving you the first chance to pre-order your quilt kit today, which will be available to ship Aug 25th.

We asked Frozen characters what they’re doing to celebrate Sisters Day:


Elsa and Anna are building a snowman (obviously).


Olaf’s doing whatever it is snow does in the summer (probably getting gorgeously tanned).



And when Elsa and Anna come in from the snow, they’re making a no-sew fleece blanket together. There’s no better way to bond with your sister, daughter or best friend than to create something together.

Whatever you’re planning on doing, always keep in mind some people are just worth melting for.

Happy Sisters Day,
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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Cuddle Kit Giveaway Winner Announced!

Aaaand we have a winner! Fons & Porter hosted a giveaway last week for a Cuddle kit: Crazy 8 Black, White & Radiant quilt kit! (59x68in) to one new follower of Fons & Porter’s Instagram.

This Shannon Fabrics Cuddle kit includes 8 pre-cut 10″ strips, binding, and free pattern. Choose from a variety of finished looks and options using the 10″ strips and use the sew and flip method after cutting all your strips. This easy quilt project makes a great gift!

And the winner is:

Instagram user: Sara Henderson (@dhhend)


Make sure to follow Fons & Porter on Instagram as we’ll be posting Fons & Porter behind-the-scenes photos and sneak peeks of the quilts.

Congratulations, Sara!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne


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Become a Sulky Certified Teacher


Have you ever thought about teaching a sewing or quilting course? Wouldn’t that be an excellent way to have some extra jingle in your pocket — teaching eager learners about something you are passionate about?

Fons & Porter is pleased to announce a training course to be a Sulky Certified instructor. You know that awesome company that makes stabilizers and threads? They’ve created a 3-month long ONLINE course to make you a certified sewing teacher.

Being a Sulky certified teacher is no small thing. It’s the equivalent of saying, “I’m Dr. Rachel Peterson,” versus, “I’m a pre-med student.” (Please note, I am in no way a doctor. I faint at the sight of blood.)

So what are these great benefits? It’s list time:

1. The three-month course is online. You’ll log on to your computer and complete the certification. There is no traveling, hotels, or continental breakfasts…wait, I love continental breakfasts!

2. Even though the courses are online, you’ll still get unlimited personal time with National Sulky Instructors. The classes are live, not recorded. You can ask all the questions you want of each instructor.

3. It’s just not about the sewing. You will learn the in’s and out’s of the business. Learn how to market your skills and products to get the best bang for your buck when you are a Sulky Certified Teacher!

4. Ten projects are included in the course. By making these, you’ll learn over 65 machine art techniques.

5. You will receive guidance on how to teach others to sew and quilt. This includes a teacher’s manual and prep book.

6. I saved the best for last: There is a $100 off discount code for early registrants. Use coupon code SN100 at checkout to receive $100 off the course fee. Coupon code expires August 5th – UPDATE: Discount extended until August 15th!

Hurry quilters, there is a 45 seat maximum and these seats are filling up fast!

In a nut shell: this class will give you knowledge about the industry and how best to market yourself, teach you machine art techniques that only Sulky can deliver, grant you access to exclusive projects from Sulky, and show you how to be the best instructor with the Sulky name attached!

Ready to sign up? Here’s what to do:

1. Follow this link to go to Craft Online University.

2. Read over the specifics of the course, including the 10 projects you will be completing.

3. Register! Don’t forget your discount!

Happy Quilting

Fons & Porter Rachel

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Cuddle Kit Giveaway

Fons & Porter is giving one lucky winner a Cuddle kit: Crazy 8 Black, White & Radiant quilt kit! (59x68in)

This Shannon Fabrics Cuddle kit includes 8 pre-cut 10″ strips, binding, and free pattern. Choose from a variety of finished looks and options using the 10″ strips and use the sew and flip method after cutting all your strips. This easy quilt project makes a great gift!


How do you enter this giveaway? It’s so easy! All you have to do is follow Fons & Porter on Instagram. One winner will be chosen at random Monday, July 28 at 4pm CT.

Why should you follow Fons & Porter on Instagram?


This Cuddle kit could be delivered to your doorstep next week!

Good luck and Happy Quilting!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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Going to Quilting College

Online Quilting Courses at Fons & Porter

That could be YOUR name there.

I like to think of education as an ongoing process. We learn new things all the time– we learn new skills at our jobs, we learn more about our family and friends during social interactions and sometimes we turn to the Internet to pick up new recipes on Pinterest. While the Internet is a great resource, sometimes it just doesn’t do the job, especially when it comes to special interest areas like, say, quilting. 

Fons & Porter knows that so we’re bringing a brand new idea to the table – online quilting courses! It’s like quilting college.

I know what you’re thinking– “take a quilting class online?!” Maybe you’re not sure what to expect or maybe it just sounds scary. (It’s not, trust me. I took a day-trading class online. I know scary!) In fact, taking a quilting class online might easily be your favorite decision yet.

Think about it– it’s basically the best of all your favorite things. You get in-depth and ongoing lessons in everything quilting, on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

Are you free September 29th? Take a Course in Quilty: Let’s Make Patchwork with Mary Fons. It’s a three-week class that includes six lessons: ImageHandler.ashx

  • Lesson One: Patchwork Basics
  • Lesson Two: Straight-of-Grain vs. Bias Help
  • Lesson Three: Make a Log Cabin Block
  • Lesson Four: Make an Economy Block (Paper-Piecing)
  • Lesson Five: Make a String Block
  • Lesson Six: All About Triangles

Still unsure whether you’d be interested in a quilting class? Just go check it out, and think on it a little. You’ve got until September 29th to decide.

This is the first, but won’t be the last Fons & Porter online quilting course. What quilting topics would you be interested in learning more about? We want to give the people what they want!

Happy Quilting and I hope to see you there!
Fons & Porter Sheyenne

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OLFA Celebrates the 35th Anniversary of the Rotary Cutter

Can you imagine what quilting was like without a rotary cutter? We can’t either.


In 1979, the first rotary cutter was created by Mr. Yoshio Okada. He would later found the company you know today, OLFA. They are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the innovation by collaborating with well-known designers and quilting bloggers to create a 35th Anniversary commemorative quilt.

Each quilt pro has been tasked with creating one block that will go into the commemorative quilt. The completed quilt will be on display at the OLFA brand’s booth at the International Quilt Market at Houston in October.

You can follow along with the fun and innovation of this celebration. Follow OFLA on Facebook at or follow the hashtag #Olfa35 on Twitter.

OLFA is known for its precision cutting equipment. They also offer other great notions for quilters, such as their spinning cutting matLQNRM12S

Fons & Porter congratulates Olfa on their success and for creating innovations that have helped quilters world wide!

Fons & Porter Rachel

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Back by Popular Demand: Mark Lipinski’s Slow Stitching Movement

Mark Lipinski’s webinar, The Slow Stitching Movement: Creating, Promoting, and Sustaining a New Vision in Quiltmaking, was quite a hit. Due to its popularity and great information from Mark, we are presenting the webinar again!


The webinar will be live, not a recording, and Mark will  present information about:

  • Approach your quilt making in a totally different way.
  • Recharge your passion for patchwork.
  • Engage the connection between your body, your quilts, and your legacy.        .
  • Expand your creativity, self-esteem and even your spiritual journey.
  • Tap your right brain, to train and develop your imagination.
  • Find the creative genius in you.
  • Implement your creative thought in today’s too-fast world.
  • Heal your life, emotions and boost your physical health.
  • Create groups and habits to support your creative vision.

Remember, the awesome thing about a webinar is you can watch it in the comforts of your own home. No fuss, no muss. What more could a quilter want?

The details:

  • July 10th
  • 1-2 PM ET
  • 19.99 for a full hour of interacting, learning, and recharging your quilting

Want to know why Mark Lipinski is awesome? A few looks at his work with Fons & Porter will make you a Lipinski believer.

1. He creates beautiful Quilts of Valor.


2.He can create curves like it’s his job (Well, it is…)


3. He is a healthy eater. (The quilt is called Orange Peel)


4. He makes flying geese into superstars.


Now that we have you impressed by his quilting, go register for his webinar!

Happy Quilting

Fons & Porter Rachel

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