Fons & Porter’s Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 3 Question and Week 2 Answer

Thank you to all who are following us and playing our trivia contest.


The answer for the Week 2 Holiday Trivia Contest is…

A Camel is the only living animal to be featured on the cover of a Fons & Porter quilting magazine.

The week 2 winner of the Fons & Porter Heart Wrist Pin Cushion and the Fons & Porter Crystal Glass Head Pins is Kathy Emberley.

Week 3 Holiday Trivia Question…

What was both Marianne and Liz’s major in college?


If you know the answer, enter it in the comment section below. If you answer correctly, you will be entered into a random drawing for the Fons & Porter 4″ Thread Snipping Scissors and an Omigrid 9 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ Ultimate Accuracy Ruler.



We know many of you love trivia so each Thursday between November 3rd and December 29th, we will ask you a trivia question. If you answer correctly, you will be entered into a random drawing for a quilting notion. Enter your answer in the comment section below. We will accept all new answers until Wednesday at midnight the night before the new question is asked.

Good Luck and Congratulations to our Week 1 and Week 2 winners!

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198 Responses to Fons & Porter’s Holiday Trivia Contest – Week 3 Question and Week 2 Answer

  1. Karen O'Connell says:


  2. joyce hantho says:

    they both majored in English!

  3. Carrie Shea says:


  4. Mary Shine says:

    Math ! That had to be your majors ! (O:

  5. Donna Hatfield says:

    Both had degrees in English.

  6. Brenda Johnson says:


  7. Tracy Hudson says:

    English majors

  8. Faye Marcacci says:

    They were both English majors.

  9. Cindy says:

    They were English majors!

    Loving the trivia! I stumbled upon this while searching. It features a black & white quilt from the March/April 2008 issue of LOQ. A couple of years ago I considered making this quilt, but using duckie fabric (I was at a retreat and didn’t have enough of some fabric). Looking at the quilt today, I think it would be fabulous for a memory quilt with photos in the squares. Just had to share with people who may care. My husband just smiles and nods :)

  10. Nanette Eaton says:


  11. Leanna Chidester says:

    The met at a beginners quilting class in college.

  12. Kathy Elamon says:

    English majors

  13. Charlotte Henley says:


  14. Debbi Fuerst says:

    English majors!

  15. Jenny Fifer says:


  16. Carolann Sandone says:

    They were both English majors.

  17. Sher Henry says:


  18. Sabirna says:

    English Major for both ladies

  19. Viola McShannon says:


  20. Rina Mason says:

    English majors

  21. Linda says:

    English majors

  22. Sharon Jeffes says:

    A degree in Psychology.

  23. Darlene Lyons says:

    English Major was their college choice

  24. Debbie Bacon says:


  25. Debbie Rogowski says:


  26. Karen Bergt says:

    English Majors

  27. Danni Armstro.g says:

    They majored in English

  28. They were education majors.

  29. Kathy Heaverlo says:

    English majors

  30. Janet Crossman says:

    English majors

  31. Janet Spillert says:

    They were both home economics majors.

  32. VickiT says:

    They both hold an English major from their respective colleges.

  33. Deb says:

    Must have been English, but I know Liz may have either had a double major or a minor in German because we have that in common. And I’m thinking Marianne may have had an emphasis in Journalism.

  34. CJ says:

    They were both English majors

  35. Judi R says:

    English Majors, but I wonder if they also took a few Education calsses as well.

  36. Lindy Enlow says:

    English (Mine too!!)

  37. Robin A. says:

    English, I believe, was their common major.

  38. Karen A says:

    They were both English majors.

  39. Carol Winkler says:

    They were English majors.

  40. BevM says:

    English majors

  41. Agnes says:

    Education Majors

  42. Colette DeGroot says:

    English major

  43. Deborah DeBerry says:

    english majors, but aren’t we all glad that they branched out into something else!!!

  44. Tami Welch says:

    They both had a English Major.

  45. Jeanne says:

    They both had degrees in English.

  46. Phyllis McClendon says:

    English, I believe

  47. Karen Roberts says:

    They were both English majors.

  48. M Merritt says:

    … English …

  49. Jodi G. says:

    English majors.

    Thanks for the giveaways and all the fun!


  50. Suzette Clement says:


  51. wordygirl says:

    I’m thinking they were English majors. (Makes me wonder how many quilt designers were math majors or art majors, which would be quite useful.)

  52. Donna Carrier says:

    They were English majors.

  53. dianne says:

    English majors

  54. karen pohl says:


  55. Patricia Hersl says:

    English. And don’t you wish more of us would learn.

  56. Sally W says:

    english :)

  57. Christine Osberg says:


  58. Anita S says:

    English majors

  59. Suzanne Ripple says:


  60. katie skoog says:

    English majors

  61. Joyce Long says:

    English degrees

  62. Glenda Gosey says:

    English Majors

  63. Jean McMurry says:

    They were both English majors

  64. Gidget says:

    English majors

  65. Diane Kennedy says:

    Majored in English. Thanks.

  66. Chelsey says:


  67. They were English majors I think

  68. Elizabeth Tiger says:

    English majors for both.

  69. Elizabeth Bellamy says:


  70. Dolores murray says:


  71. Jeri Beale says:

    English majors

  72. LeAnn says:


  73. BEVERLY says:

    english teacher

  74. Sandy Welch says:

    I believe they were both English majors when at college.

  75. Ethel Chinander says:

    I believe it was English, same as mine

  76. irene olsen says:

    They had English majors! Just shows how none of us know what we want to do until we graduate!

  77. Carolyn French says:


  78. Donna Morman says:


  79. Linda Belkin says:


  80. I think it was English

  81. Carol Carman says:

    Both were English majors.

  82. Jane Andrew says:


  83. Nancy Qvale says:


  84. Barb Johnson says:

    I did a web search and found an article that said that they were both English majors.

  85. Susan Weber says:


  86. Charlotte says:

    English majors (me too).

  87. Sandra McCormick says:

    I believe they were both English majors.

  88. Pamela Coughlin says:

    Marianne and Liz were English Majors.

  89. Cheryl Korman says:

    They were both English majors

  90. Darlene Lodahl says:

    Art majors.

  91. Pat Stevens says:

    They both were English majors.

  92. Jean Maumenee says:

    They were English majors.

  93. Loretta Aymond says:

    They were both English Majors.

  94. Barb Kimball says:


  95. Penny Huffman says:

    english majors

  96. Sally King says:

    Trusty Bing said ENGLISH!!

  97. Callan says:

    English lit….they met in a beginning quilt class..and the rest is history!!!!

  98. Lori Hogan says:

    Both were English majors

  99. barbara hoffmam says:


  100. Becky Locke says:

    English majors

  101. heather caswell-hathaway says:


  102. Leslie Fitzgerald says:

    English majors (fun!)

  103. Monique Lavigne says:

    English major

  104. jackie says:

    English was their major.

  105. Ann Klahn says:

    Both have degrees in English.

  106. Karen Waterkeyn says:

    They were both English majors.

  107. joyce kleinatland says:

    english majors

  108. Lisa Gorski 'Chef' says:


  109. MaryBeth says:

    English majors.

  110. Debbie Woods says:

    They both majored in English.

  111. jane says:

    English major

  112. DJ Weston says:

    English majors

  113. Marie Adams says:

    They were both english majors.

  114. Marie Adams says:

    they were both english majors

  115. Ginger Komiskey says:

    English majors with a natural talent for craftiness.

  116. Denise says:

    Both very talented ladies were English Majors.

  117. Jan Williams says:

    Both were English majors

  118. Michelle says:

    They both have degrees in English.

  119. Elaine Rieck says:

    English majors

  120. ellen olson-sax says:

    I’m going out on a limb – English majors!

  121. Peggy K. Wolf says:

    Both Liz and Marianne majored in English.

  122. Judith Lanning says:

    They were English majors

  123. Lori Hagge says:

    English Majors :)

  124. kim mabry says:

    I think that they were both – English majors !

  125. Deborah Wright says:

    English majors!

  126. BJ Alberts says:


  127. J Stine says:

    English! That’s why their books are written so well!

  128. Mary says:

    English Majors

  129. Melodee Bergy says:

    English majors :)

  130. Brenda Hargrove says:

    They were English majors. They met at a beginners quilt class .
    teacher must have been awesome!

  131. Marilyn Snow says:


  132. Georgine says:

    They majored in English.

  133. Christine Black says:


  134. Debra Evans says:


  135. Julia Grigsby says:


  136. Janet Meldrum says:


  137. Terry S. says:

    English majors

  138. Sharon A says:

    English majors

  139. Louise Buker says:


  140. Joyce Kirkpatrick says:

    They both majored in English.

  141. Jeanenne Nielsen says:

    English Majors!

  142. Barbara says:


  143. Laurette Beitz says:

    They were English majors.

  144. Peggy Pitzel says:

    they were education majors

  145. gini howard says:


  146. Debbie Kitsos says:


  147. joni timberman says:

    english majors

  148. Sheryl Anderson says:

    They both have a English Major and they met in a beginners quilting class

  149. Christine Young says:

    Both Marianne and Liz majored in English!
    Would of thought Home Ec with how well they are in that department (cooking and sewing).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  150. Margie Flinn says:

    they both majored in English

  151. Margie Flinn says:


  152. Kristina Matics says:

    English Majors

  153. Jordan Matics says:


  154. Mary Hills says:


  155. Judy Docter says:

    Both of them were English majors.

  156. Pat Harrison says:

    They both majored in English.Their initial collaboration was writing instruction booklets for quilters.

  157. JUDI THAYER says:

    They were both English Majors.

  158. sandra petersen callegari says:


  159. Linda B says:


  160. grace bartlett says:

    English majors

  161. Lorraine Hillman says:

    They were English majors.

  162. Diane Langham says:

    Home Economics

  163. Laurie says:

    They both have degrees in English.

  164. Diana Lee says:

    Both ladies have English degrees

  165. Judy says:

    English Majors

  166. Kate Coster says:

    English majors!

  167. Pastor Diane says:

    English, I believe.

  168. Janice Brawley says:


  169. Caroyl says:


  170. Amanda says:

    I think it was English, but in her blog Marianne mentions Literature as well.

  171. Kathy Leip says:

    Both were English majors.

  172. Kathy M Boice says:

    English majors.

  173. Karen Harris says:

    English Majors

  174. Karen Harris says:

    They were both English Majors.

  175. Merrilee Ourada says:


  176. Mouselett says:

    English was the major….glad they are with us now…..

  177. joann hancock says:

    English majors

  178. Jaay Koolio says:

    In the past few years Pepsi has been known for coming up with and selling strangely flavored versions of their renown Pepsi soda. They’ve made their soda clear, white, clear, red, and now they’re going blue with Pepsi blue.

  179. I truly wish I hadn’t witnessed this when i want only one right now!

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