Halloween Visitors

It is a tradition in Winterset to have the children of the town dress-up and come trick-or-treating around the town square. Businesses take a break from the daily routine and greet the kids as they make their way around the square.

Some businesses really get into the halloween spirit as they pass out candy, pencils, and treats to the kids.

As the temperatures warmed up and the sun continued to shine, we were visited by princesses, bunnies, dragons, vampires and the ever-popular grim reaper. 

Cindy and Sharon picked the right day to volunteer to pass out candy. It is so much fun seeing friends and families come out for such a festive occasion.

We hope you and your loved ones have a Happy Halloween!



Until Next time…

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant


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One Response to Halloween Visitors

  1. Jo E says:

    Yes here in Iowa we have had lovely weather for Beggar’s Night. My friends out on the East Coast have not had it quilt so nice! It is snowing out there and they need to cuddle in their nice quilts!

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