Look Who Came to our Autumn Harvest Potluck

What a great day to have a potluck at work! The temperatures have stared to drop considerably and we were able to warm our bellies with some fantastic recipes today. We enjoyed homemade potato soup, chicken enchiladas, pizza pasta, brown bread, and bbq pulled pork.

BBQ Pulled Pork

We also had a very important person join us for our potluck today. Liz Porter came by to visit! It was so much fun having her join us for lunch and catching up with her.

Liz and Diane





Deb, Kristi, and Liz




Before I go, I have to let you know about the fantastic desserts we endulged in today. We had homemade apple and blackberry pies, apple crisp, and pumpkin bars.


Good thing we still have a month until Thanksgiving to work off the calories.

Until next time…

Mandy C. Editorial Assistant


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10 Responses to Look Who Came to our Autumn Harvest Potluck

  1. Patricia Hammar says:

    Hi gals, I used to quilt more than I do now. I was surprised to hear that Liz had retired from the magazine. i wish her the best, retirement offers so many things to indulge in and yes, i still buy fabric.

  2. Bonnie Miller says:

    I miss watching Liza but hope she is enjoying her retirement

  3. Sandra Klouda says:

    How nice to get together with good friends, good food and good ideas and conversation.

  4. Marilyn Sholtis says:

    I wish Liz the best upon her retirement. Fons and Porter have resided in my home in the form of magazines, patterns and fabrics for quite a while now. I know things go on but it will be a little different without Liz’s smile. Nice to see you in the pot luck pictures.

  5. Rose says:

    I live in Fort Worth, Texas. I recorded your Fons and Porter quilting show every day. and watch it at night. It has not come on in a while. Is it not on our stations any more? We have PBS. Is it going to broadcast on that channel and when? I sure mis it.
    Thank you Rose

  6. Bernadette Malone says:

    I just found your program and it was starting to switch over to the fons family and I must say they are very pleasant to watch but i need less gab and more instructional time, maybe that was why they were not renewed! It’s a shame but the stations do not see the importance of these instructional s so i assume we have to be exceptionally productive-minded so as not to give the producers any excuses to cancel! B.

  7. Edna says:

    I miss Liz, but is enjoying Mary and her daughter on the current shows. It’s nice seeing Liz again.

  8. E'yvonne says:

    Congrats on Liz retirement. I enjoy her scrappy quilts, they reduced my stash, but buy more fabric to make all the other quilts in the magazines. My next quilt is Chile Verde (Green Chile) Salsa, my version of Pineapple Salsa design by Nancy Mahoney. I look foward to watching Fons and Porter. May I say Mary is a delight on the show and I also watch her on quilty. Keep those scrappy coming. E’yvonne

  9. Vicki Nuzum says:

    Looks like retirement is agreeing with Liz, miss your smile girl. Well I am really enjoying QUILTY! Mary is destined to walk in her mother’s shoes. You go girl.
    I believe your show is still doing great! Keep up the good work and Liz you keep making those scrappies, WE LOVE EM!! Vicki in Elkhorn, NE

  10. Randy says:

    Marianne and Liz made a good team for a long time. I wish them both the best. I do, however, miss Liz’s quirky, almost irreverent, fun comments and her laid back ways. Quilting aside, I always felt that we would get along – she made me laugh during a quilting show! Not the usual thing. Liz, I like your attitude. Best of luck with the best part of life – enjoying grandbabies and setting your own schedule. I love it, too!

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