Rolling along through Iowa—

This week the bikes have been rolling through Iowa on an annual event called RAGBRAI. It started in 1973 by 2 guys who invited friends to ride along for 6 days across Iowa from west to east. It is now 7 days of riding, averaging 472 miles and attracts participants from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Yes- there are quilters who participate!  In fact we heard there were lots of biking visitors to Prairie Star Quilts in Elk Horn Tuesday when they rolled through. Here’s a typical summer day photo of Julie’s shop.



And here’s a photo in front of that shop on Tuesday!

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to download our Quilt Shop Locator app so you can check out the quilt shops as you roll by to your favorite vacations spot!

Diane T, Assistant Editor







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3 Responses to Rolling along through Iowa—

  1. I really enjoy watching Fons and Porter. I haven’t made a quilt yet. So when I do I will be able to use the information I have received from you ladies.I watch you faithfully and listen for your tips. My one question is ? How do you know how wide to make the strips before you start to cut them. Do you always start off with a 3 inch strip. Please let me know. Thank you sincerely, ILONA

  2. Mary Justice says:

    From time to time I look at your website:
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    pictures. And words on top of other words.
    You can’t locate anything you want and you need a new web
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    is great. I’m trying to find Jo Martin’s work that was on the
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