Win an APQS longarm quilting machine with all the options worth $21,695

Our friends at APQS brought back the much-anticipated APQS Longarm Giveaway earlier this month and this time they’re giving away a Freedom longarm machine equipped with all the bells and whistles.

To sign up for the contest, visit the APQS site – and remember, you can enter once per day until June 30 to increase your chances to win.

The grand prize winner, who will be selected in a random drawing the week of June 30, will receive:

Freedom-sweepFreedom longarm machine valued at $17,300. The APQS Freedom longarm machine offers simple touchpad controls, a low bobbin indicator, a top thread break sensor and more.

Quilt-Glide-sweepThe Quilt Glide stitch mode valued at $1,250. This option combines manual sewing mode and stitch regulation mode to give you accuracy and consistency without that “jerky” feeling that is common when trying to do detail quilting in regulator mode alone.

Bliss-Track-SweepThe Bliss track system valued at $1,000. The Bliss option eliminates resistance that can be found with traditional track systems. It provides smooth, effortless and easy movement enabling hours of quilting.

Quilt-Advance-sweepThe Automatic Quilt Advance system valued at $1,350. The advance system comes with foot pedal control and lets you advance or back up your quilt with the push of a button or a toe tap on the foot pedal. The motorized advance turns the pick-up roller to move your quilt ahead, saving time.

Overhead-sweepThe overhead lighting bar valued at $795.Our overhead lighting system attaches to your APQS table and provides a dependable light source that illuminates your workspace. Being able to see your quilting area well is the first step in getting great quilting results!

For more information on this fantastic giveaway, visit the APQS site:

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231 Responses to Win an APQS longarm quilting machine with all the options worth $21,695

  1. Paula Hulke says:

    Love, Love , Love!!!!

  2. Kim glavin says:

    It would be amazing to have one of these!

  3. Deborah Lafayette says:

    Wow!!!! What a great giveaway. Then I could finish my quilts faster.

  4. VIKKI TOTON says:


  5. Pam says:

    I sure would be Thankful to win any kind of longarm quilting machine. Thank You for this opportunity <3.

  6. Patricia VanGilder says:


  7. Chris Eilts says:

    How sweet would this be!!!

  8. Laura says:

    This would be a dream come true – I am wishing on a star tonight! :-)

  9. Nancy J says:

    Great giveaway! I would love to win this!

  10. Eileen Snook says:

    I’m an enthusiastic new quilter of just two years. Would thus ever be nice!

  11. Cooki Welsh-McClatchie says:

    Would love, love, love to have one of these.

  12. Joy says:

    Wow, what a fabulous prize!

  13. Marcia Barry says:

    Ready to go to work.

  14. Pamela Decker says:

    My grandmother instilled in me the love of quilting. My favorite memories of her in the little town of Mannsville, OK was unwinding her quilting frames that hung from the ceiling. She would sit there day after day for hours hand quilting in perfectly straight rows. I do not have the patience for hand quilting but LOVE machine quilting. I would love to be able to pass on handmade quilts that I have made to my family just like my grandmother did for me.

  15. Rebecca Hughes says:

    Would like to have an apparatus like that

  16. Colleen says:

    What a dream come true! I would absolutely love to be able to long arm quilt my own quilts!! Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. Lilita Woody says:

    I’d loved to have one! Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. Kathryn Washburn-Anthony says:

    As a beginner in quilting it would be beyond amazing to win something like this.

  19. Lori says:

    Oh my Goodness how nice it would be to have this long arm!!!!!!!!!

  20. Marguerite Gipson says:

    I have just the spot in my home for such a wonderful prize. It would be a dream come true for me.

  21. Jane McKay says:

    If I won one of these, I would use it to quilt our many charity quilts we do each year. This would save us so much time and money, if we could quilt our own, instead of paying a long arm quilter. Please consider us. Thanks, Jane

  22. michelle says:

    Would really like one of these… Have a couple of quilts that need to be finished…

  23. Sharon Wicks says:

    Would love to have one of these. What a dream come true that would be.

  24. Donna Choc says:

    Would love one of these.

  25. Debbie DeHart says:

    I would LOVE to have this machine. I have 8 granddaughters that I am passing on my love of quilting to !

  26. Linda Hess says:

    I would love to win this. Thanks

  27. Joyce O Holt says:

    I sure would like to win a quilting machine.It would be a joy for an 86 yr old.

  28. Carolyn Bailey says:

    Would be a dream come true to win this..we make quilted isolettes covers for our Threads of Love chapter for our local hospital..

  29. Carolyn Bailey says:

    Would be a dream come true to win this..we make quilted isolettes covers for our Threads of Love chapter for our local hospital..

  30. Sandy Diehl says:

    What a dream come true!

  31. Sharon Wicks says:

    Surely would love to win this. What a dream come true this would be.

  32. Cindy Bennett says:

    This would truly be a dream come true!

  33. Shirley says:

    Wow I would love to win this!!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!!:)

  34. Tammy Krause says:

    Would love it!!

  35. gudrun junker says:

    love to win.

  36. Lori says:

    I would love to master this!

  37. If only I would be so lucky*

  38. Carol Darner says:

    That would be amazing

  39. Patty says:

    Would love to own one

  40. Debbie Taylor says:

    I would LOVE to win this. It would be so awesome.

  41. Susan E. Senffner says:

    Would be a dream come true to have one!

  42. judy hoggan says:

    I would love to have my own. Borrow one but could do so much more with my own.

  43. Vivian Moreno says:

    Would be a blessing

  44. Patsey Dickson says:

    WOW!!! This would change my life!!!!

  45. Vickie Goode says:

    Pick me! Pick me!!

  46. Would love to finish all my quilt tops. I tell people if God lets me live til I finish all my projects I will live forever.

  47. Mary R says:

    It would be amazing to win a longarm.

  48. Susan juarez says:


  49. Tonya Raysor says:

    If I was so lucky enough to win this, I’d start my own quilting store!!! Love it!!!

  50. Marilyn Neal says:

    I like to win

  51. Sharon Amador says:

    Oh it would be wonderful to have one of these in my home. I could teach my husband to use it when I was at work. It would give him something to do since he is disabled and retired. Then,
    I could keep my sanity too.

  52. Anna Ward says:

    Dreaming of all the amazing projects I can finish with this!!!!

  53. theresa says:

    What an awesome prize!

  54. Myia M Danley says:

    I have the room!!! I need to win this!!! I have so many unfinished quilt tops and no place to go close to me since moving to Colorado!!! I miss Pam Clark’s shop and long arm machines!!!!!

  55. Valerie Payne says:

    I have so many quilt tops that I could finish. I could also make a bunch for charities and organizations….that would be a dream come true.

  56. Louise Norquay says:

    I would love to win this for my sister …. Amazing !

  57. Theresa Traub says:

    I would love to have one of these quilting machines!

  58. Christina bjorkman says:

    Love it.

  59. Ruth says:

    It would be fantastic to win this beautiful machine especially since it is so out of my budget. I have had the opportunity to use a long arm machine that my friend has and love, love, love it

  60. Margaret Wright says:

    This would be a dream come true. I have wanted to open a small business of quilting like my mother-in-law had, she passed away in 1999. Now that I am disabled and retired I would have the time to open my own give me something to do in my free time thank you

  61. ivy lavere says:

    Would love to have this havemy moms and Granny’s quilt tops to do and have arthritis in hands so will never get them done by hand.

  62. SHARON says:

    Wow. Any of these sweet machines would jump-start my creativity button!

  63. Diane LALONDE says:

    OMG that would be amazing!!!!!!!!!

  64. Bette Williams says:

    I would love to win this longarm.

  65. Margaret Hayter says:

    Well, ZOWIE, wouldn’t I just be the cat’s pajamas! I think that my guild would love it.

  66. Amy Rosie says:

    I would love to quilt my own quilts.

  67. Sherry Kelley says:

    Would love to have it.

  68. Carol Cavallo says:

    This would be so awesome….I have done some quilting, just in the rag quilt area, but with this machine, this would open a whole new world to me………

  69. Mary Willingham says:

    This would be the most!!!!!

  70. Kathy Burdette says:

    I would love to win this; my hand quilting is frustrating now since my arthritis in my hands hurts me. Thanks for the contest!

  71. Linda Lamb says:

    There is no way I could own one, they cost more than I have!

  72. Kathy Covert says:

    I have the perfect spot for this…. Wow, would I love to win!

  73. Joyce Adams says:

    It would be a dream come true if I won this Longarm Quilter. I have the perfect spot for it. I will be crossing my fingers until June 30, 2014.

  74. Magdelena says:

    It would be a blessing from God !

  75. Paula Baker says:

    Love to win could supplement my disability income and have fun doing it

  76. Laurel says:

    Apparently not open to Canadians…..

  77. Jaye Blanchard says:

    I have the space!! This would greatly help my quilting friends and finish all those charity quilts faster and our UFOs.

  78. annie smith says:

    i love to win this machine

  79. Marcelia Rinderle says:

    I would love to have bone of these. I love making quilt tops even baby ones
    But can’t quilt them no frame to stretch them on. I
    Have a quilt top my aunt gave me before she died would love to be able to
    Use it. There are very few people around where I live that quilts. There for no way
    To even pay to have someone else quilt it

  80. carol bowden says:

    my husband died dec 30……we were going to get one so i can quilt myself….no money now….sure would like one of these

  81. Doris Kammer says:

    Please pick me :0

  82. Holly smith says:

    OH MYLANTA WHAT A PRIZE!!! I’m starting a quilt for my girls and this would be AMAZING to receive!!!

  83. What a wonderful package to win, BUT the package is bigger than my whole trailer, so maybe in the future you could have a George machine special to win!?! So I won’t enter but wish everyone else good luck!

  84. Holly smith says:

    I’ve also thought about making quilt for children’s hospital a and with this it could make them much quicker.

  85. Debbie Robertus says:

    What a great reason to build a room on the house!

  86. Kathy says:

    I would love to win it. That is my birthday, so it would be a perfect birthday present.

  87. Donna Lees-Kennedy says:

    What a great gift to have, I’ve just learned how to use a long arm. Would love to have this one….

  88. WOW …. This would be a dream come true

  89. Kathy Boyd says:

    Oh my,would this ever be a dream come true. I would love this. I am learning to cut pieces and sew them together. I have a log cabin quilt top started. My husband and I have been talking about trying to some how make my sewing room larger. I look at ways face book and in magazines trying to figure out some ideas. Thanks for giving me a chance. Good luck to all.

  90. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. Carol Dawdy says:

    Would love to win won of these so I would be able to finish tops for myself and others . We have so many clubs in my area making tops for charities, but have to rely on members who have long arm machines. These people try and fit it in for charity, between doing their customers requirements. This is a living for some ..I am Retired an could do it for other peoples needs…I would pay it forward ..thanks

  92. Amy Doepke says:

    I would so love to win!!! My friends and I could have so much fun quilting our quilts!!!!
    We could quilt the quilts for the church groups sending quilts to the needy! Pick Me!!!!

  93. Karen Sisk says:

    Would to have one of these.

  94. Sharon says:

    Love, love love this

  95. Linda Perkins says:

    I would be in heaven with this thanks for the chance

  96. Dee Patterson says:

    I would love this so that I did not have to send my quilts out to be done and take on bigger projects.

  97. Jeannette Covan says:

    Boy do I need this.

  98. Sarah Coyne says:

    Please make my day!!!

  99. Carol McCullough says:

    Would change lots of things to have this!

  100. Debbie Wood says:

    Me and my neighbor would just love to have this. What a wonderful giveaway!!

  101. Shiela C says:

    Already picked out a place in the house for it who needs a couch

  102. Vicki Knepp says:

    It would be a dream come true to have this system.

  103. Carol Spry says:

    Would love to have this wonderful machine to extend my love of making quilts.

  104. Cindi Bratvold says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance, I would love to have it!

  105. Milly Nieves says:

    I would LOVE to have this machine!

  106. Karen Cashatt says:

    To win this would be a breath from and angel. My best friend and her husband live on Medicare. To win this we could open our own business, and actually be able to pay for a doctors appointment or medicine that they need or groceries. Thank you for the contest. Kate.

  107. Patricia Long says:

    My dream come true rather win This than the lottery

  108. This would be fabulous, my arthritis is getting worse. What a wonderful gift.

  109. Joy Corsaw says:

    Awesome set up and GENEROUS giveaway! Love it! !!!

  110. It would be really awesome to have a system like this

  111. Karan_C says:

    What and awesome contest giveaway! Holy smoke, to win this is mind boggling! What an awesome prize! A quilter’s dream come true!

  112. Kitty Streilein says:

    I would love to have this, it would make quilting even more enjoyable.

  113. Donna Starnes says:

    It would be so great to have one these!!!

  114. Linda L. Benson says:

    It would mean I have to get serious about my quilting, & take over the great room. Husband will have the basement or office to Watch tv.

  115. JoAnn Ryan says:

    This would be amazing to have!!!!

  116. Genell Clayton says:

    Would love to have this for our quilt guild. We would really be ableto churn our our charity quilts as well as our personal quilts.

  117. Julie Hallquist says:

    That is my dream some day to start quilting for people, so that would make my day to win the machine.

  118. Cindy Teig says:

    Would Love to get one of these have about sooo many tops to quilt.

  119. Mel Hayes says:

    Winning that would be a dream come true

  120. Barbara Catalanotto says:

    I so need one of these!

  121. patsy Cosby says:

    I would love to have this, i could finish all my quilts.

  122. Chrickett. Meeks says:

    It would be very nice if I won this long arm

  123. Candy Lovelace says:

    I could quilt day and night if I had one of these…

  124. Penny Dillon says:

    I would love this!

  125. Betty hogan says:

    Love it

  126. Wienerwane says:

    Drooling would love to wi because I would never afford it on my own. Thanks for the chance!

  127. Joyce Grantham says:

    I will never be able to buy one so I would love a chance to win one.

  128. Becky Hight says:

    It would be a dream come true to win this!

  129. Ruth D Greenawalt says:

    This is a chance of a lifetime…but would be a dream come true for our little quilt group of 6 ladies. Thank you for the chance! I will keep dreamin! :)

  130. Lisa says:

    This is a dream machine!

  131. Peggy Lamb says:

    I would love to have this machine!
    Our home burned to the ground last March and we lost everything including my machine. I really need a new one.

  132. Pat Graff says:

    Would love to win…..

  133. Susan Redstreake Geary says:

    It would be great to have one of these so I don’t have to keep sending my quilts out to be quilted. I have 6 stacked up right now. Thanks for the opportunity to own one.

  134. Monica Cooper says:

    Wow! What a generous offer!! Very exciting for whomever wins!

  135. Kimberly Miller says:

    Wow! That would be so exciting to win! I have plenty of room in my sewing room! It would be fun to finished off my quilt tops myself!

  136. Jessica says:

    This would be a dream come true! Ooohh!!! I can’t wait until June now! Thanks for the opportunity

  137. Anita says:

    Just turned 70 and will not live long enough to quilt all the tops I have pieced and ready to be quilted without the help of a long arm! This would be perfect!

  138. Angela VanEpps says:

    Pick me, Pick me! I would love to have a machine as wonderful as this!

  139. Carol Boomershine says:

    Like everyone else who enters, I would dearly love to win this! The fact that you are also located in Iowa, as I am, is just that much sweeter!

  140. bill fountain says:

    would love to win this and surprise my wife..

  141. Rita Gillis says:

    I would love to win! Thanks for letting me dream!!!

  142. This would make this terrible weather feel like sunshine!!! :)

  143. Diane Wilburn says:

    I have only been quilting since I retired. Every chance I have to win a longarm I take. I would enjoy winning this machine because I want to learn that skill. I would also be generous with other quilters. As a retired teacher I would love to share what I have learned. New quilters could mean more longarms needed. Quilting is a hobbie that can turn into a passion. ;-)

  144. Beverly Rawls says:

    I would move out the guest bed to make room for one of these magnificent machines!

  145. Nedra Ann Proffitt says:

    It would be so wonderful to win this one.

  146. Anne Oppegard says:

    Ooohhh… Wouldn’t that be wonderful!!! Can I also win an addition to my house to house the system? Oh well, I’ll worry about that tomorrow :-)

  147. Barbara Yunker Larson says:

    Would love to win this longarm. What a treat and an adventure..

  148. Jenny Moore says:

    I take all my quilts out to be long arm quilted now. It would be great to be able to do my own. Hope I am lucky.

  149. Mary Eggebraten says:

    Dreams do come true! Hope I am the lucky one!

  150. would love to have it.. I had been sewing by hands.. and sew machine.. would love to have that long arm machine, it will be my lifesafe.

  151. Mary Smith says:

    Oh Oh Oh … this would be wonderful!!! :)

  152. Denise Gerdon says:

    My dream…

  153. Linda McElroy says:

    OH what I would give to one of those machines. I have never won anything in my life.

  154. Marie H says:

    Winning this would be a dream come true! Love your show and your magazines; always the first ones I turn to on tv and on the shelf.

  155. Sandra Moore says:

    It would be wonderful to own this!

  156. Joan Thorpe says:

    If I won this, I could come off the road and make a living at home, where I’m needed to take care of my 4 grandchildren. Wonderful contest!

  157. Joan Thorpe says:

    If I won this, I could come off the road and make a living at home.

  158. Gilda Scott says:

    I can only dream!

  159. Kathy Boyd says:

    Oh my, what a dream this would be if it came true. Good luck to everyone.

  160. Suzanne Gay says:

    OMG, this would be a dream come true! What a set up!

  161. Teckla Buller says:

    Such a super cool giveaway! Wonderful sponsors! Of course, I’d love to win!

  162. Rhonda Thompson says:

    Good luck everyone. Whoever wins will be so happy.

  163. I have always hand quilted all my tops. I now have arthritis , so I have several tops ready to finish. I would love to be able to say it was all my work on the quilts that I make.

  164. Gloria Fowler says:

    Wow I could finally finish some quilts without killing my hands!

  165. Amazing! A dream come true!!!!!!!!

  166. Maira Roshan says:

    I need that machine!!!

  167. Carol Ann Pileggi says:

    Oh, the fun I would have!

  168. It would be a dream come true to have a long arm quilter

  169. Cyndi Tippett says:

    I would think I had died and gone to Quilting Heaven….

  170. Carrie Gaskill says:

    I would love to win this

  171. denise duff says:

    I would love love love too have one

  172. Trisha Rupe says:

    Would love to have this. I had to leave mine behind when I moved.

  173. Ann says:

    It would be so wonderful to win this.

  174. Lynn Miller says:

    If I won one of these I would have to kick hubby out of his shop! My sewing room is getting to small anyway. :-)

  175. Leslie Swearinger says:

    I have a passion for free motion quilting and have lots of room for this magnificent beautiful machine in my sewing room! It would be a dream come true!

  176. patty welker says:

    What a blessing that machine would be.

  177. Debra McGee says:

    This would be a dream come true if I were to be the winner of this fine machine! It would make it so much easier to make special quilts for the Children of St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. This will bring so much cheer to those children.

  178. Jan Wilson says:

    Love to watch as I learn so much and get so much information, thanks for shairing

  179. Pat Cosper says:

    My stack of quilt tops have been waiting for
    this machine. What a great dream come true
    this would be!!

  180. Myrna Graybeal says:

    What a fun contest!

  181. Myrna Graybeal says:

    Fun! How awesome this would be.

  182. Joyce Paglialunga says:

    It would be a dream cone true!!

  183. Karen Boyle says:

    I would love to win this thanks for the giveaway !!!!!

  184. jan anderson says:

    My goal is to quilt fort veterans and also for our could patients living in nursing in homes.

  185. Teresa says:

    Thank you for the contest. Someone is going to be very happy. Good luck everyone.

  186. I would quit my job and spend the rest of my days doing what I love most. QUILTING!!!!!

  187. Becky Green says:

    WOW!!! Would love to win it–it is on my “bucket list” to own one!!!!!

  188. Treva says:

    Like most women, down thru the years I made so many quilt tops only to stack them away til I could afford to have them quilted or do them myself. But time gets away and the stack keeps growing.And like so many others. Have dreamed of having a Freedom Longarm machine of my own but could never afford to buy one? it would be a dream come true for sure to win this one. Could you imagine all the quilts that could be finished, not just for me but for others. As well. Treva

  189. Lynn says:

    Wow, this machine will help me turn out more professional looking quilts.

  190. Mary R says:

    This would be a dream come true, thanks

  191. Kimberly Miller says:

    I love quilting and long arms! Have lots of room to for this!

  192. Ginny Capotosto says:

    This would be an amazing thing for someone who is just starting out in the world of quilting. I would the opportunity.

  193. Joyce Adams says:

    So happy APQS is having another giveaway, thank you, thank you. Now I just have to win.

  194. Oh, this would be a fantastic prize and I have room for it! Have taken lessons on the long arm in the past and was so excited on the beauty of the stitches! Working on a t – shirt quilt now… Thanks in advance!

  195. Joyce Ward says:

    What a gift this would be!!! I love to piece, but the quilting is more of a chore for me. Therefore, I’ve never really developed my quilting skills. This would be something new to conquer but the results would probably be better than my hand quilting. PICK ME!

  196. Nancy Newman says:

    Winning this would be like winning the lottery.

  197. Svonne Stickley says:

    This would be SOOOOO Awesome to win!!! I couldn’t even imagine. I would never be able to afford this. I don’t have a quilting machine and have always wanted one!!! I’ll just pray to God that it’s HIS will.

  198. Nancy Richter says:

    … this would be my miracle … would love the chance to win this machine …. good luck everyone ….

  199. Janet Moore says:

    Oh, the things I could make with this machine :).

  200. Nancy Drake says:

    It would be wonderful to win this. I could learn to do quilting and do charity quilts.

  201. Chyree Rohde-Lincoln says:

    Wouldn’t know how to act…but it would be fun learning!!!!

  202. Deborah Funderburk says:

    I would love to have one of these. It would make quilting easier for me.

  203. Diana Collins says:

    Wow, what a prize. I would love to win this. Just think of all the pretty things I could make. I’m ready.

  204. Nancy Nolte says:

    Is this for real? What fun to quilt with a machine in my own home.

  205. It is my dream to have one

  206. Joyce Wilson says:

    Oh my this be wonderful to win!

  207. Linda Barnes says:

    WONDERFUL prize. I would LOVE to win this. Started quilting several months ago, and have started cutting 2 Quilts of Valor. So this would come in handy to use. Have everything crossed to win. Thank you for the chance

  208. Janice Kollars says:

    WOW that would be so neat to have one myself.

  209. Kay Hughes says:

    I would love to have one of these.

  210. Susan Bryant says:

    I am so excited for this opportunity. I have been quilting for about 26 years and use hand quilting methods. I hope it will come with instructions or a class. Having this would help with my quilting experience but I am clueless on how to work a machine like this. I have seen them used and the folks using them are so skilled. Good luck to us all.

  211. Kathy says:

    What a joy to be able to even dream about having one of these…I take my quilt tops to a friend and pay $$$ to get them quilted. I appreciate the fact that there is someone close to do this…would really like to be able to quilt my own.

  212. Becky Caughel says:

    In my wildest dreams, do I dare dream I could win one of these….and then I could work for myself and stay home to take care of my husband who has Parkinson’s.

  213. Thank you, APQS and Fons and Porter for the opportunity of a lifetime.

  214. Becky Caughel says:

    To be able to win one of these would be so awesome. As my husband’s Parkinson’s worsens, it would be so nice to be able to stay home and take care of him. But then to be able to use this awesome machine to make money to help pay the ongoing medical bills and to not have to worry so much. The grandkids have also been patiently waiting for G’ma to get their quilts finish too. Please pick me:)!!

  215. Deb Hutchinson says:

    I would love to win this. My husband and I need something to supplement our income as we live just on our social security and this would be great without the initial outlay of funds. I quilt and my husband is a talented artist who has tried his art quilting on a long-arm and he is great. Between us both I think we could make enough extra to help support us.

  216. sandy elrod says:

    what a awesome prize – never win anything – maybe this will be the first. Hopeful!!!

  217. Jolene Feredrickson says:

    Thank you, very much for the chance to win this Long arm quilting machine.

  218. Marilyn Logan says:

    This would be the most incredible contest if I could win it. I have wanted to learn longarm quilting but do not have access to a longarm machine. I would be able to quilt my larger quilts for myself and would generously offer my services to other quilters. I give away so many quilts each year to children in crisis situations and could finish them quicker if I have this machine. It would be a dream come true for me.

  219. tdunnon says:

    I would love to win this machine because I have never won anything, this would mean so much to me.

  220. Peggy Lott says:

    Would love to graduate from machine quilting to longarm quilting !

  221. Diana Collins says:

    Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway. Hope to win.

  222. I hope iwin sewing of my dream one do flower dog cat baby doll pattern free threads SAMPLERS BEADS fabrics make bags cat dog birds flowers fire truck farmer like old daddy farmers can help with my dream have no money for sewingthreads YELLOW THREADS SAMPLERS mix COLORS red green tea blacks red yellow THREADS pink Floyd green frogs red Sox you help get fabrics make bags hand ap got seizures not work for two yrr.debbie.

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  225. I hope I win sewing machine quilting and all parts my dream no MONEY handicap sezuires debbiebarlogio 9939gouldst Oakland ca dreams.

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