Turn Your T-Shirt Collection Into a Cozy Quilt!

Turn that collection of t-shirts hidden away in a drawer into a snuggly quilt in this easy class! Learn how to make the best use of the motifs on the shirts, and which motifs won’t work.


The secret is stabilizing the knit fabric with a fusible product. Two quilts are shown providing two layout options. You can sew the t-shirt blocks in strips or add sashing. 

In this Daily Craft TV class, you will learn:

  • To turn the t-shirts into fabric suitable as a quilt patch using a stabilizer
  • How to cut out your t-shirts to make use of the motif
  • How to piece them together, and add sashings and border

Create an everlasting archive of your favorite t-shirts. With this quilt, you’ll have memories to last and a wonderful gift for anyone in your life.

Click the image below to view this video: Turn Your T-shirts Into a Cozy Quilt!


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