Love of Quilting July/August Fabric Giveaway–Contest is Closed

Love of Quilting July/August is on sale June 18th. This issue features a variety of quilts for all skill levels. Learn how to make a memory quilt, a patriotic quilt or a quilt of valor for a veteran, we show you how! Love of Quilting is available in many formats; print, digital, and print/digital subscription.

One Nation available as a quilt kit.
Lovin’ Miss Ashley available as a quilt kit.
Colonial Medallion
Candy Fireworks available as a quilt kit.
Liberty’s Stars available as a quilt kit.
Rock Island Campfires
Via Air Mail available as a quilt kit.
Cool Blue available as a quilt kit.
Jessica’s Rose Garden
Antique Broken Star free pattern download.
Writer’s Block
Anniversary Memories
To the Manor Grown available as a quilt kit.
Dance with Me free pattern download.

We are excited for you to see the projects in the July/August issue so as a thank you we are giving away a fat quarter bundle of Patriotic Prints. To enter the giveaway, please tell us which quilt inspires you to quilt for summer. Two lucky winners will be chosen at random. The contest will close at midnight on June 26th.

This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Gail R. – I like three of the quilts listed the best. They are Lovin’ Miss Ashley, Via Air Mail and Cool Blue. I am partial to the color blue. The quilting group that I am in made a quilt of valor from one of your previous magazines.

Mary Ann L. – Via Air Mail really appeals to me. I love scrappy quilts and the challenges they present. The patriotic bundle will be perfect for this pattern.

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814 Responses to Love of Quilting July/August Fabric Giveaway–Contest is Closed

  1. Judi says:

    Going to decorate my front porch in red white and blue….the cover quilt…would look really good draped over a chair. I love to sit out there on cool evenings and a comfy quilt would certainly help.

  2. Karen S says:

    Candy Fireworks!

  3. Kathy Pennell says:

    I really liked Via Air Mail! Looks like a fun, simple pattern to spend a few minutes on in between other summer chores. I really liked it.

  4. Judy W. says:

    I love the quilt on the cover! Thanks for the sneak peak. I’m looking forward to the arrival of my copy. Thanks, also, for the chance to win.

  5. Debbie Kelly says:

    Rock Island campfires

  6. Teri powers says:

    All of them but especially the antique broken star

  7. Nanette says:

    The quilt on the cover speaks to me more than any has for quite awhile. I am certain that it would make a great Quilt of Valor. I have been wanting to do one for this cause for some time. I served with the Red Cross during Viet Nam and have strong alliances to these women and men. Thanks for your support as well.

    • Linda McElroy says:

      I will definitely make the One Nation Quilt for my grandson, who served
      a tour of duty in Iraq. I am so proud of him & have been planning on making him a quilt. I think this one would be perfect.

  8. Sandra Austill says:

    I love the Via Air Mail quilt. I love the design and it would be beautiful done in the patriotic fabric bundle fabrics.

  9. Rina says:

    I think Liberty’s Stars is the perfect summer quilt project.

  10. Jenny Moore says:

    I would really like to make Lovin Miss Ashley. It really looks beautiful.

  11. Linny says:

    Writer’s Block! I really love the simplicity of this pattern and the open spaces – just like summer!

  12. jill faust says:

    The quilt on the front page Via Air Mail, I just look at it and think, I NEED one! I am going through my stash in my head and putting together what to use!
    Love it!

  13. Holly H says:

    Cool blue! Blue and white are just the best for summers!

  14. Linda West says:

    I want to make “Via Air Mail” this summer.

  15. Mary Jean Fasig says:

    Via Air Mail inspires me to want to quilt this summer. I am a Patriotic freak, love red, white and blue.

  16. Cheryl Ward says:

    I am looking forward to making “One Nation”. Our country has been through some very tough times- natural disasters, heroes lost in the line of duty, and the bombing of The Boston Marathon- and each and every time our citizens came together to help one another. The American spirit is alive and well and the beautiful play of bright reds and deep blues embodies that spirit.

  17. Conni B. says:

    Anything red white and blue is my thing, but the candy fireworks looks intriquing

  18. Louise says:

    I thought for sure one of the red, white, and blue quilts would catch my eye – and they did. But the one that inspired me the most was Lovin Miss Ashley.

  19. Brenda says:

    I really like the “To the Manor Grown” the most. I like to fussy cut…

  20. Robin Johnson says:

    I like the writers block because its simpler but its a new technique for me.

  21. Judy Miller says:

    I like Liberty’s Stars and Via Air Mail. The Broken Star pattern is very nice too.

  22. Gwen H says:

    I love Loving Miss Ashley, that’s what inspires me to quilt this summer.

  23. Carol Lampert says:

    I’m making Quilts of Valor all Summer, so far I’ve completed 1 and have 2 more tops made. I just love working with red,white,blue & gold. The men & women they go to certainly deserve them!

  24. Deborah Feldkamp says:

    I love the Lovin Miss Ashley. It is so beautiful and I enjoy making table runners.

  25. April Jones says:

    Love via air mail!

  26. Cathy Estabrook says:

    Both Candy Fireworks and Rock Island Campfires! They’re wonderful & will use up lots of my stash!

  27. Linn Pata says:

    I love the dance with me quilt. !

  28. April Lopez says:

    I love all quilts but anything in reds reminds me of summer.

  29. Lori N. says:

    My favorites are Via Air Mail and Antique Broken Star. I’ve been wanting to some quilts for the Quilts of Valor program, and this might just be the one to get me going!

  30. Chris says:

    Oh, the Via Air Mail!!! Simple, yet striking – perfect for summer!!!

  31. glena Scott says:

    the One Nation really hit home. I am a disable vet and I just wish our nation would get there stuff together and work for the people

  32. June A Dolly says:

    Colonial Medallion does it for me. I love traditional quilts!

  33. Maggi Fagen says:

    Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I love all the colors of summer and the old-fashioned days it represents.

  34. Sandra Kumler says:

    Via Air Mail inspires me! I’m moving to a new house and I want to make a new quilt to decorate the new bedroom I’ll have!

  35. Michelle Klingaman says:

    I really like Writers Block and Jessica’s Rose Garden…

  36. DebrafromMD says:

    Liberty’s Stars is my choice.

  37. Brenda Moore says:

    I think the Via Air Mail looks like something I could accomplish this summer. I have been wanting to do a Quilt of Valor quilt and donate it but haven’t had the chance yet. This summer will be the time!

  38. Kathi Clower says:

    Love these colors with via air mail for me! Love your mag and would love to win the gorgeous fabric bundle! :) Kathi

  39. Donna Johnson says:

    I want to make a memory quilt with my grand daughter with it

  40. Marilyn S says:

    I like the little bit of whimsy that shows up in Candy Fireworks! This looks like a good issue to work my way thru since it was hard to decide which quilt is my favorite (I think I want to make 6 of the quilts.)

  41. Jenny Fifer says:

    All are beautiful, I like One Nation.

  42. Marvel Simmons says:

    Via Air Mail – hands down my favorite

  43. Mary Coombe says:

    One Nation. I like quilts that say USA and this one has the option to have many different looks yet still be red, white and blue.

  44. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    All are beautiful, but I really like One Nation

  45. Alvina Watson says:

    Anything that has to do with quilting! I have only made one quilt so far and it was hand stitched and I want to make one on the sewing machine. I never miss a Fons and Porter’s TV Show.

  46. Connie Davis says:

    Am going to add ‘Via Air Mail’ to my patriotic patterns to make for Quilts of Valor. Would go together easily and makes a very attractive Quilt. Im inspired!!

  47. Mary Anne Law says:

    I love Via Air Mail, red, white & blue are #1

  48. Alene Knox says:

    By far, my favorite quilt is ‘One Nation’! It really NEEDS to be made into LOTS of quilts as our Nation is so upset lately. I love the pattern too!

  49. Tracy Schneider says:

    Via Air Mail really caught my eye! Any quilt looks great dressed in red, white and blue!!

  50. Ruthi Hoadley says:

    Rock Island Campfires

  51. eileen says:

    the fireworks quilt is one i would like to make

  52. Vonnie Conrad says:

    Jessica’s Rose Garden! Peaceful in a time when not all is peaceful.

  53. Candy Long says:

    Summer, to me, is full of red, white, and blue!! Love the One Nation quilt — definitely one to put on the “to do” list! Happy Summer, Folks! :)

  54. Pat Carless says:

    I love the Via Air Mail…will be a winner done in either all reds or red and blues!

  55. Kitty Koonse says:

    Writer’s Block, and Dance With Me and via air mail………….oh how to decide!

  56. Suzann Huff says:

    I like Via Air Mail, it looks easy. And I love patriotic quilts.

  57. Gretl Dixon says:

    The Dance with me would make a great base for a 1950’s themede quilt.

  58. Sherry Barger says:

    I like both “Via Airmail” and “Cool Blue”……can’t wait to get my issue….thanks for the chance to win.

  59. Margie D Drabbs says:

    I like all of these quilts but the Writers Block, Come Dance with Me and To The Manor Grown are especially attractive to me. They are very fresh, crisp and light feeling.

  60. Ann Riggleman says:

    Cool Blue would be a great quilt for a peaceful, quiet bedroom.

  61. Carol Hinkle says:

    Love the “One Nation” – so patriotic!

  62. Beth Jochen says:

    Via Air Mail is my choice for my oldest grandson and One Nation for his younger brother. Can hardly wait until my copy of the July/August issue arrives.

  63. Judy Nell says:

    So many beautiful quilts to choose from in this issue. I am inspired by Anniversary Memories, as both my parents have passed away, I believe would be a wonderful tribute quilt to make for each of my siblings, as well as my two children.

  64. Liette McManaman says:

    I really like To the Manor Grown. It reminds me of an English Garden. The colors are lovely as well.

  65. Susan Peck Knueven says:

    One Nation is my favorite! I love quilts wth large stars as I have visual problems due to my Lupus!

  66. Leora says:

    I like the Cool Blue: Strip Set Blue Quilt – as a beginner, this looks like something I could do, and I think it would look awsome with the Patriotic Prints. . I will just have to get a few more fat bundle sets… how many would I need? :)

  67. Jacque Wright says:

    Love the cover quilt!! Anything with nine-patches gets my vote.

  68. Jennifer Ciaccio says:

    Candy Fireworks not only has a cute name, but looks fun & easy to make.

  69. Madonna Reynolds says:

    Liberty Star.

  70. Susan Alford says:

    I love the liberal use of white along with the patriotic fabrics in Via Air Mail. It looks very summery!

  71. BRENDA SUTTON says:

    I love the Cool Blue.

  72. Cindy Weeks says:

    My Hubbie is a retired Letter Carrier! Of course the Via Airmail! I even have some “postage” fabrics.

  73. Randi Johnson says:

    Lovin’ Miss Ashley would be the first project, followed by One Nation; then it’s a tossup as to what will be done next!

  74. karenanne quilter says:

    The broken star and one nation both inspire me, I think I’ll go finish the patriotic I’ve been working on!

  75. Kathy Harris says:

    I really like the Rock Island Campfires quilt since I’m teaching a module on strip quilting later this month.

  76. Carol Brown says:

    Via Air Mail and Cool Blue equally appeal to me visually but I can see myself doing the Via Air Mail one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  77. Jay W says:

    “Via Airmail” seems like the perfect project for summer sewing and quilting.
    I like the fabric color selection used and the pattern. Thanks for the chance to win the bundle of fat quarter fabrics.

  78. Jay W says:

    I like “Via Airmail”. It seems like the perfect project for summer sewing and quilting.The fabric selection and pattern spell SUMMER.

  79. I like Jessica’s rose Garden. The colors draw me in. Thanks.

  80. Aleesa Kobi says:

    One Nation is my choice because I love stars first but the design and setting is very striking in the red, white, and blue. A close second is Via Airmail.

  81. Sharon S says:

    It’s hard to pick just one. I really like Air Mail & One Nation. I have been making quilts for wounded soldiers for 5 years & always looking for something new & inspiring.

  82. Emily says:

    I love the daisys in the “Lovin Miss Ashley”, but I think I’d use the fabric for the “To the Manor Grown”…I like the simplicity of the look!

  83. I love them all but I really like the idea of the memory quilt especially since my dad just passed away!

  84. Bunny says:

    Surprised myself….I like Writer’s Block…..a modern look

  85. Julia Thoel says:

    One Nation. I an a sucker for red, white and blue. Do you suppose it was because my birthday is in July?

  86. Lin Miller says:

    I love the Anniversary Memories. May have to make this one.

  87. Judy Offen says:

    Looks like a fantastic issue! One Nation would be my #1 choice.

  88. Mary Ann Karpinski says:

    I like One Nation and Rock Island Campfires. I have lots of scraps in my stash that would be perfect for the Rock Island Campfires.

  89. Angie Feldt says:

    Cool Blue gets my vote….Love it!

  90. Chyree Rohde-Lincoln says:

    I’m in my red, white & blue period right now, so new fabrics and patterns using these colors are right up my alley!!!

  91. I am a new Quilts of Valor quilter and would love to make Liberty’s Stars as my third QOV.

  92. Beth B says:

    Lovin’ Miss Ashley

  93. Bettejean VanWeerthuizen says:

    Loved Via Airmail. That is the one that inspires me.

  94. Ellen Ridsdale says:

    Like them all but Cool Blue would win out.

  95. Cathy R says:

    Writer’s Block. It looks so modern and crisp and uses a technique that I think I can do.

  96. sally jones says:

    Via Air Mail
    My favorite magazine

  97. Mary Ellen Fleschner says:

    I really like Long Island Campfires, but my favorite has to be Jessica’s Rose Garden because my first grandaughter is Jessica and she has been my rose from the moment she was born. Also I love everything that Toby Lischko designs!

  98. Rose says:

    I’m torn between Dance with Me (love to try circles), Jessica’s Rose Garden, and Cool Blue (my daughter’s fav color!).

  99. Trudy says:

    Love Cool Blue quilt.. I love the color of blue’s.. I can not wait until I get my July/August issue.. New quilter so looking for easy quilts to do right now..

  100. Beth Green says:

    Via Air Mail is my favorite!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  101. Rhonda says:

    LOVE the One Nation! Been looking for something for a QOV and this will be perfect!

  102. Alice says:

    One Nation looks perfect for the summer!

  103. Kay Hurt says:

    Cool Blue was my favorite. Of course I am partial to blues. I could also see it done in red, white and blue too. It would look good in reds, whites or any color one would prefer!

  104. Dianne says:

    I like Liberty stars. Stars are always fun to play with and red white and blue make awesome stars.

  105. Cheryl Yost says:

    Love the one nation quilt, it’s so beautiful. Thank you for the fabulous chance of winning a fabric bundle

  106. Jacqui Welsh says:

    Rock Island Campfires!

  107. Sharon Isacco says:

    It’s hard, but I choose Liberty Star. I’m naturally attracted to star quilts and love the way it’s opposite the block of 9 patches.

  108. Sherry Whalen says:

    I like Anniversary Memories and Rock Island Campfires!

  109. Fay Pritts says:

    I have a few patriotic fabrics waiting for the right pattern and One Nation looks like a winner.

  110. Lauren Lawson says:

    Can’t decide between Liberty’s Stars and Colonial Medallion, guess I’d have to do both!

  111. My two favorite patterns are Liberty Star and Cool Blue.

  112. Sandra Forester says:

    I love the Quilt of Valor quilts. They are so wonderful and inspiring.

  113. Susan S. says:

    They are all so pretty! I like the ‘One Nation’ with the reds, whites, and blues. What a wonderful gift for someone who has given so much for us. It would be perfect for my father and son.

  114. Lynne Hurley says:

    I like Jessica’s Rose Garden because it makes me feel like I’m at cottage on the beach.

  115. Shirley simmons says:

    I love your magazine

  116. Never a disappointment! I love ‘Lovin’ Miss Ashley’ for some June flowers and the ‘Cool Blue’ and ‘One Nation’ to celebrate Independence Day on our beautiful blue Lake Tahoe!

  117. patsy Cosby says:

    I like all of them, but i want to make (via air mail).

  118. valerie csmith says:

    One nation–red/white/and blue just spell summer

  119. Jerry Beavers says:

    The Anniversary Memories. June 30th will mark our 40th wedding anniversary & this would be so nice to make & possibly pass on to my sons.

  120. Clarissa Tinjum says:

    Love the Rock Island Campfires quilt~

  121. Darlene F. says:

    One Nation…..I love doing red, white and blue in the summer!

  122. jenni brown says:

    love, love the one nation quilt! great choice for the summer cover!

  123. Esther Steil says:

    Love the cover quilt—-would be perfect draped over my living room sofa.

  124. maryl willard says:

    Love me some Candy Fireworks!!!

  125. Kim Manning says:

    One Nation and Candy Fireworks are brilliant!

  126. Sue Jones says:

    Lovin’ Miss Ashley – so cute!

  127. Vivi S says:

    Via Air Mail for me! Just beginning to quilt and am a stamp collector.
    Going to look up the fabric mentioned in the article.
    Great quilts..all of them.

  128. The Antique Broken Star is a great design!

  129. Sally L says:

    I would like to see how the Cool Blue pattern would look with these fabrics you are giving away. Thanks for the opportunity!

  130. Lynne Ravas says:

    So many great ideas for one bundle of fabric! Thank you for keeping us inspired.

  131. Lori B. says:

    Candy Fireworks is just so fun!

  132. Dawn Kincaid says:

    Via Air Mail. Need to make another Deployment quilt, this would be great.

  133. Bonnie Emmons says:

    Would love to win fabric pack. I received this copy of your magazine in the mail today. Love the cover quilt……

  134. Sharie Blalock says:

    I really like the Via AirMail quilt. It looks easy and fast to make but really is a
    stunning quilt ! Love the red/white and blue. And , yes, I would love to make
    one with the fabric bundle giveaway . Thanks so much for doing the giveaway !

  135. Clara says:

    I really want to try To the Manor Grown. I like the materials you chose also.

  136. Rita McCart says:

    I like”To the Manor Grown” I really love the colors! This would be a great quilt to work on this summer, sewing with the cool colors would be a comforting experience.

  137. Nancy Myers says:

    Rock Island Stars! I have scraps and this is a new twist on string quilt blocks I have done in the past.

  138. Dena Whitesell says:

    One Nation would be my favorite…reminds me of this great county we live in

  139. Kate Mattingly says:

    One Nation! Love stars and red, white blue. Would do it in darker colors rather than flag colors. Lots of those colors in my house.

  140. Sally Dixon says:

    Via air mail and anniversary memories.. love both!

  141. Laurie Weimar says:

    Via Air Mail! It would probably look wonderful done in the patriotic bundle, too!

  142. Vicki Sprague says:

    Who can pick just one? One Nations brings out the Americana lover in me and brings to mind the many memories of sitting beneath the starry sky on a warm summer night watching fireworks with my family; while, Liberty’s Stars and Jessica’s Rose Garden make my heart sing with their soft pastels and floral prints. This is going to be a great edition. Can’t wait to see it in my mailbox!

  143. Chris says:

    I really like the Via Air Mail quilt. I could be inspired to make this in the summer to go along with the patriotic summer holidays.

  144. Sue Bialorucki says:

    Another awesome issue filled with beautiful quilts. I like the fact that Air Mail satisfies the Quilt of Valor guidelines. The Cool Blue would be interesting in patriotic materials.

  145. Heather Cady says:

    Rock Island – in some amazing wonderful summery batiks! I also looooove Anniversary Memories. I’ve got the printable fabric ready to make a family quilt but was trying to figure out how to start. Now I know – buy this month’s issue!

  146. Rosemary Turner says:

    Via air mail, love the “striped” material!

  147. Darlene Krystal says:

    Thank you for the Broken Stars Quilt pattern… I really love the antique section of the quilt mag….the patterns that inspire me the most right now in this issue are the liberty stars quilt…and the Loving Miss Ashley’s table runner…..stars and applique seem to go together a lot….again thanks and have a great quilting day….

  148. Dottie Alexander says:

    I would like to use the fat quarters on the One Nation quilt. This would be my third QOV.

  149. Lee Mills says:

    I just love the Colonial Medallion and would love to make that as soon as I can. I just love anything reproduction!

  150. Mary Miller says:

    I love red white and blue for summer so I would like to make Via Air Mail.

  151. michelle says:

    I really like One Nation. It would make such a great 4th of July picnic quilt. Cant wait for this issue to come out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  152. Fran Baley says:

    I love “Via Air Mail,” simple yet impactful…my favorite kind of design.

  153. Dwayne Coe says:

    I’m likin’ Via Air Mail……….

  154. Peggy Poole says:

    I really love the “Via Air Mail” pattern and think it will look great in the patriotic fabrics. Thanks for a chance at winning.

  155. Sally says:

    Rock Island Campfires–love it!

  156. Brenda Ramos says:

    Definitely Via Air Mail! In memory of my Dad who was a mail carrier for 18 years & Navy Vet! Was known as whistling Joe! Passed in 2006! Love this quilt!

  157. Lynn Pearson says:

    I think Lovin’ Miss Ashley is so beautiful and I also have been wanting to do an all-blue quilt like Cool Blue. I’d love to do the Anniversary Memories as a grandmother’s quilt for myself too.

  158. SHIRLEY says:

    “ONE NATION’ quilt I would love to make.

  159. Jean H. says:

    You expect me to choose a favorite??? Although that’s nearly impossible – I have several that look really exciting – I guess if I have to pick one it would be One Nation.
    I love making stars and the red, white and blue combination cant’ be beat.

  160. Deborah says:

    The one on the cover sure looks like summer to me – I would love to make it!

  161. Patti Levine says:

    Rock Island Campfires is calling my name!

  162. Suzanne Sullivan says:

    I like the Via Air Mail pattern. I think it would be a fun scrappy quilt to make!

  163. Kathy Fowler says:

    Via Air Mail!

  164. BevM says:

    Red, white & blue is always a favourite for me so I’m really interested in making the Via Air Mail quilt. Thanks for this opportunity.

  165. Lindab says:

    I really like Lovin Miss Ashley…… the flowers.

  166. Mary Ann Tozer says:

    I love Patriotic but don’t always like the patterns that I see. This one, on the cover, is really nice! I would love to make it!

  167. Cindy Cain says:

    I love most of them but Liberty Star is great

  168. Loving miss ashley. will probably make it larger but in the same colorway.

  169. Cheryl says:

    I have the perfect table runner for this fabric, this would be wonderful for that!

  170. Pam Barman says:

    Love the Liberty Stars!! Reminds me of summers at my great-grandmothers. I only have one (well-loved) quilt that she made…it is so faded, the colors look like the Liberty Stars fabrics!

  171. Linda Cartwright says:

    My favorites are Via Air Mail and Antique Broken Star.

  172. Judy Mullin says:

    Would enjoy making the cover quilt in patriotic and in various color combinations, for vets home & children in need.

  173. Gloria Thompson says:

    The colors to me represent the love for my country…and I proudly display them on July 4th!! I would love to make something with your fabric!!

  174. Grace says:

    Cool blue!

  175. Ginger (Virginia) says:

    The Lone Star Quilt in civil War fabrics inspires me for Independance day.

  176. Monique Belmer says:

    To the Manor Grown!

  177. Maggie Stockwell says:

    Via Air Mail

  178. Cindy Rispoli says:

    Love Cool Blue pattern. Favorite color is blue. Cover pattern also like.

  179. Kathy C says:

    The Liberty’s Stars would make a fine Quilt of Valor for my summer project. I am getting ready to start #4 for the year.

  180. Teri Lee says:

    I like several of the quilts. But my favorite is the Block Island Campfire, this scrap quilt is the type of quilt I would most likely make and would good as a red, white & blue quilt.

  181. Lainey says:

    Cool blue!

  182. Laura filbeck says:

    I like Whirligig.

  183. Dianna Herren says:

    Anniversary Memories – I love to scrapbook, and this is a great way to share memories through pictures. I designed a quilt for our daughter before she deployed to Iraq using pictures. She said it was of great comfort to her as she was thousands of miles away from us. This quilt would be such a treasured gift to give.

  184. Sandal Keeffe says:

    It is hard to choose just one…but Roxk Island Campfires would be the first one I would make!

  185. Paula Durkin says:

    Just got my magazine in the mail today! Love the Anniversary Memory Quilt! Having made a few t-shirt memory quilts, this would be a little different spin.

  186. Has many times I try to entry fabric giveaway. I’m just not lucky to win I can see projects that I would love to make. I can see a quilt of Valor for a Vet that is injury in my county. The colors in a civil war fabric inspires me to make a Liberty Stars pattern.
    Thanks for the chance and opportunity to enter.

  187. Cathy Haynes says:

    I like Cool Blue AND Anniversary memories! Looks like I’m going to be busy!!

  188. Pati Cook says:

    Love the variety of quilt patterns. Not sure which I would want to do first they are all lucious.

  189. Debra Mack says:

    Patriot fabric is just what I need to get a Quilt of Valor made..sometimes I need a push to get donation quilts done..but I do it even if I can’t afford to financially. Sew Peacefully

  190. Helen R says:

    Via Air Mail & Cool Blue are my favorites. We are in the process of moving to the Midwest, so these would be perfect for me to start once I get my sewing room set up.

  191. Suzanne Reed says:

    I would love to tackle Liberty’s Stars. It speaks to everything that is summer and patriotic. My Dad served in WWII and the Korean War…although he has passed, I still look for ways to celebrate all service men & women and to specifically honor my Dad!

  192. Denise Toomey says:

    Love the Via Air Mail Quilt . . .that is a perfect summer quilt!

  193. Beverly Stone says:

    Just got my copy today!!! Kinda hard to choose which quilt to start first!!! But I’m thinkin’ One Nation or Via Air Mail!! What to do……what to do??!!!

  194. teresa scanlon says:

    i love the Via Air Mail and the jessica’s rose garden. i love these two alot. would look nice when i m sitting watching tv or laying around looking at my fon’s & porter’s mag. all cover up.

  195. Elizabeth Storck says:

    One Nation pattern is gorgeous!

  196. Lisa says:

    The cover quilt would look wonderful done in 1930’s reproduction fabrics. Those fabrics always call to m.

  197. Susan Tessman says:

    One Nation is my favorite.

  198. Janet Frank says:

    Antique Broken Stars looks very nice. I think it would look good in a red, white & blue theme.

  199. Linda says:

    I think I really ;like the One Nation Quilt best. The colors are vibrant and it’s a great looking pattern.

  200. alice ranburger says:

    nothing better then red ,white, blue for the 4 of july any thing is cool with the good old fireworks boom boom

  201. Cheryl Gamble says:

    I love Via Air Mail!

  202. Monica says:

    Cool Blue wins! I’ve been thinking about an all blue lap quilt for some time…this just pushed me right over the edge!!

  203. Cindy Rogers says:

    One Nation

  204. Julie says:

    The cover quilt and Liberty Stars! Both are beautiful! Would love the fabric bundle for a new quilting project!!

  205. anna hollar says:

    I love them all!!! The cover quilt looks very nice. “One Nation”, is my first choice.

  206. Jane M says:

    I like the quilt on the cover.

  207. Lisa Willhite says:

    Wild flowers have caught my eye this year and Lovin Miss Ashley has as well. That is one that will go into my collection.

  208. kjay says:

    I love the Via Air Mail quilt, both for the colors and the design!

  209. Melanie Schultz says:

    I like patriotic quilts for summer. I have one on the to make list!!

  210. Joellyn P. says:

    I love Lovin’ Miss Ashley and the Colonial Medallion Quilts. Since once is only a table runner, I picked out a quilt I liked as well.

  211. Joyce Tredway says:

    I really like Via Air Mail.

  212. Celeste Hauser says:

    I love Colonial Medaillion and Liberty’s Stars. The color combinations in both are beautiful!

  213. Cindy Kenyon says:

    Wow….so many choices….I could not even choose only one. There were actually three of them that stood out to me. They are:
    One Nation (I have been collecting material that will work nicely with this one. The intended recipient is my daughter. She served in the USN.)
    Cool Blue
    To The Manor Garden

  214. Susan Uehling says:

    I like One Nation and Via Air Mail. Love the colors!

  215. Mary Dean says:

    Anniversary Memories. I love star blocks and I’ve been looking for something to do for my parent’s anniversary this year. I think I just found it!

  216. Kathy Rose says:

    My neighbor who is always available to cat sit for us at anytime, is retired from the military and she would absolutely love the One Nation quilt. I just started quilting in February and will have to put this on my to do list.

  217. Donna C. says:

    Would love to attempt ‘Dance with me’,I have never tried a circle pattern. Also love, One Nation! Hard to decide, they are all beautiful!

  218. Terri says:

    Rock Island Campfires rocks!

  219. Laura Riley says:

    Via Airmail inspires me to continue to make Quilt Of Valor quilts. My local quilt guild is promoting QOV this year and I have been inspired to make quilts for some family members and friends that have served our country.

  220. Betsy says:

    Via Air Mail !!

  221. Patricia Hersl says:

    Easy one–Colonial Medallion. It hits all my happy buttons.

  222. Mary Colgin says:

    Jessica’s Rose Garden seems just right for the stash of rose fabrics I already have on hand. and just the right color too!!!!

  223. Diantha Howard says:

    I am inspired by “One Nation”. I like how the pinwheels add to the 8 pointed stars.

  224. sharon s says:

    Liberty stars. I love quilts with stars.

  225. Cy Swendsen says:

    I really like the quilt “Via Air Mail”. I like that it is based on older patterns of 9 patches and “Irish Chain” the combination will go together quickly and look fantastic. Really love that it is done in patiotic colors.

  226. Anna Miner says:

    Via Air Mail fights in nicely with my next project. I am creating a quilt that will display all the cloth patches collected over the years while serving in the military. There are military patches, country patches, event patches. It will be a challenge! The Via Air Mail design will work very well.

  227. Rita H. says:

    My favorite is Dance with me, and Via air mail. Love the magazine too.

  228. Anda says:

    Being summer is just around the corner, I would love to make Rock Island Campfire! awolk at rogers dot com

  229. Sue says:

    Rock Island Campfires, this looks like a good one to use up scraps and that’s my goal for this year-use it or lose it!!!!

  230. Barbara Strubelt says:

    I love most of these quilts but the one that catches my attention the most is One Nation, I have made one quilt of valor and am working on my second one. I can’t wait for my issue. I will be making One Nation and also thinking about making a memory quilt for my parents anniversary.

  231. MONA BENSON says:

    I agree with alot of other responders…Via Air Mail, your cover. I love the patriotic coloration, love the traditional blocks, easy yet bright and clean!

  232. Annie says:

    I love the Candy Fireworks pattern! Love the bright colors & would be a great picnic quilt!

  233. Maryellen says:

    Cool Blue! It’s my favorite color on beautiful sunny days, the blues of the sky. I love the design! Thanks.

  234. Judy Gorchinski says:

    Via Air Mail will be on my list. I am working on a Quilt of Valor now, and Via Air Mail will be next, using up some Americana stash with new favorites added. I will have plenty of down time in the summer to stitch up several patriotic quilts for the veterans on my list. I am a new quilter and will enjoy working with this pattern.

  235. Karen Luttrell says:

    I love the Liberty’s Stars!!

  236. Marjorie Guth says:

    I like the Cool Blue quilt. I am always drawn to blue fabrics.

  237. Bonnie Pfrimmer says:

    I like Liberty’s Star. I love the flowers and the pastel colors. It doesn’t look that hard so maybe I can do it. Thanks for sharing with us.

  238. Linda Halcomb says:

    Already selecting fabrics for “Lovin’ Miss Ashley”! Can’t wait to get started!

  239. debra yates says:

    Oh to choose just one. One Nation or Via Air Mail. Oh okay Via Air Mail.

  240. LINDA says:


  241. Sandra Summers says:

    The fabric is perfect for To The Manor Grown in my eyes.

  242. Diane Cloyd says:

    I love “Lovin Miss Ashley” I cant wait to start it.

  243. Teresa Baker says:

    Really like the One Nation. I am wanting to make as many Red White and Blue quilts as I can this summer and display them outside on sunny days.

  244. Beverly Lee says:

    Dance With Me is fabulous!!!

  245. Rose Butler says:

    I love all the patriotics!

  246. Marsha Ransom says:

    Anniversary memories; my parent’s 60th anniversary is coming up!

  247. Shirley B. says:

    I’d like to try Broken Star

  248. Robin says:

    Cool Blue calls my name!

  249. dianalyn says:

    i like the antique star. it is so cool.

  250. Char Stingle says:

    Love the One Nations quilt!

  251. Denise Inman says:

    Via Airmail! For some reason, the simple block / Irish Chain looking finished quilt just attracts me and always has.

  252. Wendy Rios says:

    I love the Lovin’ Miss Ashley table runner. I have not done much with applique, but this looks like a project that I could develop my skills with. Love the purples.

  253. krista mitchell says:

    its so hard to choose just one they are all so beautiful, to the manor grown really jumped out the most at me. they are all just beautiful, I do a lot of quilting on my home machine, hope one day to have a business if I ever get good enough.

  254. Mary Maxwell says:

    Irish Chain is next on my list to make. But I’m usually drawn to stars.

  255. Carol Debbout says:

    Would love to make the cover quilt. Used to own a flag store in Green Bay, and the patriotic colors get to me every time!

  256. maria wiegel says:

    I love Jessica’s Rose Garden!I have tons of floral fabrics especially roses that I could use.Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. Wilma Searcy says:

    I like Via Air Mail very much. This is the time for a patriotic red, white and blue quilt!

  258. Judy Elting says:

    Liberty Stars is my favorite! Love star blocks and patchwork.

  259. Kathy M Boice says:

    One Nation: Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Quilt inspires me! Beautiful quilt!

  260. Susan Stephens says:

    “Cool Blue” is definitely the quilt that will inspire me. I have been collecting different blues for awhile to use in just such a quilt. When my Momma passed away two years ago, we had looked at quilt patterns together. She said she’d “like that one”, a quilt in blues for her bed in the assisted living she was to go to. She never made it there but I will make that quilt in her honor some day. I love you Mom!

  261. O Norman says:

    Cool Blue!

  262. I love Via Air Mail. What a great patriotic quilt to work on over the summer to give away to the Quilts of Valor program in the fall. Thanks for the inspiration, and the chance to win some fabric that would be perfect for this project.

  263. Sheri Fowler says:

    I really like Dance With Me. I’ve been intrigued by the circle quilts lately and would love to make one……

  264. Sheri Goltz says:

    I liked the Rock Island campfire quilt the best. I like fabrics with a lot of color & especially like the angles with black accents in this design. I wish you had a kit for this one.

  265. Karen K. says:

    I just LOVE Liberty’s Stars: Star and Patchwork quilt. Love the star/pinwheel and the checkerboard. Can’t wait!

  266. Joanne Maner says:

    I like the Rock Island Campfires to use up some of my strings and small pieces left over from other projects

  267. Cheryl Leabo says:

    I love love love Jessica’s rose garden! Like being right out in the flowers.

  268. Linda Barnes says:

    Would look good any where – but would really look good on my porch, also have started making squares for the Quilts of Valor. Now just need to finish them and mail them of. LOL Always a project or many of them. Thanks

  269. Kelly Sas says:

    Grandmothers Flower Garden inspires me to make this the summer to finish the one I started years ago!

  270. I love Cool Blue by Dawn Stewart.

  271. Pam Pommer says:

    Via Airmail caught my eye on the cover! A red, white and blue quilt would be perfect to make in the summer and it is not complicated. I enjoy seeing all the Quilts of Valor. What a great cause!

  272. Lora Chaney says:

    COOL BLUE!!!

  273. Cyndy Brunz says:

    I’m a fan of Cool Blue!

  274. Sharon Ray says:

    I really love the Cool Blue!

  275. Lois Oberg says:

    Via Air Mail is my favorite and want to make it when I get my issue in the mail.

  276. Joy L. says:

    I really like the quilt “Via Air Mail”. Rock Island looks interesting, too.

  277. Connie Rodriguez says:

    I like via airmail. I am working on a quilt for my granddaughter she picked black, pink and white as her colors, so something muted caught my eye.

  278. Jan Guyer says:

    I am inspired to quilt by One Nation because I am making a quilt for a friend that is being deployed to Afgahnistan in a few months. So I want to be able to send the quilt with her when she leaves!

  279. Michelle Hall says:

    Since blue is my favorite color, I really like “cool blue” the best

  280. Rhonda Best says:

    There are so many beautiful quilts, but my favorite, by far, is the Cool Blue: Strip Set Blue Quilt. It is absolutely amazing.

  281. Gail Dooley says:

    Love the One Nation. Patriotic and vibrant. Adds life to any room.

  282. Irene says:

    I love stars and I love pinwheels…and was born on Independence Day, so One Nation is an easy choice for me!!!

  283. Pat Young says:

    My favorite is the Cool Blue one.

  284. Vicky Dickens says:

    I love Via Airmail. It’s beautiful and simple design really calls to me. I want to make it.

  285. B Alston says:

    I love the cover quilt – making it in red, white and blue would be the perfect summer project!

  286. Joan Brown says:

    I love the colonial medallion. I looks challenging but fun to do.

  287. Debbie Toms says:

    Via Airmail all the way!!!!

  288. Priscilla Frappier says:

    Colonial Medallion – love medallion quilts, and, it will fit best in my home decor!

  289. I love Cool Blue – my favorite color

  290. lisa mcclellan says:

    Liberty Stars!

  291. Wanda Cooney says:

    To The Manor Grown!

  292. Kathie Maxwell says:

    Love the Liberty’s Stars Quilt!!!

  293. Brenda Wall says:

    I have to choose One Nation and/or Liberty Stars. My goal this year is to make at least one Patriotic Quilt.

  294. Debra B. in CO says:

    Via Air Mail!

  295. Jacqueline Livingston says:

    I would lobe to do the Anniversary Memories Quilt. Our 51 this year, so it is time to do one of this type.

  296. Barbara W. says:

    Summer time brings on thoughts of hot days and the longing for something cool. Cool Blue is my fav….it makes me think of a cool breeze. : )

  297. Melissa K. says:

    There were several really gorgeous quilts in this edition, but I’m inspired by To the Manor Grown. Would love to make it!

  298. Ellen Fontaine says:

    I’m thinkin’ One Nation….tho Via Airmail is right up there also!

  299. Kay Killion says:

    Cool Blue is my first choice. It’s the one that caught my eye. Something easy and quick for a summer project. It will brighten up our winter nights. Makes me want to smile.

  300. Ja Kehoe says:

    Jessica’s Rose Garden

  301. Cheryl Perez says:

    My favorite is Lovin’ Miss Ashley.

  302. Janet T says:

    The one that first caught my eye is the cover quilt, but after looking at the other quilts in the magazine, I can’t make up my mind! I see at least 5 other quilts I want to make! When is the 18th?!

  303. Suzi Pennington says:

    Love the One Nation quilt. I want to make this quilt!!!

  304. Karen A says:

    I’ve been wanting to do something with circles so I’m looking at Writer’s Block.

  305. Bev S says:

    I love the Lovin’ Miss Ashley tablerunner–the colors and the flowers say summer! Just beautiful!

  306. Jan Gossman says:

    I am in love with the “Lovin’ Miss Ashley” pattern. I need something to add color to our dining table in our camper, this would be perfect.

  307. Kathy Semone says:

    I can’t decide between Writer’s Block and Antique Broken Star. Maybe I’ll do both.

  308. Julie A. Boster says:

    One Nation! What a beautiful quilt! I am inspired to make this one for my husband. Thank-you.

  309. Lorraine Caris says:

    I absolutely love Colonial Medallion, but Cool Blue and Via Airmail are close runners-up!

  310. I would make the Colonial Medallion for it would match our spare bedroom perfectly, not to mention that it looks like a lot of fun to make.

  311. Joanne says:

    Any quilt that is red, white and blue! My son is in the Army and those colors always reminds me of the great country we live in and the one he is so proudly serving!

  312. I love Writer’s Block, so fresh and modern!

  313. Jennifer Mahlow says:

    I absolutely love Tony Jacobsen’s “To the Manor Grown.”

  314. Linda Webster says:

    I love Colonial Medallion. It would make a great summer project.

  315. Linda Chase says:

    I want to make the anniversary quilt, but with a twist in that we are having a family reunion this weekend and I want to use photos to make a quilt memory.

  316. Margaret Gross says:

    Via Air Mail – I love 9 patches

  317. Stacy Alfano says:

    I love the Candy fireworks quilt!

  318. barbara corbitt says:

    I love to the manor grown all those beautiful blues and greens!

  319. joni giancola says:

    I love the stars, but Via Air Mail just gets me inspired–my décor inside and outside my home is patriotic and would be a perfect addition….

  320. Trudy says:

    I would love to make the quilt of valor that Marianne did with the stars at the top and the stripes coming down. That is beautiful to me and to some our country that we love it.

  321. Judy Harper says:

    I would love to make Cool Blue, to donate to Victoria’s Quilts Canada where quilts are given away quilts to cancer patients. Over 30,000 quilts given away and still going!

  322. Nancy Gross says:

    I really like Writer’s Block. Love the white background makes the colors stand out so much more. Could do some very nice quilting on that white. thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!

  323. Jennifer Barr says:

    candy fireworks

  324. Roxanne S. says:

    Lovin Miss Ashley and Via Air Mail are both great.

  325. Susan Hogaboam says:

    I like writers block will put that one on my to do list

  326. Michele says:

    Dance With Me, most definitely!

  327. Absolutely the cover quilt … just love it !! Even though I am Canadian and my hubby is British, we still celebrate 4th of July

  328. Carole Anderson says:

    via air mail

  329. Oh…the Via Air Mail would make a GREAT July quilt! Love the simplicity of it!

  330. Sue Bialorucki says:

    The quilts are all stunning and inspiration but the pack would be great used for Via Air Mail.

  331. Maureen Skau says:

    I love “Via Air mail” I love traditional quilts and this looks like it would be fun to make!
    Thanks for the opportunity tin some fabric

  332. Linda Myers says:

    Love, love, love the Via Air Mail quilt. Red, white and blue are my favorite. I think that is probably because my birthday was yesterday, June 14th, flag day.

  333. Gina S. says:

    Liberty’s Stars – I love this quilt pattern and the fabrics used, but would love to make this using patriotic fabrics. Gorgeous.

  334. Teresa Rathburn says:

    I love Liberty’s Stars. Although, with the quilt projects needing finished, I may not get to start it until fall!

  335. Linda Myers says:

    Love the Via Air Mail quilt. Red, white and blue are my favorite. I think it has something to do with my birthday being June 14th, flag day.

  336. Carole Sullivan says:

    Colonial Medallion, Liberty Stars, Via Air Mail—cant choose just one! :-)

  337. Kelly Huse says:

    I love the one on the cover and One Nation. I love anything RWB or patriotic! I feel like our nation is in such unrest and anything that draws us back to “One Nation Under God” is worth doing and worth doing well! Thank you!

  338. denise s. says:

    Via airmail , writers block, oh who am I kidding , I want to do all of them!!!

  339. Sue Marranconi says:

    Three cheers for the Red, Whit and Blue! Just in time to whip up some fun for the forth of July! June 19th is a great day to win something nice…its also my birthday LOL.

  340. Beverly Vick says:

    I am new at quilting so it is hard to choose just one.

  341. Dianne Affholter says:

    Liberty Stars!!!

  342. Lisa Casler says:

    The quilt on the cover. I love the look and I have started going through my stash already! :-)

  343. Karen Schultz says:

    “Liberty’s Stars” is fabulous and can be made in patriotic colors, or anything. I would use some of my fall fabric collection for a winter version of this quilt. I am running short of patriotic fabrics right now, so can really use some! Thanks! :)

  344. Chris says:

    Love One Nation! any patriotic I love. Our bedroom is in red/white/blue. My husband and son are both Veteran’s so tend to be a very patriotic family!

  345. Sandy Post says:

    One Nation definitely calls to me. I love making quilts for Wounded Warriors, and this would be perfect!

  346. Wilma Searcy says:

    One Nation is my choice. I would love to win these awesome patriotic fabrics to make it. That would be my July project!

  347. Cynthia Rathunde says:

    I like Lovin Miss Ashley, the flowers remind me of summer.

  348. Debbie Bogenschutz says:

    Candy Fireworks!!!!

    I met Fons and Fons at the Creative Festival in Cincinnati this week and they were wonderful!!!!

  349. Gail Barabasz says:

    I love the Via Air Mail quilt.

  350. Pat Helm says:

    One Nation for sure. I received my magazine this week and am going to the quilt shop on Monday to purchase the material. I love it!

  351. Susan Burns says:

    I really love Via Air Mail. I remember loving to play with the air mail envelopes. There was just something about them that inspired me to want to travel, to experience the places they were sent to or from. The fabrics chosen for this quilt capture the essence of that feeling for me once again. Simply beautiful!

  352. Joyce says:

    Hi, Actually in the July/August Love of Quilting magazine has a quilt I am going to make. I have to run to the fabric store for a couple colors but I can’t wait. It is called Liberty’s Stars.

  353. Judy W says:

    I really like the Lovin Miss Ashley table runner. Liberty Stars is also very nice. It’s a good thing I don’t have to pick just one :)

  354. Linda Tunnell says:

    I like the Via Air Mail Quilt….love the colors!

  355. Edith Mascia says:

    I like One Nation. Anything red, white and blue is my favorite.

  356. Pat Murphy says:

    Cool Blue of course!!!

  357. Anna Houck says:

    I really like Jessica’s Rose Garden! I love the colors that are used and the pattern. I’m ready for some beautiful summer colors.

  358. Paula Erhard says:

    I absolutely love the One Nation quilt. I am such a patriot that anything is better in red, white & blue!

  359. Sandy says:

    I would say To the Manor Grown. It reminds me of walking through a summer flower garden.

  360. barbara says:

    I’m lovin’ “Lovin’ Miss Ashley”. LOVE the purple fabrics in the kit.

  361. valerie csmith says:

    I am doing a nice summer wall hanging with the flag, watermelon, flowers and fun

  362. I’m making quilts of valor now and would love to make more!

  363. Julie says:

    I like the Cool Blue pattern. The pattern looks like it could work well with some fabrics I collected over the years but could never find a pattern that would showoff the prints.

  364. I just got my newest issue of Love of Quilting, but would love to win this fabric so I can make Mary’s new quilt, Emerald!!! Just saw it this AM on PBS and know I can do this!!! Haven’t had a chance yet to decide which quilt in the latest issue!

  365. Mary Ann says:

    I like how the striped fabric is used in Via Air Mail. It’s different and adds interest to the block. Can’t wait to try it!

  366. Rosemary Steinmetz says:

    I want to make a quilt that represent the USA and the military.So a quilt of Valor,and stars and stripes of the American flag.

  367. Julie Shirley says:

    I love the quilt on the cover and really would like to make it! I’m always looking for reds, whites, and blues with which to make quilts–this particular quilt “spoke” to me as if to say, “make me”!! :-)

  368. BamaStitcher says:

    Rock Island Campfires inspires me to dig into my stash and make a fun quilt!

  369. Debbie Esper says:

    Liberty’s Stars. I love the softness of the colors.

  370. Ellen Marx says:

    I love red, white and blue fabric from the Civil War reproductions to all the quilts of valor. If I had the ability I would make ALL the quilts of valor and all the other red, white and blues to honor my parents who were in WWII.

  371. Merri says:

    I love the Rock Island Campfires. My next quilt is for my son and I’m planning a string quilt in patriotic colors for him for his service in the National Guard and his time spent in Afghanistan. I’m also originally from the Rock Island, IL area so it really caught my eye because of the name!!

  372. Leah says:

    One Nation. I like red, white and blue themes during the summer. A wall hanging out of the star block would be great.

  373. Kathryn Kaeding says:

    My favorite is “To The Manor Grown”. It will be in blues and grays.

  374. Lauren Lawson says:

    I love the soft colors and design of Liberty’s Starts. Something to curl up with on the patio on a cool summer evening.

  375. Sandy T says:

    Love Via Air Mail!!!

  376. kbo says:

    I really want a Red White & Blue quilt in my home this summer and the “One Nation” is just the right style.

  377. Polly Beckley says:

    Rock Island Campfire is the quilt I choose because it has so much movement, just like summer! Lots to do in summer and this quilt would be part of the planning! From picnics to evening breeze this is the quilt to have on the ready!

  378. debbie pete says:

    rock island campfires

  379. Sherry Moran says:

    Anniversary Memories is the one for me! I’d make it Birthday Memories for my Mother’s 90th birthday in August.

  380. The Quilt on the cover of your July/August issue caught my eye. I love to make Red, White & Blue Quilts. I made one for a Military convention as a raffle for there Wounded Warrior fund and they made a $1000 in profits from the raffle. I love scrappy quilts and I will make this one for me (well maybe). They never seem to stay someone else always needs or wants a quilt.

  381. Karen says:

    Air Mail is so striking and the pattern I would make to keep for myself. These patriotic patterns are just waiting for a Quilt of Valor. The the fabrics.

  382. I love the Quilt on the cover of your July/August issue. I like to make Red, White & Blue quilts. I made one for a military convention as a raffle for the Wounded Warriors fund and they made $1000 profit on it. I would like to make this quilt for me (well maybe).
    There always seems to be someone that needs or wants a quilt.

  383. Elizabeth Storck says:

    I like Via Air Mail as a summer quilt with red, white & blue fabrics. So airy and patriotic!

  384. Carol A. Fisher says:

    I love the Liberty Stars quilt! The design is traditional and the colors used are very subtle and romantic.

  385. MaryE Littman says:

    Red white and blue is not only Patriotic, it is a memory of our Firecracker! To make a Quilt for my Grand Daughter (who now lives with me) my Daughter Yvonne born July 4, 1967 passed away Oct. 2010 after heart surgery.

  386. Barbara Strubelt says:

    Finally got my copy of the magazine in the mail. Cant wait to get started on the One Nation.

  387. thelma jones says:

    i love the cover quilt. i would drape it on my porch bench with a couple pillows and it would look so festive and wonderful.

  388. chris zofkie says:


  389. Lorraine Lee says:

    One Nation is beautiful. I’ve always wanted to make a red, white and blue quilt.

  390. Shari says:

    Oh my. I really like,and plan to make, seven of these quilts! They’re fabulous. I can’t decide which to start first but I’m leaning toward “Dance With Me” because it reminds me of jukebox days listening to songs in high school while my DH (then boyfriend) was in Vietnam.

  391. Cecilia says:

    I like Liberty’s Stars. I love red, white, and blue quilts.

  392. Karen Mayberry says:

    I really like Cool Blue and Via Air Mail. They would be fun to make.

  393. LeighZ says:

    Really want to do a Via Air Mail! Love patriotic fabrics!

  394. ritainalaska says:

    ‘dance with me’ would be sensational in rw&b!

  395. Janice Hillman says:

    They are all lovely but “one Nation” stood out to me. Great magazine!

  396. Donna C. says:

    Got my copy in the mail yesterday! First quilt will be one nation. Nothing says summer better than red, white, and blue and pinwheels!

  397. Maxine says:

    I like Jessica’s Rose Garden.

  398. Marilyn says:

    I would make the Liberty Stars quilt in honor of those who have sacrificed for our freedom.

  399. Kathleen B says:

    I am inspired by Appliqué Flower Table Runner Lovin’ Miss Ashley. It is so simple and yet so lovely!

  400. CindyD says:

    I love Cool Blue – would challenge my skills big time!

  401. Mary Maxwell says:

    I like the “one nation” pattern. I have been wanting to make a patriotic quilt. This is perfect. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  402. sue says:

    I love the blues of the Cool Blue. I may want this in my guest bedroom!!

  403. Jeannie Z says:

    Via Air Mail. It’s so classic, yet I love the color choices! And I love fabrics so hope I win some!

  404. Lisa Cecil says:

    I want to do Rock Island Campfires! You are VERY inspiring.

  405. Patti Linder says:

    I like Dance with Me and Writer’s Block…

  406. Linda Glines says:

    Via Air Mail. I absolutely love any red, white and blue combinations. I am a beginner status quilter. I am very happy that you include patterns for us beginners that look so wonderful completed.

  407. Becky Collis says:

    I am inspired by the Liberty Stars quilt! It really says “summer” to me!

  408. Sandi Grodek says:

    I really want to make Via Air Mail. I love nine patch quilts and the red border makes it pop.

  409. Barbara Smith says:

    I would love to do the One Nation quilt for my grandson who just returned from Afghanistan. He’s been wanting one of the Quilts of Valor and I think it would be a perfect tribute to him. It will remind us why he chose to serve our great nation in these troubled times.

  410. Marjorie Musselman says:

    I love the Anniversary Memories quilt. I love to scrapbook and I could blend my two hobbies together to create a lasting quilt, that could be passed down to my grandchildren :)

  411. Diana Binkowski says:

    I love anything red, white, and blue. I make Quilts of Valor and am so proud of everyone I’ve made. I come from long line of military starting with the Revolutionary War and all the way to the War in Afghanistan and every war in between.

  412. Janelle Dunn says:

    Dance with me & Via Air Mail are my favorites

  413. Katrina Gressett says:

    I am in love with Jessica’s Rose Garden!

  414. tmc says:

    Love “Lovin’ Miss Ashley.” I’ve been wanting to try a positive/negative quilt!

  415. Joyce Miller says:

    Just love Via Air Mail. The pattern is simple but elegant. The colors of fabric are striking. Would love to win an assortment.

  416. Donna Wingo says:

    Love several of the quilts in this issue but will first make Via Air Mail quilt. Love your magazine and TV shows.

  417. Jan R says:

    I’ve been wanting to try string piecing, so Rock Island Campfires really appeals to me. I also like Via Air Mail, and it looks easy!

  418. JAB says:

    Love the One Nations – will add this to my Quilts of Valor file

  419. Deb Praus says:

    Most definitely…Via Airmail, fell in love with it at first glance, already working on it!

  420. Gina Hull says:

    Lone Star quilt

  421. Kathy Payton says:

    Got my magazine last week and have already been admiring the Colonial Medallion a lot!

  422. Cindy Stapleton says:

    I really like One Nation. This is the pattern I am going to use for a quilt that I will be giving to my nephew who is leaving at the end of August for the United States Marines Corp. We are so proud of him.

  423. Teri Lee says:

    Rock Island Campfires looks like a great quilt to put together. And summer and campfires go together.

  424. Julia Thoel says:

    My favorite is One nation. I love stars; they are always interesting. I am a red, white and blue person in clothes and decorating. Suppose it is because my birthday is in July (same month as the USA).

  425. Sandi Duvall says:

    Love the cover quilt! Just finished a Quilt of Valor but may have to make this one also. Love the design and the colors!

  426. Marie King says:

    I got to do the anniversary memories quilt. What a great idea to use all those great pictures and printable fabric.

  427. Theresa says:

    I really like the Colonial Medallions and Lovin’ Miss Ashley! so many quilts, so little time….

  428. Brenda Hojonski says:

    I love Cool Blue and would be more apt to make that quilt than some of the others.

  429. JoAnne Christensen says:

    I like Air Mail – patriotic & simple! What could be better for summer.

  430. Pat Nagy says:

    I’d like to work on Via Air Mail this summer.

  431. MaryBeth says:

    I just finished cutting all the pieces for my version of 3 Tours for my son who is currently serving in Afghanistan. I love it and can’t wait to give it to him for his homecoming.

  432. Nancy says:

    They are all nice, but I’d go for Cool Blue.

  433. Kenna Webb says:

    I love all of the red, white and blue quilts. It was hard to decide which quilt I would like to work on first but I’m thinking the Memories quilt would be an awesome one to start on and try to finish it by our family reunion the end of July. I could always use red white and blue fabrics in it. :)

  434. Deb Burger says:

    The crib sized version of Rock Island campfires.

  435. Cecilia Morris says:

    I love the Cool Blue quilt. With the hot July days and nights this seems to make you feel automatically coller.

  436. Kristy Boule says:

    I’m really inspired by To The Manor Grown: adore the color scheme! I might just have to order the kit. I’m also intrigued by the antique broken star pattern….decisions, decisions.

  437. Bonnie Haskell says:

    Lovin’ Miss Ashley— I might actually DO this one… :)

  438. Janice Hill says:

    I absolutely love Cool Blue and would SO make it. I have a subscription so I already have my magazine and have been drooling at the patterns. LOL!

  439. Ceidys says:

    Love the quilt on the cover. Cannot wait to get my issue!

  440. Charlotte Trabue says:

    I love the quilt on the front. I would look really good in my living room. It is RW&B can’t hardly wait till I get the book.

  441. Debra says:

    One Nation is my favorite quilt from above. I would love to make a patriotic quilt for my dad who served in Korea, and I think he would love this one.

  442. Linda Wright says:

    I like ONE NATION. I want to make this for my Grandson. His Dad is in the Army now 18 years 2 times to Iraq and 4 times to Korea were he is now. He will be home for good this August poss back surgery and both knee’s done. Military life is rough on the body. I so enjoy all your magazine’s and do some of the quilts. Linda

  443. TaraA says:

    Via Airmail!

  444. Amanda Truett says:

    I think that the “One Nation” quilt will be my inspiration for this summer. Americans have been through a lot of tribulations this year and the red, white, and blue will help remind us of our wonderful country.

  445. Jennie Chapman says:

    Via Air Mail – I love doing 9-Patch quilts

  446. Amy M says:

    Love them all but Cool blue is my pick

  447. Teri powers says:

    Cool blue

  448. Amber says:

    Writer’s Block is the one I’d really like to try for summer, it is really different from my usual style but the kind of style I’m really finding myself drawn to in the last couple years.

  449. Joyce Robbins says:

    To the Manor Grown i going to be my summer project times two.
    I just finished up a quilt for my eldest grandchild and was looking for a pattern to make her brother and her cousin their “big boy” quilts. They’re a month apart in age, so I can’t make one without doing for the other.
    I wanted a quilt pattern that would be appropriate for all ages and would work with a red/white/blue color pattern.

  450. Cyndi says:

    I love Rock Island Campfires. Not only did the name catch my eye (I love to camp), I love the scraps! One of my goal this summer is to use up some of my scraps, and this is the perfect quilt for that! Thanks!

  451. I really, really like the Via airmail quilt. I love the patriotic look of red/white/blue for July. It would look lovely laying across a rocking chair on my front porch. Love it.

  452. suzette norby says:

    As a veteran, I love all the patriotic quilts. I need to get going (or get sewing) on one.

  453. Chris Fisher says:

    One Nation…..there’s just something about the red, white & blue…..especially since we have a son in the Navy on deployment right now :)

  454. Suzanne Bove says:

    Love Via Air Mail

  455. Jennifer Shaffer says:

    I love all quilts patriotic, but the cover quilt has all my favorites, red/white/blue/stars and hearts. Would love to make this for me. :)

  456. Anita Ezzell says:

    Via Air Mail, that is right up my scrapy alley :) This is my favorite magazine!

  457. Bonita velasco says:

    Love the coloes in To the manor grown but one nation grabs my heart strings…love it

  458. Verlaine Stein says:

    Liberty’s Stars looks like a quilt I would enjoy making…especially if I win the fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

  459. Danielle Goedel says:

    Lovin’ Miss Ashley is my favorite. I love the 3-D aspect it portrays and the cut down the middle.

  460. Dawn says:

    the Colonial Medallion is awesome!

  461. Nancy McFall says:

    I love the Lovin’ Miss Ashley quilt. I’m definitely making that one.

  462. Laurie Clevenger says:

    I choose “cool blues” for my summer project quilt. It is a beautiful design and the color blue just happens to be my favorite color. This shade of blue reminds me of my fathers eyes. I love the traditional quilt designs, but have fun trying modern designs also.

  463. Judy says:

    ohhh, i have to pick cool blue. awesome quilt!

  464. Debbie says:

    I am doing interlocking squares quilt with a white background. Praying the 12 blocks look great!

  465. Kathy Czuprynski says:

    Liberty’s Stars. Beautiful

  466. Wendy Swanson says:

    I love the “Via Airmail” quilt! The colors just draw me in and make me want to make it :) I really like the 9 patch inside of a nine patch design. I’ll definitely be making this one!

  467. Rhonda S says:

    Considering my birthday is the 4th of July, One Nation would be a must for me!!!!

  468. I love “One Nation” and “Via Airmail. Am currently working on “3 Tours” for my husband. He was a Marine in Viet Nam.

  469. KathyMac says:

    Liberty’s Stars would make a beautiful Quilt of Valor. Beautiful!

  470. O Norman says:

    Anniversary memories

  471. Linda says:

    I love Via Air Mail. I’ve been saving my red, whites & off whites, and blues for quilts like this. Thank you for the simple pattern for summer.

  472. Kathleen says:

    Liberty’s Stars, Jessica’s Rose Garden and Cool Blue, My favorites in that order:
    Liberty’s Stars reminds me of Grandmothers bedroom, soft colors, welcomes you in.
    Jessica’s Rose Garden, same feeling of olden days and visits to the old homestead.
    Cool Blue, always love anything blue and this one certainly is blue.

  473. Donna H says:

    I like One Nation the best of the group…. but I LOVED the right hand choice of the cover choices you posted yesterday….

  474. Kathleen says:

    Favorite: Liberty’s Stars, colors and design remind me of visit with Grandmother at old homestead. Also love Jessica’s Rose Garden, Cool Blue and Via Airmail….

  475. Theresa says:

    Cool Blue was beautiful; blue is the primary color of the U.S. Coast Guard Uniforms, so it has a special place in my heart as I am a CG retiree. I love patriotic fabrics too, all things American Flag colors!

  476. Peggy Lipinski says:

    Via Air Mail reminds me of the letters my parents exchanged during WW II. I love the pastoral colors of One Nation, I could see that one in my family room, I love the play with pinwheels.

  477. Kathleen says:

    Liberty’s Stars…..YES…..

  478. Jillian Rees says:

    My youngest son has just spent 13 months in America, in both Maryland, DC and Arizona, as an intern in one of your Ohio State Uni Int’l Programs. He is now in England, UK continuing his learning whilst saving to come home to Australia for a visit in October/November. He loved working and travelling around the USA and on his day’s/weekends off he managed to visit 13/14 USA States (I believe at last count and a couple that he went back to twice). I would love to use the patriotic fabric bundle to make the Via Air Mail quilt for him to take with him when he continues on with his travels because the Via Air Mail represents his time in USA so well. Thank you

  479. Darla says:

    LOVE your Via Air Mail quilt. It makes me want to dig through my stash for shades of three cheerful, summery colors. Looks simple and could use up some scraps I have saved up. Thanks for the motivation!

  480. Linda Zumwalt says:

    I love the cover quilt and also Cool Blue.

  481. Valerie Gallareto says:

    I Love the One Nation Quilt! Stars and pinwheels are my favorites.

  482. Sandy Hohn says:

    My fav is One Nation. I like the vibrant colors.

  483. Becky McMahon says:

    I have to say you’ve out done yourself with all the stars. I love a quilt made with star patterns. I have also fell in love with the Lovin’ Miss Ashley table runner, but the one that I plan to start on is the Rock Island Campfires: String Pieced Quilt. I have been considering doing a string quilt and this one really has a nice arrangement. I want to use material that my kids are familiar with from their past, favorite clothes and such. I remember a quilt my mom had made that was fun to look at and remember this outfit or that one. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration!

  484. Ellen Chavis says:

    Dance with me. I’m going through an applique period. Good luck to all. Thanks for the free patterns. I probably should have picked one that has triangles as I recently was given the Fons and Porter half and quarter ruler and need to learn how to use it.

  485. rhonda davis says:

    I would like to quilt either the Colonial Medallion or the Anniversary Memories as my parents will be celebrating their 45th anniversary this summer and my dad stage IV lung cancer.

  486. Charlotte says:

    “One Nation” has officially gone on my “must do” list!

  487. Jane Freeman says:

    This is the time of the year to think about those who have served us so well and I would love to make One Nation as a Quilt of Valor. So far all I have done is contribute blocks.

  488. Pat Henry says:

    The Stars and Stripes on the cover would be my choice. I would incorporate my father’s military picture from WWII to honor him. I love that look!

  489. Muriel says:

    I have a son who served in the army for 10 years. I love the patrotic theme. Painted my third bathroom red,white and blue. Just completed a army quilt for my husband for father’s day. He collects old army truck…

  490. Emily says:

    I love the colors and pattern to “To the manor grown”. could work as a patriotic quilt!!!

  491. Nadine Stupelli says:

    How to choose? How to choose? I need to make a quilt for an August wedding, so, I think I will start with To the Manor Grown. I love One Nation , Liberty’s Stars, Via Air Mail too. They are now on my list of “quilts to do next”. Great issue. Thanks.

  492. Jean K says:

    Love all the Patriotic quilts you do. Really want to do the Via Airmail on this cover :)

  493. grace krajewski says:

    I love the cool blue!! My bedroom is decorated in blues and white.. It would look gorgeous in there.

  494. Signe Ivanovitch says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a quilt or wall hanging with photos of my family members who have served in the military. The Anniversary Memories quilt would work perfectly for that purpose. I already have a lot of red, white and blue fabric and have scanned photos of all our military men from WWI to Iraq. All I need is a swift kick in the bottom to get me started.

  495. Wilma Searcy says:

    I live in Liberty, Missouri, so Liberty’s Stars would be my choice.

  496. KANDY KRIESER says:

    MISS ASHLEY pattern interests me -so I think I will try that one.
    Of course, there isn’t very many Fons & Porter patterns that I don’t like.

  497. mary says:

    love one nation ,all thr colors of the fireworks on the 4th of july

  498. Barbara Pricola says:

    I love the Rock Island Campfires! It is so very summer.

  499. Rhonda Hunter says:

    Antique Broken Star is my favorite in this issue. I love star quilts and wall hangings. In my home they go up in May (before Memorial Day) and stay up through September (Labor Day.)

  500. Michelle Hahne says:

    Liberty’s Stars in patriotic red, white, and blue would shout summer for me!

  501. Earlene Nelson says:

    Airmail” is my favorite. It would make an awesome Wounded Warriors quilt, which our guild supports.

  502. Patty morales says:

    I love the quilt Jessica’s rose garden. You have to have beautiful material to fussy cut for that quilt and I think she nailed it!

  503. Manda says:

    Candy fireworks
    . Love the bright with the dark.

  504. Diane says:

    I really love the antique broken stars! It is lovely,

  505. Paula Preti says:

    I like all the patriotic ones, but the Candy fireworks grab me. would make a great picnic quilt

  506. Carmen says:

    I got your magazine in the mail this past weekend and spent a delightful hour or so reading it (I read once when it arrives and then in great detail over the following weeks). Although it is not featured as a patriotic quilt, I loved Writer’s Block. You could definitely red, white, and blue the border, and find some nice stars or “waves of red” for the large pieces. I’ve been wanting to try applique and this quilt inspired me.
    Thanks for a great magazine!

  507. Debbie says:

    To the Manor Grown says summer.

  508. Shannon says:

    To the Manor, definitely. Love the showcase of large prints.

  509. maria wiegel says:

    I really like Jessica’s Garden.I love florals(have loads of floral fabrics) and am always looking for patterns that really show them off.This pattern is perfect for that.

  510. Denise Zuhlke says:

    I’m most inspired by Lovin’ Miss Ashley. I’ve been working on my garden again, because it was an overgrown mess that I didn’t love anymore. I am hoping to get it back to something I am proud to have, and Lovin’ Miss Ashley would cheer me up while I’m working my way back into the good graces of the hummingbirds and butterflies.

  511. Rachell R says:

    I really like One Nation and Liberty’s Stars. Stars are my #1 favorite block, and I really like Patriotic colors. I’m trying to finish my Patriotic Sampler blocks soon.

  512. Quilting Tangent says:

    I like the diagonal lines that Via Air Mail has.

  513. Amanda Best says:

    My favorite is the Antique Broken Star. Those styles of stars have always been my favorite, but I have never attempted one. The pattern I would like to make would be the To the Manor Grown. They are all lovely!

  514. Rettabug says:

    I just subscribed to your blog postings, although I’ve been watching your show for more than 12 years at least!
    I ♥♥♥ the Via Air Mail Quilt shown…it has all the elements that I love & I’ve been gathering red/white & blue fabrics for quite some time, with a patriotic quilt in mind. This one is perfect!
    Thanks for making this contest available for everyone to enter.

  515. Mary Ann Lueck says:

    Via Air Mail really appeals to me. I love scrappy quilts and the challenges they present. The patriotic bundle will be perfect for this pattern.

  516. Lindsey says:

    Definitely the one nation quilt. I’m a sucker for anything red, white, and blue and am so excited about my July 4th table runners.

  517. Sue roush says:

    Hard to pick just one to quilt but fell in love with “Lovin’ Miss Ashley”. I am thinking of making it into a twin quilt for one of my granddaughters. Thank you,

  518. Sharon Kruml says:

    the cover quilt. I would make and donate it to the wounded warrior project.

  519. cr says:

    I am so excited to decorate for Independence Day

  520. Dena Martin says:

    I’m inspired by the Liberty Stars, star and patchwork quilt. I already have a couple of color variations in mind.

  521. Janelle Rench says:

    Lovin’ the Candy Fireworks!! How fun!

  522. Carol says:

    Via Airmail is strikingly beautiful and gets my vote for sure!!!

  523. Dana C. says:

    I have another nephew entering the United States Navy this year. I would love to make these quilts for my “sailors” when they return home to our mountain state.

  524. Anniversary Memories is my inspiration. My parents have been married for over 50 years and a memories quilt is something all of us can contribute to. Each of us kids can add something from what we feel was a special moment.

  525. Carol Gearey says:

    I love the One Nation quilt. All those stars are beautiful especially the large one in the middle!

  526. Candy Shipley says:

    I would really like to win the fabric as my Mother just passed away and the via air mail would be a perfect tribute to her! She never missed a chance to show her american spirit!

  527. Janet Finney says:

    I love them all, but in the summer I especially like red, white and blue. I really like the via air mail. It has the right combination of red, white and blue.

  528. Lori Smanski says:

    Wonderful, To The Manor Grown looks like it would be a fun quilt to make. Thanks for the inspiration. And for the give a way.

  529. Coco B says:

    Dance with Me is so fresh and happy and summery. It reminds me of front porches, lemonade, county fairs and taffy, my favorite “fair food”!

  530. Dianna Whitehead says:

    Hi! I really love Liberty Stars. Thank you for the chance to win.

  531. Jan Keely says:

    I love the Via Airmail and Candy Fireworks – – – Love the magazine….

  532. Trae Flesher says:

    Oh, I’d love to get started on TO THE MANOR GROWN! I love doing some fussy cutting and this doesn’t look like it would be over-whelming.

  533. Deb Enders says:

    Without a doubt, my choice would be “Anniversary Memories”. In May, 2014, we celebrate our 40th anniversary, and I was admiring that quilt in my edition of the magazine – I want to make one for us! I make many quilts, but never have made one for me….so I think its about time I did! Thank you for the great patterns and a great magazine….I enjoy every one.

  534. Tammy Clark says:

    I love the “One Nation” quilt. We are a Gold Star Family and I want to make a patriotic quilt for each of the Marines that served with my step-son.

  535. Janey says:

    Summer means color to me and I always have a project or two that fills some of my leisurely summer evenings.

  536. gloria calandro says:

    I love the Rock Island Campfire pattern. All the diagonal lines in many diffent colors would look in any room. Already started making it.

  537. JLC says:

    “Cool Blue” would brighten my summer evenings!

  538. Jennifer Nystrom says:

    I love Jessica’s Rose garden. The colors and the pattern inspire me!

  539. I would love to win this patriotic bundle–I make QOV’s all the time–just over 30 so far this year. Our group has presented about 150 so far this year!

  540. Sharon York says:

    My favorite is One Nation. I love any quilt that has red, white and blue.

  541. Nancy Fanning says:

    Quilts of Valor 10th Anniversary Block – inspires me to make a quilt.

  542. Rita Gronberg says:

    My choice is ” To the Manor Grown”. I think it is a good choice for many different fabrics. Thanks

  543. Meryl Mosk says:

    The dance with me because my son loves music! I’m going to use music and beetles fabrics for the records. I can’t wait to start.

  544. Meryl Mosk says:

    The records on Dance with Me make me smile. My son loves music so I cannot wait to start this one

  545. DianeBC says:

    I love the cover quilt with the stars and R/W/B colors. Our nations needs to remember what it all stands for.

  546. Laura says:

    I have been collecting patriotic prints in anticipation to create an heirloom quilt for our family. I haven’t yet decided on the pattern but have been considering “In Honor of…” as a thank you gift for a family member who has spent many years in the service and recently retired.

    In viewing the selections listed above, the quilt that inspires me the most for summer quilting is the Rock Island Campfire. The colors and design jump out, allowing me to gravitate towards enjoying the warmth it will provide. It is a perfect quilt for my youngest daughter who is now a sophmore in college.

  547. I want to make the quilt “Via Air Mail” for many reasons. In memory of my father who was a WWII veteran and flew with the Hells Angels group. He began working for the US Post Office and then served as Postmaster in our home town retiring from the US Post Office. This quilt will serve his memory in a very unique and personal way.

  548. Brenda Reichers says:

    Loving the Via airmail, it’s simple, uses fun print’s, and can be used with patriotic prints.

  549. SB Spencer says:

    “Via Air Mail” reminds me of spending the 4th of July under the trees in the half-acre front lawn of a friend’s family farm, a cornucopia of picnic foods laid out on folding tables, and homemade ice cream from a freezer hand-cranked by half-a-dozen adolescent arms. Cow pond catfish caught with bent-pin hooks on cotten string dangled from cane poles. Green apples eaten straight from the tree. Jar flies are thrumming in the trees overhead, dust plumes up from pickup trucks as they grind by on the gravel county road, and laughter. Yes, lots of laughter.

    I’m a middle-aged guy now, and I’m picking up the family craft tradition where my grandmother & great-grandmother left off. I would add a solid red and solid white to the fat quarter, and call it “Ridgetop, Tennessee, circa 1966″.

  550. Mary Jean Fasig says:

    Via Air Mail is my favorite, I love red, white & blue.

  551. athy says:

    I love “Via Air Mail”, but then as both the child of military parents and retired military myself I love red, white and blue – and shades of green!

  552. Shelby Wilder says:

    I like the Via Airmail and To the Manor Grown

  553. Pattie Kelley says:

    “In Honor of …” is my choice. As others mentioned, I too have been collecting patriotic prints to create something very special. As the mother of a U.S. Army Veteran (Afghanistan), as I sew every stitch, not only will I be honoring my son for his service, I will also be honoring the men and women who have and are serving our Country, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Thank you.

  554. Jacquelin Cummings says:

    “Three Tours” from the March/April 2012 issue is one of my favorites. I was able to see this quilt at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Lakeland, FL last year and it was exquisite.

  555. Jean King says:

    I love red, white and blue quilts. My favorite color is red and I always have a small quilt over me at night when I watch TV. What would be more perfect than a patriotic quilt? Liberty Stars is my favorite!

  556. Bonnie Thiem says:

    The One Nation quilt would look great in the Patriotic bundle. I’d love to win the bundle and make the quilt. Thanks.

  557. Yalana Rhea says:

    The Quilt Via Air Mail brought back such great memories of when that is how we communicated to our loved ones all over the world. I remember the envelopes with the red, white and blue symbol so vividly and this quilt brings it home for me. Thank you for bringing that memory back for me and can’t wait to make the quilt for myself.

  558. Becky Smart says:

    I bought this issue because I wanted to make Via Air Mail, the quilt on the cover. It’s wonderful!

  559. Carol Mais says:

    Love all the quilt projects in this issue. Rock Island Campfires is my favorite.

  560. Marilyn S says:

    love “cool blue” :)

  561. Dee VanBoening says:

    My wonderful father-in-law is one of the few remaining Atomic WWII veterans, and I plan to start a Quilts of Valor quilt for him this summer. Out of these choices, I like “One Nation” as it is a traditional look that I think he would really like. I am still looking for the perfect pattern and perfect material, because he is so worth it!

  562. Marti Zieg says:

    Writer’s Block! Love it!

  563. Pam Hunt says:

    I love Rock Island Campfires. My Dad worked for the railroad all of his life and the quilt makes me have wonderful memories of him.

  564. Mary Ripper says:

    I am inspired by the One Nation quilt. The red, white and blue is so beautiful! I want to make a Quilt of Valor for my husband who served during the Vietnam era and did not come home to an appreciative public. It wad a hurtful time for men who served then. I think my husband will be thrilled to recieve a quilt to honor his service.

  565. Nannette Price says:

    I loved the cover project the instant I saw it! So fresh but elegant, a modern take on a classic design. Gorgeous!

  566. Barbara says:

    I have been pouring over the Via Air Mail pattern ever since the magazine arrived. It is beautiful! I’d love to do a quilt, but may settle for a table runner just two blocks wide.

  567. Deborah French says:

    I love the cover quilt the most!!! Thanks!

  568. Darla Zimmer says:

    One Nation immediately appealed to me. I love the large block surrounded by smaller ones and the patriotic theme and colors are wonderful.

  569. Susan Wilkerson says:

    I would love to do the Liberty Stars!! Its a beautiful quilt and will be a challenge for me!

  570. Betty H says:

    I like the different star centers in One Nation. The patriotic bundle would work great for that pattern.

  571. Miriam says:


    I think I’d make the quilt that’s on the cover. I have so many fabrics and fabric scraps in red, white and blue. That’s patriotic for the USA, but also for Holland, as the Dutch flag is in red, white and blue too. And I think it’s a very pleasant looking quilt, the one on the cover…



  572. Becky Rahn says:

    I love every quilt in this issue, but I was especially struck by Rock Island Campfires. I have a week of vacation coming up and I have the supplies all ready to go to sew this quilt while I’m off work! It will be perfect to wrap up in on my porch during a cool summer evening!

  573. Lynn says:

    The Via Air Mail Quilt! I love the soft reds and blues, and it looks like it would be easy to pull together.

    I have made a few quilts from Love of Quilting – love the magazine and the inspirations.

  574. Bonnie Malcolm says:

    The One Nation would be perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July events.

  575. Garlynda Caraway says:

    Always decorate with red white and blue for the month of July. Have several quilts wall hangings and table runners from F&P patterns, what inspires me the most this time is Dance with Me done in patriotic colors! Wouldn’t that be great!

  576. Brenda Valentine-Bates says:

    I like the Writer’s block pattern because it is so versatile. I once used many blue items from my four son’s clothing to make the blocks with white and red squares added in. I then took patches from my old Army uniforms and stitched them on to the center most squares. The quilt showed a mother’s love of her children and her country.
    Thank you to all who have shared their family members so we all may live in freedom.

  577. Carol Vickers says:

    My favorite is the quilt on the cover. It’s an inspiration to get in gear and quilt!

  578. Sandra Timmons says:

    Cool Blue definitely caught my eye. I simply love the color blue and this is one quilt that I want to make. Patriotic quilts are fun to make and they help celebrate the 4th of July by being proudly displayed – on your porch or even as a table topper or even just to be wrapped in love. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  579. Veronica Boss says:

    The one quilt that I love is the One Nation. I just love colors and design of the quilt.

  580. Tania Untalan says:

    I am inspired by the One Nation quilt. My husband and son are in the military and I am always looking for patriotic patterns!

  581. I really like the Air Mail quilt. I am a board member of the F.A.I.T.H. Military Support Group (Families And Individuals Thanking Heroes) and we send by Air Mail 125 care packages a month to our troops. Since 2006 we have shipped over 10,000 care packages. We usually auction or raffle a quilt every October to help raise funds for postage and care package items. This particular pattern just exemplifies what we do and it would be a big hit with our fundraising this fall.

  582. Sara Bilbrey says:

    Rock Island Campfire!

  583. KANDICE OHERN says:

    I love the American Independence; can’t wait to WIN the fabric to make it!! I have quilted several Quilt of Valor quilt tops; a fantastic project!!! THANK YOU

  584. Rosetta Wiley says:

    The cool blue is my favorite! Can’t wait to start making!

  585. Nicole L says:

    The quilt that inspires me this summer is Cool Blue. Just lovely!

  586. Carolyn Young says:

    One Nation – says it all that so many have fought for…

  587. Peggy says:

    ‘COOL BLUE’ !!!!!

  588. Lori King says:

    I’m fond of “One Nation” and “Liberty Star”. I’m a sucker for any pattern that has a star in it. My 16 year old daughter and I are going to be making Quilts of Valor this year. We have been collecting Red, White and Blue fabrics whenever and whereever we find them on sale for this purpose.

  589. Pat says:

    My quilting group has been making Quilts of Valor, and have already made 22 QOV’s for the WWII, Korean and Viet Nam veterans in one church since February of this year. Seventeen of them will be presented this next Sunday, June 30. We are a fairly new group, few in number and this has been our first big project.

    My next QOV quilt will be Via Air Mail which is my favorite so far. It would be wonderful to win a fat quarter bundle for this project.

  590. Mary says:

    I love the One Nation pictures on the front cover. That is a great combination of blocks.

  591. Marilyn Logan says:

    I love the pattern “Via Air Mail”. I can see it done in the prints from the fat quarter bundle offered to the winners as well as just about any colors or prints. It appears to be a very versatile pattern with lots of opportunities to use so many different fabrics. I am sure I will use this pattern over and over. In fact I have my first quilt cut out already to start using this pattern.

  592. Jenifer Aragon says:

    Colonial Medallion is just gorgeous!

  593. Beth N says:

    For me Liberty Stars! a blend of restful (to do) checks and a bit challenging but ever favorite stars

  594. Sonya Kostner says:

    I am a brand new quilter, just starting this summer. I am currently working on my 4th quilt. Can’t get enough and I have so many ideas I have picked up. I really like the cool blue quilt. It just seems so relaxing.

  595. Gail Ritchie says:

    I like three of the quilts listed the best. They are Lovin’ Miss Ashley, Via Air Mail and Cool Blue. I am partial to the color blue. The quilting group that I am in made a quilt of valor from one of your previous magazines.

  596. Cathy Boyd says:

    I am currently working on Quilts of Valor. The last quilt I designed I used the saw tooth star in it. I really enjoyed and plan to use it more often now I know how to make the stars!!

  597. Ruth says:

    I like them all but my favorite and my granddaughters favorite is Jessica’s Rose Garden

  598. Carmen Dexheimer says:

    A Patriotic quilt is great year-round!

  599. Karalee Shenfield says:

    I like the Colonial Medallion

  600. Carmen Dexheimer says:

    Via Air Mail is beautiful!

  601. Karalee Shenfield says:

    I like the Colonial Medallion for my son and his wife.

  602. Sue Fender says:

    Liberty Stars is a fav or mine! I just love the small patchwork blocks with the star blocks. Who doesn’t love stars! Kind of reminds me of the sparklers we played with when we were kids. Happy 4th Americans!

  603. Pamela Coughlin says:

    Liberty Stars and One Nation are great patterns for a red, white and blue quilt! Such fun we can have with July 4th!

  604. Connie German says:

    One Nation has my vote.

  605. Sarah Richardson says:

    Via Airmail, would make a beautiful QOV

  606. Lynne says:

    I had to have major surgery and still have to face the prospect of chemotherapy. My quilting this summer will all be in honor of life.

  607. Sara in WV says:

    I like Via Air Mail – easily adaptable for QOVF fabrics – all my friends give me miscellaneous sized squares that I incorporate into quilts. Thanks for helping promote this great program!

  608. Carole Ralston says:

    It’s a tough tie between One Nation and Via Air Mail. Just received my issue and love the variety and quantity of patriotic inspired quilts! My nephew, a USAF pilot, will be the recipient

  609. Kathy Carr says:

    Rock Island Campfires is one of my favorites. I love string quilts!!

  610. Diana Diana says:

    I think I might make up a Lovin’ Miss Ashley table runner for summer or for Fall in sunflower colors! Thanks for the op to win this great patriotic fabric. I could sure find a use for it.

  611. Caryn Goulden says:

    A toss-up between Via Air Mail and Cool Blue. Time for me to make a Quilt of Valor, and Via Air Mail would be perfect!

  612. Michelle Prenger says:

    I like Via Air mail and I love to make projects with patriotic fabrics! Thanks!

  613. Patricia Vietti says:

    One Nation…it was the first quilt page I flagged in the July/August issue.

  614. Pat says:

    I love Rock Island Campfires, especially the colors pictured in the crib quilt version.
    But I would be torn between that and Liberty’s Stars–if I had the time to start a quilt.

  615. Pat P. says:

    Cool Blue looks so refreshing and fun to do

  616. Cheri Johnson says:

    I love patriotic quilts!!

  617. Barbara says:

    I have a ton of patriotic fabrics that have been donated for Quilt of Valor. Via Air Mail looks like a perfect candidate for my stash. I try to do at least one QOV a month.

  618. Cindy A. says:

    Decisions, decisions…”To the Manor Grown” caught my eye for the title (we used to watch “To the Manor Born” which was a great Britcom), but the design kept my attention so if I were to pick on quilt to get my summer sewing started it would be this one.

  619. Marge Prewitt says:

    Love patriotic quilts so it is a real toss up between One Nation and Via Air Mail. Would love to make both of them as I love red, White and Blue! Thanks for the chance to win some great FQ’S.

  620. I love the stars, pinwheels and hearts in One Nation as well as the patriotic colors among the creams and ivories. There is a special couple I would like to make this quilt for someday. Thanks for the chance to win!

  621. Elizabeth Dale says:

    I want to make a patriotic wall hanging for this summer and One Nation: Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Quilt looks to be just the look I’m hoping to go for!

  622. Jean G says:

    For me it’s Jessica’s Rose Garden. But there are so many wonderful ideas. I plan to make the in blue 0n blue and cream too for one of my sister’s birthdays. Currently working on flag pillow and table runner. It’s so exciting to quilt, look at fabric and be able to share via the internet.

  623. Debby H says:

    I love the pattern Rock Island Campfires. I thought it would be great for using scraps.

  624. Candy fire works looks like fun!

  625. Pat K says:

    I love the cover quilt!! Anything patriotic compells me to make a red, white, and blue quilt!

  626. Mary Irene Seifert says:

    My quilt guild “Quilting Stars of Ohio” just issued us a challenge.
    We are to make a red, white, and blue quilt for next July, 2014 to give to a veteran at that meeting.
    I would love to win a package of fabric to make “Via Air Mail” for that veteran.

  627. Raylene Mason says:

    All of the quilts are inspirational, but nothing says summertime to me like “One Nation,” its bright red, white, and blue stars reminding me of the 4th of July. My quilting is directed exclusively to Quilts of Valor. Our local QOV group is currently working on quilts for Ft. Leavenworth, KS, soldiers returning from deployment, and it would be great to incorporate this fat quarter bundle into some of those quilts!!!!

  628. Phyllis Bates says:

    Having worked for the U.S. Postal Service, I would love to make the cover quilt, Via Air Mail.

  629. Ginger Kirkland says:

    Rock Island Campfire

  630. Patty Moffitt says:

    I like Rock Island Campfires. I would be able to clear out some stash to make room fro the bundle I “might” win!

  631. Carol Hinkle says:

    Lovin’ the Liberty’s Star – so soft!

  632. Sammi Garoutte says:

    I love the Lovin Miss Ashley quilt. It reminds me of younger days spent with my grandma’s or aunties. They would always spend lots of time planting their flower and “house harvest” gardens and then we’d see the results all summer and into the fall. Then would come the harvest. There’s nothing like home grown flowers and fruits and vegetabgles. COme fall we’d harvest them and do the canning. It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of fun too. I think I’ll have to make one for myself, usually I make the ones I see and give them away or donate them. Might have to be different this time. Thanks!

  633. Judy McLeod says:

    To the Manor Grown, First of all, the pattern is made with my favorite color, aqua blue and also the design is so unique. I will have to make this one after I complete some of my other unfinished projects. Does anyone else have lots of projects going? Please enter me in your contest, as I would love to win the patriotic fabrics. I am also making quilts for quilt of valor, and this fabric would be wonderful. Thank you.

  634. Rhoda Fagerland says:

    Via Air Mail inspires me to use my stack of red, white, and blue scraps to make a fresh, summer quilt.

  635. Jackie Reynolds says:

    I like the Liberty’s Stars and One Nation quilts. I have a few people I would like to make QOV quilts for. It is amazing and sad to see how many of our service people go unrecognized. The fabric set would be perfect for either quilt.

  636. Francine Warren says:

    Anniversary Memories: Each year on the week-end closest to the 4th of July my family will gather together. It is a tradition started by our grandparents over 100 years ago. They had come as a young couple to America from Sicily & while they brought many of their traditions with them, they celebrated their now home & rights of citizenship by having all of the family- their children, spouses, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, cousins & so on gather together. We ate & celebrated what it is to be American! they have left us, as has many of our elders- we have but 2 left, but all of the families, all of the cousins will still gather, we will share, we will look at pictures & remember why we celebrate. So Anniversary Memories- is perfect for me- as I can incorporated the celebration, the pictures, the memories into a family heirloom!

  637. Joanne Connolly says:

    Cool Blue. I love tone on tone quilts. The cool blue colors make me feel cool just looking at it.

  638. vickie c says:

    i would love to make the rock island campfires, all of the quilts are inspirational.

  639. One Nation is my favorite….and one I will be making….not only is it striking but I feel that we as a country need to get back to being “One Nation” , not a broken divided nation. God Bless America, the land that I love.

  640. Clare Clipper says:

    Candyland fireworks

  641. Debra Hallek says:

    Colonial Medallion reminds of the long history of our military men and women have worked to preserve our independence. Thank you to all our military members for the sacrifices they and their families make to preserve our rights.

  642. Diana says:

    I would love to make Via Air Mail and Liberty Stars in red, white & blue.

  643. Cheryl Pigott says:

    I get overwhelmed with the beauty of all the quilts. If I wasn’t bogged down with many quilt tops that need to be quilted, I would order several of the quilt patterns and quilts.

  644. Pris Mc says:

    I too love the Via Air Mail, both for the color combo and the fact it seems rookie friendly. Thanks for the patterns, the great magazine and the chance to win fabric. Pris Mc

  645. Pam says:

    I have been looking for a patriotic quilt to make for my nephew who is in the Navy, and I have found it in “One Nation”!

  646. Pam from CA says:

    Liberty Stars is a great inspiration!

  647. Madeline Wallace says:

    Dance With Me made my creative juices start to flow. I was thinking of 50’s fabric and sock hops!

  648. Diane Cullum says:

    I like Via Air Mail which is kind of funny since I used to be a mail carrier. I didn’t know there was a quilt with this name.

  649. kim says:

    Really like the cover quilt. Love any variation of the 9 patch.

  650. Susan Rowland says:

    Liberty Stars it is – I already have this flagged to start next week – for WWII veterans.

  651. Carla Brewer says:

    Love the pattern on the front cover, waiting for my issue to arrive in the mail. The colors are brilliant!

  652. I love “One Nation”. I am really into the red, white and blue and anything patriotic. I also Love, love the “Loving Miss Ashley”. What a wonderful table runner that would make for my daughter Ashley and my table as well. And then there is the “Anniversary Memories”, what a wonderful idea to share the 30 years of marriage we celebrate this year. These would surely start out my summer and finish my winter projects this year. Thanks so much for sharing these patterns with us all.

  653. Vicki Patton says:

    I really like the diversity of the quilt design. I like the soft pinks and pastels as a color way and I can also see this in a bold and beautiful red, white and blue.

  654. Mary Eggebraten says:

    Love the Liberty Stars. Can’t wait to make a Quilt of Valor. Our troops deserve the best!

  655. Susan says:

    There are so many great patterns in this issue! I think my first choice to make would have to be Jessica’s Rose Garden. It is just a beautiful quilt! I’m sure I will be making at least one of the patriotic quilts for my son & DIL too.

  656. Brittany Franse says:

    I love the liberty stars quilt!!!

  657. Linda Lynch says:

    Love the Via Air Mail quilt! I feel cozy just looking at it, and reading its description. I can picture my grandchildren curled up underneath it, giggling as the grown-ups prepare cocoa and popcorn. Yep! Want to start it immediately ;) Thanks for sharing and caring. Love your magazine!

  658. Darrell Hardenburg says:

    The quilt I just fell in love with is “Via Air Mail: Red White and Blue Patriotic Quilt” and this is the quilt I just want to make. This prize would go a long way towards this goal.

  659. Marlene says:

    Rock Island Campfire is rockin’ my imagination! The fat quarter bundle of patriotic prints give away would be perfect to pair with the small amounts of the many patriotic prints I have left from a quilt I made a few years ago. String quilts are inspiring for me as I am able to use so many scraps that I wouldn’t generally put together. Thanks for inspiring the quilting world!

  660. Karen in PA says:

    I was inspired by Dance with Me. It reminded me of a way I could make a quilt of two of my daughter’s painting which have large circles on them.

  661. Barbara says:

    Via Air Mail is so refreshing and is the quilt I would chose to make “first.”

  662. Linda Towles says:

    My favorite color is blue, so I’ll have to go with cool blue! Thanks!

  663. Toni Melton says:

    I’m planning on working on Via Air Mail as a Quilt of Valor. I love the way it creates secondary patterns. The QoV I am just finishing up was kind of complicated, with lots of bias piecing. It will be relaxing to do one where I don’t have to worry about stretching my blocks out of square!

  664. Christine Westbrook says:

    I would love to make “One Nation” and display it proudly on my front porch bench. Thank You!

  665. Linda Keleigh says:

    I am so torn between “Lovin’ Miss Ashley” and “To the Manor Grown” that I guess I’ll have to make them both. I think I’m obsessed. Thanks for the inspiration.

  666. Michele Shaffer says:

    I really want to make the Emerals quilt but in blues. Love it.

  667. Laverne Kaml says:

    One Nation. I would like to enter your drawing.

  668. Pam says:

    I would love to make Liberty’s Stars for my little granddaughter. She’s in a ‘girly’ phase and it would be so pretty in her room.

  669. Patricia Wilson says:

    Rock Island Campfires, Writer’s Block, and Dance with Me. I’ve been looking for a pattern to make a quilt from the fabrics I’ve used over the years for various quilts for family and friends and Rock Island Campfires is the absolute perfect pattern for this project. Writer’s Block is so fun and carefree that I can’t wait to use my pastel colored fabrics, and Dance with Me is just pure fun all the way around. Thanks so much for all the great inspirations, patterns, tips and communication!

  670. Ruthi says:

    I love the Rock Island Campfire string quilt…wouldn’t that be beautiful with these patriotic fabrics?

  671. Janet Guru says:

    I love the cover quilt. I make some quilts that are sent overseas to soldiers through a yahoo group. This will be a nice quilt to make for that cause.

  672. Nancy Harvey says:

    I would like this fabric to make the Flag It as a wall hanging for my niece’s new Dermatology Office that is opening the first part of July.

  673. betty drake says:

    I like the red, white and blue “One Nation”.

  674. Sandy Olson says:

    I loved the postage stamp fabric in Air Mail, but totally have to go with the Antique Broken Star. Love the colors you used.

  675. Diana Marovich says:

    I would like the material for the One Nation quilt. It would be a great gift for my daughter who has a red, white and blue patriotic theme in her bedroom. thank you.

  676. Valorie Spanogle says:

    Mine would have to be Via Air Mail. In fact I was so inspired by this quilt that I went out that very day for patriotic fabric to make it for my dad who is a verteran. Love the fabric line also!

  677. Luanne Davis says:

    I would like to do the Antique Broken Star and do it in summer colors, very close to those shown in the magazine. I can also envision doing this same pattern in patriotic colors. The Red, White and Blue would really make this pattern “Pop”!!!!

  678. Louise Buker says:

    I really like the”Via Air Mail” Quilt. My son is serving in the Us Army. Currently he is stateside but he has served in Afghanistan and may have another deployment next year. For this reason I seem to be hooked on the patriotic quilts.

  679. sharon cawley says:

    The quilt of valor, I love to try these…usually end up “changing” a few things to personalize my creation!

  680. Donna W says:

    Patriotic is my favorite and really like the looks of “One Nation”. I also like the name.

  681. Anita Hancock says:

    Liberty’s Stars is my favorite and I hope to start this fall on it.

  682. Donna Boswell says:

    I love the One Nation quilt and would like to make one for my son who has endured five overseas deployments and will be leaving the Army later this year. The birth of his second daughter last October while in Iraq, has convinced him to pursue other career options.

  683. Bunny says:

    Colonial Medalion is calling my name

  684. Deborah Hester says:

    I agree that there isn’t one that I don’t like. I am inspired by the “Anniversary Memories”. I have a friend who is having a liver transplant and using will use the organizing a memory quilt to help make an Encouragement quilt for her with messages from her family and friends.

  685. Sara Kay Phillips says:

    I love all your quilts but my favorite summer project would be the Colonial Medallion and to have finished by winter. What a beautiful, warm comfy quilt to wrap up in by the fire this winter and at the same time remember our colonial heritage that gave us our freedom to do so.

  686. Sylvia Piche says:

    Red and blue are 2 of my favorite colors – the one on the cover would be a great sew.

  687. Janice Reichelderfer says:

    I am a member of Quilt of Valor Foundation and have just started Stars and Stripes from Love of Quilting Sept/Oct 2012. I am going camping this weekend and intend to take my sewing machine and fabric with me. I have made other quilts from Love of Quilting magazines as they are beautiful and easy to make. Thanks Fons & Porter.

  688. Donna Bacon says:

    I really like Liberty’s Stars. The pinwheel in the center of the stars makes the block look complicated, but I think I can do it. The quilt would be great with scraps, too.
    Since my son is in the Army, I appreciate that you include a QOV pattern in each issue. He has already been deployed last year and will be going back the end of this year. Thank you for honoring our service men and women in this way.

  689. Donna says:

    I love the Liberty’s Stars quilt. It reminds me of my Grandmother who I will think of every time I use the quilt.

  690. Cristina says:

    One Nation is the quilt that I like because of the stars in it.

  691. Diane Reddy says:

    Love tem all, but will be making Anniversary Memories. Will be making for my Aunt who will 90 yrs.on July 5, but will be celebrating on 14th. She has the early stages of alzheimers. thought would be a great way for her to keep memories longer. I just lost my mom this Feb. to alheimer’s after taking cre of her for seven years. It is a great way to help them to hold on for as long as they can to memories, and the stories they tell when they look at pictures, fabric etc.

  692. Mom C says:

    I really like the Rocky Island Campfires quilt. I’m hoping we are allowed campfires at our camping reunion in 2 weeks, its been so dry and restrictions on campfires and being put in place. Thanks.

  693. Sara Jane says:

    I had a hard time picking just one, but the quilt I would like to make first is Via Air Mail! I love red, white, and blue quilts. Thank you for the patterns.

  694. David says:

    I love the “One Nation” design, it looks great & maybe a little challenging, I can see it draped over our couch!

  695. phyllis henderson says:

    love the One Nation quilt. I am in the process of finding the material to make it. Hope looks as pretty!!!

  696. Darlene Krystal says:

    the antique broken star looks so cool…I love antique quilt patterns…they’re so traditional and stand the test of time…and it’s a star pattern as well which makes it a double bonus….thank you for the pattern…have a great quilting day..

  697. Cheryl Gunderson says:

    I absolutely love that Colonial Medallion. I would start that in a heartbeat, if only I didn’t already have 5 projects going! It’s at the top of my list, though.

  698. Kit says:

    I love the soft pastels of Liberty’s Stars.

  699. Kelly says:

    Loving Miss Ashley, my niece’s name. Love it.

  700. Debbie dear1953 says:

    One Nation does it for me, has the red, white and blue and stars – just screams out USA! USA!! USA!!!

  701. M. Kretzer says:

    “Cool Blue” makes me think of summer around the water and cool nights when this
    would be the perfect wrap while sitting on the porch. I’ve collected all the Quilt of
    Valor patterns for the little sewing group I belong to – so many to sew, so little time!

  702. Kay says:

    Our quilt group is making Quilts of Valor to display together at the fair then present to local veterans, so Via Air Mail best fits the bill.

  703. Jean Bonjour says:

    To The Manor Grown looks so refreshing and comforting!

  704. Diane Lufkin says:

    i love the ” Via Air Mail ” quilt. i was in the Navy and air mail was just as important then as email is now.

  705. I was born on the 4th. So any thing Americana is great with me! Love stars and stripes! I have made an Americana log cabin that was to be set in a star desigh, but my husband change it to chevron while I had it laid out on the floor!!

  706. Jo Anne says:

    I like Via Airmail.

  707. carol harkins says:

    Love all the red, white and blue…..I have an Americana Room and any of these quilts will look amazing in my room…..

  708. Carol says:

    American Independence looks wonderful for a QOV. Can’t wait to try the pattern.
    My son is an AF Acadey grad and is currently serving in the service. I love to honor the men and women serving for us. !!

  709. Nancy Johnson says:

    Cool Blue is my favorite

  710. Gail Peters says:

    Cool Blue, Anything with blue catches my eye. But as today it was a very hot 90 degrees I need to work with blue fabric to cool me off.

  711. Bridget Mahoney says:

    Candy fireworks! I just love the pattern!

  712. Barb Johnson says:

    I like the Liberty’s Star quilt best. It looks beautiful, and it seems like it would go together fairly quickly, which is what I am looking for in a summer quilt.

  713. Sheryl Hoag says:

    I like the Candy Fireworks the best!

  714. Karen Jordan says:

    The quilt that caught my eye first was Via Air Mail. I do love the look of Liberty’s Stars. It looks so soft and cuddly. Nothing like cuddling a nice quilt.

  715. Ann Cline says:

    I love the via airmail

  716. MQ Reynolds says:

    I like One Nation and Liberty’s Stars. Can’t pick a favorite.

  717. Sharon Meyer says:

    Via Air mail just speaks to me. I love the simple pattern that allows the reds whites and blues to shine. I have been waiting to find a pattern to make that will help me show my grandchildren what my service in the military means to me. This pattern is it. I fell in love with it as soon as i got my magazine in the mail. Thank you for the chance to win some wonderful fabric. Happy quilting to all.

  718. Teresa Wonderly says:

    The “Via Air Mail” quilt would be a great one to make from the contest package and then turn it over to the QOV Foundation. Great fabrics!

  719. Barbara Leverett says:

    Via Air Mail on the front cover jumped out at me. It would make a good “soldier quilt” that my friends and I make for wounded soldiers. Would love to win the patriotic fat quarter bundle.

  720. Jane Casne says:

    Can’t wait to make One Nation. I’m in a Quilt of Valor mode.

  721. Michelle says:

    Rock Island Campfires looks fun with the string piecing, but I also really love the Air Mail 1930’s fabric collection and pattern.

  722. Steve says:

    Having beein the Air Force, these quilts are something to be cherished by anyone who is lucky enough to have one. My favorite is the One Nation quilt with the bright red, white and blue!

  723. Sue Connell says:

    Blues have always spoke to me and the “Cool Blues” quilt is no exception!

  724. Kitty Farnsworth says:

    Cool Blue would be my choice, it reminds me of our time with family going to the springs in Florida. The weather would be unbearably hot but once we would get in the springs the water would be so cold all you could see would be blue goose bumps running up and down your body.

  725. Bobbie says:

    Love Via Air Mail.makes me want to do a Quilt of Valor for the veterans in my life, husband, son, father-in-law and 4 brothers -in law and a couple of nephews

  726. Kay Goble says:

    I really like the “One Nation” quilt with the softer background. I would love to have this quilt finished to go with my cross-stitched wall hanging which I was working on on 9-11. It was also about our country.

  727. merilynne says:

    I like the antique broken star pattern.

  728. Debra McClanahan says:

    I loved “One Nation” but the local shop didn’t have quite the right fabric to make it so have it on a back burner. With our son making the 4th generation of military service; we do lots of red, white, and blue.

  729. Nancy Niday says:

    I am new to quilting, having sewn clothing all of my life. I am drawn to smaller size projects and the “Flag It” table topper is perfect. I plan on using red, cream and navy reproduction fabric for a vintage look.

  730. Edwina Smith says:

    One Nation

  731. Sue Osborn says:

    There are four I want to make, but first up would be Writer’s Block.

  732. Sue says:

    One Nation is my choice. As a QOV volunteer, I love the beautiful
    patterns F&P is featuring each month.

  733. Julie in GA says:

    The cover quilt “Via Air Mail” would make a great Quilt of Valor.

  734. Peggy Dixon says:

    I like “To the Manor Grown” for Summer. It reminds me of the garden during after all of the plantings are done in the Spring and you can walk on the stepping stones and enjoy all of the blooms.

  735. Cathryn H says:

    I think “One Nation” would inspire me the most. I really like it and it strikes me as being a very good one for a veteran.

  736. Kay Flannery says:

    Cool Blue is my favorite.

  737. Anne Hilgers says:

    I like them all but One Nation inspires me. Maybe it is because I just visited Mount Rushmore.

  738. Pam Griffin says:

    Via air mail

  739. Janet Grote says:

    I like One Nation. The 4th of July is a favorite holiday. This quilt is full of those red, white and blue colors. I would love to make it for Quilts of Valor.

  740. Linda Barnes says:

    Would like to make most of them, My 1st choice is the Quilt of Valor, then Cool Blue and 3rd would be – I think the Anniversary memories. Then of course the list keeps going. LOL But will stay in where it is cool and get started.
    Have fun all

  741. Jolene says:

    One Nation is my favorite!

  742. I loved all the quilts, but I suppose my first one to make would have to be the cool blue.

  743. Miriam says:

    I have been really moved by the Patriotic Quilt Stars and Stripes. I am going to try to make a quilt for a soldier or two.

  744. Judy Huffman says:

    I’ve made a couple quilts of valor thus far and absolutely love “Via Air Mail.” I’m looking forward to making this one also.

  745. Cat says:

    To the Manner Grown

  746. Toni Wood says:

    I absolutely love the One Nation quilt! It would be a great quilt to do for returning military members.

  747. KD Sorensen says:

    It’s a toss-up between Via Airmail and To the Manor Grown. Both would be fun summer projects. I’m “addicted” to patriotic fabrics — our wedding colors were even red, white, and blue! Would love to find something fun to do with that selection! Thanks for your great magazine which inspires me every month!

  748. donna altieri says:

    i really like the dance one and cool blue. we could spin some kate smith “god bless america”!

  749. Jennifer J says:

    I like via Air Mail. My daughter’s birthday is July 4th, and I have already made her a couple red, white and blue quilts, plus we seem to collect a lot of fabric in those colors.

  750. Chris says:

    I always love stars so Liberty Stars.

  751. Candy Garrido says:

    All of your Quilts of Valor quilts have inspired me to make one of my own. I have purchased a jelly roll for the project.

  752. Terry says:

    One Nation…love RWB quilts!

  753. Dawn Woldhuis says:

    I really like “Via Air Mail”. Summer reminds me of going to camp, pen pals and keeping in touch with new friends. While we use social media and texting more now, “Via Air Mail” gives me that emotional blend of nostalgia plus anticipation for quilt-weather.

  754. Nancy says:

    Just One? Via Air Mail, the cover quilt is fantastic in Patriotic colors. Makes me want to make one! I also like the “softer” interpretation of patriotic in Liberty Stars.

  755. Julie says:

    I love One Nation. Have lots of red/white/blue scraps perfect for this pattern.

  756. Roberta says:

    Definitely, Liberty’s Stars. The colors are so cool and refreshing and I love Kimberly Jolly’s pattens

  757. Rita says:

    Love the quilt on the cover and also Jessica’s Rose Garden…combines two of my favorite things, 4th of July decorating and roses…

  758. Lori says:

    One Nation. my daughter and I are planning on making quilts of valor this year

  759. jo says:

    cool blue is the one for me. It would be perfect to take to the beach or on a picnic.

  760. Barbara Eastman says:

    I love the blues in Cool Blue. I have a room in just blues so it will be perfect. Actually I thought they were all great!

  761. Vickey Rampy says:

    I like the Via Air Mail. My husband will be retiring from the Army and National Guard in 2014. I would like to be able to give him this quilt for his retirement. I think it is a beautiful quilt.

  762. Monica Zarkowski says:

    My quilt guild makes quilts of valor each year and delivers them to a veterans’ Hospital in California. I have been wanting to make one, too, but haven’t found
    the perfect quilt that I feel would be the one that I would want to make for this
    cause. I have had in my mind the idea of featuring the Liberty Bell in the center.
    I think that I could do that with the Colonial Medallion quilt that Liz Porter designed.
    I would feature the Bell where she has featured a panel from the Winterthur Museum collection by John Hewson for Andover Fabrics.

  763. Carolyn Keithline says:

    Both the quilt name and the bold pattern and colors of the Rock Island Campfires speaks to me. The pattern name caught my attention right away as my grandfather worked for The Rock Island Railroad. During their ‘empty nest’ stage, my grandmother sewed for several women in town, using scraps from her sewing to turn into quilts. Granddad made her a quilt frame and attached it to pullies on the ceiling so it could be kept out of the way or lowered for quiltwork as was often done.

    As an interesting side note: during WWII, they had a flight school in their small OKla town and knew the flight instructor. When a parachutte was ripped, my grandmother was asked to repair either by flatfelt seaming or patching. If a parachutte became so damaged it was unrepairable, my grandmother asked if she could have them. The parachuttes were made from silk and she then used them for quiltbackings. She always had a way to repurpose things, and I learned to think beyond the obvious from watching her.

  764. Pat Weissensee says:

    Love the Rock Island Campfire quilt. Might just make that one. Also love the cover patriotic quilt.

  765. Dotti Alden says:

    I love the cover quilt so much. I have started looking through my stash for something but nothing compares to the fat quarter bundle you’re giving away.

  766. Donna Tuttle says:

    I actually love several of the quilts and find it hard to chose just one. One Nation and the Quilt of Valor (Via Air Mail) I like because of my son who is in the Army National Guard and just returned from Afghanistan. The Memory Quilt is another, I just lost my father just over a month ago. I was planning a memory quilt of my mom, but now will make one (actually two-one for each of my children) in remembrance of my parents, their beloved Nana and Papa.

  767. Deb peifer says:

    Dance With Me. I absolutely love it. I have some left over Comma fabric and am going to use it for this. As soon as I saw it I did want to dance. Cheery and fun for the summer.

  768. Tara Waldo says:

    Although I love this issues QOV: Via Air Mail quilt; my favorite featured in this issue is To the Manor Grown. I’m fascinated by the interplay of squares and rectangles.

  769. Florette Mitchell says:

    I love quilts !! The patterns and constrast, are so colorful in each of their own way.

  770. Ginger James says:

    Anniversary Memories. What a great way to celebrate the lives and marriage of two of your favorite people, your parents!

  771. Pam Sickles says:

    I like the Via Air Mail! It reminds me of the envelopes when my daddy served in Vietnam and Panama! Definately will be try to make this one, even if it’s a lap quilt!

  772. Laura says:

    Candy Fireworks! I would love to make this quilt using big red polka dots with blue and white gingham.

  773. L Dwyer says:

    Love Candy Fireworks pattern

  774. Linda Vandermolen says:

    Because I love to garden, To The Manor Grown is calling my name.

  775. mary czerwien says:

    Love the look of via airmail. Have lots of fabric on hand to use.

  776. Janet W. Chevan says:

    When I went through my current issue of Love of Quilting I was immediately struck by the simplicity and symmetry of Liberty Stars and as soon as I can get to my local quilt shop to get the fabric I intend to make it. I love it and it will get me going this summer.

  777. Linda Noord says:

    Actually all of them are inspirational having served in the military another and loving my country patriotic quilts are my favorite. You would think summer would not be for quilters so not true think about how our flag was made how our country was formed the lives given for our freedom happy 4th of July to everyone happy quilting to you all

  778. Vanessa Trant says:

    I love the “One Nation” quilt because I already make the center square, which we call Windmill. I like the idea of adding more to the outside and making it a bigger block, and I always love working with red, white and blue fabric.

  779. glenda gonser says:

    would like to see One Nation hanging over my recliner or end of my bed. it just has that snap. thanks for offering these giveaways.

  780. Reggie says:

    Cool Blue strip set – My sister would just love this one. A great idea for her Christmas gift.

  781. AuraLee says:

    I can’t make up my mind between Liberty’s Stars, Rock Island Campfire or One Nation.
    I just may have to make all 3 of them as they are all gorgeous.

  782. Mary Goldsberry says:

    As patriotic as I am I consider the memory quilt my quilt of valor. I lost my 51 year old brother in December after being a quadriplegic for 15 years. He had his own battle to fight every single day. I am making a memory quilt for his two children. Thanks for the great ideas!

  783. Debby says:

    I like the movement in the pattern design of Via Air Mail. The small squares march across the large ones and tie the multi colored square together. Love it.

  784. Lois says:

    Cool Blue takes it for me.

  785. Linda Warecki says:

    Jesssica’s Garden – reminds me of spending summer nights with my cousins and great aunt

  786. Judy Allen says:

    I would love to make the Candy Fireworks quilt if I win the patriotic fabric.

  787. Linda Martindale says:

    I love the Liberty’s Stars. I just love the way they put the patchwork block together. It is so interesting. I want to try just that part on a smaller quilt. Great look.

  788. Lori Brockmeyer says:

    Liberty’s Stars is the one that inspires me the most I think. I love the soft, almost worn look of the colors. It makes the quilt feel like one that has been passed down from generation to generation!

  789. Judy says:

    The quilt that inspired me was Anniversary Memories. I have redrafted it to use my 12 blocks that I have embroidered for the 12 Days of Christmas and didn’t know what to use them for. I particularly like the offset star block border!

  790. I really like the Via Air Mail quilt. I am a beginner in quilting and I want to try this one.

  791. I really like Via Air Mail.

  792. I love it ! Cook outs remind me of that patriotic fabric ! How about a new quilt design !

  793. Susie De Soto says:

    I absolutely love the Colonial Medallion quilt. It is absolutely stunning. I just discovered a quilt shop that carries just the right fabric to make this.

  794. Michele Palmer says:

    I am inspired by the Cool Blue strip quilt. It is a great scrap buster. :-)

  795. Judith Sutton says:

    This summer I want to sew the Via Airmail quilt. I am the daughter of a retired postal worker and I think I will make it for my dad as a tribute for all his years devoted to the postal service!!!

  796. Esther says:

    I like scrapy quilts so I would choose One Nation. I also love patriotic quilts. this one is different from a lot of the others wich would make a good addition to a colection.

  797. Michele Kuhlmann says:

    The patriot quilts make me want to quilt. This is a way to give back to Veterans for what they have given to me.

  798. Lynette Wilson says:

    I would love to make Jessica’s Rose Garden. Beautiful quilt!

  799. Beverly Porter says:

    Anniversary Memories .. we all have cherished memories that we want to remember and pass down to our children. This is the perfect way to do both. Love it !!!

  800. Sharon says:

    love R W & B. My son is a Vet. Thank you to all Veterans

  801. Vicki Ciucio says:

    Dance with me using the colors from To the Manor Grown! I can’t wait to get started!

  802. Linda Wright says:

    One Nation quilt. We are a Military Family that goes way back. My Son Derald will retire in Aug after 18 years first in Navy then When 911 hit he rejoined to Army. This has really been rough on his body. 2 tours to Iraq, 4 tours to Korea Plus all the tours he did in the Navy. I also have a Grandson in the Army reserves. This Quilt is for my Grandson. Love your shows and Magazines very helpful Thank you.

  803. Libby Mahaffey-Haytas says:

    Liberty’s Star is the quilt I like the best……………..It inspires me because I think of the liberty my father obtained when he came here from Northern Ireland. While he loved his homehand, The U.S.A. brought him the opprotunities he did not have in NI. He loved the U.S.A. and all it stood for.

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