Challenge yourself in 2011!

What is your comfy color? Do you gravitate towards any certain color or colors when choosing fabric?

My favorite batik color is Hoffman 128 Midnight.  It makes other batiks sparkle and I have still, to find a color it doesn’t set off.

I belong to a quilting group that has challenges for members for their  bi-annual quilt show. This last year, the president chose a color challenge.  She passed around a pail of Crayola Crayons. Everyone excitedly pulled out a crayon and had a look of puzzlement as they examined their color, thinking of how they would use it. The only rule she set is that at least 50% of the finished quilt needs to be in shades of that color.

My color is turquiose and I can’t wait to get started!  It’s a great companion to my favorite midnight blue. And I’m seeing a lot of possibilities!

I challenge you to challenge yourself or set a challenge for a group. Choose a color, pattern or design, fabric time period or technique that you haven’t explored yet and try something new.

Challenge yourself to quilt outside the box this year!

Happy New Year!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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