Are you making a New Years resolution?

We have great intentions, but how many do we really keep?

I think I’ll go for the small things like trying to organize closets and my sewing room a bit more and finish a few UFOs finished- well maybe!

It just wouldn’t be the same for some of us to finish everything- now would it?

Take, for instance this quilt top.  Mmmm–I’m just not sure I’m done with it. It is 56 inches square. If I finish it now, it will be either big enough for a wall hanging or a small throw.  I also have all of these strips I’ve kept, in case I want to add to it that would be totally wasted- right? It really doesn’t hurt it to hang in my sewing room until I decide what to do with it or how to improve it, and it’s great decor!  Now what’s in that other container. . . .

Do you have any New Years resolutions or great decor to share? We’d like to see them!

Happy New Year Quilting!

Diane, Assistant Editor

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