Trivia Contest Winners Revealed

Thanks to all who played our trivia contest with us over the Holidays! We would like to announce the winners of the past 2 trivia contests.

Week 8 Trivia Answer: Liz’s first Christmas Quilt was Sugar Loaf Christmas Tree a.k.a. Sugar Plum Christmas Quilt. Congratulations to Charlotte Henley who won the Best of Fons & Porter Scrap Quilts book signed by Liz & Marianne.

Week 9 Trivia Answer: The name of the 2001 Series Quilt was Feathered Star. Congratulations to Kellie who won the Best of Fons & Porter Easy Quilts book signed by Liz & Marianne.

Thanks for playing, keep an eye out for future contests by Fons & Porter.

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One Response to Trivia Contest Winners Revealed

  1. Janet Gabriel says:

    My comment is about the magazine. I love love the section From Liz’s Scrap Bag. I do a lot of quilts from repo 1860’s and 1930-1940 so the is heaven. Please keep the coming,I’m saving each and every one in a seperate binder. Thanks again for a great magazine.

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