Quilting Celebrations Fall 2013 Fabric & DVD Giveaway


Quilting Celebrations Fall 2013 Issue
Quilting Celebrations Fall 2013 Issue

Quilting Celebrations Fall 2013 is available in print or as a digital issue! This issue of Quilting Celebrations features 13 fantastic fall quilt projects and quick and easy machine piecing and appliqué techniques.

Acorn & Oak Leaves Placemats and Mug Mats Digital Pattern

Autumn Splendor Door Topper Digital Pattern

Pile o’ Pumpkins Digital Pattern

Creepy Kitty Table Topper Digital Pattern

Seasonal Silhouettes Mini Quilt Digital Pattern

Boo Whoo Table Runner Digital Pattern

Jolly Jack-O’-Lantern Mug Mats Digital Pattern

Whimsical Welcome Digital Pattern

Thanks Digital Pattern

Autumn Leaves Mug Mat Digital Pattern

Happy Birthday Banner Digital Pattern

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585 thoughts on “Quilting Celebrations Fall 2013 Fabric & DVD Giveaway

  1. I love to use shades of orange and brown with a dash of yellow to brighten it up-like sunshine on a crisp fall day-it is my favorite season. I even got married in the autumn:)

  2. I love fall! I plan on making a quilt soon with warm earth colors! Then when I look at it I will imagine crinkling leaves, cooling temperatures, pumpkins and all things fall, my favorite season!!!!!

  3. I love using oranges, browns, golden colors, and deep greens in my fall quilts. I also love the colors for Halloween. Purples, oranges, black, yellows. I am working on a Halloween quilt now!

  4. I love the Autumn season, maybe cause my birthday is in Oct. My favorite colors are reds, oranges, yellows and must have a little green with browns. Thank you for this opportunity! Have a Great Sew Blessed Day!!!

  5. I love using the bright colours in the pinks and turquoise groups, I just hate for summer to leave. I go from brights and pastels to Christmas colours.

  6. My favorite colors for fall are red, yellow, orange and brown – since we don’t have “fall” here in our part of NM, we need to add those beautiful autumn leaves colors!

  7. What a blessing Fall is! Harvest time, Halloween, Thanksgiving and lots of family and fun… It’s all about warmth and earthy color. My favorites are Burnt Orange, deep forest greens and rusty reds. You can use them any any fall quilt and immediately want to snuggle under them!

  8. I love the colors in our fields in the fall shades of brown ,yellow gold and just a hint of green.i have always wanted to use these colors for a quilt . The brown is the color of the new plowed fields ready for winter planting.yellow gold is the stubble not yet plowed under from the last harvest. The green are the new plants that come up with the first rains in the fall when the cycle starts from the beginning .

  9. I love all the fall colors. Rust, gold, brown with a splash of burgundy or purple. And of course hanging on to the green that eventually goes away.

  10. I don’t have “fall” colors, or “summer” colors. I just like color. 🙂 I like the burgundies, the rich greens. I like the autumn because I can really get going on quilting again. The heat is gone and it just feels good. I start planning in the summer because planning doesn’t require a hot iron! 🙂

  11. Fall makes one think of cozier colors – deeper shades – flannels – golds, reds, deep greens, purples, deep blues…Cooler weather, crunchy leaves, shorter days, longer nights. More quilts to snuggle under.

  12. I love the biege and browns for my fall projects and sometimes I add a splash of oranges and greens to mix it up. Thank you for a chance to win

  13. I love using the colors inspired by the changing leaves. Fall is my favorite season, so full of color and beauty in the changes.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway…

  14. I live in Colorado, and my favorite time of year is when the aspens change to their beautiful gold color. So, my favorite fall colors are golds with a splash of green, and some beautiful cranberry reds for accent…….add a bit of browns and you have a beautiful fall quilt. Thank you so much for this opportunity!!!

  15. I love Autumn, and use all the typical colors, red, Orange, rust, yellow, and maybe a little green. Love to dress my table in autumn finery and decorations.

  16. Orange and yellow. Those are my favorite colors anytime. However with brown and beige they just pop. Autumn is my favorite time of year because of the colors.

  17. I love autumn. I love the colors. To me it’s the start of my sewing season. October is my birthday month so maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it. I love the the greens, browns, golds and oranges.

  18. I love the fall colors. The beautiful colors as the leaves change. My favorites are the orange, golds and russets colors. Throw in some brown and you can’t fail to make a beautiful project.

  19. I love the bundle as is but would add some green to it and a little brown would be nice.
    These make awesome quilts. Thank you for the chance.

  20. My living room colors gravitate towards fall colors naturally and when the fall sun streams into our west windows the room gives off a warm glow! I love the fall colors – especially the golds, deep reds, browns and olive greens!

  21. Red is my favorite color no matter what the season, most of my quilts are soft spring colors and novelty prints. I really enjoy finding a printed fabric that matches the personality of the person I am planning a quilt as a gift.

  22. I love to use orange and reddish-browns, and throw in a little plum and gold to make everything pop. I love the deep brown-plum and brown-red colors that some leaves turn in the fall. Just gorgeous. Ok – now I need to go home so I can quilt…and my work day just started. Arrrrgh!

  23. I love fall colors and I like to decorate for Halloween. The bundle of fabric that is your giveaway gift is exactly the colors I like for fall.

  24. Kansas in the Fall is beautiful. My favorite time of year. We get to see all the golds, shades of greens and reds. Those are my favorite colors.

  25. I love the deep rich burgandys, browns, greens, yellows. The deeper brighter the colors the better I like them. I also love to throw a little black in just for the fun of it.

  26. I lean towards soft thru dark navy blues. I try to throw in a pinch if goldenrods, wines, and top off with fawn colors. Brings me peace. The bundle shown feels like I have taken a refreshing deep breath!

  27. I love to make Halloween projects in the fall, so the colors I love are orange, tangerine, lime green, dark green, purple, browns and golden yellows.

  28. I’m not much for browns, but autumn to me is like the desert colors, purples, greens, red-orange, with a splash of bright yellow for contrast and light.

    People think of the desert as being arid and brown, but as the light changes with the movement of the sun, deep and beautiful colors appear, reds change to purple, streams and water take on a lighter green tone, the pine forests are deep green, and the aspens are bright yellow with white bark. The red-orange comes from my years in New England and the red maple leaves….red-orange at first, then they deepen to a purple-magenta with deep, deep, cool brown almost black edges before drying out completely.

    That’s my autumn pallete.

  29. My favorite fall colors would be the colors of the changing landscape; red, oranges, yellow hues. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, cooler days & beautiful colors.

  30. Colors of Autumn bring such joy, warmth and happiness. Using wonderful colors like green, rusts, golds & burgundy in a quilt, makes the quilt not only inviting but exciting to give away.

  31. I love all the colors of fall leaves! The vivid yellows, fire oranges and reds, the golden tones… I even include ‘dead leaf brown’. It makes the brighter colors pop!

  32. The fall colors I use depend on what I am doing – dark red, goldenrod, dark green & browns. Sometimes I will look at the garden or the harvest and use what I see color wise.

  33. I’m from Ohio so the fall colors I love are Scarlet and Gray. I love all the shades of green and love how they look when paired with reds, golds, and oranges. So many different ways to combine them

  34. My favorite colors tend to be the brownish or reddish purple tones with darker teal greens. My husband has been encouraging me away from ‘typical’ choices.

  35. I have always liked the traditional fall colors- rusts, burgundy, golds, browns, greens… but lately have thrown in some dark teals and dark wine purples…love it!

  36. I like browns and oranges with a little yellow thrown in, I pretty much like all fall colors. Thank you for the chance to win, this magazine looks awesome.

  37. I am crazy for purple , limey green and burnt orange. Not always used at the same time haha. Would love to win new fabrics. No matter what color they are.

  38. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I grew up in Upstate NY and the colors of the fall foliage all speak to me. The tones of orange, brown, red, green and yellow all blend nicely to give me a warm and cozy feeling. 🙂

  39. My favorite fall colors are the rich browns, rusts, dark golds, burgundy, dark rich greens, etc. The more saturated the color the better! Going to pet my fabric now!

  40. Fall is a Beautiful time of year, my fav season! I love the reds, oranges and yellows of fall…..it looks so amazing all these rich colors together…..I love fall and enjoying the beauty God has blessed us with!! Thanks 🙂

  41. Luv the fall colors they are vibrant & a wonderful end before the leaves fall & the snow falls. Patrick’s designs are fun to make. I luv his LadyBug wall hanging. It brightens my sew room & brings good luck.

  42. My most favourite colours would have various shades of russets, greens, oranges and yellows/golds used in an all time favourite maple leaf design quilt. If I won that’s what I would make with the fabric I receive.

  43. Autumn is my favorite season of the year, love all the golds, rusts, browns, reds with a rich green and purple thrown in!!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win a fantastic prize!!!!

  44. Most of my quilts are made with rusts browns gold and deep reds. Fall is my favorite time of year. Quilts with these colors always catch my eye

  45. I love to use rust and wine colors with greens for fall colors in my projects. I am not one youse too much orange unless it is for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

  46. I love all the fall colors–reds/greens/golds/yellows/browns/rust/oranges—I live in Texas and we do not have the color changes as the other states so we have to bring them into our state in other ways and fabrics is one of the ways 🙂

  47. I love all the rich autumn colors — burgundy, gold, dark green, orange. I have made several projects with those colors and love every one of them!

  48. I love the reds, oranges, and yellow colors in the fall. They remind me of trees shedding their leaves for the winter in a colorful bursting display of the particular season in the playful breeze.

  49. Ilove the Dvd’s living in Australia it gives us the chance to see all the latest . Australia is such a large country many people living hundreds of miles from the local shop let aone the closest patchwork shop DVD’s give them a chance to do classes etc that they would normally never have .

  50. browns, oranges, dark reds, and greens with tans…..those have always been the colors I am drawn too…..my very first quilt was made of those colors… 🙂

  51. My favorite fall colors to use are rich browns and evergreen with shades of cornflower blue. Where I live, these colors are the ones I see in fall.

  52. Patterns and solids in reds, yellows, oranges, dark greens and browns. I used them in a mixed size Maple Leaf quilt for my son and it worked well!

  53. I don’t really know what influences my quilt colors/patterns, but I find in the 4 short years I’ve been doing this that it’s my mood at the time. If I see a pattern demo’d on TV and I think I can do it too, I head for my stash. That not working I hit my catalogs with the new pattern in mind. That not working I hit the net to all my favorite sites. Seems to work for me.

  54. I like nearly all colors and I mix them how “I” please. doing red and blue dresses with white fringe for three little girls and vests for two little boys but my scraps will go into an (I hope to make) quilt of Valor.

  55. All the wonderful fall colors together… burnt orange, burgundy, rust, forest greens, golds, and purple. This is one of my favorites times of the year along with spring! 🙂

  56. I love using rich reds, burgundy, deep orange and browns in Fall themed projects, just like the colors of the leaves. Great new inspiration! Thanks.

  57. With the arrival of all the lucious Fall colors comes the reality that Christmas fabrics are just around the corner. Must be my 2 most favorite time of the year to be quiilting and I look forward to all the challenges the new fabrics bring as I work to use them us on new and old favorites that never seem to grow old.

  58. I love the reds and yellows. I have a sister getting married in October and the colors match her wedding colors perfectly. I can’t wait to make the fall leaves quilt

  59. I love the autumn colors. I like the deep reds, yellows, ochers, deep purples, browns, and many more colors that would look good in a maple leaf quilt.

  60. I don’t think my colours change all that much from one season to another but I do find myself using more warmer colours as the days get cooler – the reds, oranges and yellows

  61. Fall was always been my favorite time of year. And of the colors God provides in nature that make fall so beautiful. Reds, yellows, golds, oranges, and browns. I could go on forever.

  62. of course its usually brown and orange but i like to mix it up to Browns and burgandies or oranges, yellows, and greens just like the brighter colors more cheerful. Fall is depressing with the leaves dropping I like to keep it bright til spring 🙂

  63. I just finished sewing together a dark red and orange quilt for my sister. I have always loved maroon and orange together, they just say fall! 🙂

  64. Fall is my season and its’ colours my favourite. But, if I have to pick a favourite, it would definitely be orange. There is nothing quite as spectacular as an orange batik.

  65. I love all fabric especially ones with patterns, not solids, the beautiful fall colors of the leaves over on the hills…..oranges, rust, yellow and all the varying shades of green.

  66. Autumn…my favorite time of year. I love the rich colors of fall and during this season, when I’m not quilting, I spend a lot of time walking and driving through the countryside soaking up the shades of golds, reds and greens so beautifully displayed by the trees last hurrah before winter sets in. I love the pumpkins, the straw bales and the scarecrows that decorate the country homes…and last, but not least,…I love autumn quilts! Oh yes!!! I love the earth tones combined with shades of orangish/gold, reds and browns. I want to make a new autumn quilt for this fall bringing more of the fall color into my home.

  67. I am an autumn person and I love to use Orange, browns, reds and yellows together in the autumn. BUT I’m very particular about the orange and yellows as I’m not fond of all yellow and orange hues . Yes I’m odd 🙂

  68. I live in the NW so we don’t see a lot of the reds, deep oranges and purple-y colors but those are my very favorites! I love the fall season and those deep rich reds just make me happy!

  69. When Autumn is here, I love to sew with the colors of Fall, rust, browns, oranges, reds, greens slivered with yellows. Like painting a tree, the colors come alive.

  70. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. Picking apples, carving pumpkins then it get just cold enough so when the wind hits your face, you smell all the freshness and then crave a hot chocolate….

  71. I love rich, bold, ‘regal’ colors – deep reds, burgundy, golds, plums, russet, mossy green, even browns – definitely my favorite colors overall – I don’t only use them in the fall! Although the longer I quilt the more I experiment with other colors. However, it is my season! The hillsides look like real life Monet’s. I’m just an earth momma at heart…

  72. I love to choose the golds and russets. Also like printed patterns that remind me of Fall. My favorite time of the year is fall because of the beautiful colors.

  73. I have only recently learned to love fall colors! I love the deep red, rich gold and maybe some plum or purple thrown in. Oh and probably have to throw some olive or sage green in there too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love all the colors that can be see but especially the russet colors and a little purple thrown in for good measure.

  75. I enjoy a lot of winter quilting….I find that autumn and winter are the best shown off in brown….blue…grey…purple…and white….the fall dew has that sparkle effect so some of the xmas fabrics come in handy then as well as for winter….I love quilting year round though because each season has some great colors…..Have a great quilting day….

  76. I love, yellows, golds, rust brown, burgundy. Nothing like a horse back ride in October to the ski basin for fall colors. They just stick in your head.

  77. I love all the fall colors and I am so impressed that so many fans responded to this question that one has to scroll so long to reach the comment box just to say th same colors as everyone else chose. Congratulations on the new Facebook timeline, I’m sure everyone is bookmsrking it. Thanks for your dedication to such a super hobby that so many love. GOD BLESS!

  78. Love shades of brown, from creamy beige to a dark rusty brown with a splash of oranges. Would love to make a quilt that goes from the light to the dark,.

  79. I love all the colors of Fall. What a beautiful expression of God’s love. The trees looked like they have been painted by an artist. The shadows of all the colors just paint a beautiful picture. I enjoy creating Fall table runners. I make them a two fold use. I put Fall colors on one side and Christmas colors on the other side.

  80. I love to use the rich harvest colors of Fall. Eggplant and aubergene. Russet browns, the oranges and yellows of ripening gourds and the many shades of green. Colors so full of life that you can smell the change of seasons.

  81. I love the browns, reds and oranges of the fall pallette, but I like to throw in a little purple too! Thanks for the chance to win these great fabrics and DVD!

  82. I love that time of year……I also love the richness of the colors during the fall. My
    favorites would be the golds and reds………

  83. I LOVE fall! My oldest daughter’s name is Autumn! I love the yellow golds and deep rich reds for my fall quilts, then add in some greens, a little brown, some purple and of course a nice pumpkiny orange.

  84. I love the earthy, golden colours of Autumn with a smattering of the rich reds throughout my quilts. I love to blend the colours of each quilt to try and create a beautiful Autumn landscape, keeping in mind the preferred colours of the person I’m making the quilt for. After all they need to love the quilt too, lols.

  85. Wow and more Wow. I’d love to win this wonderful prize. Love QNNTV shows and what even more wonderful is Hoffman fabrics are truly beautiful quality and colours. Love them all!
    a few seconds ago · Like

  86. I am a natural redhead with lots of freckles. I have always chosen fall colors, especially rusts, olive greens, and dark golds. I would love to win these awesome
    fabrics, as I have in mind to make another autumn quilt.

  87. I enjoy using Pumpkin oranges, Russet reds, Eggplant purples, Mocha Coffee browns, Dark Chocolate brown-blacks, Sunrise yellows, Cappuccino beige, & Eggshell ecru-whites,
    ALL. In Solids & Prints!

  88. A combination of wovens and batiks in shades of rusty reds, oranges, purples & golds with a splash of green make me smile when I’m working on fall quilt projects. Love to embellish them with beads & trims from my stash!!

  89. I love reds, burgandies, oranges, rust, tan, brown, deep green, and olive green, gold. All the colors that remind me of the beautiful fall leaves in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

  90. The fall is the only time I use most oranges! I see gold and orange leaves and orange pumpkins! Other than that I n tensely dislike orange! Okay, maybe in rainbows.

  91. I’m a fan of oranges, rusts, and browns in the fall with some other color thrown in to catch your eye like the right shade of green or purple.

  92. I like the rich ‘jewel tones’ in plum, burnt orange, brick red, gold, browns.
    Many reflect the color in autumn harvest and leaves changing with the season.

  93. My autumn colors usually mean rust and orange and brown… boring! It is fun to be able to incorporate a “punch” of unexpected color – like PURPLE!

  94. I love all the Fall colors, representing the changing leaves and clear blue sky. Lets see you have the darker/gray shades of all the colors – Maroon, Rust, Gold, Forest Green, Rich Clear Blue, Deep Purple etc. So many rich colors.

  95. I don’t think it makes any difference what time of year it is – I like all the colors of the rainbow – but I do change the intensity of the color depending on the project and time of year

  96. I just finished a fall top that has beautiful greens, browns, oranges, reds, yellows. Fall fabrics are some of my favorite colors and designs!!

  97. I like Boo’s Nursery and All Tied up. I feel that the patterns give me a chance to be creative with bold fabrics that I love. The quilts are going to be for my daughter and granddaughter.

  98. I love the colors of autum as well as the slowing down of the family’s summer activities. Fall is a time to take a break from the preserving of the garden’s bounty and enjoying the cooler weather.

  99. Not only do I like the colours, the feel of the autumn crispness that comes from living in the north, but as a teacher, I love seeing the excited faces of my students, hearing the excitement in their voices as they recount the adventures of their summ holidays with their friends. And then, of course, it goes without saying… The quilting projects that get worked on… I always enjoy them, regardless of the season!

  100. I love the bright yellows with deep reds and a softer orange to represent the leaves turning color with a few greens for the original leaf color. then differents browns to frame them.

  101. My favorite Autumn colored fabrics to sew with are burnt orange, deep reds and the lovely pumpkin colored prints that come out this time of year.

  102. As a sixteen year old quilter, I may not know a whole lot from my 8 years of experience, but I love making quilts for family members and using autumn colors because that was the time when my entire family would go out to carnivals and pumpkin patches. I love all deep oranges, reds, and turquoises, and especially love forest greens.