Love of Quilting May/June Fat Quarter Giveaway

Love of Quilting May/June 2013 Issue
Love of Quilting May/June 2013 Issue

Love of Quilting May/June is now available! As the summer quilting season approaches we know you will be inspired by the color and fabric selections in these beautiful quilt projects. Love of Quilting is available as print and digital subscriptions so be sure to get your issue today.

Midsummer Solstice
Power of Four 
Washington Island Poppies by Marianne Fons
Non Sibi Sed Patriae
Pomegranate Mountains
Homespun Honey
Emily’s Wedding Quilt by Liz Porter (Includes free instructions for Aunt Gracie’s Garden)
Antique Kaleidoscope–Free Pattern
Strawberry Skies
Spring Radiance–Free Bonus Quilt Pattern
High Street–Free Bonus Quilt Pattern

Sew Easy Lessons: Sashing Alignment and Using Tri-Recs™ Tools

As a thank you for browsing through our online quilt pages, we are giving away a fat quarter bundle of Flirt by Moda. To enter the giveaway, please tell us which quilt inspires you the most for summer quilting. Two lucky winners will be chosen at random. The contest will close at midnight April 24, 2013.

Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the moderator. Thank you for participating.

This contest is now closed, congratulations to our lucky winners:

Janet Walters: Spring Radiance looks great! I would enjoy making it.

Michele Timms: I love Emily’s Wedding Quilt…but it wasn’t an easy decision.

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683 thoughts on “Love of Quilting May/June Fat Quarter Giveaway

  1. I feel inspired to make Antique Kaleidoscope (spell check name on blog post) this summer. It is such a beautiful pattern. Love of Quilting has wonderful patterns and pictures to get you inspired.

  2. I love sewing in the summer, my studio is in the basement of a commercial building a few blocks away from my home. It’s always cool in the summer so wrangling yards of fabric and quilt tops can be joyful all summer. This seasons colors of coral and greens happen to be my favorite, I am planning for several to be produced this summer… Thank you for the contribuitions you make in tools, ideas, instruction and inspiration to my quilting….

    1. for me, its the midsummer solstice (the cover) and i would choose just those colors too. happy, bright and cheery. the designer carl henstch hit a home run with this one!!

  3. I love the Spring Radiance. Then again I love stars, so any star pattern inspires me! That one is beautiful as is Strawberry skies. I can’t wait until April 16th to get my copy!

  4. I like Midsummer Solstice. I can already see my color choices for this. I like bright, modern quilts best, but I also like a lot of detail. I could see myself making that quilt. 🙂

  5. Like them all. Great eye candy, but my absolute favorite is Emily’s Wedding Quilt. Looks like quite the challenge, but the reward for making that would be unimaginable.

  6. Homespun Honey! I have the digital issue, love it! Homespan makes me think of cuddling up with a good book and a cold winter evening. I want to make this quilt.

  7. I love Emily’s quilt as I have 4 wedding quilts to complete this summer. It is great source of inspiration. However, I do really like Mark Lipinski’s Curvy pattern and think it would be a doable quilt for the weddings. I love your magazine and buy it regularly – Thanks for the chance to win such a pretty fabric bundle.

  8. I would love to make Midsummer Solstice! The colors are amazing, and would be a good year round quilt to have. Love my subscription and can’t wait for this issue!

  9. I love the Non Sibi Sed Patriae quilt. I have been looking for a patriotic themed and colored quilt to make for a niece and I think she would love this one. Anxious to get my copy of the new magazine so I can sit outside, relaxing while browsing through all the possibilities inside.

  10. Spring Radiance – Love the colors just the way they are. Orange is my fav color :). I’ve always wanted to make a medallion quilt, this pattern will be put on my immediate to-do list . Thank you

  11. I loved the Midsummer Solstice. I love the colors and the quilt is just beautiful when done. I can’t wait to try something from the magazine. I would love to win the fabric.

  12. I’m always inspired by all your quilts — just not enough time to make them all. In this issue — I’m intrigued by the Kaleidescope and the Midsummer Solstice. Keep ’em coming — love your magazines.

  13. I LOVE the Strawberry Skies quilt – nothing says “summer” like seeing rows of strawberries growing, just begging to be picked & enjoyed…..& it doesn’t hurt that some of my favorite colors are used in it. Since shabby chic is MY style, this would be perfect draped over a white wicker chair in my bedroom.

    Guess as an 80 yr. old great-great granny, I think the styles of ‘yester-year’ are pretty special & this takes me back to strawberries growing in MY grandmas yard.

    Have a blessed day & may all your quilts be filled w/love.

  14. My son-in-law’s brother is a graduate of the Naval Academy and will be getting married next April so the Non Sibi Sed Patriae quilt pattern has inspired me. What a great wedding gift for him and his bride.

  15. I’ll be making Strawberry Skies, but will tweak the pattern to make it queen size.
    Perhaps I’ll put the blocks on point, or just make more of them. Another border is also a possibility. I look forward to receiving this issue, as always. I have subscribed to Love of Quilting for many years.

  16. Even though it’s the hardest to say and remember the name of I like Non Sibi Sed Patriae for summer because of the red white and blue colors and the simple design! Beautiful

  17. All the quilts are beautiful but I really like the Power of 4. It had me doing a double take because it almost looked knitted. It really shows how picking the right fabric and then placing it in a pattern can make a really beautiful quilt.

  18. I am a new subscriber and anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first copy. I sure hope it will be this issue. There are so many nice quilts, but I love, love, love the Spring Radiance. in fact I am planning on making this project first. Thanks for the chance to win.

  19. Emily’s Wedding Quilt – I keep changing my mind about the pattern I want to use for my daughter’s (long overdue) wedding quilt! Really like this one!

  20. I am inspired by Non Sibi Sed Patriae. I have a bunch of red,white and blue fabric and I plan to donate a Quilt of Valor to the local Honor Guard to use as a fund raiser. My Love of Quilting May/June 2013 issue arrived today and I have already ordered the Large Wedge Template. I love your projects. Thank you.

  21. I love the Antique Kaleidoscope and the Midsummer Solstice, I simply cannot choose between the two of them. They are both beautiful and colorful and cause me to start thinking about what I will be piecing next. Hummm, I think it will be one of these. Thanks for the inspirations.

  22. Choose only one?!?! How about eight?
    Midsummer Solstice
    Homespun Honey
    Emily’s Wedding Quilt
    Antique Kaleidoscope
    Strawberry Skies
    Spring Radiance, and
    High Street
    Looks like my UFO’s will need to wait a little longer…

  23. I think I have found the perfect pattern….Spring Radiance..for some pretty purple and black lilac print fabric I have in my stash. I think this pattern will do justice to this fabric and get me started on my summer quilting. Love that fat quarter bundle also.

  24. i like spring radiance…mostly because it’s gorgeous and because whenever we okies start acting like it’s spring we have days like today full of rain and ice so i’m hoping this pattern will officially make it spring!!!

  25. I like the Summer Solstice and love that it has a male designer because I have been looking for a strong, more graphic design for a quilt for my son who is 24. I think he also will appreciate the technical aspects of this design. Now for fabrics… which a quite a chalange to find here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha!

  26. I love the Washington Island Poppies, vibrant colors full of summertime hues. Of course they all are pretty!!! Can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail….

  27. I love the colors fat quarters that you are giving away. I don’thave absulute favorite
    pattern . But if I won these fat quarters I would make any quilt pattern of your choice.
    I would like to try piecing a pattern mixed with some of my fat quarters. Thanks for
    the inspirations and sponoring the give away.

  28. Non Sibi Sed Patriae will be great for a couple young service members I know about to be deployed. With an embroidered message on it, they know we care.

  29. I really like Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I collect 30’s reproduction fabrics and this would be a perfect quilt for one of my daughters. I also like Power of 4, that would be a great quilt for one of my son-in-laws. Non Sibi Sed Patriae would be a great quilt to make also for a Quilt for Heroes. I’m more of a traditional quilter and you have so many beautiful patterns in this new issue. Really looking forward to receiving it in the mail. Thank you for the downloadable patterns also. That’s a great extra for all us quilters. Would love the win the fabrics, thank you for the giveaway. Happy Quilting!

  30. I was inspired by the “Non Sibi Sed Patriae” quilt because I work with the War and Peace Quilters from McPerson, Kansas, and I have been honored to make 3 Wounded Warrior quilts so far and have two more in progress now. Always looking for new patriotic quilt patterns. Looking forward to my issue in the mail.

  31. It is really hard to choose just one. I really like 3 of them. Midsummer solstice, the Patriotic quilt of valor and the Homespun Honey. I would make one of those in a heartbeat.

  32. High Street–happened to be the last one I reviewed but it certainly jumped out at me. I live in a log home and have blacks and creams in my quilts, furniture and decorating. I know spring colors are probably predominate but I love this and hope I can do it justice. Thanks.

  33. Homespun Honey not only reminds me of a quilt that my great grandmother had but the name of it also inspires me as well. It’s so ironic that I stumbled across this contest and saw this quilt. My great grandfather was a bee keeper in his spare time in Pennsylvania. This, coupled with the name of the quilt as well as this quilt looking quite similar to one that my great grand mother made has me well inspired to make this quilt!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!! Beautiful!!!

  34. Washington Island Poppies inspires me to get right to quilting this beautifully bright quilt to bring summer sunshine inside. We Colorodo folks are weary of dreary weather.

  35. Color, color, color! Here in Minnesota winters are long and summers are short. Just like we store summer fruits and veggies, I collect projects and fabrics to get me through those cold winter days. Colorful fabric brings life to grey days!

  36. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Twilight quilt! The solid colors and cleanness of it really speak to me. I have wanted to do some more foundation paper piecing. Very timely for Summer.

  37. Love Emily’s Wedding Quilt! BUT I will probably make the “Non Sibi Sed Patriae” quilt 1st…since I am a navy veteran , along with my 3 brothers and my boyfriend….guess I will need to actually make 5 of them 🙂

  38. I really like the colors in non sibi sed patriae quilt. I have been collecting fabrics for a red, white and blue patriotic quilt for a while. Maybe I’ll have it finished by the 4th of July.

  39. Love the strawberry skies. After trying to get thru the holidays, I usually take a sewing breather and don’t really get back into the swing of things till late spring and that’s if I can find something to inspire me…. this would definitely do it. Love your magazines and love all your products.

  40. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt of honor for a member of the military service and the Non Sibi Sed Patriae looks like a good choice for my summer quilting time. We have several members in my church that served (women and men) and there is one man that I would especially love to honor and one lady. Thank you for showing this pattern.

  41. Love them all! power of four looks like a good choice for me. I am wanting to make several quilts for the men. I just finished a batik quilt for my son. Now looking for ideas for Veteran’s. long winded, sorry

  42. Curvy or Non Sibi Sed Patriae would be one of the first I would make. Maybe in a smaller version for my grandson. I think as a beginner quilter I could handle either one of these.

  43. Midsummer Solstice – I love this pattern, it is so bright and cheerful. It looks like it could be quite a challenge but then that’s the fun of quilting!

  44. I like Non Sibi Sed Patriae, Emily’s Wedding Quilt and Spring Radiance all for different reasons!!! I love patriotic quilts and this one is quite different from any others I have seen… that would be so fun!! I like Emily’s because it is so light and airy and that is what I work on the most often…. but I also love Spring Radiance because it truly puts me in the mood!!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity, but I really love all 3!!!

  45. Excited and anxious to purchase this issue.
    My son just having completed 18 years serving this country in the Air Force and still serving to protect us all I would have to chose Non Sibi Sed Patriae. With summer on the way what could be better then this for the 4th of July surprise for him?

  46. I liked the Midsummer Solstice the best. It had a lot of visual excitement with bold colors. I also liked the great sashing instructions part of the magazine. I am teaching a lady who is new to quilting and this would be perfect for her.

  47. I really like Spring Radiance an Antique Kaleidoscope need to put them on my list for when I get that good. lol Currently a beginner here so I look for something labeled easy!

  48. I love Emily’s Wedding Quilt! Love the colors and the design!! Seems like I especially love the quilts that Liz Porter does each month in the magazine!!!

  49. I love the Midsummer Solstice quilt. I can’t wait to get my issue for the directions! I am looking for something that will brighten up the beach this summer in Maine and that looks like the perfect choice! Also, as a side note…MODA fabric is my FAVORITE!!!

  50. Homespun Honey is my choice of inspiration for summer. The colors are gorgeous and I would love to make this pattern. Very unique and different, the pattern would challenge me a bit but this would get me motivated!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a fat quarter bundle, I love your site and buy the magazine regularly. Might even try it digitally soon!

  51. Antique Kaleidoscope, is definitely inspiring. My year has 3 seasons, Winter & Summer quilting offset by spring planting, and fall camping. The selection of fabrics in the bundle will work well in a number of different projects. Well, Here’s hoping I win. Thanks.

  52. As a new quilter (only about 15 months so far) I am always looking for direction, ideas and help. I have found this magazine to be very helpful!! Keep up the great work!


  54. I love all the quilts in this issue, as I do in every issue! But, I must say that, “Emily’s Wedding Quilt,” inspires me most. I just seem to have a soft spot for those 1930s repro fabrics. It is beautiful.

  55. That was a tough question, so many really great quilts in this issue! I really love the simplicity that is in Twilight, but I love the color and complexity that is in Mid-Summer Solstice. Cannot wait for the issue to come out next week. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. I just LOVE Strawberry Skies star block! Can’t wait to find this issue in the store. Thank you for the chance at winning a bundle of Flirt by Moda, love Moda.

  57. I love Twilight, the moment I saw it I wanted to make it. I like that it’s paper piecing. I haven’t tried that yet and this seems like an easy pattern for my first try. I’m looking for the video the magazine referenced.

  58. I just got my magazine yesterday and was knocked off my feet by Midsummer Solstice. When I saw it was Challenging***, I thought, I can do it!!! I ask my husband if I could purchase the kit, and he said, of course, but remember you ask me EACH MONTH if you can get a kit–so I need to start seeing some quilts getting done!!! har!!!

  59. I get excited every other month, when the new mag. comes out. I always want to do every new quilt. I love all the new things you teach me each time. Great Job. Thanks so much for all you do.

  60. I love the strong look of Power of 4. I like the more masculine look to and could see using some fabrics from my stash. Being a HS math teacher, I also appreciate the name of the quilt – Power of 4.

  61. I love the Washington Island Poppies because it reminds me of my Nana. When I was growing up she had flowers blooming everywhere at her home and one of them were poppies. This quilt is bright and cheery and can’t wait to make one.

  62. Twilight looks so bright and cheery! That’s the one that speaks to me the most for a summer quilt. I think I would make it as a coverlet without batting so that it could be used in the summer.

  63. I absolutely love Midsummer Solstice! It inspired me to take out all my bright fabric out and start contemplating my next quilt! I love the colors and how well they mesh together! Definitely Midsummer Solstice!!!

  64. I’m inspired to sew Curvy by Mark Lipinski and have ordered a Simple Curves ruler. It’s on my list of things to try this year–sewing curved pieces. Thanks for the pattern!

  65. It would have to be High Street for me. I love the way the quilt would fit into one of my bedrooms!! I like the antique look of all the colors.
    Wonderful magazine this time as always.

  66. I really love the Washington island poppy design. I’m in the mood for spring and summer and the idea of working with some beautiful solids looks like fun. Making cute perky flowers of squares is very appealing because I’m a relatively new filter. I think I will try this one.

  67. I can’t wait to make the Curvy quilt! I have so many ideas for different colors and patterns going through my head I do not know where to start. I think I could make several from this pattern and not have 2 alike.

    Thank you for a wonderful magazine.
    Anna Marie

  68. The beautiful colors of summer flowers inspire me. When it is too hot outside to enjoy their beauty, I head inside to quilt and enjoy all the wonderful colors of my fabrics.

  69. hands down…. Emily’s Wedding inspires me – I love scraps and this quilt will look wonderful in so many fabric choices! Just love it – it is on my “to definitely do” list!

  70. I love the Power of 4! I have made so many “pretty” quilts and feminine color combinations that I am in the mood to do something for the husband — after all, he puts up with not-so-clean house and late (or sparse) dinners when I am involved in my latest quilting project!

  71. The quilt that inspired me is Marianne’s Washington Island Poppies. My husband and I went to Washington Island last summer and visited a very nice shop that actually holds classes and retreats. It would be a lovely reminder and keepsake of our time spent on quaint island.

  72. I’ll be honest, I have such a serious case of QADD (Quilter’s ADD) that I would start one coz it was GORGEOUS then see another and start it and before you know it, have four more UFOs in my Summer pile!

  73. I like the “Power of Four” and think it would make a very nice Quilt of Valor. Interestingly enough, I have some Moda Flirt fabric ready to make a quilt similar to a fence rail. Thanks for the opportunity to win more!

  74. I totally love “Midsummer Solstice” that quilt is sooo gorgeous, stunning when I saw it on digital issue my heart was flutter and thought that I want to make one for my treasure….Its image still bothers me whenever I see you posted on your page…I’m falling in love with that quilt……

  75. I love Spring Radiance – the scale is perfect. I also am inspired by Strawberry Skies – while I don’t normally like pink quilts, the shade of pink and brown reminds me of strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce. yummy!

  76. My favourite patterns are the Midsummer Solstice (love the bright colours) and Homespun Honey (I like chevrons). Now I have to hurry and finish the ones I’m working on so that I can start something new for the summer.

  77. I knew right away when I saw the name “Homespun Honey” that I would love it and yup I was right when I looked at the picture it makes me want to go sew right now.

  78. I’m inspired to make a Disappearing Nine Patch quilt for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. She’ll soon be moving into a “big girl” bed and of course needs a quilt made my Grammy.

  79. I absolutely LOVE the “Sparkler” quilt pattern! For some reason I am drawn to geometric designs, especially ones designed for foundation paper piecing. I truly love to see squares, triangles, rectangles mysteriously combine to make intricate, interesting quilts.

  80. I plan on making Emily’s Wedding Quilt designed by Liz Porter. This quilt has so much movement yet every block is complimentary to the next block.

  81. I am inspired to make the Antique Kaleidoscope quilt. I like to foundation piece and this pattern will use up a lot of scraps. A free download pattern is great too. Thanks.

  82. As soon as I saw Emily’s Wedding Quilt I knew I had to make it. Then I saw Aunt Gracie’s Garden and fell in even deeper! I went right out and bought the Tri-Rec’s ruler and some white fabric. I’ve had a stash of 30’s reproductions for some time now and am excited to get started!!!

  83. I plan on making Spring Radiance and Strawberry Skies. I like both of them and they will make great gifts. Especially the Spring Radiance and the small squares outlining the big middle square I have the perfect idea for this quilt as for colors. 🙂 Good luck everyone.

  84. During the summer, we ride our motorcycle and visit Veteran’s homes. We do Patriot Guard Missions, funeral escorts for fallen loved ones, always at the request of the family.
    This has drawn me to the Quilts of Valor patterns. I love them and have been making them to take to the Veterans homes. Thank you for running such wonderful and easy patterns for the QOV quilts.

  85. I love spring colors such as yellow and blue and love that combination. As soon as I get caught up with my school work I hope to start a quilt that will left my spirits.

  86. Well it was hard to pick witch one i liked there were two of them ,but i did and it was Emily,s Wedding Quilt its just so pretty it all most looks like the Jewel quilt block. And I love that quilt.

  87. This issue is lovely. !! Twilight looks like a fun quilt to try for summer, the colors pop out and paper piecing could be fun. I really like Curvy and will consider doing this one one for sure as its a nice way to use up stash of leftovers and an excuse to buy a few new pieces. Thanks for the chance to win . Good Luck to all. 🙂

  88. I would love to make Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I would like to make it in two toned fabrics. Varied shades of cream for the white background and shades of maroon for the colored part.

  89. The Non Sibi Sed Patriae inspired me. I have been making Quilts of valor for 6 years nowand I love this new pattern. It i now on my list to make once I get my copy of the magazine.

  90. I love Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I made a quilt with 1930’s reproduction fabrics in a quilt class. I have a large stach left over!!! This will be the perfect quilt to use up some of my stash!!! The colors are bright and cheerful like summer!!!

  91. I would love to make two of the Non Sibi Sed Patriae quilts. One for our local Veterans Center and one for my family to use as a ‘blanket’ at the beach on the 4th of July.

  92. I love Non Sibi Sed Patriae . The red, white and blue and the design makes me think of picnics on the 4th of July. I cant wait to get started on making this quilt so it will be done before July. I love watching all your shows on our local PBS channel. Thanks for all your patterns, tools, tips, and how to’s.

  93. Spring Radiance is a reminder that joy can come to us if we just open our eyes and see.
    That quilt brings inspiration for happy summer quilting. Thank you for giving us such wonderful choices for our summer quilting.

  94. I’d love to spend some summer hours making the Power of Four. It has a lovely serenity with the sand and sea colours, just the thing for a summer’s day of quilting.

  95. I love them all… My favorite is Emily’s Wedding quilt. I love the colors, the challenge and I have a bunch of 1930 repo fabrics. Also, a long over do wedding quilt to make. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks Liz for the inspiration.

  96. I am not an expert quilter but love it just the same. My inspirations are in my cedar chest. The ones lovingly pieced by my Mom and my Grandmother — especially the postage stamp one my Grandma made – full bed size and pieced by hand!

  97. I love the Antique Kaleidoscope. I have always admired this type of pattern and it may be time to make one. I love your magazine. I received a subscription as a gift and always look forward to the day it arrives.

  98. Spring Radiance is very pretty and small enough to be done in a short amount of time. So many things happening during this time of year, a smaller project is perfect!

  99. I get excited everytime I see the quilts. I love getting quilt mags. Even looking at them online, I get excited to try something new. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  100. Love the Midsummer Solstice the colors look so yummy & remind me of cool sherbert on a hot summer day. Perfect for that special granddaughter’s bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Hi! I am planning on making my granddaughter a quilt with some of the panels from Elizabeths Studios.I am looking for ideas on how to piece it together.Where do you get your ideas for your projects?Thanks for any input.

  101. I really like Emily’s Wedding quilt, I have used the tri reqs on one other quilt and I really like the “circular” look it makes. However, for the summer, I was impressed by the quilt of valor with its simple straight four patch turned, and the interest of the slightly wonky straight pieced block. I think that would be the one I would do for summer and the other for a special occasion like a wedding or something.

  102. I love getting the mail and the Fons & Porter magazine is in it. I like the Quick wedge quilt, which is going to be my summer quilting project. Happy Quilting!!

  103. The pomegranate mountains one would be my first choice. I could easily piece the triangle parts by hand while at the beach or traveling then put it together by hand either at home or at a CW reenactment. But several of them cought my fancy. I liked the twilight one because I like sampler style quilts that the blocks can be cut then easily hand sewn while traveling or waiting for an appointment or while enjoying the beach.

  104. Twilight–Modern Star Quilt is my favorite. I think it would be fun to hand stitch the negative spaces with different colors of embroidery floss. Also, I’m taking a color theory class and would like to apply some of those skills to Pomegranate Mountains.

  105. I am a 1930’s reproduction fabric lover! Emily’s Wedding is right up my alley. I would love to try it or the alternate version Aunt Gracie’s Garden. Love the applique!

  106. I am a 1930’s reproduction fabric lover. Emily’s Wedding is right up my alley. I would love to try it or the alternate, Aunt Gracie’s Garden. Love the applique.

  107. This issue is chock-full of great quilts, so it’s hard for me to choose. I really love Emily’s Wedding Quilt, and Washington Island Poppies.
    And I wish the bonus quilt Spring Radiance was in the magazine–I will definitely need to download it!

  108. Non Sibi Sed Patriae–Patriotic Quilt of Valor is the one that reminds me most of summer. Red, white and blue always says summer to me with memories of swimming, laughing, homemade ice cream, watermelon, corn on the cob and fireflies.

    The pattern that I will definitely be making is Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I have a niece who’s name is Emily and I think this will be the quilt that my mom-in-law, my sister-in-law (Emily’s Mom) and I could make together and put away for that day far off in the future when Miss Em gets married.

  109. Hi,

    I like many quilting patterns, but I think I like Jacob’s Ladder the best for summer. You can use this pattern over and over again, and every time it looks different. And you can use much of your stash, although I have tried it in just two colours too. So that’s my favourite pattern;



  110. It was a toss up between Spring Radiance and Strawberry Skies. I think Strawberry Skies remind me of summer more because of the softness of the colours and the thought of summer being just around the corner with many hues of pink colours to start blooming in the flower beds. It was hard to choose sooooo many great choices in this issue.

  111. I love Power of 4…my son would love that quilt…wonder if the Civil War repro fabrics I have collected would look good pieced by that pattern?? Would love it if more patterns were queen or king size!

  112. I think Non Sibi Sed Patriae quilt is beautiful. I like the patriotic colors, but I think this pattern would look good no matter what color you selected.

  113. Several quilts caught my eye in this issue (as usual!), but my favorite is Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I love the way straight lines give the optical illusion of curves! I will have to give this one a try.

  114. Twilight is my favorite. I love how simple and interesting it is at the same time. The colors are refreshing, perfect for spring. I think I will make one with similar colors and add some tone on tone to the mix.

  115. I love the colors of Midsummer Solstice. Everything that summer should be. Bright, cheerful and happy. I’m just learning to quilt and love the easy instructions and tips in each issue of Love of Quilting. Can’t wait to make this one.

  116. My heart’s desire is with “Emily’s Wedding Quilt” done in my stash of 1930’s fabric, or maybe some solids. The choices are endless! A nice ice tea, or pink lemonade drink with lots of ice, sitting in the shade, and quilting with the birds chirping and people playing in the pool, ahh, what a delight!

  117. Midsummer Solstice is the quilt that inspires me into the summer projects. I can already envision a few options to create a quilt for myself and a couple gifts.

  118. Winning the fabric to make Antique Kaleidoscope would definitely scratch that itch I’ve had for a long time to make a kaleidoscope quilt! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  119. Love the Midsummer Solstice. The soothing colors remind me of sunset on a wide, white painted front porch, with wicker furniture, etc. I can feel the cool evening breeze right now!!

  120. Non Sibi Sed Patriae is the summer quilt for me. I’m a vet so it seems appropriate and if I change the colors to black, yellow and possibly grey I could use it in my room for my bed

  121. I want to make the summer solstice quilt. It is beautiful. My birthday is the first day of summer. Perfect quilt for me. I was thrilled to get the magazine in the mail with this quilt on the cover.

  122. I am inspired by the Non sibi sed patriae quilt pattern. It would make a great Quilt of Valor, and I haven’t worked with the wedge shape before. I would also try in in a different colorway.

  123. At nearly 70 yrs old, I’m a new Quilter! This is just my second issue of Love of Quilting and I have devoured it! Emily’s Wedding Quilt Is most inspiring to me…it reminds of of the old quilts that were on my bed growing up.

    Judy DeZarn

  124. I couldn’t pick just one I love Emily’s wedding quilt and homespun honey. I just love both of them equal and love them. I love the fabric that they were done in.

  125. I love to sew in the summer at the lakes when it rains or when my husband golfs. Every day is a great day if you get to sew. My favorite quilt is Emily’s Wedding Quilt.

  126. I was drawn to Midsummer Solstice. It looks so intricate with the different patterns which emerge when it was sewn. I have looked at this several times, and am still drawn.

  127. TWILIGHT!

    it is fresh, modern, cheerful and with freestyle (?) top stitching…i can feel its comfort, already 🙂 i would love to make this quilt; since it’s offered as a kit…i may not be able to refuse!

  128. I love the “Non Sibi Sed Patriae”. My Dad was a WWII vet, in the Navy, so it is not only beautiful, but has special meaning for me. I would love to make it this summer.

  129. I would love to make Power of 4. My latest passion for improvement is in the quilting; I do my own quilting on my domestic machine. This quilt offers the opportunity for some great quilting.

  130. I love the quilt on the front of the latest Love of Quilting magazine Midsummer Solstice.
    I also love the one on last months magazine, Emerald. I went out and bought the fabric for it already. I guess it will be my first summer quilt.

  131. I love Midsummer Solstice! I love the colors, the vibrant joyous feel of the pattern. I smile each time I look at the quilt.. You’ve got a winner there!!

  132. “Homespun Honey” inspires me for summer quilting. I just watched Mary’s interviews with Lynn Hagmeier on your website. Lynn’s designs are perfect for summer quilting- quick and fun. I can complete several versions of Homespun Honey in various fabrics and still have time for summer fun!

  133. I recently heard about Quilts of Valor and am so inspired! My cousin is in the Navy so I thought I would start by making a quilt for him. When I read the description for the Non Sibi Sed Patriae, Patriotic Quilt of Valor, I knew that would be the one for him! I love it when a pattern clicks and you know it’s THE one!!

  134. Thinking about the summer patriotic holidays I have decided to do my 1st “Quilt of Valor” using the pattern in the May/June 2013 “Love of Quilting” magazine. Already have the material, backing and batting.

  135. The ‘Power of 4’ is the quilt for me, because it reminds me of summer, in a cottage on the sea
    A masculine quilt, it is just the best, to snuggle up my five grandsons as they take a rest

  136. Emily’s Wedding Quilt is probably the pattern I would choose to make. I have been looking for a pattern to make out of my Grandmother’s feed sacks. I would like to make them for our immediate family members as a keepsake in her memory. This would use lots of the patterns in each quilt.

  137. Iam inspired by Midsummer solstice. the colors in it remind me of a summer flower garden in all its colors. Happy colors you can’t help but smile. Even

  138. I am inspired by the naval inspired quilt, Non Sibi Sed Patriae. I live near military bases. Our men and women have been deployed multiple times. Their time away from families and valor deserves this beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  139. Absolutely the Curvy inspires me for a variety of reasons. One, the light airy colors used puts me in mind of a northeastern summer nap with the windows open and a light breeze blowing.

    I love curved piecing for the interest it creates and have made numerous apple core quilts and loved them all. I can see Curvy for a tremendous amount of potential in a variety of fabric options, including batiks!

  140. Emily’s Wedding Quilt-The nice bright colors are very cheerful and you could use any combination of fabrics and colors.

    I love getting your magazine and was happy to see that Liz has retired.

  141. I LOVE and am totally inspired to make the Non Sibi Sed Patriae–Patriotic Quilt of Valor! So beautiful and I love anything patriotic! And when I think of summer I think of the red, white and blue! Can’t wait to start on this one!

  142. It’s a toss up between Non Sibi Sed Patriae and Antique Kaleidoscope. I love anything even vaguely patriotic and the challenge of the many many pieces of the Antique Kaleidoscope is also enticing.

  143. I have paged through this magazine at least a dozen times, now, and each time–I find a new favorite! Emily’s Wedding Quilt hit me the first time around–love all the colors. Then, it was Twilight, Spring Radiance, etc, etc. Looked through my issue again today–and now, I am thinking that it will be either Twilight (which I can imagine in bright colors with lots of blues and turquoise for my sister) or Curvy–which I think would make a great scrappy quilt! I can hardly wait to get started!

  144. I would love to make Aunt Gracie’s Garden , I love 1930’s fabric. And I have just been longing to make a table runner with some matching, really cute placemats and napkins!!! Thank you for the give away! I would sure put those fat quarters to good use!

  145. I think Spring Radiance speaks to me more than the others. I love the colors and, although I’ve been Learning to quilt for a few years, I actually think I can do this one without a lot of help. Branching out is good but scary!

  146. I love the Power of Four Quilt! Its fresh take on sand, sea and sky in a variety of fabrics provides wonderful texture, too. This modern and masculine quilt will sew quickly as it is straight-line piecing with 4-inch strips and 4-inch squares. Simply wonderful!

  147. I am inspired by Emily’s Wedding Quilt, as I enjoy mostly traditional quilt patterns. Strawberry Skies for the colors, and Spring Radiance just because it makes me think of spring! However, Emily’s Wedding Quilt is my favorite.

    I would like to see a few “two-color” quilts using green colors.

  148. Strawberry Skies inspires me! I am expecting a grandbaby in October and I would love to make a pink and brown quilt if we are blessed with a little girl !!! After having 4 sons I know I would have so much fun making little girl quilts, dresses, aprons, etc.
    love your magazine!

  149. I would like to make Antique Kaleidoscope. I’ve made a kaleidoscope quilt before using templates. This paper piecing method looks like an answer to prayer! I love trying different ways to make a quilt. New piecing techniques keep quilting exciting for me. This quilt is definitely on my “to do” list!

  150. Being focused right now on sorting & straightening my storage, I love the Antique Kaleidoscope and the potential to use up “leftovers”. Thanks for the opportunity on the bundle!!!

  151. It is hard to pick because I have two favorites….I like in Midsummer Solstice and I also really like Emily’s Wedding quilt. It is hard to pick between the two. I love the colors in Midsummer Solstice and I like the fact that you can use a lot of scraps in Emily’s Wedding quilt. They both are beautiful!

  152. I was immediately drawn to my patriotic side with “Non Sibi Sed Patriai” but feel that’s better colors to make during winter months but for summer…..I need those colors and “fresh summer feelings” of “Strawberry Skies”.
    You gave us lots of beautiful quilt options to choose from so it was a difficult decision – thank you for this opportunity to win some “always” needed fabrics.

  153. I really love Twilight. Especially the “Tried and True” version featured in the magazine, although I think I might invert the light and dark parts to make the stars really pop against a dark background. Reminds me of stargazing on the trampoline as a kid.

  154. Emily’s Wedding is a based on a block pattern I made note of years ago but haven’t tried. This cheerful version may be the inspiration I need to finally try it out!
    Each issue of the magazine has at least one quilt I want to try, and usually more. Thanks for the perfect blend of traditional, contemporary, and antique.

  155. I love the quilt “Non Sibi Sed Patrie” by Toni Jacobson in May/June 2013 Issue. My daughter is currently serving in Africa and will be home in July. She has had tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Her husband is currently in the Jordan and due home in October. I think this would be a nice quilt for them to honor their service…as the quilt title means “Not for self but for Country”.

  156. Although you don’t think about autumn colors and summer together, I love Homespun Honey, and the rich colors of autumn shown in the magazine. This quilt would look lovely in some medium pastel summer prints. The reason I most love the quilt is it’s use of precuts which help to get our quilts completed much faster and save so much time in the cutting process. Fons and Porter is such an inspiration to us as quilters and I can’t wait to see their magazines each month and watch their shows over and over again on TV. Thanks for the opportunity to win these adorable fat quarters. Carry on with all the terrific “inspiration”.

  157. I MUST make Mark Lapinski’s Curvy, because as usual Mark’s quilts are always a challenge. Of course it will depend on the weather. I only quilt in the summer on a rainy day otherwise I’ll be in the garden,(my other love).But no one said it couldn’t carry over into the fall.

  158. i found non sibs sed patriae to be the most inspiring in this issue. in my family i have several generation that have been in the militaty from General McCellen, a great great grandfather to my brothers dale(army) and Jerry(Marines) and nephews in the navy. i will make this quilt and donate it to the local military hospital in
    Pell City, Alabama. thank you so much for this.

  159. I love love love the Washington Island Poppies quilt. Summer always reminds be of being outside and this quilt enhances that memory. Thanks for the fantastic pattern.

  160. I am very new to quilt making. I have only made quilted pillows, a few doll blankets and a few baby quilts.
    My favorite is Emily’s Wedding Quilt, but the Web Extra, the wedding alternate. Nothing speaks summer more than beautiful colors, flowers and butterflies. I have already printed the border and am trying to get the material together. Lots of colors to choose!

  161. I think the wedding quilt: it is an optical illusion…looks like curved pieces, but they are not! I had to look at the pattern closely to see it. The curved appearance with the squares and triangles adds design and makes it look twice as hard!

  162. I am definitely going to make the antique kalediscope and Emily’s Wedding Quilt. I may try to make the midsummer solitice. Now on to pick up some fabric 🙂

  163. I Love that you always have a nice mix of patterns for everyone and every skill level in each of your Magazines. Keep up the Great work, Faith

  164. I love the magazine , the tips, patterns, I find it very informational and gives me new ideas about the next quilt. Emily’s wedding quilt seems to be a must do for me!!!
    Love it!!!!