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From the expert quilting staff at Fons & Porter, we welcome you to our quilting blog filled with rich content, perfect for quilters of every level – whether you just picked up the bug or have been quilting for years.

Here, you’ll find quilting techniques, tips and tricks from quilting experts aimed at helping you improve your skills one step at a time. You’ll also find information about quilt styles and blocks, like our popular BLOCK Friday series where we profile different quilt blocks and give you suggestions on using them in your quilts. We also talk about some of the important questions in quilting like how to bind your quilt and whether or not you should prewash your quilt fabrics, along with some surprises.

Civil War Sampler - Civil War Quilts

BLOCK Friday: Civil War Quilts

This BLOCK Friday would be about the Civil War quilt block, if such a thing existed. Because of an eventual shortage of fabric and the overwhelming demand for warm blankets and quilts for soldiers, the quiltmaking movement for Union and Confederate women during the Civil War was more about necessity and less about the art of…

Foxglove Manor - Appliqué Quilt Patterns

Appliqué for Mother’s Day – Project Ideas from Marianne Fons and Fons & Porter

Mother’s Day is a big day for quilts, and giving quilts as gifts is always such a joy. Try appliqué quilt patterns this holiday, like the bright and cheery, 1930s-style Foxglove Manor with its appliquéd vines and flowers. Appliqué quilt patterns offer unique quilt designs and plenty of personality! Featured in the Love of Quilting May/June 2016 issue, this bed-size quilt…

String of Pearls - Piecing Curves

Tip Tuesday: How to Piece a Quilt with Curves

Most of us have struggled with sewing curves and rightfully so. It’s so much easier to sew straight seams! But, piecing curves opens up a world of quilting opportunities that, as quilters, we should take advantage of. Piecing curves can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Not when there are so many great…

Yipee Daisies Quilt

5 Ways to Create your Best Quilts with Perfect Piecing!

Piecing quilts is an art form! It takes practice to nest or line up seams accurately, which determines if your quilt will be “square.” Without accurate piecing, aligning rows, joining blocks, adding borders, binding, and quilting can be difficult. Fons & Porter is always looking for ways to increase accuracy in quiltmaking and to provide you…

Ohio Star Quilt

BLOCK Friday: Ohio Star Quilt Block

What Star quilt do you gravitate toward? There are plenty to choose from: Star of Bethlehem quilts, Lone Star quilts, Feathered Star quilts, Friendship Star quilts… the list goes on. You’ll find that a typical Star quilt block is composed of six to eight points made of diamonds or triangles radiating from the center. Today,…

Quilting with Pre-cuts

Nancy’s Quilting Classroom: Quilting with Pre-Cuts

Quilting with pre-cuts is one of my favorite ways to make quilts. Here’s why: pre-cut fabrics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making the prep work quick and easy and fabric selection a no-brainer. The most common pre-cut bundles contain 2½”-wide strips, 10″ squares, and 5″ squares. When I first saw a pre-cut bundle, I thought, “What a…

Charlotte BOM - QNNtv Free Quilting Video Tutorials

Watch Quilting Video Tutorials for the Best Quilting Information!

Accurate, Expert-Based, Quality, Up-to-Date Quilting Information! There are so many ways for quilters to get information on quilting these days: quilt binding, quilt designs, quilt patterns, the list goes on! You can find answers to your quilting questions in just about every corner of the internet. With anything gathered from the web, you want to make…

Quilting Basics- Half-Square Triangle Blocks, Pillows & Quilts

Half-Square Triangles Make Beautiful Easy Quilts!

Spring time is in the air! It’s a great time to get energized in our quilting with new and easy designs found in spring quilts and summer quilts. Even with easy quilt patterns, knowing about certain techniques is a must. Half-square triangles have been known to contribute to some easy quilting projects and who doesn’t love quilting…