Appliqué (Windowing Fusible) Quilting Video–Stars

Reduce bulk in fusible appliqué using this easy method.

Getting Started (See Video)

Choose a light weight “sewable” fusible product. The staff at your favorite quilt shop can recommend brands. Always read and follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper fusing time and iron temperature.

Sew Smart™ Fused shapes will be the reverse of the pattern you trace. If it’s important for an object to face a certain direction, make a reverse pattern to trace. We do this quickly by tracing the design on tracing paper, then turning the paper over and tracing the design through onto the other side of the paper. —Marianne

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

1. Use a pencil to trace appliqué motifs onto the paper side of the fusible web, making a separate tracing for each appliqué you need (Photo A).

2. Roughly cut out drawn appliqué shapes, cutting o the outside of drawn lines (Photo B).

3. “Window” the fusible by trimming out the interior of the shape, leaving a scan 1/4″ to the inside of the drawn line (Photo C). Follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse the web side of each shape to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric.

4. Cut out appliqués, cutting carefully on a drawn outline (Photo D). Only a thin band of fusible web frames the shape.

5. Peel off paper backing (Photo E). Position appliqué in place on background fabric, and follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse shapes into place.


Photo D

Photo E

Sew Smart™
If you have trouble peeling the paper backing, try scoring paper with a pin to give you an edge to begin with.—Liz

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