Wheels of Chance Quilt

This eye-catching quilt has a name that tells a story! Wheels of Chance refers to spinning your wheels for fortune or, as the pioneers were likely to do, taking your chances on the Oregon trail. Either way, it comes down to picking a course and embarking on a challenging adventure. Liz Porter’s quilt design is equally challenging, but the result is worth the effort. Embark on your own exciting adventure with this throw-size quilt pattern featuring Nine-Blade Fan quilt blocks!

About This Quilt

Finished Size: 66″ x 84″
Finished Blocks: 12 (18½”) blocks
Rating: Challenging
Designed by: Liz Porter
Recommended Tools: 9 Blade Fan Template, Fons & Porter Rotary Cutter, Olfa 12″ Spinning Cutting Mat, and Fons & Porter Basic Cutting Ruler

Wheels of Chance - Throw Quilt Patterns
Wheels of Chance - Throw Quilt Patterns

Learn How to Make This Quilt

Nine-Blade Fan Quilt units can be put together in no time flat with a fun technique demonstrated by the Fons & Porter team! Use our 9 Blade Fan Template Set to quickly cut pieces for fan quilt blocks and make assembling your quilts as easy as possible. Take a peek at the Sew Easy: 9 Blade Fan Quilt tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Click here to download your free sizes diagrams!

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