Voices from the Quilts

Fort Scott, KS
Voices from the Quilts A Celebration of Women’s History Whispering from the stitches, early American women spoke through their quilt-work, as they built their homes and this nation. The Fort Scott National Historic Site, in cooperation with the Fort Scott Visitor Center, welcome guests to Voices from the Quilts, March 1 through 31, 2010, at the Fort Scott National Historic Site and locations throughout the City of Fort Scott. The Fort will feature quilt-work from the 1840’s through 1860’s era. View patterns that are still being researched by site staff. See Bleeding Kansas, Civil War, McDonald Family and other unique displays. Stroll through downtown and view the Airing of the Quilts, uniquely displayed from building balconies and trellises. View quilting depictions of Fort Scott family histories that have their own story to tell. Stop in at the Fort Scott Visitor Center and take a Trolley tour of Victorian era homes that continue the walk through history, featuring festive displays, an old time traditions. Mark these dates on your calendar and come prepared to listen as the history of American women unfolds within the unique stitches and patterns. Activities will include quilt demonstrations, vendor participation, guest speakers and Symposiums, as well as hands on quilting, children’s exhibits and previews of early Civil War, and Contemporary artists. Welcoming guilds, families, Red Hat Clubs, Friendship Trips, sororities, students and teachers, as well as motor coaches. Contact: Fort Scott Tourism Director, Cynthia McFarlin at 1-800-245-FORT, for additional information on Fort Scott and other regional quilt events.

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