These Ain’t No Chicken Feet Quilt

This bed-size quilt pattern is perfect for learning how to quilt! These Ain’t No Chicken Feet is an appliqué quilt pattern with variations on a fun and adorable chicken. This quilt is featured in the Love of Quilting September/October 2009 issue and is available as a free quilt pattern download in the links below.

Finished size: 78½” x 90″  |  Finished blocks: 12 (12″ x 24″) Funky Chicken blocks; 6 (12″) Sox blocks  |  Designed by Abigail Livingood

These Ain't No Chicken Feet - Quilt Top

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18 thoughts on “These Ain’t No Chicken Feet Quilt

  1. I'm going to make this a project to share with my mother who doesn't sew, but I'm
    sure she'll get a kick out of the "mystery blocks" I'll ask her to complete each week. She won't know that she's completing her own quilt. Thank You So Much For
    This Pattern.

  2. OMG, this is perfect. I took care of my friend's chx while they were on vaca. It got to 115 degrees with high humidity, but I didn't lose one. I'm making this for her XMAS present. Thx so much!!!!!!

  3. Never before have I heard of a chicken's wattle being called a "gobble", and most chickens' heads do not have feather plumage but a "comb"–but who cares? I puzzled over the sox blocks until I realized that they are shown only in the tiny illustration in the download directions. Perhaps they were shown in the magazine article. Anyhow, all that aside, this quilt will be fun to make.

  4. March/April 2002 pattern. I have a copy of the pattern but would like a picture and the magazine is not available and I can't find my od magazine.

  5. Good project for using up scraps, variety of backgrounds, and chicken in real life are in lots of colors too (LOL) so will use up lots of those saved scraps. thank you much

  6. Cute! May make as design is and may make another making slight changes andusing buttons for eyes, have beak and Gobble gacing to the side. What fun to work on and thanks for the great pattern. My scraps will be used for sure!