Triangles on a Roll

Use Triangles on a Roll™ to sew accurate and uniform half-square triangle units quickly and easily.

About Triangles on a Roll

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Triangles on a Roll™ is a great product for sewing accurate and uniform half-square triangle units quickly and easily. Rolls are available in 8 sizes ranging from 1″ – 4″.

  1. Choose correct size grid paper for your project. Cut fabric strips the width indicated on paper. Layer 2 fabrics, right sides together. Pin grid paper atop fabric strips, placing pins in open areas so they don’t cross stitching lines (Photo A).
  2. Set stitch length to about 15 stitches per inch. This perforates the paper and makes it easier to remove. Stitch continuously along all dashed lines, following the direction of the longer arrows first (Photo B). When you reach the edge of the paper, stitch in the margin to the next diagonal line.
  3. Rotary cut on all solid lines, cutting longest lines first.
  4. Separate pieces and finger press paper along seam line. Tear paper from center out to corners to prevent loosening any stitches (Photo C).
  5. Arrange pieces on ironing board with dark side up. Press seam towards darker fabric (Photo D).

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