Under the Tree – Quilted Tree Skirt

Make a Christmas tree skirt that all of your friends will envy. Using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Template (available in links below), the Star quilt blocks can be made accurately and quickly without set-in-seams. If you’re not using the template, however, our FREE quilting video tutorial, Sew Easy Piecing Set-In Seams offers great instruction for this project!

Finished Size: 54″ diameter  |  Finished Blocks: 8 (12″) LeMoyne Star blocks  |  Rating: Challenging  |  Designed by Diane Tomlinson

Under the Tree - Tree Skirt
Under the Tree - Tree Skirt

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7 thoughts on “Under the Tree – Quilted Tree Skirt

  1. I’ve been saving this pattern — just started it today (11/19/2016). The instructions say one thing — the pictures show something else entirely. Very bad! No mention is made of removing selvage edges, but the pictures clearly show that they are. No wonder this pattern is considered challenging!

    1. Dorothy, pretty much all quilt patterns assume you will remove the fabric selvages. So sorry that was confusing! Are you having other difficulties, or are things working out for you? We want all our readers to be successful with every pattern they try, so if you’re still having trouble let me know and I’ll put you in touch with an editor. KathrynPattersonQuilts@gmail.com

      1. This pattern is truly awful. My piecing and sewing is pretty good, so when my squares ended up being 13.5″ in order to keep the points, instead of the 12.5″ in the pattern, I went back and did the math. My squares are correct. Your figures on page 51 don’t even come close to representing the pattern pictures. It has cream on the outside, instead of the red in the pattern. It also shows four different fabrics for star points instead of the two in the pattern. Squaring the star blocks, using the template provided — it NEVER says to do so from the back of the block — had I been more careful, I might have noticed this, but there is seriously no reason not to either mention that you need to square up a block in an unusual way or to print the template correctly to cut the edges from the front. There is no mention at any point in the pattern that it will be necessary to sew Y seams nor is there any indication in the pattern that you should stop sewing the seams 1/4″ before the end to facilitate this. Finally (because this is where I am in sewing this together) the instructions at step 1 of the Tree Skirt Assembly on page 46 say to sew eight Star Point Blocks. The next step says to sew these together in accordance with the picture on page 47, which clear shows SEVEN Star Point Blocks and another one with a different sewing. I am very disappointed.