Trends – November/December 2006

wonderful wool appliqué
Quilters love hand stitchery.
Wool appliqué patterns and kits are popping up at quilt shows and in shops everywhere. In this issue, we’re offering you four gorgeous projects: Folk Art Mantel Scarf (page 40), Reindeer Table Runner (page 48) , Itty Bitty Penny Rug (page 66), and Wool Sewing Wallet (page 52). All make wonderful gifts.
Most wool you buy in kits or on the bolt at quilt shops is tightly woven—and therefore non-fraying—suit-weight wool. Also available at fabric shops is “wool felt,” a nonwoven blend of matted wool and synthetic fibers.
You can also recycle skirts and jackets for your wool projects. If these fabrics are loosely woven, you may want to wash them first to shrink and tighten the fibers. See page 56 for instructions to “felt” wool in this way. If garments or fabrics are labeled “washable wool,” washing them will not change the look or feel of the fabric.
Because we know you’ll probably be making one of our projects or picking up a pattern or kit next time you’re at your favorite shop, we’ve included several pages of instructions, with step-by-step photos, for an array of decorative hand stitches. (See Sew Easy: Decorative Embroidery Stitches on page 54.) You may want to put a sticky-note on this section so you can find it easily.
As a special gift to you, we’re posting the pattern instructions for Warm Hearts (below) on our Web site as a file you can download and print. Start it in January and have it ready to display by Valentine’s Day.
Warm Hearts Image
  Laurice Heath deisgned this lovely Warm Hearts runner, 9″ x 18″, exclusively for Love of Quilting readers. The checked solid wool appliqued hearts, blanket stitched on a soft, neutral ground, will delight your valentine all year long. To download a free pattern for Warm Hearts, visit our Web site at

    November/December 2006

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