Threading The Machine Needle

As I get older I’m having a time seeing. Threading a needle had become a major problem. Since I’m no tech angel even threading the needle on the machine was an effort, even with the new built in threader. A friend suggested I lick my finger and pass my finger across the eye of the needle on old idea I had forgotten. Here’s the different part why not try it for threading the Machine needle. It works better than the machine needle threading mechanism. I just dampen my finger and pass it behind the eye of the machine needle. Then aim the thread in the general direction of the eye of the needle. Then pass my finger behind and across the needle eye. To get a longer part of the thread I pass two fingers on either side of the needle. The moisture grabs the thread and pulls it through the needle eye. It works so well that I don’t have to look! Such a simple idea and it works!! Try it!

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