Texas Two Step Country Quilt

You don’t have to be a cowboy or cowgirl to love these boots. Kick up your heels, and choose your wildest prints for some good ol’ quilting fun. If you’re not familiar with paper-foundation piecing, this quilt pattern may prove to be a bit challenging. The free quilting tutorial, Sew Easy: How to Use Paper Foundation, will give you the information you need to paper piece with confidence! This quilt is also fat-quarter friendly.

Correction: In the printed issue, the Heel Unit foundation on page 35 is incorrectly shaded. Section #1 should be gray for the boot heel, and section #2 should be white for the background. Find the corrected version here.

Finished Size: 58″ × 73″  |   Finished Blocks: 30 (7″ × 8″) blocks  |  Rating: Intermediate  |  Designed by Liz Porter and members of Match-A-Patch Bee

Texas Two Step Quilt
Texas Two Step Quilt

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17 thoughts on “Texas Two Step Country Quilt

  1. I like the look of the dots and stripes together. I found the dots without too much trouble, but the stripes are near impossible.I have looked in every fabric store I know online and in person, and I cannot find a nice stripe as shown in this quilt. Please do you know the name of this stripe, and where it can be found

  2. I tried this yesterday. The instructions in the magazine are not complete. There is no template for the paper piecing… Could you provide a link with specific directions….

  3. I had to read the instructions a couple times before they sunk in!! But when I got to going on the project, it all fell into place. Everything you need to know is there and the template for the paper piecing also is there. Now I have all my blocks made and ready to put together with the strips!!

  4. I have never been so frustrated over a pattern before. The bottom of the boot is impossible. I have done everything I know to do and taken it to two quilt shops for help but to no avail. Can you help?

    1. Hello – I’m sorry this is frustrating. It may be due to a correction we made after the pattern was printed in the magazine. Did you see the link to the correction above? If you’ve looked that over and are still having trouble, can you tell me exactly what you’re having trouble with? Thank you for your patience! ~Carrie

  5. Love this pattern! How do I go about getting permission to display a wall hanging I’m making using a boot from this pattern at the Pine Tree Quilters Maine Quilts Show? (I won’t be selling it.)


    1. That’s so exciting, Sheila! If you have a chance, share some pictures with us on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FonsandPorter.
      You absolutely have permission to use this pattern as part of your quilt. We only ask that you include the information about where the pattern came from, so that anyone who is inspired by your quilt can find a copy of the pattern for themselves. In this case, a statement along the lines of “Pattern inspired by Texas Two Step Country quilt from Fons & Porter, designed by Liz Porter and members of Match-A-Patch Bee” would work! ~Carrie

  6. Hi , my name is Jane King. I have just purchased the Texas Two Step pattern and am not able to download the pattern. Have filled in all the necessary fields. Can you please help me. Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Jane — I’ve sent your comment onto Shop Fons & Porter Customer Service. They should be in contact with you. If you don’t hear from them shortly, please let us know and we’ll get this taken care of. Thank you for your patience!

      1. Thanks Carrie, have not heard from anyone as of 28/03/17.The money has been taken from my account and converted to US dollars. I have still had no luck getting the downloaded pattern. I appreciate your assistance.

        1. Hi Jane — I reached out to Customer Service and they mentioned forwarding the instructions to download to your email inbox on 3/25/17 and 3/30/17. I fear it may have slipped into your spam folder. I copied the instructions for digital issue download and thought I’d offer them here. No muss, no fuss! I hope this helps!

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