Stars on the Prairie

Stars on the Prairie

Diane Tomlinson loves to design quilts! She used quick piecing methods to speed up the assembly process for her Trip Around the World and Star blocks. If dark prints aren’t “your thing,” try this design in different colors and shades that suit your style.

Size: 88½” × 88½”
Blocks: 13 (13½”) Star blocks 12 (13½”) Trip Around the World blocks

Skill level: Challenging

To learn more about the designer of this quilt, visit our Designers Page.

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One thought on “Stars on the Prairie

  1. I really like the quilt and would lioke to make it, but in king size. In past years the conversion for different sizes of the quilt were in the magazine, then it was changed so that inform,ation was available on the website. I can easily make a king size quilt by adding vertical and horizontal rows. The information I need is the amount of fabric to purchase. I don't want to waste money byu buying too much fabric or have insufficient fabric to make the quilt. Thanks, Sarah (