Stars of the Night Quilting Diagram

Courtesy of Fons & Porter
Stars of the Night Quilting Diagram

This quilt is featured in our November/December 2008 issue.

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Free Pattern with Similiar Block
I think you will find that free instructions were offered at the same time for a block like this one. The size of the block may be different but it appears to be the same block. It was called "Cayuaga" and was offered in same email.
Unhappy 2
although Fons & Porter offers us some free quilting patterns,tips, and videos, it is quite apparent that they have worked out how to make a buck on most everything a bit deceptively.
Unhappy :(
it says free quilt pattern, but there is not a pattern unless you buy the magazine?? That's a bit deceptive, isn't it?
Only the quilting diagram is free
The quilting diagram is free, the pattern isn't.
Pattern Missing?
Got the quilting diagram but no pattern for the download
Love this diagram
Thank you so much can't wait to try it.
How do I get the quilt pattern?
I downloaded the quilting diagram but have not gotten the quilt pattern itself. Please comment
Love this quilt
download the diagram thank you
Stars of the night outline pattern
Thank you for the free pattern I believe it will work on a quilt I am in the process of making
Stars of Night Quilting Diagram
This is a wonderful gift...I'm so excited to use this I can hardly wait until I have that special quilt ready. Thank you so very much.
Stars of the night
Can't wait to start.
Stars of the Night Quilt
Thank you for the Wonderful Stars of the Night Diagram.
French Braid Quilt
I would love the pattern for French Braid Quilt that appeared in the Fall 2011 Easy Scrap Quilts. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
Hello, you can order Love of Quilting Nov/Dec 2008 online for $3.59 and the pattern will be in there. Here is the link
would love this pattern
Can you email the pattern to this quilt?
Gorgeous quilt
Can you please help me find the whole pattern for this patchwork I would love to make it very soon


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