Shop Hop – May/June 2007

Daylight™ Lamp
The Ultimate Table Top Lamp by Daylight™ is ideal for quilting, needlework, crafts, and reading. Its low-heat 20 watt Daylight™ bulb is equivalent to a 100 watt incadescent bulb and reduces eye strain and glare. Use the extendable magnifier for close-up work and the movable clip to hold patterns or instructions. Base of lamp doubles as convenient craft tray for thread, needles, thimble, and scissors. Retail price $139.99.
Hand Cream
Silk Hand Cream by Richland Silk keeps your hands soft and smooth without leaving residue. Ingredients include natural silk protein to soften skin and a lovely floral fragrance. It’s great for quilters, knitters, and other needleworkers. Retail Price: $8.95
Log Cabin Rulers
Make perfect blocks using My Favorite Log Cabin Rulers by Marti Michell. Lines on the rulers help you first cut strips the appropriate width and then cut those strips into exact lengths for accurate piecing. Marti’s book Log Cabin ABC’s includes 14 quilt patterns you can make using her rulers or roatry cutting rulers. Retail prices: book $20.00, ruler for 1½” finished strips, $12.00, ruler for 2″ finished strips, $13.00.
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Gingher Spring Action Shears
The gentle spring action feature of these 8″ shears makes cutting effortless and reduces hand fatigue. With the precision-ground knife-edge blades, you can easily and accurately cut through many layers of fabric at once. Shears come in a tin for storage. Retail price: $44.95. (4″ size also available for $34.95.)
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